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May 2012

Download Website 08 May 08:39 Gravit 0.5.0


Gravit is a gravity simulator. It uses Newtonian physics using the Barnes-Hut N-body algorithm. Although the main goal of Gravit is to be as accurate as possible, it also creates beautiful looking gravity patterns. It records the history of each particle so that it can animate and display a path of its travels. At any stage you can rotate your view in 3D and zoom in and out. Gravit uses OpenGL, Lua, SDL, SDL_ttf, and SDL_image.

Release Notes: This first release in seven years has many improvements including massive performance optimisations, a new user interface, skyboxes, international keyboard support, support for Lua 5.1, red-cyan 3D mode, and many more features and bugfixes.

No download Website 08 May 08:38 EDFbrowser 1.47


EDFbrowser is a multi-platform viewer for EEG, EMG, and ECG storage files. It supports the EDF, EDF+, BDF, and BDF+ file formats. It supports montages, annotations, precise measurements by using crosshairs, and a zoom function by drawing a rectangle with the mouse. It shows signals from different files at the same time. It includes a built-in EDF/EDF+/BDF/BDF+ to ASCII converter, a built-in Nihon Kohden to EDF+ converter (including annotations), a built in EDF+D to EDF+C converter, a BDF(+) to EDF(+) converter and a built-in EDF/EDF+/BDF/BDF+ compatibility checker.


Release Notes: A bug that caused a crash when saving an EDF or BDF file after importing annotations was fixed. The "Export ECG RR-interval" tool was changed in such a way that you can easily export the whole recording. It is now also possible to import them as annotations directly. The "Import annotations/events" tool can now also import the duration of an annotation/event (from ASCII or XML files). The ability to hide or unhide annotations from the screen by right clicking them was added.

Download Website 08 May 08:37 Mundus 1.4.0


Mundus is a tool that can keep your /home folder clean by looking for uninstalled software that left configuration files. It can automatically or manually back up those files in case you need them later.

Release Notes: This release mainly focuses on fixing annoying bugs and reducing the executable size. The app icons where moved online and are downloaded only when needed. A metrics class was introduced. The information it uploads is completely anonymous, and can't be used in any way to identify a user. A start-up form now replaces all the warnings that were previously shown when Mundus was executed, and it can now detect if an app is running and stop the cleaning process to avoid damage or unsafe behavior.

No download Website 08 May 08:35 OPEN BEXI Creative 4.1


OpenBEXI Creative is the server side of the project OpenBEXI. This prototype use AJAX and WebSockets to get pictures, videos, simile timelines, chart-flows, dynamic charts, text, calendars, forms, and grid data from the server. OpenBEXI is a powerful WYSIWYG Web site editor.

Release Notes: A version of Tomcat supporting WebSockets was integrated, making more interaction between the WYSIWYG HTML builder and the server possible. From the client side, two new editors which make take advantage of the new real time feature have been integrated in this release: A new chart-flow editor using jsPlumb 1.3.8 that provides a powerful way to connect widgets together in the Web page, and a "Dygraphs" editor that provides a way to implement dynamic charts.

Download No website 08 May 08:33 KDE-Services 1.3-4


KDE-Services extends the features of the Dolphin File Manager right-click menu in the KDE graphical environment. It allows you to play and convert between several video formats, extract audio from movies and convert them to MP3 or FLAC, convert audio to MP3 or FLAC, securely send a file or directory to Mailx as an email, send files to Thunderbird as attachments, burn and checksum ISO images, execute scripts and applications, get low-level information on video files, build ISO images from folders, replace text, search, SSH, use Midnight Commander, use system, network, and backup/restore tools, use Samba, extract subtitles from MKV video, multiplex subtitles into MPEG-2 videos, and work with YouTube, DVDs, multimedia, GPG. You can add a timestamp prefix to a filename or directory name. A paranoid shredder, an HTTP publisher, graphic tools, RPM package tools, Xorg configuration, and Dropbox tools are included.


Release Notes: A new "Multiplex Subtitle" item was added to the "Actions" submenu in Dolphin's right click menu. It is enabled only for MPEG-2 video files. In "Convert Videos From Here", optimizations were disabled for multi-core CPUs because some videos were flickering.

Download Website 08 May 08:32 Zorba 2.2.0


Zorba is a general-purpose XQuery processor implementing in C++ the W3C family of specifications. It is not an XML database. The query processor has been designed to be embeddable in a variety of environments, such as other programming languages extended with XML processing capabilities, browsers, database servers, XML message dispatchers, or smartphones. Its architecture employes a modular design, which allows customizing the Zorba query processor to the environment’s needs. In particular, the architecture of the query processor allows a pluggable XML store (e.g. main memory, DOM stores, persistent disk-based large stores, and S3 stores).

Release Notes: fn:concat() is no longer required because of a new || string concatenation operator. A new module for decoding URIs was added. The processing of XML, JSON, and text in a streaming manner was enabled. parse-xml-fragment was reworked to parse/process huge chunks of XML data as streams. A new split() function tokenizes streamable strings. file:read-text and http:send-request now supporting arbitrary text encodings. The C++ API was extended. A new PHP interface was included, and contains several improvements.

Download Website 08 May 08:30 LogAnalyzer 3.4.2


LogAnalyzer is a Web front-end for syslog and other network event data. It provides easy browsing, searching, basic analysis, and some graphics. Data is taken from databases or plain syslog text files, so LogAnalyzer does not require changes to an existing logging infrastructure. Depending on the log data present, it can process syslog messages, Windows event log entries, and some more exotic things. Its troubleshooting support enables users to quickly find solutions to problems seen in the log data. LogAnalyzer was previously called phpLogCon, and has been renamed since v3.

Release Notes: A bug where the VerifyChecksumTrigger function in the logstreamdb class did not generate a lowercase trigger name was fixed. A typo in the lang files was corrected. The processid field type was changed to string in logstreamclass. Filtering for non-numeric process IDs is now possible. Support for filtering by day was added.

Download Website 08 May 08:28 AeonWave 2.2.0


AeonWave is a cross platform, hardware accelerated, multi-threaded, and versatile stereo and 4D audio mixing library. By combining hardware accelerated rendering and a low memory footprint the library can handle almost any situation, from virtual synthesizer apps for smart phones to immersive simulation. It has a small, easy to use, fault tolerant, and consistent API, low latency support by using hardware acceleration, simultaneous support for stereo and 4D audio, audio frames with sub-mixing capabilities, support for stereo and 3D audio effects and filters, and a Freeware supplemental OpenAL implementation.

Release Notes: This release contains many exciting new features like audio sub-frames, registered sensors, a graphic equalizer, a new flanging effect, and many new tuning parameters for filters and effects like envelope following (auto-wah using the frequency filter).

Download Website 08 May 02:21 libgooglerank 1.0


libgooglerank is a simple Qt library extension which is used to retrieve the Google page rank of any public Web page. You can use the library capability asynchronously. The project also includes a commandline tool which is used to synchronously get the page rank of a URL.


Release Notes: This is the first release.

No download Website 08 May 02:19 json.c 20120507


json.c is a small JSON library in C supporting path expressions, autovivification, and restartable I/O.

Release Notes: This release fixes a printing bug and adds json_setlstring() and json_setstring() interfaces.

Download Website 08 May 02:18 Lhasa 0.0.5


Lhasa is a Free Software replacement for the Unix LHA tool, for decompressing .lzh (LHA/LHarc) and .lzs (LArc) archives. The backend for the tool is a library, so it can be reused for other purposes. Lhasa aims to be compatible with as many types of lzh/lzs archives as possible. It also aims to generate the same output as the (non-free) Unix LHA tool, so it will act as a drop-in free replacement.

Release Notes: This release adds support for running on Windows and fixes several minor bugs reported in the previous release.

Download No website 08 May 02:17 OpenNMS 1.11.0


OpenNMS is the first enterprise-grade network management platform developed using the open source model. The three main functional areas of OpenNMS are service polling, which monitors services on the network and reports on their "service level"; data collection from the remote systems via SNMP in order to measure the performance of the network; and a system for event management and notifications.

Release Notes: This first release in the 1.11 unstable series (the future 1.12) adds many bugfixes and minor features, and other architectural work.

Download Website 08 May 02:10 Mahotas 0.8


Mahotas is an image processing library for Python. It includes a couple of algorithms implemented in C++ for speed while operating in numpy arrays. The main algorithms are watershed and Otsu thresholding.

Release Notes: There has been a namespace reorganisation. For simple uses, it shouldn't matter, but you might find that some functions have moved submodules. An important bug in dilate() has been fixed. Also new are a few morphological functions: open(), close(), regmax(), and regmin().

Download Website 08 May 02:05 ADP 0.80


ADP (Another Data Processor) is a programing language that is designed for Web database programing. It is a scripting language and a lightweight programming language in which it is possible to mix SQL easily. It is easy to install.


Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 08 May 02:04 newLISP 10.4.3


newLISP is a Lisp-like, general-purpose scripting language. It has all the magic of traditional Lisp, but is easier to learn and use. newLISP is friendly, fast, and small. Most of the functions you will ever need are already built in.

Release Notes: This release fixes two critical bugs when working with files.

Download Website 08 May 01:59 OVAL Interpreter


The OVAL Interpreter is a freely available reference implementation that demonstrates the evaluation of OVAL definitions. Based on a set of definitions, the interpreter collects system information, evaluates it, and generates a detailed OVAL results file.

Release Notes: This minor update supports the windows_view behavior in the registry-based tests, which addresses registry redirection on 64-bit Windows. A number of bugs have been corrected, as well.

Download Website 08 May 01:54 CuteMupen 0.1.1


CuteMupen is a front-end for the Mupen64Plus Nintendo 64 emulator. It supports the browsing of ROMs and changing of common settings.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which prevented CuteMupen from loading Mupen64Plus 1.99.5 (all platforms).

No download Website 07 May 23:03 BitNami Drupal Stack 7.14-0


BitNami Drupal stack is an easy-to-install distribution of the Drupal CMS software. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP so users can get Drupal installed and up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Currently, Linux and Windows are supported.

Release Notes: Updates Drupal 7 to 7.14, the Apache-solr module to 1.0-beta19, the amind_menu module to 3.0-rc2, views to 3.3, PHP to 5.3.11, and phpMyAdmin to 3.5.0.

No download Website 07 May 23:02 BitNami MediaWiki Stack 1.18.3-0


BitNami MediaWiki stack is an easy-to-install distribution of the MediaWiki software. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP so users can get a MediaWiki installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Currently, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X are supported.

Release Notes: Updates MediaWiki to 1.18.3.

Download Website 07 May 23:02 Excelsior JET 7.6 MP2


Excelsior JET is a Java VM enhanced with an Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compiler and deployment toolkit. It is certified Java Compatible on Windows and Linux on Intel x86 hardware. The 64-bit version is in the works. Excelsior JET Optimizer transforms your classes and JARs into high-performance binary executables. Excelsior JET Runtime includes a licensed Sun implementation of the Java API and Excelsior's proprietary JVM, which is responsible for Java memory management, threading, synchronization, security, and JIT compilation of classes that could not be precompiled. The Excelsior JET Installation Toolkit makes it possible to prepare your optimized application for deployment to end-user systems.

Release Notes: Bugfixes. Support for Java SE 6 Update 31.

Download Website 07 May 23:01 Java Algebra System 2.4.3938


The Java Algebra System (JAS) is an object oriented, type safe, multi-threaded approach to computer algebra. JAS provides a well designed software library using generic types for algebraic computations implemented in the Java programming language. The library can be used as any other Java software package, or it can be used interactively or interpreted through a Jython or JRuby front end. The focus at the moment is on commutative and solvable polynomials, power-series, multivariate polynomial factorization, Gröbner bases, and applications.

Release Notes: This release refactors and fixes algorithms for Wu-Ritt characteristic sets in the class CharacteristicSetWu. Unit tests are in CharSetTest. Jython and JRuby script access to characteristic set algorithms in methods CS(), isCS(), and csReduction(). Small fixes and improvements.

Download Website 07 May 23:00 Aspose.Email for .NET 1.7.0


Aspose.Email for .NET is a set of components allowing developers to easily implement email functionality within their ASP.NET Web applications, Web services, and Windows applications. It supports the Outlook PST, EML, MSG, and MHT formats. It allows developers to work with SMTP, POP, FTP, and MS Exchange servers. It supports mail merge, iCalendar, customized header and body, header information, embedded files, Twitter, and much more. It makes it easy to work with HTML or plain text email messages and their attachments.

Release Notes: This month’s release provides support for the creation of TNEF message files, setting Appointment’s time zone information from an instance of System.TimeZoneInfo, and detects Outlook message type using the MapiMessage class. An important enhancement has been made so that the MHTML renderer includes the embedded images as well as the email header in the output. This release fixes some issues regarding embedded images, encoding, and attachments for EML to MSG conversion. Setting the Appointment Time Zone to "America/New_York" adding an hour to time is now fixed.

Download Website 07 May 22:53 DaDaBIK 4.4 patch level 1


DaDaBIK is a PHP application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable Web interface for a database in order to search, insert, update, and delete records; all you need do is specify a few configuration parameters. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and MS SQL Server are supported. It is available in several languages.

Release Notes: The main reason for this release is fixing two bugs that could cause errors and insertion/updating of incorrect data in the database. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

Download Website 07 May 22:52 Kwatee Agile Deployment 2.1.5


Kwatee Agile Deployment is a lightweight automated server software deployment tool targeted at Independent Software Vendors and Cloud Service Providers. Designed for the flexible needs of agile teams, Kwatee installs or updates PHP sites, Java Web apps, Windows services, n-tier applications, etc. in your local network or in the cloud and on virtually any operating system. It shortens software update delivery projects by an order of magnitude but also benefits developers, testers, and technical support in their daily activities.


Release Notes: This release fixes severe issues when hosting Kwatee on windows. It adds a database schema import/export feature. It re-introduces Solaris SPARC server deployment support.

Download No website 07 May 22:51 libtld 1.2.0


libtld is a library used to extract the TLD from a URI and to check email validity. This allows you to extract the exact domain name, sub-domains, and all the TLD (top level, second level, third level, etc.). The problem with TLDs is that you cannot know where the domain starts. Some domains can use one top-level domain, others use two, etc. However, it may be useful to know where the domain is to have the exact list of sub-domains. For example, if you want to force www. at the start of the domain name if no other sub-domains are specified, then you need to know exactly how many TLD are defined in a URI. The libtld offers one main function: tld(), which gives you a way to extract the TLD from any URI. The result is the offset where the TLD starts. This gives you enough information to extract everything else you need. For emails, the library is capable of parsing a string that represents a list of email addresses to be verified. The verification includes a check of the domain name and its TLD.


Release Notes: Support for exceptions such as nic.uk. The tests have been update accordingly. A test for the XML file to make sure it respects the DTD has been added. This release fixes offsets in the data table, unsigned short and -1; it uses USHRT_MAX now. The .us entries are complete.

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