2012 / May / 16 (36 releases)

16 May 2012

No download No website 16 May 22:25 libQtCassandra 0.4.1


The libQtCassandra library is an advanced C++ library used to access Cassandra servers. Unlike the basic Cassadra server interface, this C++ library provides separate objects that handle each level of the server data, i.e. the cluster, contexts, table, rows, and cells. It uses Qt and the Qt style for all the classes, which makes it very easy to use if you already know Qt.


Release Notes: This release fixes the buffer size used to save 64-bit integers, the size of integers used to handle floating points, and the double somehow converted to a float instead of a double. It fixes the test of the string set in a value to limit the UTF-8 version of the string to 64Mb (instead of the number of UCS-2 characters held by a QString). It enhances documentation about findRow() and findCell() which do not look for a row or cell in the Cassandra system, but only check in memory. It provides better support for older versions of g++ (4.1 cannot properly cast the controlled variables for enumerations).

Download Website 16 May 22:21 MLdonkey 3.1.2


MLdonkey is a multi-platform, multi-network peer-to-peer client. It supports several large networks such as eDonkey, Overnet, Kademlia, Bittorrent, Gnutella (Bearshare, Limewire, etc.), Gnutella2 (Shareaza), or Fasttrack (Kazaa, Imesh, Grobster). Networks can be enabled or disabled. Searches are performed in parallel on all enabled networks. For some networks, each file can be downloaded from multiple clients concurrently.

Release Notes: Many changes have been made since the last Freecode announcement, including UDP tracker and DHT support for BT, improvements for DC, Emule captchas, UPNP, and support for Debian/kFreeBSD and Debian/Hurd.

Download Website 16 May 22:19 uBee512 5.4.0


uBee512 emulates all of the Microbee Z80 series of microcomputers, including ROM, Floppy and Hard disk-based models. Up to 2MB of extended memory is supported. The optional on board sn76489 sound IC is also emulated. The display may use SDL or OpenGL video rendering. Z80 PIO emulation includes tape, speaker, RTC, serial to PC RS232, and mouse peripherals. Parallel port peripherals include BeeThoven (AY-3-8910), BeeTalker (SP0256-AL2), Compumuse (SN76489), DAC, printer, and joystick. Many disk image types and floppy disks are supported. A joystick may be optionally mapped to keys. A large number of options are available as well as a built in OSD console.

Release Notes: This release adds basic emulation of the Premium Plus model (p1024k/1024k). Changes have been made to the --tapei-det option to take a percentage value to be used for high and low threshold levels with simulated hysteresis on the tape input of WAV files. Changes have been also made to --tapfile-list to report the speed value. A new disk format of "ds8b" has been added. Changes have been made to the "remote" type to allow the new USB Floppyio external floppy interface to use full capabilities. Numerous other improvements and fixes have also been made.

Download No website 16 May 22:18 schily 2012-05-16


The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, btcflash, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), devdump, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, mt, p, patch, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh (Bourne Shell), star, star_sym, suntar, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

Release Notes: The Bourne Shell built-in "type" now correctly lists case statements in functions. The Bourne Shell now supports pushd/popd/dirs. The built-in times(1) command in the Bourne Shell now produces POSIX-compliant output. Two memory leaks have been fixed in the Bourne Shell.

No download Website 16 May 22:17 Azzyzt JEE Tools 1.3.2


Azzyzt JEE Tools is a set of Eclipse plugins for creating a so-called "azzyzted" project, and for creating code from a model. Azzyzt uses Java JPA entities as a model, and from that model it creates an enterprise application, ready to be deployed in a Java EE 6 application server like GlassFish 3.1, ready to be accessed via CORBA, SOAP, and REST. Thus the generated application is a set of Web services, providing all that you need in a typical CRUD application. Generated enterprise applications have separate source folders for generated and developer-supplied content. You can add your own functionality to a well-engineered base project. Azzyzt JEE Tools is not about user interfaces. It is expected that the generated application is accessed by a RIA frontend or by a fat client.


Release Notes: This release fixes a bug which, under certain conditions, made string IDs break storeMulti(). The cause was that the check for the possibility of proxy ID translation of an ID field was done on the field's owning entity, instead of the field's target entity. It broke as soon as an entity with a numeric ID had an association to an entity with a string ID. String IDs inside of embedded IDs (like VisitId) were no problem because embedded IDs are special-cased anyway. This closes issue #29.

Download Website 16 May 22:15 Bonita Open Solution 5.6.3


Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful Business Process Management (BPM) solution to create process-based applications for simple-to-complex projects.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release for 5.6 branch.

Download Website 16 May 22:11 moneyGuru 2.5.3


moneyGuru is a personal finance management application. It allows you to evaluate your financial situation so that you can make informed (and thus better) decisions. Most finance applications have the same goal, but moneyGuru's difference is in the way it achieves it. Rather than having reports which you have to configure (or find out which pre-configured report is the right one), your important financial data (net worth, profit) is constantly up-to-date and "in your face". This allows you to constantly make informed decision rather than doing so periodically.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in QIF loading which caused false positives in duplicate transaction detection and removal (#323), a bug which caused auto-created accounts to be of the wrong currency (#327), a crash in the currency rates plugin example, and localization issues on Windows and Linux.

No download Website 16 May 22:09 WombatDialer 0.3.22


WombatDialer is a platform to provide mass outbound calling. This can be used to implement many different services. By offering a set of ready-to-use components and a monitoring GUI, it lets you create complex solution in minutes. It can work on predefined call lists or can dynamically create them over an API (e.g., dial number X after 10:30AM). It shares the load on one or more PBX servers and has flexible rescheduling logic to handle missed calls. It is built to be used with your existing Asterisk PBX, and does not require separate servers or a separate set of lines. It can call over VoIP or through the public telephone network. It is built to integrate with your business processes, and can receive calls to be made over HTTP and/or notify an external system in realtime of calls made and results gathered. It works natively with the QueueMetrics Call-Center Monitoring Suite to produce state-of-the-art campaign analyses and insight.

Release Notes: This is the initial public release.

Download Website 16 May 22:02 pyxattr 0.5.1


pyxattr is a Python extension module wrapper for libattr, which can be used to query, list, add, and remove extended attributes from files and directories.

Release Notes: A number of significant bugs (refcount leaks and potential NULL-pointer dereferences) have been fixed. Furthermore, compatibility with Python 3 has been improved. This, however, required changing the meaning of the "namespace" argument to the functions: if passed, None is no longer a valid value; pass an empty string if (due to the structure of your program) you have to pass this argument but want to specify no namespace.

No download Website 16 May 22:01 j661 0.53 Beta 4


The j661 project provides a generic CDS (or ARINC 661 Server) in order to facilitate the understanding of the ARINC 661 standard, prototype ARINC 661 concepts and architectures, and facilitate the reuse of ARINC 661 specifications and artefacts between projects. The CDS architecture is designed to allow defining the Server behavior to be easily modified or extended. This is achieved by a modular plug-in architecture, allowing customization at runtime without changing anything in the Server core itself.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs in the map renderer implementation (including MapItems rotation and Legends) and adds support for LegendAnchorRotated, LegendPopup, and being able to add a border and background texture on any legend. It fixes several bugs in the synth2 look and feel. It adds the ability to keep the overlays when saving a snapshot in the Editor. It fixes undo/redo when deleting a list of widgets at the Layer root.

Download Website 16 May 21:59 QueueMetrics 12.05


QueueMetrics is a queue log analyzer that measures a number of metrics of queue and agent activity for the Asterisk PBX. It offers detailed reports, real-time panels, and start pages for agents. It also drives a wallboard and has an XML-RPC data interface.

Release Notes: A rework of the real-time page allows for agent log-on, log-off, pause, and unpause from the Rt screen for administrators. This release improves installation of the AGAW module and adds an AGAW client for Chrome.

Download Website 16 May 21:59 0 A.D. Alpha 10 Jhelum


0 A.D. (pronounced "zero ey-dee") is a cross-platform real-time strategy (RTS) game of ancient warfare. It's a historically-based war/economy game that allows players to relive or rewrite the history of ancient civilizations, each depicted at their peak of economic growth and military prowess.

Release Notes: This release features Hellenic factions such as Athens, Macedonia, and Sparta. It has technologies, civilization phases, click-and-drag walls, healing, and more.

Download Website 16 May 21:58 Urd 1.3.0


Urd is a Web-based Usenet binary download manager. It stores the newsgroup information in a MySQL database and aggregates the articles into sets of a single download (e.g. one album or movie). The Web interface can be used to search with regular expressions. It uses its own downloading daemon that has support for scheduling downloads and updating databases. URD can also download directly from NZB files and even create NZB files. Further features include custom scripts, multiple languages, a template based Web interface, support for multiple servers, automatic par2 and unrar support, and an intuitive user interface.

Release Notes: Mostly minor improvements and bugfixes. New features include an adult filter, spam reports included for spots as well, auto-downloading from spots, and selecting the download folder from a drop down list.

Download No website 16 May 21:56 uBeeDisk 2.2.0


uBeeDisk is a tool that copies disks and images from one to another. It was developed to archive Microbee disk images from floppy disks and to write them back to floppy, but other disk formats can be added. It is intended mainly for users of computer emulators. As the program makes use of the 'LibDsk' library there are many options for image types. The program provides some data recovery methods along with 'info' files for each disk image file created. An 'info' file contains information about the disk image, a status map of all sectors read from the disk, and an MD5 stamp of the associated disk image.

Release Notes: This release adds a user prompt to determine what action is required when the destination file already exists (allowing the file to be overwritten or skipped), adds a Pause menu to disk scanning, formatting, and speed tests, adds additional disk formats, changes the "remote" type to allow the new USB Floppyio external floppy interface to use full capabilities, and performs smarter detection of "remote" capabilities, along with numerous other improvements and bugfixes.

No download Website 16 May 21:55 What's My Heart Rate 2.0.0


What's My Heart Rate allows you to measure your heart rate by just looking at your screen. It's easy and convenient, without the need to press your finger on your camera lens. Your heartbeat causes micro color changes on your face. What's My Heart Rate uses the front camera and a software algorithm to detect these micro changes, with beat-to-beat accuracy. The algorithm is based on the non-contact photoplethysmography concept.

Release Notes: This release supports breathing rate measurement using a novel algorithm.

Download No website 16 May 21:54 apptools 1.1.0


Apptools is a collection of programs for accessing Applix 1616/OS disk images. It is similar to 'mtools' and 'cpmtools' for MS-DOS and CP/M disks. The tools have been tested on Applix 1616/OS floppy disk images, but should work on hard disk images. The tools are limited to reading and only work with raw disk images. The collection includes programs for listing, copying, displaying, and reporting, and all tools allow recursive and wildcard operations.

Release Notes: This release adds a new "appclean" application to the tools suite for cleaning disks. The --recurse option help in various tools has been fixed to report the correct information.

Download Website 16 May 21:53 Visualization Library 2011.09.1168


Visualization Library is C++ middleware for high-performance 2D and 3D graphics applications based on the industry standard OpenGL 1.x-4.x, designed to develop portable applications for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. It supports advanced features like OpenGL Shading Language, Volume Rendering, Isosurface extraction, Frame Buffer Objects, Multiple Render Targets, Vertex and Pixel Buffer Objects, KdTree/AABB frustum culling, a multilingual Unicode-based text engine, advanced texturing, DDS cubemaps, mipmaps, compressed textures, and much more. Visualization Library can be especially useful in 3D/2D scientific visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, visual simulation, data visualization, presentations, multimedia applications, special effects, and 3D/2D games.

Release Notes: This release adds a new anaglyph stereo rendering demo and various bugfixes.

No download Website 16 May 21:53 CFEngine 3.3.2


Cfengine is a tool for setting up and maintaining BSD and System-5-like operating system optionally attached to a TCP/IP network. You can think of cfengine as a very high level language, much higher level than Perl or shell: a single statement can result in many hundreds of operations being performed on multiple hosts. Cfengine is good at performing a lot of common system administration tasks, and allows you to build on its strengths with your own scripts.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix and stability release.

Download Website 16 May 21:53 GNUmed 1.1.14


GNUmed is a comprehensive scalable software solution for electronic medical practices with an emphasis on privacy protection, secure patient centric record sharing, decision support, and ease of use. It is intended to become a sophisticated decision support system that will elevate the quality of medical care that can be delivered.

Release Notes: This release fixes missing date verification in the document properties editor, a correction for an exception on procedure start > end, and a corner case regarding faulty drug database selection.

Download Website 16 May 21:53 Wing IDE 4.1.6


Wing IDE is a software development environment for Python. It provides powerful editing, code intelligence, refactoring, testing, debugging, and search capabilities that reduce development and debugging time, cut down on coding errors, and make it easier to understand and navigate Python code.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Django 1.4, syntax highlighting for Qt Style Sheet (.qss) files, a command to show the selected file in the OS-provided file manager, per-project configuration of Debug Network Port for remote debugging, several auto-editing fixes, several turbo completion mode fixes, git blame integration, support for debugging QThreads in older PyQt versions, a shorter delay in restarting the Python Shell or debug process, and about 15 other bugfixes and minor improvements.

No download Website 16 May 21:52 Ding Framework 1.6.1


Ding is a PHP framework that provides dependency injection (by Setter, Constructor, and Method), Aspect Oriented Programming, XML, YAML, Events support, and some JSR 250/330 annotations as bean definition providers, lightweight, can be deployed as a PHAR file, simple, and quick MVC, syslog, TCP client and server with non-blocking sockets, timers, and custom error, signal, and exception handling, PAGI integration (for the Asterisk gateway interface), and PAMI integration (for Asterisk management). It is similar to Java's Seasar and Spring.

Release Notes: This release moves signal definitions to the container constructor to avoid notices about undefined constants when running under a Web server module SAPI (pcntl is disabled under Web server modules).

Download Website 16 May 21:52 4DIAC 1.1.3


4DIAC is a framework for distributed industrial automation and control. It aims to provide an open, IEC-61499-compliant basis that lets the user establish a distributed industrial automation and control environment based on the targets' portability, configurability, and interoperability.

Release Notes: This third Maintenance Release for 4DIAC 1.1 provids bugfixes and improvements to 4DIAC-IDE (11) and FORTE (5). The most important fix is a resource leak fix in 4DIAC-IDE.

No download Website 16 May 21:52 PAGI 1.10.5


PAGI is a PHP AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) facade with CDR (Call Detail Record), call spool and schedule auto dial, send and receive Fax, channel variables, and caller ID management.

Release Notes: This release adds clearPromptMessages() to programatically remove all prompt messages in a node.

Download Website 16 May 21:52 Monit 5.4


Monit is a utility for managing and monitoring processes, programs, files, directories, and devices on a Unix system. It conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations. It can be used to monitor files, directories, and devices for changes, such as timestamps changes, checksum changes, or size changes. It is controlled via an easy to configure control file based on a free-format, token-oriented syntax. It logs to syslog or to its own log file and notifies users about error conditions via customizable alert messages. It can perform various TCP/IP network checks, protocol checks, and can utilize SSL for such checks. It provides an HTTP(S) interface for access.


Release Notes: This is a feature and bugfix release.

Download Website 16 May 21:51 phpMyFAQ 2.7.6


phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ system. It support various database systems and it also offers a content management system with a WYSIWYG editor, an image manager, flexible multi-group and multi-user support, a news system, user tracking, language modules, templates, PDF support, a backup system, Active Directory support, and an easy to use installation script.

Release Notes: This release updates the Dutch, Polish, and Russian translations. It fixes some issues.

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