2012 / June / 8 (33 releases)

8 June 2012

Download No website 08 Jun 23:55 Paranoid 0.34


The Paranoid modules provide a number of routines that are intended for use in strict and taint-safe scripts. The modules cover a variety of tasks from command-line argument parsing to process and network management. All of the modules use a debug trace framework for diagnostic output that is easily used and extended for application code as well.

Release Notes: This release refactors the Paranoid::Network code into Paranoid::Network::IPv4 and Paranoid::Network::IPv6. Paranoid::Network's functions will be IPv4/IPv6-agnostic wrappers for the correct functions in the new modules. This release also adds new network address conversion/intersection test functions for both protocol stacks, along with an agnostic wrapper in Paranoid::Network.

Download Website 08 Jun 23:54 Wnotes 1.17


Wnotes are small, self-contained text notes for X Window System desktops. You can create, type, cut-and-paste, and save notes in any combination you like. Wnotes let you store notes and their window configurations using any database which accepts input from the Unix shell. It is compatible with most Linux and Unix desktops. The source code package includes sdb, a simple note database written as a bash script, and other examples of how to use Wnotes.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which occured when deleting multiple text selections and includes minor code changes to help reduce screen flicker on slower systems when moving or resizing notes.

Download Website 08 Jun 23:52 Gmerlin-avdecoder 1.2.0


Gmerlin-avdecoder is a multimedia decoding library that supports audio, video, and subtitles. It handles most commonly used media formats and codecs. The streams can come from many sources including regular files, DVDs, VCDs, and network connections using different protocols. For editing applications, many formats can be decoded in a sample accurate mode, which provides fast random access.

Release Notes: This release adds support for some new formats, most notably Matroska files with H.264 video, text subtitles, and chapters. Graphical subtitles are now supported in mp4 and mkv files.

Download Website 08 Jun 23:51 Gmerlin 1.2.0


Gmerlin is a set of multimedia libraries which comes with several applications. Applications include a full featured media player with Gtk-2 GUI, an audio/video transcoder, a webcam application, and an ALSA mixer. The libraries provide many low-level functions like handling of uncompressed A/V streams or decoding a wide range of multimedia formats. All libraries were written with good reusability in mind, so you can easily write your own applications based on gmerlin libraries.

Release Notes: This release adds a commandline recorder, a v4l2 output plugin, improvements for broadcasting plugins, and many bugfixes.

Download Website 08 Jun 23:51 Suricata 1.3beta2


Suricata is an Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) engine developed by the Open Information Security Foundation and its supporting vendors. The engine is multi-threaded and has native IPv6 support, file extraction capabilities, and many more features. It's capable of loading existing Snort rules and signatures, and supports many frontends through Barnyard2.

Release Notes: This release adds a rule keyword to match files against large MD5 blacklists, improves performance, supports PF_RING 5.4.x, and fixes various bugs.

Download Website 08 Jun 23:49 gavl 1.4.0


Gavl is a library for handling uncompressed audio and video data. It provides commonly used conversions like video scaling, colorspace conversion, audio resampling, and more. Many routines are available in multiple versions optimized for either high speed or better accuracy. Gavl is compatible with all major multimedia and codec APIs. The supported audio and video formats include low-end legacy formats as well as high definition formats for professional editing.

Release Notes: This release adds a generic metadata container, which is used by the gmerlin libraries.

Download Website 08 Jun 23:42 infoburp


infoburp presents a view of a set of linked data, made up of nodes containing information and links between them, and allows users to explore and edit these nodes.

Release Notes: This is the first Freecode release.

Download Website 08 Jun 23:34 Ctpp 1.0.68


Ctpp is the C99-compatible C preprocessor of the Ctalk language, which provides object oriented extensions for C. The preprocessor is compatible with GNU cpp and provides extensions like macro expansion in warning and error messages, saving expanded macros to files, and built-in symbol definition for many command line options. You can download the preprocessor separately while Ctalk is between versions for development.

Release Notes: This release features a new configuration setup which defines ctpp's built-in macros directly from the definitions used by the compiler's native preprocessor.

Download No website 08 Jun 23:34 Converseen 0.5


Converseen is an image converter and resizer written in C++ with the powerful Qt4 libraries. Thanks to the Magick++ image libraries, it supports more than 100 image formats like DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PhotoCD, PNG, Postscript, SVG, TIFF, and many others. Converseen allows you to convert, resize, rotate, and automatically flip an unlimited number of images. It can save you time because it can process more than one image with one mouse click. It features a very simple user interface without strange options.


Release Notes: This release adds a new and highly-optimized graphical user interface, improved thumbnail generation, and the ability to resize different image formats without changing the destination formats, to choose a background color when converting images to formats which don't support an alpha channel (like JPEG files), and to override transparency with an arbitrary color. At the end of the conversion process, the destination folder(s) can now be opened with a click.

Download Website 08 Jun 23:29 SOGo 1.3.16


SOGo is a very fast and scalable modern collaboration suite (or groupware). It offers calendaring, address book management, and a full-featured Webmail client along with resource sharing and permission handling. It also makes use of documented standards (IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV, etc.) and thereby provides native connectivity (without plugins) to many clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal, the iPhone, Mozilla Lightning, and a plethora of mobile devices via SyncML. It can reuse any existing email and database infrastructure, avoiding long hours of site restructuring.


Release Notes: This release adds new password schemes for SQL authentication, adds new unique names for static resources to avoid browser caching, makes it impossible to click the "Upload" button multiple times, allows delivery of mail with no subject (but alerts the user), updates the Dutch, German, and French translations, fixes bugs related to GNU/kFreeBSD, the ARM architecture, and 64bit GNUstep 1.24, and fixes LDAP group expansion, an exception when reading the ACL of a deleted mailbox and when composing a message when the database is down, handling of all-day repeating events with exception dates, and a problem with the Sieve filter editor when matching all messages.

Download Website 08 Jun 23:25 dwarves 1.10


dwarves is a set of tools to inspect the DWARF debugging information inserted in ELF binaries by compilers such as GCC, and which are used by well-known debuggers such as GDB and more recent ones such as systemtap. With pahole, the struct packing and cacheline efficiency can be inspected.


Release Notes: This release adds initial support for DWARF4, adds stubs for some new GNU tags, and fixes a crash in pahole (when called with -R -S).

Download Website 08 Jun 23:23 ChaiScript 5.0.0


ChaiScript is an embedded scripting language designed from the ground up to directly target C++ and take advantage of modern C++ development techniques. Being a native C++ application, it has some advantages over existing embedded scripting languages. It uses a header-only approach, which makes it easy to integrate with existing projects. It maintains type safety between your C++ application and user scripts. It supports a variety of C++ techniques including callbacks, overloaded functions, class methods, and STL containers.

Release Notes: ChaiScript 5.0.0 requires a C++11-compliant compiler. Either clang 3.1 or g++ 4.5 currently work. This release completely drops the need for Boost. The ChaiScript standard library can now (optionally) be compiled separately, cutting compile time in half. Much better runtime error reporting is now available. Performance has increased by about 25%.

Download No website 08 Jun 22:13 Diladele Web Safety 2.0.0.d746b


Diladele Web Safety is an ICAP server that integrates with an existing Squid proxy server and provides rich content and Web filtering functionality to sanitize Internet traffic passing into an internal home/enterprise network. It blocks pornography and explicit (adult) content by deep inspecting HTML content and URLs, blocks file downloads, performs filtering based on groups, controls Web usage by categories, removes annoying Web ads, and protects online privacy by disallowing access to Web trackers. It runs on any FreeBSD derived platform, RedHat, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu Linux, Raspberry PI, and Apple OS X, providing a comprehensive Web filtering solution easily manageable via a Web UI.

Release Notes: This update fixes an install error on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, enhances blocking of domains by name, and has configurable maximum size of text for deep content inspection. Users are advised to upgrade when they find it appropriate.

Download Website 08 Jun 22:10 Hiawatha 8.4


Hiawatha is a secure and advanced Web server for Unix. It has been written with security as its main goal. It features advanced access control, prevention of SQL injection and cross-site scripting, banning of clients who try such exploits, the ability to run CGIs under any UID/GID you want, and many other features. These features make Hiawatha an interesting Web server for those who need more security than what the other available Web servers are offering. Hiawatha is also fast and easy to configure.


Release Notes: This release contains some bugfixes and improvements.

Download Website 08 Jun 22:09 LPAR2RRD 3.15


LPAR2RRD makes historical, future trends and nearly "realtime" CPU utilization graphs of LPARs and shared CPU usage of IBM Power servers. It collects complete physical and logical configuration of all servers/LPARs. It is agent-less (it gets everything from the HMC/SDMC or IVM). It supports all kinds of logical partitions (AIX/AS400/Linux/VIOS).

Release Notes: Changes include a CPU workload estimator.

No download Website 08 Jun 22:08 Aspose.Diagram for .NET 2.3.0


Aspose.Diagram is a class library for working with MS Visio files. It is a pure .NET alternative for MS Visio Object Model. It enables developers to work with VSD and VDX files on ASP.NET Web applications, Web services, and desktop applications. It makes use of the advanced functionality of Visio's services to manipulate Visio documents on a server. A developer can open files and manipulate the elements of the diagram, from lines and fills to more complex elements, and then export to native Visio formats or XML.

Release Notes: This release supports setting pre-defined page sizes. Now you can render Visio diagrams to images after setting pre-defined page sizes including A4, Letter, and many others. This release also supports setting the shapes’ Z-order. You can bring a shape to the front, send it to the back, or place it anywhere in the Z-order. You can automatically resize a page to cover all the shapes. Some important bugs like Output PDF reading with Adobe Reader, adding new string properties, and shapes rounded corners are fixed in this release.

No download Website 08 Jun 22:05 EDFbrowser 1.48


EDFbrowser is a multi-platform viewer for EEG, EMG, and ECG storage files. It supports the EDF, EDF+, BDF, and BDF+ file formats. It supports montages, annotations, precise measurements by using crosshairs, and a zoom function by drawing a rectangle with the mouse. It shows signals from different files at the same time. It includes a built-in EDF/EDF+/BDF/BDF+ to ASCII converter, a built-in Nihon Kohden to EDF+ converter (including annotations), a built in EDF+D to EDF+C converter, a BDF(+) to EDF(+) converter and a built-in EDF/EDF+/BDF/BDF+ compatibility checker.


Release Notes: This release adds sub-second precision for annotations when using the Nihon Kohden converter (before, the onset times of the annotations were rounded to seconds.) It adds Z-EEG measurement. It improves the header editor/fixer. It accepts files with a maximum of 2048 signals (before, it was limited to files with a maximum of 256 signals.) It can also fix the digital minimum/maximum fields in the header (e.g. when a broken number was written instead of an integer number). Qt has been updated to 4.8.2.

Download Website 08 Jun 22:03 abcMIDI 20120604


The abcMIDI suite consists of programs for turning ABC music files into MIDI and vice versa, typesetting them as PostScript files, and manipulate them in several ways.


Release Notes: A bug affecting split voices was fixed. Improvements in repeats and handling of !-delimited decorations were also implemented.

Download No website 08 Jun 22:03 USL 3.8.6


USL is an object-oriented scripting language written with C++ and compiled on both Linux and Windows. Without a script provided, USL is an interactive interpreter and programmable command shell. There is no socket programming with USL. USL is intended for general purpose scripting in local systems.


Release Notes: This release adds a way to iterate an enumeration of object members in for loops with (get_methods, get_variables), adds a parse parameter, adds elif and elsif, and changes the numeric values of numeric variables to double for dealing with larger numbers.

Download Website 08 Jun 22:02 digiKam 2.6.0


digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application that makes importing and organizing digital photos a trivial task. Photos can be organized in albums, which can be sorted chronologically, by directory layout, or by custom collections, and they can be tagged, commented, and rated. digiKam makes use of a fast and robust database to store meta-information, which makes adding and editing comments and tags very reliable. Metadata can also be stored inside pictures using Exif and IPTC. An embedded image editor and a standalone application named showfoto have simple but powerful features for editing your pictures with filters and correction tools.

Release Notes: This release includes many bugfixes for XMP sidecar file support. A progress manager to control all parallelized processes running in the background has been added. A new Maintenance Tool has been implemented. This release has been ported to the LCMS version 2 color management library. A new film color negative inverter filter has been added.

No download Website 08 Jun 22:00 check_logfiles 3.5.1


check_logfiles is a plugin for Nagios which checks logfiles for defined patterns. It is capable of detecting logfile rotation. If you tell it how the rotated archives look, it will also examine these files. Unlike check_logfiles, traditional logfile plugins were not aware of the gap which could occur, so under some circumstances they ignored what had happened between their checks. A configuration file is used to specify where to search, what to search, and what to do if a matching line is found.

Release Notes: The parameters --warning and --critical are now possible to allow many new use cases. The option "savestate" was added for searches of type "virtual". They can now save state information between subsequent runs.

No download Website 08 Jun 21:57 BitNami Stack for Piwik 1.8.1-0


BitNami Stack for Piwik is an easy-to-install distribution of Piwik, a real time Web analytics software application. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin so users can get a Piwik installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. It provides you with detailed reports on your Web site visitors: the search engines and keywords they used, the language they speak, your popular pages, and much more.

Release Notes: This release updates Piwik to 1.8.1, PHP to 5.3.13, phpMyAdmin to 3.5.1, and MySQL to 5.5.21.

No download Website 08 Jun 21:55 Burp 1.3.8


Burp is a program that backs up and restores data. It uses librsync in order to save on the amount of space that is used by each backup. It also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to make snapshots when backing up Windows computers.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug introduced in the new storage directory structure code that had the potential to corrupt backups. It forces directory_tree = 0 for clients on versions lower than 1.3.6. It will escape '-' symbols in man pages. It will save received certs as temporary files and then rename them to avoid accidentally truncating the current ones. If a Windows VSS snapshot fails, the program will not continue. 32-bit mingw64 has difficulty printf-ing multiple %llu items and sometimes even segfaults, so the counters are split into individual printfs.

No download Website 08 Jun 21:52 BitNami LimeSurvey Stack 1.92plus20120530-0


BitNami LimeSurvey Stack Native Installer is an easy-to-install distribution of the LimeSurvey application. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin so users can get a LimeSurvey installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Windows, Linux, Linux 64, Mac OS X, and Unix operating systems are supported. LimeSurvey allows users to quickly create intuitive, powerful, online question-and-answer surveys that can work for tens to thousands of participants without much effort. The survey software itself is self-guiding for the respondents who are participating.

Release Notes: Updates LimeSurvey to 1.92plus buld120530. Updates PHP to 5.3.11.

No download Website 08 Jun 21:51 BitNami Jenkins Stack 1.467-0


BitNami Jenkins Stack is an easy-to-install distribution of the Jenkins application. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Tomcat and Java, so users can get a Jenkins installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Jenkins, previously known as Hudson, is a continuous integration server. Built with Java, it provides over 400 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project. It supports SCM tools including CVS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, and Clearcase, and can execute Apache Ant and Apache Maven-based projects, as well as arbitrary shell scripts and Windows batch commands. It can also monitor executions of remote tasks.

Release Notes: Updates Jenkins to 1.467.

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