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10 July 2012

Download Website 10 Jul 01:03 GNU TeXmacs


GNU TeXmacs is a free wysiwyw (what you see is what you want) editing platform with special features for scientists. The software aims to provide a unified and user friendly framework for editing structured documents with different types of content: text, mathematics, graphics, interactive content. TeXmacs can also be used as an interface to many external systems for computer algebra, numerical analysis, and statistics. New presentation styles can be written by the user and new features can be added to the editor using Scheme.

Release Notes: This release adds a highly-improved Reduce interface, rudimentary support for SVN-based version control, various improvements for conversion from and to LaTeX, an experimental interface for Inkscape, and experimental support of graphical macros. Internal buffer management has been completely reorganized.

Download Website 10 Jul 01:02 Citrus Testframework 1.2


Citrus is a test framework written in Java that enables automated integration testing of message-based enterprise SOA applications. The tool can easily simulate surrounding systems across various transports and protocols (e.g. JMS, SOAP WebServices, HTTP, TCP/IP, etc.) in order to perform end-to-end use case testing. Citrus provides strong validation mechanisms for XML message contents and allows you to build complex testing logic such as sending and receiving messages, database validation, automatic retries, variable definitions, dynamic message contents, error simulation, and many more.

Release Notes: This release adds validation matchers, extended Groovy validation support for database result sets, and extended SOAP header validation. It upgrades to Spring 3.1, Spring Integration 2.1, and Spring WS 2.1.

Download Website 10 Jul 01:00 Siege 2.73b3


Siege is a regression test and benchmark utility. It can stress test a single URL with a user defined number of simulated users, or it can read many URLs into memory and stress them simultaneously. The program reports the total number of hits recorded, bytes transferred, response time, concurrency, and return status. Siege supports HTTP/1.0 and 1.1 protocols, GET and POST directives, cookies, transaction logging, and basic authentication. Its features are configurable on a per user basis.


Release Notes: This release provides a commandline option to set the content-type, allows you to construct PUT, DELETE, and HEAD URLs, and allows you to set an HTTP method for -g/--get requests. If set to HEAD, it displays the header transaction. If set to GET, it displays the page contents.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:59 guile 2.0.6


Guile is a portable, embeddable Scheme implementation written in C. Guile provides a machine independent execution platform that can be linked in as a library when building extensible programs.


Release Notes: This release adds a common subexpression elimination optimization pass, asynchronous finalizers, improved error and warning messages, HTTP/1.1 chunked transfer coding, and SRFI-14 character sets updated to Unicode 6.1. As usual, there are also many build and bug fixes, including one for a long-standing severe memory leak in applicable SMOBs.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:58 ORFEO Toolbox 3.14.0


Orfeo Toolbox (OTB) is a high resolution remote sensing image processing library. It contains a set of algorithmic components which allow the user to capitalize on methodological know how, and therefore use an incremental approach to profit from the results of methodological research. OTB is made of a set of basic elements (a C++ class API) and utilities (independent programs built upon the base API).

Release Notes: This release adds full support for Pléiades imagery, a new set of classes based on GDAL/OGR to handle large vector datasets efficiently, a complete framework to perform segmentation, and an extended suite of filters and associated applications to go from raw stereo pairs all the way to a real cartographic Digital Elevation Model.

No download No website 10 Jul 00:55 JFTP2 5.0.1


JFTP is a graphical FTP client that allows you to transfer files securely over the Internet using FTP and SFTP. It includes support for all basic and advanced FTP tasks, support for SSL with 128-bit encryption, multiple concurrent FTP sessions, a secured favorites manager, and a certificate manager. Internationalization and localization is fully supported, and multiple deployment options are available, including standard installation, a Java Applet, and Java Web Start.

Release Notes: As of version 5.0.1, JFTP is Open Source and free for all uses, including commercial use. The binaries and source code are released under the Apache License version 2.0. Various license-related screens and functions have been removed. Support for native fullscreen capability has been added when running under Mac OS X Lion.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:54 pgBadger 1.1


pgBadger is a fast PostgreSQL log analyzer that generates detailed reports with charts.

Release Notes: This release fixes lot of issues since the first release and adds several features.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:54 TripleA 1.6


TripleA is a clone of the popular board game "Axis & Allies", which is a turn based strategy wargame. TripleA also acts as a game engine allowing creation of custom games with similar mechanics to Axis and Allies. It supports online play, network play, play-by-email, and single player vs AI or hot-seat. It comes with 11 different maps and the option to download more from online repositories. Most games take place during World War II, though there are mods to play other conflicts like the Napoleonic wars, or Lord of the Rings.

Release Notes: This release adds abstraction and the addition of completely customizable technology options. Technology is no longer hard-coded within the engine, and cannot be specified inside the map XML. Other changes include major bugfixes and several new game features.

No download Website 10 Jul 00:53 British bingo 1.18


British bingo runs in your browser and uses 3 by 9 boards. The game simulates the other players. Players make mistakes and chat. Players leave, join, and re-join between and during games. You can have over 10,000 players. You can hear the players and the caller talk. You can change the sizes to fit a small screen


Release Notes: This release makes the buttons over the numbers round (not IE8), varies the animations for a "house", and shows a warning when the game is frozen for a long time.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:52 JPPF 3.1.1


JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release which brings important bugfixes.

No download Website 10 Jul 00:52 wgms3d 1.2


wgms3d is a full-vectorial electromagnetic waveguide mode solver. It computes the modes of dielectric waveguides at a specified wavelength using a second-order finite-difference method. The waveguide cross section may consist of several adjacent regions of constant refractive index (i.e., step-index profiles). Dielectric interfaces do not have to be aligned with the discretization grid; they may be arbitrarily slanted or curved. The entire waveguide may be curved along the propagation direction. Leakage and curvature losses can be computed using Perfectly Matched Layers as absorbing boundaries.

Release Notes: In the semi-vectorial calculation mode, derived fields (transverse E field + longitudinal E and H fields) can now be exported. This release contains a cleaned-up source code, some bugfixes, and several new Matlab scripts which verify specific features of the program.

No download No website 10 Jul 00:49 activeQuant 2.1


activeQuant (formerly known as CCAPI) is a financial engineering and financial application library for Java. It provides interfaces for automated stock exchange trading through IB. Additionally, it provides functions to retrieve online data from various sources: IB, OpenTick, and Yahoo. It provides a comprehensive library of technical and mathematical indicator implementations, like MACD, SMA, EMA, RSI, Williams %R, Correlation, and more. It also has a Matlab interface.

Release Notes: This release adds a new sample trading system, a Renjin dependency, and IBFXFeeCalculators.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:49 MyJgui


MyJgui is a GUI (graphical user interface) for MySQL. It aims to be easy to use for new users as well as experts. You can store multiple connections that can be used simultaneously. Stored passwords are encrypted using symmetric encryption. Underlying databases and tables are displayed in a tree structure with the connections being the first level nodes. MyJgui is capable of easy data manipulation through a grid. It has a unique feature of bookmarking parametrical queries (sqlmarks). The documentation (user guide) is quite comprehensive and kept up-to-date.

Release Notes: After creating a new table via the wizard, the table is now in-tree preselected, and data is refreshed. After creating a new connection via "Manage connection", the inserted connection will be preselected and visible. Inserting a SQL query from "advanced find" will append the string to the newline to the end. A message now informs the user that the save of a file was successful. Column names of table headers can now be shown as a tooltip. Bugs have been fixed when inserting more than one row and when opening wizards for creating a database or table.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:46 WireframeSketcher 3.7.0


WireframeSketcher is a software tool that helps product managers, designers, and developers quickly create wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for desktop, Web, and mobile applications. It’s a standalone application and a plug-in for any Eclipse IDE.

Release Notes: This release adds new iPhone and Windows Phone stencils and a better experience on Mac OS X. The application now comes as a self-contained .app bundle, supports fullscreen mode, and plays well with the retina display.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:45 PHP Secure Communications Library 0.3.0


PHP Secure Communications Library is a set of pure PHP implementations of DES, 3DES, RC4, Rijndael, AES, RSA (PKCS#1 compliant [v2.1]), SSH-1, SSH-2, and SFTP.

Release Notes: This release adds support for resuming Net_SFTP::put(), support for recursive deletes and recursive chmods to Net_SFTP, setTimeout() to Net_SSH2, support for PBKDF2 to the various Crypt_* classes via setPassword(), File_X509 and File_ASN1, and the ability to decode ANSI escape codes via File_ANSI. Private keys can now be saved in various formats in Crypt_RSA. Net_SSH2::getServerPublicHostKey() returns a printer-friendly version of the public key.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:44 4MLinux 3.3-server-edition


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: This is an updated version of 4MLinux-3.2-server-edition, using 4MLinux-3.3 as the core system. The servers controlled by the inetd daemon are FTP, HTTP, SFTP, SSH, and Telnet. A proxy server (Polipo with Tor is also available. The programming environment includes the CGI version of PHP 5.3.14, the minimal version of Perl 5.14.2, and SQLite 3.7.13. The main security components are 4MLinux Firewall (based on iptables 1.4.14) and Clam AntiVirus 0.97.5.

Download Website 10 Jul 00:43 phpMyBackupPro 2.3


phpMyBackupPro is a Web-based MySQL backup program. You can schedule backups (without cron jobs), and download, email, or upload backups with FTP. File directories can also be backed up. No compression, zip compression, or gzip compression of the backups is possible. HTTP or HTML authentication is possible. It has an easy user interface and is easy to install. Many languages and online help are available.

Release Notes: This release adds minor security fixes and minor features, including backups of views and improved support for cron backups.

No download Website 10 Jul 00:42 Kigo M4V Converter for Mac 2.4.3


Kigo M4V Converter use multiple-speed recording technology to record M4V, then encode to unprotected MOV or MP4 format. It has been designed to rip DRM M4V to MP4 or MOV. It can also convert any video on your iTunes libary. It supports extracting the audio from M4V files. Batch conversion is supported. It is a universal application (works on both Intel-based and PPC-based Macs).

Release Notes: This release is more stable on 64-bit Mac OS X 10.7, has a smaller file size, is faster to convert 1080p video, and fixes a bug which could crash iTunes when it stopped converting some videos.

Download No website 10 Jul 00:41 MDIUtilities 0.6.7


MDIUtilities provides a set of utility classes that can be used for desktop application development. It contains a network preferences implementation, XML utility classes, geometry utility classes, additional Swing classes, and other miscellaneous classes.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the PreferencesHelper class which caused the getFileRelativeTo method to return a wrong file when the path was to an absolute file.

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