2012 / June / 3 (28 releases)

3 June 2012

Download Website 03 Jun 18:05 VFU File Manager 4.12


VFU is console (text mode) file manager for UNIX. It includes all standard file handling features as well as filename completion, tree views, regexp selection, archive support, and much more. See the homepage for a full feature list.

Release Notes: This release adds BACKSPACE as alternative to ESC for mobile users (i.e. Nokia N900), longer history lists on larger terminals, and an option for case-insensitive filename matching. It also fixes several problems with filenames and zip archives. The embedded PCRE was upgraded.

Download Website 03 Jun 18:04 GNUnet 0.9.3


GNUnet is a peer-to-peer framework with focus on providing security. All peer-to-peer messages in the network are confidential and authenticated. The framework provides a transport abstraction layer and can currently encapsulate the network traffic in UDP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, or direct 802.11 (WLAN). GNUnet supports accounting to provide contributing nodes with better service. The services built on top of the framework include anonymous file sharing and a virtual network providing IPv4-IPv6 transition via protocol translation over the P2P network.


Release Notes: This release adds a few features and fixes a number of bugs. It is protocol-compatible with GNUnet 0.9.2. There were various minor changes to the C APIs and the peer-internal protocols. This is the first release that has a compatible Java API. gnunet-java 0.9.3 can be used to access many of GNUnet's services from Java. This release also contains the beginnings of a new GNUnet-based Naming System (GNS), implementing a fully decentralized, backwards-compatible replacement for DNS (many important features and documentation are still missing, but the foundations are there).

Download Website 03 Jun 18:02 raider 0.13.1


Raider is a tool to automate software RAID conversion. It converts a single Linux system disk into a Linux software RAID 1, 4, 5, 6, or 10.

Release Notes: Some more distributions were tested in this version: Mageia 2, Linux Mint 13, Fedora 17, Vector Linux 7, Ultimate Edition 3.3, Lubuntu 11.10, Xubuntu 12.04, and Kubuntu 12.04. Some bugs were fixed, namely those related to the "resume=" kernel option.

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June 3, 2012


Project Spotlight

Fishkin’s Desktop Environment Replacer

A script that installs the MATE desktop environment on Ubuntu.


Project Spotlight


A VRML/X3D browser and a viewer/converter for other 3D model formats.