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9 June 2012

No download No website 09 Jun 23:08 rJSmin 1.0.5


rJSmin is a fast reimplemenation of jsmin.c by Douglas Crockford. Although it's written in Python, nearly all logic happens inside the regular expression engine: rJSmin is actually a single regex substitution call.

Release Notes: Newline removal before the "!" operator has been made more sensible. This mainly allows for the !function self-calling syntax.

Download Website 09 Jun 19:35 presage 0.8.8


Presage (formerly known as Soothsayer) is an intelligent predictive text entry platform. It exploits redundant information embedded in natural languages to generate predictions. Its modular and pluggable architecture allows its language model to be extended and customized to utilize statistical, syntactic, and semantic information sources.

Release Notes: This release enables multiple instances of the same predictor class at runtime through configuration. Predictive performance can be more finely tailored to the users' specific needs by tuning the resources and configuration of each predictor. The default configuration has been changed to add a custom user-smoothed ngram predictor, which adaptively learns its language model. Its learning performance has been improved.

No download Website 09 Jun 19:34 Data Crow 3.9.13


Data Crow is a movie, video, book, image, software, and music cataloger/media manager. Data Crow uses MusicBrainz, Amazon, IMDb, and many other Web services to retrieve the information for you. It is highly customizable, easy to use, and feature rich. It helps you to keep track of your loans, allows you to create reports, enables you to create your own modules (using wizards) and, most importantly, enables you to easily manage all your collections.

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes and greatly-improved loan administration.

Download No website 09 Jun 19:33 Micro Signage 0.1pre2


Micro Signage is a lightweight software suite that can be used as the basis for creating digital signage appliances, such as advertisement screens and full software systems. It is intended to be used to control the playback of media files and be managed over the network through a socket server, which is included.


Release Notes: This release adds an interface for managing MicroSignage remotely. You can now connect to it through a socket interface and send it commands for it to play a specific file, stop the playback, update the playlist, or restart the playback. A simple client application is included to show how this can be done automatically.

Download No website 09 Jun 19:27 rspamd 0.5.0


Rspamd is an anti-spam system designed to work faster than SpamAssassin by using the event model and various optimizations. Its most important features include regexp and Lua rules for filtering different parts of messages, a number of built-in functions for analyzing messages, fuzzy hash support, SURBL filters, email and character table support, a control interface for remote managing and stats gathering, a Lua plugin system, statistics support (OSB/Bayes), and an AJAX-based Web interface.

Release Notes: This stable release adds an SMTP lightweight balancing proxy with XCLIENT support, lua bindings for upstream objects and APIs, pre-filters which support initial checking for messages, a ratelimit plugin which uses the redis protocol to store data, ipv6 support to spf and some other modules, an "unbreak spf" plugin, the ability for options with the same name be treated as a list, a DKIM plugin and parsing code, separation of the build system to put logic in several shared libraries, and many bugfixes.

No download Website 09 Jun 19:19 pyodbc 3.0.5


pyodbc is a Python module which allows you to use ODBC to connect to almost any database from Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and more. It implements the Python Database API Specification, and additional features have been added to simplify database programming even more.

Release Notes: This release fixes "function sequence" errors caused by prepared SQL not being cleared ("unprepared") when a catalog function is executed.

Download Website 09 Jun 19:18 RPy 2.2.2


RPy is a very simple, yet robust, Python interface to the R Programming Language. It can manage all kinds of R objects and can execute arbitrary R functions (including the graphic functions). All the errors from the R language are converted to Python exceptions. Any module that later were installed on the R system can easily be used from within Python, without introducing any changes.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug when using repr() on a list with a "non-vector" item.

Download Website 09 Jun 19:18 hmm 0.5


hmm is a Python module designed to work with Hidden Markov Models. The usual algorithms (Viterbi, Baum-Welsh) are implemented using Numeric Python.

Release Notes: This release adds minor bugfixes.

Download Website 09 Jun 19:17 Netzob 0.3.3


Netzob supports the expert in reverse engineering, evaluation, and simulation of communication protocols. Its main goals are to help security evaluators to assess the robustness of proprietary or unknown protocol implementations, simulate realistic communications to test third-party products (IDS, firewalls, etc.), and create an Open Source implementation of a proprietary or unknown protocol. Netzob provides a semi-automatic inferring process, and includes everything necessary to passively learn the vocabulary of a protocol and actively infer its grammar. The learnt protocol can afterward be simulated. Netzob handles text protocols (like HTTP and IRC), fixed field protocols (like IP and TCP), and variable field protocols (like ASN.1-based formats).

Release Notes: This release, codenamed "Flying Razorback", greatly enhances partitioning performance and offers many useful features, including a new visualization layer, a new search engine, more data manipulation functions, and import/export of projects and traces. In addition to Debian and Gentoo packages, a Windows installer is now available.

Download Website 09 Jun 19:16 XINS 3.0-beta2


XINS is a technology used to define, create, and invoke remote APIs. XINS is specification-oriented. When API specifications are written (in XML), XINS will transform them to HTML-based documentation and Java code for both the client-side and the server-side. The communication is based on HTTP. XINS competes with the complex SOAP technology. Main design goals include simplicity, scalability, and testability. XINS is not only a specification technology, but also an application development framework. It offers transaction logging, unique log documentation, and active code generation.

Release Notes: This release upgrades libraries and fixes examples.

Download Website 09 Jun 19:14 The XSLT C library for GNOME 1.1.26


Libxslt is a C library for GNOME which allows developers to work with XSLT. It is based on libxml for XML parsing, tree manipulation, and XPath support. Also included is 'xsltproc', a command line XSLT processor. The library is written in plain C, making as few assumptions as possible, and sticking closely to ANSI C/POSIX for easy embedding. It should work on Linux, Unix, and Windows. Though not designed primarily with performances in mind, libxslt seems to be a relatively fast processor. It also include full support for the EXSLT set of extension functions as well as some common extensions present in other XSLT engines.

Release Notes: This release adds xsltProcessOneNode to exported symbols for lxml, fixes an idness generation problem, tries to fix some locking problems, and fixes a crash on misformed imported stylesheets.

Download Website 09 Jun 19:13 SMPlayer 0.8.0


SMPlayer is a complete media player for Windows and Linux. It uses MPlayer as a playback engine, which is capable of playing most video and audio formats (AVI, mkv, WMV, MP4, MPEG, etc.). It can also play and download YouTube videos. One of the most interesting features is that it remembers the settings of all files you play. So if you start to watch a movie but have to leave, when you open that movie again it will resume at the same point you left it, and with the same settings: audio track, subtitles, volume, etc.


Release Notes: This release adds support for mplayer2. The seeking method can now be selected. Playlist items can now be sorted. A "favorites" menu and a toolbar editor have been added. The subtitles server can now be changed. YouTube URLs can now be directly inserted, and a separate YouTube player "smtube" has been added, with a search, preview, and download interface. Many further improvements and several bugfixes have been made.

Download Website 09 Jun 19:11 PyFuzzyLib 1.0


PyFuzzyLib is a library which makes it easy to build inference engines in Python.

Release Notes: This release adds additional documentation and numerous bugfixes.

Download Website 09 Jun 19:11 pysmb 1.1.1


pysmb is an experimental SMB/CIFS library written in pure Python to support file sharing between Windows and Linux machines.


Release Notes: This release adds support for Python3 and for retrieving a list of shadow copies (also known as "previous versions" in Windows). Note that not all Windows editions support shadow copies.

Download Website 09 Jun 07:46 C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library 2.0


C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library is a portable LGPL library to create and to work with minimal perfect hashing functions. The library encapsulates the newest and more efficient algorithms available in the literature in an easy-to-use, production-quality, fast API. The library is designed to work with big entries that cannot fit in the main memory. It has been used successfully for constructing minimal perfect hashing functions for sets with billions of keys.

Release Notes: This release introduces a new experimental C++11 interface (--enable-cxxmph) implementing the BDZ algorithm in a convenient SimpleMPHIndex interface, which serves as the basis for drop-in replacements for std::unordered_map, sparsehash::sparse_hash_map, and sparsehash::dense_hash_map. This gives faster lookup time at the expense of insertion time. cxxmpph/mph_map.h and cxxmph/mph_index.h contain details. As a bonus, most warnings in the C code were removed.

Download Website 09 Jun 06:59 X11 7.7


X11, or X, is a vendor-neutral, system-architecture neutral network-transparent window system and user interface standard. In other words, it's a GUI for UNIX. X can use your network -- you may run CPU-intensive programs on high powered workstations and display the user interface (the windows) on inexpensive desktop machines.

Release Notes: This release incorporates both new features and stability and correctness fixes, including support for reporting multi-touch events from touchpads and touchscreens which can report input from more than one finger at a time, smoother scrolling from scroll wheels, better cross referencing and formatting of the documentation, pointer barriers to control cursor movement, and synchronization fences to coordinate between X and other rendering engines such as OpenGL.

Download No website 09 Jun 04:31 jHepWork 3.4


jHepWork (jWork) is an environment for scientific computation, data analysis, and data visualization for scientists, engineers, and students. The program is fully multi-platform (written in Java). Programs can be written in the Java, Jython/Python, and BeanShell scripting languages. Matlab/Octave is supported for symbolic calculations. The program can be used to display data and functions in D and 3D. It comes with a friendly IDE and a code assist.

Release Notes: This release corrected H2D classes (fill methods) and the installs.sh script for Macs. The JRuby language was integrated along with syntax for the JRuby editor and an integrated JRubyShell. Mouse wheel scrolling is now supported in the text area of the IDE. Jython 2.7a2 is supported. All system Java system messages are redirected to a pop-up window. HChart was rewritten and now has same methods as any other canvases and is supported by the Android version of jHepWork.

Download Website 09 Jun 00:18 IIPImage IIPAnalyze 0.1


IIPImage is an advanced high-performance feature-rich imaging server system for Web-based streamed viewing and zooming of ultra high-resolution images. It is designed to be fast and bandwidth-efficient with low processor and memory requirements. The system can comfortably handle gigapixel size images as well as advanced image features such as both 8- and 16-bit depths, CIELAB colorimetric images, and scientific imagery such as multispectral images. The server is cross-platform and can handle both TIFF and JPEG2000. Viewers exist in AJAX Javascript, Flash, and Java.

Release Notes: This is the initial release of IIPAnalyze, a tool for analyzing IIP protocol tile requests for use with the IIPImage server. It can tell you which are the most-viewed regions of a particular image and display histograms showing tile usage, globally or per resolution level. It can also output hotspot image maps showing which regions of a particular image are most-viewed for any given resolution.

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