2012 / March / 4 (38 releases)

4 March 2012

Download Website 04 Mar 20:10 makepp 2.0rc3


Makepp, a build program that has a number of features that allow for reliable builds and simpler build files, is a drop-in replacement for GNU make. It supports almost all of the syntax that GNU make supports, and can be used with makefiles produced by utilities such as automake. It is called makepp (or make++) because it was designed with special support for C++, which has since been extended to other languages like Swig or embedded SQL. Some features that makepp adds to make are: greatly improved handling of builds that involve multiple makefiles (recursive make is no longer necessary); automatic scanning for include files; rebuilds triggered if build command changes; checksum-based signature methods for reliable builds, smart enough to ignore whitespace or comment changes; extensibility through Perl programming (within your makefile); repositories (automatically importing files from another tree); and build caches (not recompiling identically what a user of the same cache already did).

Release Notes: Only a few minor bugs were reported and fixed since rc2. Many files were touched due to spell checking of documentation and comments.

Download Website 04 Mar 20:10 ngIRCd 19


ngIRCd is a portable IRC daemon written from scratch. It is easy to configure, supports server links (even with original ircds) and runs on hosts with changing IP addresses (such as dial-in networks). Currently supported platforms are AIX, A/UX, Darwin/Mac OS X, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, Linux, NetBSD, SunOS/Solaris, and Windows with Cygwin.

Release Notes: New user modes (R, C) and channel modes (r, R) have been implemented, the flood and abuse protection has been improved (for example, better limits for list replies), and support for Anope IRC services has been enhanced. In addition, exception lists (mode e) have been implemented and several IRC commands are more standards-compliant now. The IRC commands GLINE and KLINE have been implemented.

No download Website 04 Mar 20:09 Seed7 2012-03-04


Seed7 is a general purpose programming language. It is a higher level language compared to Ada, C++, and Java. In Seed7, new statements and operators can be declared easily. Functions with type results and type parameters are more elegant than a template or generics concept. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are more obvious. Although Seed7 contains several concepts of other programming languages, it is generally not considered as a direct descendant of any other programming language.

Release Notes: The program "ftpserv.sd7" was improved to support the commands RNFR and RNTO, and to work correctly when the listener cannot open a passive data port. Font support was improved such that caching of character pixmaps works. Some characters in the standard bitmap fonts were added or improved. The functions 'socSend' and 'socSendto' in "soc_rtl.c" were improved . The function 'fltSci' in "flt_rtl.c" was improved to avoid a C compiler warning. The function 'redraw' in "drw_x11.c" was changed, to work without 'XExposeEvent'. Some improvements were made to reduce the number of warnings.

Download Website 04 Mar 20:01 Scala 2.9.1-1


Scala is a modern multi-paradigm programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. It smoothly integrates features of object-oriented and functional languages including mixins, algebraic datatypes with pattern matching, genericity, and more. It is well integrated with Java and .NET: the Scala compiler produces standard Java class files or .NET assemblies, and Java/.NET libraries and frameworks can be used without glue code or additional declarations.

Release Notes: This release fixes a critical Java-Scala interoperability issue that arose in 2.9.1. This is a conservative bugfix release; it will be followed by another, more aggressive bugfix release called 2.9.2.

Download Website 04 Mar 20:00 Free-SA 2.0.0b5


Free-SA is tool for statistical analysis of daemons' log files, similar to SARG. Its main advantages over SARG are much better speed (7x-20x), more support for reports, and W3C compliance of generated HTML/CSS reports. It can be used to help control traffic usage, to control Internet access security policies, to investigate security incidents, to evaluate server efficiency, and to detect troubles with configuration.

Release Notes: Support for Postfix over syslog log format was improved. Support for different operating systems was improved as well, especially for CentOS and RedHat Linux. Most bugs and strange behaviors discovered by Coverity Scan service and reported by users were fixed.

Download Website 04 Mar 20:00 rst2pdf 0.90


rst2pdf is a tool to convert Restructured Text to PDF without using any intermediate formats.

Release Notes: Many bugfixes. Support for raw HTML.

Download Website 04 Mar 20:00 RainbruRPG 0.0.5-239


RainbruRPG is a 3D multiplayer Role Playing Game project based on Ogre3D and CEGUI. It is based on an Object Oriented design through C++ and Ruby modules and a community-oriented concept through a wiki.

Release Notes: This release improves the meta server, providing error-checking when the server list is empty, and its project configuration. The client binary continues to switch to new coding standards.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:59 SysUsage 5.1


SysUsage is a system monitoring and alarm reporting tool. It can generate historical graph views of CPU, memory, IO, network and disk usage, and much more.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release with an additional 'cpuall' configuration directive to limit the statistics report on global CPU usage instead of a report for each CPU.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:57 BarracudaDrive 4.9


BarracudaDrive makes it simple to run your own private cloud server. It lets you take complete control of your files, and eliminates the dangers of entrusting the privacy of your sensitive data to third-party Web portals. With BarracudaDrive, your home or business computer network becomes a secure online storage system. You can access and share files using any Internet-enabled computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Release Notes: This release includes a new tunnel server engine for the new MxTunnel SOCKS5/4 and tunnel client. It supports Microsoft Word's "publish to blog" feature. Metaweblog fixes (now works with Blogilo). The internal HttpStunnel startup sequence was modified to circumvent a bug in Java Web Start. Barracudadrive is now available for multiple Linux platforms such as Western Digital's My Book Live, the SheevaPlug, CentOS, etc.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:55 din is noise 2.0


din is a software musical instrument and audio synthesizer. Bezier curves are used to draw and sculpt waveforms, create gating and modulation (FM and AM) patterns, and create delay feedback and volume patterns. You can also create an unlimited number of drones and sculpt their waveforms. It uses JACK to output audio, and supports MIDI, OSC and IRC bot for input. din can be extended and customized with Tcl scripts.


Release Notes: The ability to launch notes by pressing keys on a MIDI keyboard. MIDI key velocity is supported for soft and loud notes. A velocity curve library is supported. Pitch bending, optional quantization of Morse code into beats, and more.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:53 pktstat 1.8.5


pktstat listens to the network and shows the bandwidth being consumed by packets of various kinds in realtime. It understands some protocols (including FTP, HTTP, and X11) and adds a descriptive name next to the entry (e.g., 'RETR cd8.iso', 'GET http://slashdot.org/' or 'xclock -fg blue').

Release Notes: Minor enhancements including an SMTP tagger and better memory management of historic flow data.

Download No website 04 Mar 19:53 GCC-MELT 0.9.4.b


GCC-MELT is a high-level domain specific language that eases the development of plugin-like extensions for GCC, the Gnu Compiler Collection. These extensions can analyze or modify GCC internal representations, and can be used for static source code analysis, refactoring, specific warnings, optimizations, etc. The MELT language provides high-level features. Notably, MELT code is translated to C or C++, and can even contain C or C++ code. It includes powerful pattern matching facilities and can manipulate dynamically typed values and raw GCC structures. It enables functional/applicative, object-oriented, reflective programming styles and has a familiar Lisp-like syntax.

Release Notes: Several enhancements and bugfixes.

No download Website 04 Mar 19:52 EDFbrowser 1.44


EDFbrowser is a multi-platform viewer for EEG, EMG, and ECG storage files. It supports the EDF, EDF+, BDF, and BDF+ file formats. It supports montages, annotations, precise measurements by using crosshairs, and a zoom function by drawing a rectangle with the mouse. It shows signals from different files at the same time. It includes a built-in EDF/EDF+/BDF/BDF+ to ASCII converter, a built-in Nihon Kohden to EDF+ converter (including annotations), a built in EDF+D to EDF+C converter, a BDF(+) to EDF(+) converter and a built-in EDF/EDF+/BDF/BDF+ compatibility checker.


Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused the "print to PDF / Postscript / Image" to fail when non-ASCII characters were present in the new filename. It fixes a bug that caused "printing to image" drawing the signals too thick and incorrect rulers. It fixes a bug in the ECG heart rate detection algorithm that could cause wrong measurements whit high heart rates (more than 120 bpm). It adds Mousewheel zoom-in/out by pressing the Ctrl-key.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:50 slapt-get 0.10.2m


slapt-get is an APT-like system for Slackware package management. It allows you to search Slackware mirrors and third-party package sources (such as www.linuxpackages.net) for packages, compare them with installed packages, and install new packages or upgrade installed packages, all with a few simple commands.

Release Notes: This release features preferences for current architecture in x86/x86_64 multilib package comparison and a white space cleanup when parsing URL entries in the configuration file.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:48 Remote Python Call 3.2.1


Remote Python Call (RPyC) is a transparent and symmetric Python library for RPC and distributed computing. It supports synchronous and asynchronous operation, callbacks, secure remote services, and transparent object proxying.

Release Notes: This release fixes many issues with Python 3 compatibility.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:47 libexplain 0.52


The libexplain project provides a library that may be used to explain Unix and Linux system call errors. This will make your application's error messages much more informative to your users. The library is not quite a drop-in replacement for strerror, but it comes close: each system call has a dedicated libexplain function.


Release Notes: Coverage includes 173 system calls and 547 ioctl requests.

Download No website 04 Mar 19:46 Flowgrind 0.5.8


Flowgrind is a tool similar to iperf or netperf. It measures throughput and other metrics for TCP and other protocols. It features some unique characteristics: a distributed architecture, sophisticated flow scheduling, Linux kernel TCP statistics, the Anderson-Darling statistical test, rate-limited flows with uniform or Poisson distribution, and separation between control and test traffic.

Release Notes: IPv6 test connections with IPv4 control connections work now. Unfortunately, IPv6 control connections are not supported yet. This release also brings support for FreeBSD and includes various autconf fixes to improve portability. The manual page was extended to show how flowglogs can be plotted with gnuplot. Additionally, this release contains small bug and coding style fixes.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:44 Eric 4.5.1


Eric is a full featured Python and Ruby editor and IDE, written in Python. It is based on the cross platform Qt GUI toolkit, integrating the highly flexible Scintilla editor control. It is designed to be usable as an everyday quick and dirty editor as well as being usable as a professional project management tool, integrating many advanced features that Python offers the professional coder. Eric includes a plug-in system, which allows easy extension of the IDE functionality with plug-ins downloadable from the net. Current stable versions are Eric4 based on Qt4 and Python 2 and Eric5 based on Python 3 and Qt4.

Release Notes: This is mainly a bugfix release.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:43 cvsd 1.0.23


cvsd is a wrapper program for CVS in pserver mode. It will run 'cvs pserver' under a special uid/gid in a chroot jail. cvsd is run as a daemon and is controlled through a configuration file. It is easy to configure and provides tools for setting up a rootjail and managing repositories.


Release Notes: This release includes a few small improvements and is a maintenance release for the 1.0 series. Changes include a portability improvement and improved multi-arch support in the cvsd-buildroot script.

No download Website 04 Mar 19:42 ffDiaporama 1.2


ffDiaporama is an application for assembling photos and videos. It is especially suitable for preserving memories of holidays. It was inspired by presentation software such as Impress or Powerpoint. It can read all image formats, most camera and camcorder video formats, and the most commonly used music formats. It includes 140 transitions and a device database to enable the videos to be correctly rendered for more than 50 models of video viewing devices (including smartphones, tablets, and home cinema systems). ffDiaporama can manage several hundred slides. Each slide can contain tens of shots and tens of blocks, with each shot containing its own block settings. The application itself calculates all the shot transformations.

Release Notes: The addition of TAG and chapters. Lossless rendering. More supported formats (FLAC files, videos with U8 soundtrack of old cameras, etc.). Correction of sound problems (no more saturation or hatchings during transitions). Various ergonomic improvements (copy/paste between several ffDiaporama instances, drag and drop improvements, etc.). Improvements in performance: the rendering speed has almost doubled in some cases.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:37 storebackup 3.2.1


storeBackup is a backup utility that stores files on other disks. It's able to compress data, and recognize copying and moving of files and directories (deduplication), and unifies the advantages of traditional full and incremental backups. It can handle big image files with block-wise changes efficiently. Depending on its contents, every file is stored only once on disk. Tools for analyzing backup data and restoring are provided. Once archived, files are accessible by mounting file systems (locally, or via Samba or NFS). It is easy to install and configure. Additional features are backup consistency checking, offline backups, and replication of backups.

Release Notes: This release includes important fixes if you use lateLinks/lateCompress or de-duplication with blocked files or devices. There also are many small fixes, so it is recommend to replace version 3.2.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:34 Texmaker 3.3.2


Texmaker integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX in just one application.

Release Notes: The bug with bad detection of the \part{} structure has been fixed. A Swedish translation has been added. An additional parameter (!) for the current directory is available for the commands.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:33 DomCore 1.00.14


DomCore is a set of PHP Foundation classes which are ready to be extended to give basic capabilities to your applications. It features a powerful template replacement engine, a language engine for I18N, an extended debugging mode, enhanced error and exception management, Java-like programming (you can't use a class attribute without declaring it first), serializable class management, mass file operations (full directory copy and delete), shared memory management, multi-level caches on data sources, and implementation of programation patterns.


Release Notes: The static method tags has been added to WASimpleXML to extract only the tag-or-data hierarchy.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:32 Urban Lightscape 1.0.3


Urban Lightscape is a photo filter for exposure correction, localized brightness adjustments, dodging and burning, and the introduction of synthetic lighting to a photo. A simple "double-click-and-drag" paradigm is used to place control points on a photo, and clever edge detection localises and interpolates lightness adjustments around and between these points. Results are rapid, with additional controls for more subtle refinements.

Release Notes: wxWidgets 2.8 support has been restored.

Download Website 04 Mar 19:31 GammaMOO 1.8.3+gamma0.rc5


GammaMOO is a fork of the LambdaMOO server with numerous cleaned-up patches and modern MOO functionality. This currently includes multicore support, object caching and other acceleration features, enhanced file I/O, UTF support, new built-in data types, and stability improvements with 64-bit support in progress.

Release Notes: Numerous bugfixes.

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