2012 / May / 20 (37 releases)

20 May 2012

Download No website 20 May 00:29 FUDforum 3.0.4RC2


FUDforum is a templatable forum with i18n support based on PHP and either MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQLite. It features a user/group management system, a multi-lingual spell checker, both flat and thread message views, a private messaging system with multi-user forwarding capabilities, poll file attachments, and much more. It is an extremely fast and scalable forum that can fulfil the needs of both small and large forum operators.

Release Notes: This stabilization release only includes minor tweaks, fixes, and translation updates. Compiler error messages are now more descriptive. An infinite loop which occurred when MySQL truncated login/alias names with non-UTF8 characters has been fixed. A new translation for Zizaki (diq) is available. Several other smaller issues have been fixed.

No download Website 20 May 00:28 PGXN Client 1.0.3


The PGXN Client is a command line tool designed to interact with the PostgreSQL Extension Network allowing searching, compiling, installing, and removing extensions in a PostgreSQL installation or database.

Release Notes: This release can deal with extensions whose Makefile is not directly available but is generated by the configure script, and fixes a bug when the Makefile is not in the project root (ticket #12).

Download Website 20 May 00:26 web2ldap 1.1.18


web2ldap is a full-featured Web-based LDAPv3 client written in Python. It is designed to run either as with stand-alone built-in Web server or under the control of another Web server with FastCGI support (e.g. Apache with mod_fastcgi). It has support for various LDAPv3 bind methods and a powerful built-in schema browser. HTML templates are supported for displaying and editing entries, and LDIF templates can be used for quickly adding new entries. A built-in X.509 parser displays a detailed view of certificates and CRLs with active links.

Release Notes: This release adds an important fix for switching input forms, some more plugin classes for OpenDS/OpenDJ, and other small fixes.

Download Website 20 May 00:24 Wnotes 1.15


Wnotes are small, self-contained text notes for X Window System desktops. You can create, type, cut-and-paste, and save notes in any combination you like. Wnotes let you store notes and their window configurations using any database which accepts input from the Unix shell. It is compatible with most Linux and Unix desktops. The source code package includes sdb, a simple note database written as a bash script, and other examples of how to use Wnotes.

Release Notes: This release adds minor usability and reliability improvements for writing note contents and for cursor placement and selection handling.

Download Website 20 May 00:19 qodem 1.0alpha


Qodem is a re-implementation of the Qmodem DOS shareware communications package, updated for more modern uses. Major features include Unicode support, scrollback buffer, capture file, screen dump, dialing directory, keyboard macros, script support, Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, and Kermit. It can connect over serial port, telnet, ssh, rlogin, and command line, and supports multiple terminal emulations including ANSI.SYS, Avatar, VT100/102, VT220, and Linux.

Release Notes: This release is a major milestone change. An X11-based build using PDCurses is now supported. telnet and rlogin are now provided with internal code, and ssh through libssh2. Kermit and Zmodem are much more reliable. Any program which uses stdin/stdout can be run as an external script, and Perl-based scripts can be automatically created with the Quicklearn feature. Other new features include a host mode, a raw socket connection method, many more 8-bit codepages, and many bugfixes.

Download Website 20 May 00:17 NxWidgets 1.1


NXWidgets is a graphical user interface package for the NuttX RTOS. It integrates seamlessly with the NuttX NX graphics subsystem in order to provide graphic objects, or "widgets". It is written entirely in C++ using only selected "embedded friendly" C++ constructs which are fully supported under NuttX. No additional C++ support libraries are required. It is tailored for use with MCUs in embedded applications. It is ideally suited for the mid-to-upper range of most MCU families. It will work on high-end frame buffer devices as well as on LCDs connected via serial or parallel ports to a small MCU. It will accept position and selection inputs from a mouse or a touchscreen. It will also support character input from a keyboard such as a USB keyboard. It supports a special widget called CKeypad which provides keyboard input via an on-screen keypad which can be operated via a mouse or touchscreen inputs. Some of the graphic objects supported by NXWidgets include labels, buttons, text boxes, button arrays, check boxes, cycle buttons, images, sliders, scrollable list boxes, and progress bars.


Release Notes: This release introduces NxWM, the tiny NuttX window manager based on the NX window system and NxWidgets. The new NxWidgets also has a reduced memory footprint and several important bugfixes.

No download Website 20 May 00:16 Advanced Strategic Command 2.5.0


ASC is a turn-based strategy game in the tradition of Battle Isle 2/3. It can be played against the computer or against other human players (either hotseat or by mail).

Release Notes: This is an evolutionary update which doesn't have any spectacular new features, but a lot of smaller improvements and bugfixes.

Download Website 20 May 00:16 NuttX 6.18


Nuttx is a real-time embedded operating system (RTOS). It has a small footprint that is usable in micro-controller environments. It is fully scalable from tiny (8-bit) to moderate embedded (32-bit) systems. It also aims to be fully compliant to standards, to be fully real time, and to be totally open.


Release Notes: The primary purpose of this release is to support the new version of NxWidgets which was also released today. In addition to the extended graphics support needed by NxWidgets, this release also provides new STM32 drivers for watchdog timers, LCDs, and touch screens, and board support for two new PIC32 boards.

Download Website 20 May 00:12 doxygen 1.8.1


Doxygen is a cross-platform, JavaDoc-like documentation system for C++, C, Objective-C, C#, Java, IDL, Python, PHP, VHDL, and Fortran. Doxygen can be used to generate an on-line class browser (in HTML) and/or an off-line reference manual (in LaTeX or RTF) from a set of source files. Doxygen can also be configured to extract the code-structure from undocumented source files. This includes dependency graphs, class diagrams and hyperlinked source code. This type of information can be very useful to quickly find your way in large source distributions.

Release Notes: This release changes the way indexes are rendered for the HTML output, adds several other look-and-feel improvements, shows inherited members as expandable sections in the member overview of an HTML class page, and includes a number of smaller changes and a large number of bugfixes.

Download No website 20 May 00:08 ROHC library 1.4.0


The ROHC library provides an easy and robust way for applications to reduce their bandwidth usage on network links with limited capacity or expensive costs. Headers of network packets are compressed with the ROHC protocol and algorithms. The ROHC protocol is very efficient for compressing VoIP streams which use RTP as a transport protocol. ROHC is also suitable for compressing IP-only (IPv4 or IPv6) flows, UDP flows, and many others.

Release Notes: With 40 bugs fixed, this release better conforms to ROHC standards than previous 1.2.x and 1.3.x versions. There is no big new ROHC feature added, only corrections. Other important changes include making the library thread-safe, adding new API methods which retrieve information about the last compressed packet or return descriptions of packets, extensions, modes, and states, deprecating the old CRC API, and adding new applications for generation statistics and testing computing performance.

Download No website 20 May 00:05 Qpfcalc 1.8


The qpfcalc application is a Qt frontend for pfcalc, a CLI pipe friction calculator. It is similar to gpfcalc, the GTK+ frontend for pfcalc. There are two versions of qpfcalc, one for Windows and one for Linux. The Linux version should be easy to compile and run on any Unix-like operating system with few minor modifications. For the application to function properly the pfcalc backend must be installed. For the Windows version, this is not needed as qpfcalc is distributed along with all the files needed to run, including pfcalc and Qt libraries.

Release Notes: This release supports custom gravity constant and compressed data files, implements searching for pipe labels, and adds interface improvements.

Download Website 20 May 00:04 Zero Install Injector 1.8


Zero Install is a decentralized cross-distribution software installation system. It allows software developers to publish programs directly from their own Web sites, while supporting features familiar from centralized distribution repositories such as shared libraries, automatic updates, and digital signatures. It is intended to complement, rather than replace, the operating system's package management. 0install packages never interfere with those provided by the distribution.


Release Notes: A new "Explain this decision" feature lets you find out why a particular version isn't being selected. There is a new "POSIX" architecture group for implementations which work everywhere except on Windows. The certifi library can be used to provide the trusted CA list on platforms without a system list. Connections are now queued to avoid overloading sites with too many at once. The user's preferred terminal emulator is now used, instead of hard-coding xterm.

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