2012 / May (887 releases)

May 2012

No download Website 26 May 06:44 Barry 0.18.3


Barry is an Open Source application that provides a Desktop GUI, synchronization, backup, restore, program management, and raw channel support for BlackBerry devices.

Release Notes: This release added Fedora yum, Ubuntu Precise 12.04 apt support, a new Evolution3 opensync plugin with easier configuration, and the ability to import/export vcard and vevent data from the device. Syncing of recurring calendar items was fixed.

Download Website 25 May 23:39 Quick and Dirty Apricot Emulator 0.0.9


QDAE is an emulator supporting various 16-bit computers made by Apricot in the 1980s, plus the Wang Professional Computer. All these were non-IBM-compatible systems running custom versions of MS-DOS or CP/M.

Release Notes: A native GEM driver has been added, allowing GEM applications to run in 15-bit truecolour.

Download No website 25 May 23:38 MDIUtilities 0.6.6


MDIUtilities provides a set of utility classes that can be used for desktop application development. It contains a network preferences implementation, XML utility classes, geometry utility classes, additional Swing classes, and other miscellaneous classes.

Release Notes: This release adds a new method in JFileSelector to set the dialog type and adds project files in source distributions.

No download No website 25 May 23:36 lsadl 0.0.9


lsadl is an AMD/ATI GPU overclock and monitoring tool. It uses fglrx and AMD's ADL_SDK to adjust clock, voltage, and fan settings, and displays them in a chart along with temperature and usage.


Release Notes: This release makes "no temp" a non-fatal error and adds fixes to configure.ac.

Download Website 25 May 23:34 NetsGraph 1.0.004


NetsGraph is a simple PHP class to generate statistical graphics from network data transfers. It accepts as input a list of samples representing the average network data transfer on a specified interval and is able to create native SVG graphics or PNG images.

Release Notes: The documentation has been improved.

Download Website 25 May 23:12 ServerUsage 4.5.0


The ServerUsage system collects and processes statistical information from computers running a GNU/Linux Operating System. It is composed of two subprojects, the ServerUsage-Client to collect usage statistics (via a SystemTap module) and send them to a remote server via TCP, and the ServerUsage-Server to collect all statistics from different clients and aggregate them in a SQlite database table. A PHP Web service is available on the server module to extract information or display graphics.

Release Notes: The server module is now thread-safe.

Download Website 25 May 22:04 GPAC 0.5.0


GPAC is a multimedia framework based on the MPEG4 systems standard. It aims to integrate as many "rich media" technologies as possible. It already supports MPEG-4 BIFS, SVG, MPEG-4 LASeR, VRML, and X3D presentations, many audio/video codecs and formats, RTP/RTSP streaming, MPEG-2 TS broadcast, ISO File format and HTTP Streaming (MPEG-DASH and HLS). GPAC provides both a player (Osmo4 / MP4Client) and command line tools (MP4Box and MP42TS).

Release Notes: This release has many new features and bugfixes, including: MPEG-DASH and HLS support (players and MP4Box); MPEG-U Widgets and UPnP support in the player; stereo and multiview display support; better AVC and SVC support, including OpenSVC decoder integration; more live tools: RTP, MPEG-TS, T-DMB support, and scene encoders (BIFS and RME/DIMS); iOS and Android support; and many other good things.

Download Website 25 May 22:00 Mathomatic 15.8.5


Mathomatic is a portable, general-purpose computer algebra system (CAS) that can solve, differentiate, simplify, combine, and compare algebraic equations, perform standard, complex number, modular, and polynomial arithmetic, etc. It does some calculus and is very easy to compile/install, learn, and use. The symbolic math application with a simple command-line interface is designed to be a colorful algebra calculator that is reliable, responsive, and convenient to use. The symbolic math library is lightweight and easy to include in other software, due to being written entirely in C with no additional dependencies.

Release Notes: A massive cleanup has been done and many bugs were fixed. The solve verify command now quickly simplifies the solve result, so you don't have to, and verification success is therefore more likely. The official documentation has been perfected. Bugs were fixed in the code for the divide, limit, simplify, solve, and factor commands.

No download No website 25 May 21:59 GeoToad 3.16.0


GeoToad is a geocaching query tool to help speed up the boring part of geocaching: choosing the cache and collecting the data. It allows you to generate any kind of complex query you want, and the program will go and poll the Geocaching query, grab the data, and output it to any format you want. The Geocache info can be synced straight to your GPS, iPod, PDA, or cell phone in over 20 different formats.

Release Notes: This release brings all new features and enhancements previously developed and tested in 3.15.5 to the stable series. It has a new approach to authentication ("early login"). There is support for date formats and languages set in the user profile. Cached pages may be preserved. Young caches are refreshed more often. Better (only partial) cleanup of old files in the cache. Many minor changes.

Download Website 25 May 21:57 Boehm-Demers-Weiser Conservative Garbage C...


The Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage collector can be used as a garbage collecting replacement for C malloc or C++ new. It is also used by a number of programming language implementations that use C as intermediate code. Alternatively, it may be used as a leak detector for C or C++ programs. A slightly older version of the garbage collector is also included as part of the GNU compiler (gcc) distribution.


Release Notes: An incorrect assertion in multi-threaded mode was fixed.

No download Website 25 May 21:56 Webconverger 13.0


Webconverger is a Live Web kiosk Linux distribution for public places. It is designed to get you on the Web easily without compromising your privacy.

Release Notes: Nvidia drivers 295.53 have been integrated to offer an accelerated graphics experience. Security has been enhanced to add noexec to temporary storage. Duckduckgo is now the default search engine. Flash has been updated to New APIs dns= to override DNS and cron= to set timed shutdowns.

No download Website 25 May 21:55 Slipstream 0.2


Slipstream is a multi-body vehicle simulator. Instead of using some sort of specific empirical model of a particular type of vehicle, vehicles are modeled as assemblies of interconnected moving parts. This allows any kind of vehicle to be modeled, and the whole model is completely parametric so that everything can be configured from the mass of the chassis to suspension geometry and engine and transmission characteristics. Slipstream can be executed either in real-time or off-line through control scripts, and every quantity calculated during the simulation can be logged for plotting or further analysis, so it can be used as a game or as a tool to study vehicle dynamics.

Release Notes: This release features improved terrain shading, accurate off-road tire contact and response, and an improved vehicle model.

Download Website 25 May 21:54 Billiards 0.4.1


Billiards is a cue sports simulator. It aims for physical accuracy and simplicity. It should be useful for practicing billiards on your own and against your friends when a real pool table is not available. Both a pool table and a billiards table (that is, with and without pockets) are implemented, allowing you to play eightball, nineball, and carom billiards games.

Release Notes: This is a minor release to make Billiards compatible with Techne 0.2.3, but a few changes have also been made to the GUI for better integration.

Download Website 25 May 21:54 twstools 0.3.5


twstools is a simple set of command line tools around the Interactive Brokers TWS API with the purpose of having a powerful scriptable toolbox to automate "jobs" like downloading historical data, tracking account info or submitting orders, etc.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. There is internal cleanup, reducing eventloop states to prepare parallel requests. This release fixes IB renamed historical data farms. It will not assert when seeing no active hmds farms while getting data. It fixes another "Connectivity between IB..." issue.

Download Website 25 May 21:53 SQLObject 1.3.1


SQLObject is an object-relational mapper, i.e., a library that will wrap your database tables in Python classes and your rows in Python instances. It currently supports MySQL through the 'MySQLdb' package, PostgreSQL through the 'psycopg' package, SQLite, Firebird, MaxDB (SAP DB), MS SQL, and Sybase. It should support Python versions back to 2.4.


Release Notes: This release fixes a minor bug in PostgreSQL introspection: VIEWs don't have PRIMARY KEYs; sqlmeta.idName is used as the key. It fixes a bug in cache handling while unpickling.

Download No website 25 May 21:51 AtHomeBills


AtHomeBills allows you to use your Web browser to monitor and manage your everyday personal bills. It comes with its own Web server and uses SQLite for its database.

Release Notes: Adds a function to delete bills.

Download Website 25 May 21:51 dotCMS 2.0.1


dotCMS is a J2EE Web Content Management System (CMS) which includes a number of features which other Open Source CMS solutions do not. It is extremely easy for both users and developers to work with, and any number of new applications can be built within its framework. It features a multi-tenant/virtual hosting form builder, customizable/extensible workflow engine PHP, Groovy, Ruby, and Python scripting support, a full starter site using Responsive Design (Bootstrap framework), including a mobile version, custom content types, files as content, full-text document and metadata indexing, pessimistic content check-in/checkout, site-wide templating, object level permissions, clustering support, widgets and macros, a robust plugin architecture, an easy Windows installer, ElasticSearch for performance and horizontal scalability, an OSGI implementation, Spring 3 MVC Support, enterprise site searches, an accessibility checker in the WYSIWYG, RESTful APIs to access content and widgets, an integrated help system, and more.

Release Notes: This is a security patch for the 2.0.x series to fix a vulnerability issue reported at http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/898083 .

Download Website 25 May 21:44 Knot DNS 1.0.5


Knot DNS is a high performance authoritative-only DNS server. It supports all key features of the domain name system including zone transfers, dynamic updates, and DNSSEC.

Release Notes: This release includes a fix for incoming IXFR, and also includes all Knot 1.0.4 changes: fixes several bugs, improves loading time for many zones, and significantly speeds up incoming IXFR.

Download Website 25 May 21:44 Tine 2.0 Milan (2012/03) Build 3


Tine 2.0 is a Web-based groupware solution that focuses on usability and correctness. To achieve these goals, the project uses usability experts and covers most of the code by unit tests. It contains support for contacts, tasks, calendar, email, CRM, VoIP integration, a time tracker, ActiveSync, and a flexible rights management system.

Release Notes: This service release fixes some minor bugs and includes some major performance improvements.

Download No website 25 May 21:43 Modoboa 0.9


Modoboa is a Web based application to create, administrate, and use virtual domain hosting platforms. Modoboa stores its data in a SQL backend (like MySQL or PostgreSQL). Using this database, you can integrate Modoboa with other mail components, such as Postfix or Dovecot.

Release Notes: A new user interface using jQuery and Bootstrap, from Twitter. A new plugin to define per-admin restrictions on object creation (domains, mailboxes, etc.). An improved quarantine manager and faster Webmail. Many other improvements and fixes.

Download No website 25 May 21:41 Box Model 1.00.07


Box is a framework to build complex applications with simple repetitive tasks assimilated to a "black box". It is highly inspired by signal processing processes applied to the Web. It will replace any MVC or 3 layer patterns that are unaware of real Web programming needs. It natively includes high parametrization, languages, and templates for each task in the framework.


Release Notes: A new example has been added using the same boxes as the first example to show reusability of code. The DomCore has been upgraded due to a template bug.

Download Website 25 May 21:38 CUPS 1.6b1


CUPS is a standards-based printing system for Mac OS X and other Unix-like operating systems. It provides the System V and Berkeley command line interfaces, and uses the Internet Printing Protocol ("IPP") as the basis for managing print jobs and queues. The Line Printer Daemon (LPD) Server Message Block (SMB), and AppSocket (a.k.a. JetDirect) protocols are also supported with reduced functionality. CUPS adds network printer browsing and PostScript Printer Description ("PPD") based printing options to support real world printing.


Release Notes: This is the first beta release for CUPS 1.6.0. It adds native Bonjour, ICC, and IPP Everywhere support on Linux and other free software platforms.

Download Website 25 May 00:21 Texmaker 3.3.4


Texmaker integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX in just one application.

Release Notes: This release fixes a critical bug related to "undo" operations, completes syntax highlighting of mathematical environments, and adds a Polish dictionary.

No download Website 24 May 21:48 Task Coach 1.3.15


Task Coach is a simple todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists. It grew out of a frustration that well-known task managers, such as those provided with Outlook or Lotus Notes, do not provide facilities for composite tasks. Often, tasks and other things to do consist of several activities. Task Coach is designed to deal with composite tasks.

Release Notes: This is a mixed feature and bugfix release.

Download Website 24 May 21:47 Granite Data Services 2.3.2.GA


Granite Data Services (GraniteDS) is a comprehensive development and integration solution for building Flex, JavaFX, and Android applications.

Release Notes: Many bugfixes and improvements are available with this release. New features include Hibernate 4.1, JBoss 7, and Jetty 7 support, file deletion/renaming handling in the Eclipse code generation plugin, and bean validation for DTOs.

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