2012 / March / 28 (92 releases)

28 March 2012

Download Website 28 Mar 23:44 4MLinux 3.2-allinone-edition RC2


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: Special attention has been paid to improve 4MLinux desktop functionality by means of Conky 1.8.1 and wbar launcher 2.2.2. The full FOX toolkit 1.6.44 has been added, with the ability to download and install X File Explorer 1.32.4.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:57 Berusky 2 0.7


Berusky 2 is a game that challenges your visual/spatial thinking and ability to find a way to resolve a logic task. Using five bugs, you'll go through an adventure full of various puzzles spread across nine episodes. Individual episodes differ in appearance and difficulty, which increases throughout the game.

Release Notes: A new version with sound and music.

Download No website 28 Mar 21:53 psycopg 2.4.5


psycopg is a PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language. Its main advantages are that it supports the full Python DBAPI 2.0 and it is thread safe at level 2. It was designed for heavily multi-threaded applications that create and destroy lots of cursors and make a conspicuous number of concurrent INSERTs or UPDATEs. The psycopg distribution includes ZPsycopgDA, a Zope Database Adapter.

Release Notes: This release is mostly bugfixes and and little performance improvements.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:49 Circuit Diagram 2.0 Alpha 3


Circuit Diagram enables you to make electronic circuit diagrams and allows them to be exported as images. It is ideal for use in coursework; you no longer have to use image editing programs to paste components together.

Release Notes: This version adds a microcontroller and demultiplexer, allows you to flip and rotate components, can open XML files from older versions of Circuit Diagram, and includes other bugfixes.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:49 (R)?ex 0.26.2


(R)?ex is a tool that allows you to manage all of your servers from a central point, through the complete process of configuration management and software deployment.


Release Notes: This release fixes a CLI bug to change the host group of a task.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:48 JStock - Free Stock Market Software 1.0.6m


JStock is stock market software for 26 countries. It provides a stock watchlist, an intraday stock price snapshot, a stock indicator editor, a stock indicator scanner, and portfolio management. Free SMS/email alerts are supported. It integrates seamlessly with Android.

Release Notes: This release provides an enhancement to the stock indicator editor by adding an "N-days ago" feature on stock relative history information. The Dividend dialog is sorted by date by default. This release will update the dividend total immediately after deletion.

Download No website 28 Mar 21:47 Qpfcalc 1.6


The qpfcalc application is a Qt frontend for pfcalc, a CLI pipe friction calculator. It is similar to gpfcalc, the GTK+ frontend for pfcalc. There are two versions of qpfcalc, one for Windows and one for Linux. The Linux version should be easy to compile and run on any Unix-like operating system with few minor modifications. For the application to function properly the pfcalc backend must be installed. For the Windows version, this is not needed as qpfcalc is distributed along with all the files needed to run, including pfcalc and Qt libraries.

Release Notes: This release adds bugfixes, speed optimizations, and a few GUI improvements.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:47 cryptmount 4.3


cryptmount is a utility for creating and managing secure filing systems on GNU/Linux systems. After initial setup, it allows any user to mount or unmount filesystems on demand, solely by providing the decryption password, with any system devices needed to access the filing system being configured automatically. A wide variety of encryption schemes (provided by the kernel dm-crypt system and the libgcrypt library) can be used to protect both the filesystem and the access key. The protected filing systems can reside in either ordinary files or disk partitions. The package also supports encrypted swap partitions, and automatic configuration on system boot-up.

Release Notes: Support for environment variable within configuration files was added (e.g. allowing mounting beneath the calling user's $(HOME) directory). Compatibility with LUKS encrypted filesystems was improved to mirror cryptsetup-1.4. Various improvements to the build system were implemented.

Download No website 28 Mar 21:46 Magmi 0.7.17


Magmi is a mass importer for the Magento e-commerce system. It is most useful when you need to import a big product catalog into Magento, even one with several millions of articles. Moreover, it has many capabilities concerning input data manipulation and an open and flexible plugin model for adding new capabilities.


Release Notes: This release adds some minor bugfixes from beta5 as well as new features like: remote CSV file support in CSV data sources, mail reporting, and limited support for grouped product import.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:44 Day Planner 0.11


Day Planner is a simple time management program. It is designed to help you easily manage your time. It can manage appointments, birthdays, and more. It makes sure you remember your appointments by popping up a dialog box reminding you about them.

Release Notes: Minor i18n fixes to the plugin component. A bug causing the iCalendar parser to ignore UNTIL rules for certain events with monthly recurrance rules has been fixed. Major code cleanups. Day Planner will now try to bring its window to the front if it is already running, instead of displaying an error. A Spanish translation has been added.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:43 Talend Open Studio for ESB 5.1.0M2


Talend Open Studio for ESB is an innovative, Eclipse-based tooling environment for modeling, configuring, and deploying integration solutions using the Apache-based open source enterprise service bus (ESB), Talend ESB. Talend ESB is a versatile and flexible ESB that allows organizations to address integration challenges, from simple departmental projects to complex, heterogeneous IT environments. Powered by the Apache CXF, Apache Camel, and Apache ActiveMQ Open Source integration projects, it makes enterprise-class integration accessible by delivering a cost-effective and easy-to-use way to integrate and expand systems and applications.


Release Notes: There is a new cHTTP component (a few improvements will follow with RC1). There is a new cErrorHandler component to provide much easier error handling within routes. In addition to the shared connection pool for JMS Connections, there is transaction support for JMS Connections (see the new ‘Use Transaction’ flag) and improvements related to tXMLMap.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:42 Mylene 20120326


Mylene is a command line MPEG audio player. It can play plain and system embedded MPEG audio streams and works for Linux OSS and ALSA emulated OSS and Mac OS X. The player can be used interactively by telling it to establish a UNIX or INET server on which commands can be received. It features sophisticated song selection filters, the ability to interpret programs written in a C-like programming language and user formatted text output among others. The seek-h262 MPEG decoder is required for audio and system MPEG decoding.

Release Notes: Dependencies have been updated. Several bugs related to the mailing system available for executed programs and the restart of the audio system feeder process have been fixed.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:41 fstransform 0.9.3


fstransform is a tool to change a file-system from one format to another. For example, it can change from jfs, xfs, or reiser to ext2, ext3, or ext4. It works in-place and without the need for backup. It currently has been tested on Linux only. It uses a sparse file to create the new file-system image, moves all the files of the existing file-system into it, then remaps the sparse file to the original partition.

Release Notes: This release significantly enhances "fsremap", adding automatic job checkpointing and the ability to resume unfinished jobs from the checkpoints (this means it can now recover from multiple user interruptions, crashes, or even power failures). It also enhances "fstransform", adding the ability to transform a non-mounted device, inserting appropriate cleanup after errors, and adding new options to ease integration with third party tools (such as gparted). Some options have been slightly renamed, and persistent files and logs are now stored in /var/tmp/fstransform/.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:40 Snort


Snort is a network intrusion detection and prevention system. It is the most widely deployed technology of its kind in the world. It performs detection using a variety of methods including rules-based detection, anomaly detection, and heuristic analysis of network traffic. Its rules language is open source and available to the public as well.


Release Notes: Updates to HTTP Inspect, stream handling for TCP session cleanup with RSTs and other TCP state tracking, active responses to fragmented IPv6 traffic and to the react page configuration, and SIP preprocessor and state tracking improvements to SMB processing in the dcerpc2 preprocessor when missing packets on a session.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:39 Open MPI 1.5.5


Open MPI is a project that originated as the merging of technologies and resources from several other projects (FT- MPI, LA-MPI, LAM/MPI, and PACX-MPI) in order to build the best MPI library available. A completely new MPI-2 compliant implementation, Open MPI offers advantages for system and software vendors, application developers, and computer science researchers. It is easy to use, and runs natively on a wide variety of operating systems, network interconnects, and batch/scheduling systems.

Release Notes: This release adds MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE fixes in the shmem BTL, fixes --without-memory-manager, fixes MPI-capable debuggers, adds several fixes to processor/memory affinity (including mpirun --bind-to-socket), adds various checkpoint/restart fixes, fixes MPI_IN_PLACE (and other MPI constants) on OS X, add PMI direct-launch support, fixes a corner case in packing MPI datatypes, adds a major VT update to, removes rankfile physical mapping, upgrades embedded hwloc v1.3.2, fixing AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 systems (Interlagos, Valencia, Bulldozer), adds MPI_IN_PLACE support to MPI_EXSCAN, and adds many fixes to the Mellanox MXM transport.

No download Website 28 Mar 21:39 JAMWiki 1.2


JAMWiki is a Java-based Wiki engine. It features Java servlet 2.4 and Java 5+ compatibility, offers many of the features of MediaWiki, provides quick and easy setup, is integrated with the Spring Framework and Spring Security, and supports running either with or without an external database.

Release Notes: This release (code name "Nevernude") improves spam handling via Project Honeypot integration. Support for custom parser tags has been improved. The upgrade and setup processes have been simplified. UI changes increase the ability of users and administrators to customize the wiki. Smaller changes include bugfixes, performance enhancements, and translation updates.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:38 Atlassian Bamboo 4.0


Atlassian Bamboo enables development teams to adopt continuous integration (CI) in minutes, providing fast feedback about code changes so bugs don't pile up. As teams ramp up their CI effort, Bamboo can be scaled with remote agents located on-premise or in the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Release Notes: This release adds Plan Branches which work for both DVCS and centralized version control environments. Advanced support for DVCS automatically detects new branches as they are created, tests the changes, and can merge the branches into mainline development. For VCS, developers can easily add a Plan Branch to the Plan, manually. The new Test Quarantine feature allows system administrators to isolate a broken test so it can be re-visited at a later time and not affect the outcome of the build. UI changes are also part of the release.

No download Website 28 Mar 21:37 Stantor-Domodulor 710


Stantor-Domodulor is a home automation software system. It lets you manage electric and electronic facilities through Web pages and WAP 2 and 1 for smartphones. Stantor can drive Velleman k8000/k8055/k8061 boards, Ethernet and USB Arduino Mega, Uno and Duemilanove boards, X10 materials, USB webcams, and sound boards. Stantor correspondents can sent alerts via email and instant messaging. The Linux distributions supported are Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mandriva.

Release Notes: This release adds a management program for electric load shedding multi-zones based on the realtime data of electronic electricity meters, adds a management program for On/Off peak hours based on the data of realtime electronic electricity meters, updates the "climatic regulator" of boilers, updates the "thermostat", updates the configuration database Stantor tool to use LibreOffice 3.5.x, and creates an autonomous and customizable home automation micro-central on Arduino Mega.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:34 dupeGuru Music Edition 6.3.0


dupeGuru Music Edition is a tool to find duplicate songs in your music collection. It can scan filenames, tags, or contents. dupeGuru ME is efficient. It can find your duplicate files in minutes, thanks to its quick fuzzy-matching algorithm. dupeGuru ME not only finds filenames and tags that are the same, but it also finds similar ones. For example, dupeGuru ME, with the right settings, can determine that "The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army" and "White Stripe - Seven Nation Armies" are duplicates. dupeGuru ME is customizable. You can tweak its matching engine to find exactly the kind of duplicates you want to find. dupeGuru ME is safe. Its engine has been especially designed with safety in mind. Its reference directory system as well as its grouping system prevent you from deleting files you didn't mean to delete. It lets do whatever you want with your duplicates. Not only can you delete duplicates files that dupeGuru ME finds, but you can also move or copy them elsewhere. You can also easily weed the bad duplicates out, thanks to the Power Marker.

Release Notes: Improved iTunes support [Mac]. An improved results window UI [Windows, Linux]. Improved error messages when communicating with iTunes (#188) [Mac]. A dialog to edit the Ignore List. The ability to sort results by "marked" status. "Open with default application"(#190) has been fixed. A bug has been fixed where there would be false reporting of discarded matches (#195). Various localization glitches have been fixed. Hard crashes on crash reporting (#196) have been fixed. A bug where the details panel would show up at inconvenient places in the screen has been fixed [Windows, Linux].

Download Website 28 Mar 21:33 GNU C library 2.15


GNU C library (glibc) is one of the most important components of GNU Hurd and most modern GNU/Linux distributions. It is used by almost all C programs and provides the most essential APIs, including the C standard library and other standard libraries.


Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed. A new program "pldd" lists loaded objects of a process. Support for nss_db has been added back without dependency on Berkeley db and with support for initgroups lookups. Various functions have been optimized, notably on x86 platforms. The new functions scandirat and scandirat64 have been added, as well as process_vm_readv and process_vm_writev on Linux. Four new locales have been added.

No download Website 28 Mar 21:32 Gitblit 0.9.1


Gitblit is a pure Java stack for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories. It's designed primarily as a tool for small workgroups which want to host centralized repositories.

Release Notes: This release adds optional Lucene search integration (issue 16), fixes for a session fixation security bug (issue 62), improvements for using Gitblit in distributed/adhoc scenarios (issue 49), timezone inconsistencies fixes, an optional Gitblit timezone which is independent of the system timezone (issue 54), a built-in AJP connector for Gitblit GO (issue 59), default branch selection, extension of commit age coloring from 2 days to 30 days (issue 57), an activity page which shows all branches (issue 73), a fix for some git notes which were skipped by Gitblit (issue 70), and lots of small fixes.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:29 GTK+ 3.4.0


GTK, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit, is a library for creating graphical user interfaces. It is designed to be small and efficient, but still flexible enough to allow the programmer freedom in the interfaces created. GTK provides some unique features over standard widget libraries.


Release Notes: Major new features include menu support in GtkApplication, a new color chooser, support for touch devices and corresponding events and signals, GtkScrolledWindow with kinetic scrolling on touch devices, and support for smooth scrolling. Spin buttons have a new look. The treeview accessible support has been rewritten and works much better now. Theming support has been expanded. OS X support has been improved. Windows support now finally works well. The Wayland and Broadway backends have been updated. Minor bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:28 DataCleaner 2.5


DataCleaner is a data quality analysis tool that allows you to perform data profiling, validating, and minor ETL-like tasks. These activities help you administer and monitor your data quality in order to ensure that your data is useful and applicable to your business situation. It can be used for master data management (MDM) methodologies, data warehousing projects, statistical research, preparation for extract-transform-load activities, and more.

Release Notes: This release adds saving, archiving, and sharing of data profiling results, automatic merging of duplicates (golden record creation), checking of contacts in sanction lists (due diligence checks), transformers for NoSQL data structures, specification of datastore connection properties on the commandline, drilling to details in value distribution, more user-friendly database connection configuration, and execution and scheduling of jobs via Pentaho Data Integration/Kettle.

Download No website 28 Mar 21:28 Dominion 8.00.05


Dominion v8 is a PHP universal database abstraction layer to develop rapid portable and compatible applications connecting to any freeware or commercial databases. You no longer need to write proprietary SQL sentences, but can use portable objects that give you the power to change the database engine without rewriting a single line of code.


Release Notes: The definition of a table can be loaded from an XML file instead of creating the instances. DB_TableExport has been implemented to export the definition and the content of a table under XML format. An error has been removed from DB_Table->doSelectCondition: the simple field order was not working. DB_FieldInteger.createValue has been modified to always return an integer. DB_FieldReal.createValue has been modified to always return a formated real with a decimal dot to protect automatic locales with commas.

Download Website 28 Mar 21:26 Box 0.3.2


Box is a programming language that puts special emphasis on graphics. It is intended to be for vector graphics what LaTeX is for writing scientific documents.

Release Notes: New features: multi-line, recursive comments a la OCaml; a new file format with macros to control the definition of reference points (this allows including Boxer sources inside other sources); and a new Image object to include external PNG files and use them as patterns for filling areas. New library elements: Figure (Figure[...] replaces Window[][...]), ThickLine, Dark, and Axes. Species are fully implemented. The documentation browser has been fixed to deal with species. Rendering of non-concentric spherical gradients has been fixed. There is improved error message reporting. Example files in Boxer have been cleaned up.

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