2012 / February / 25 (32 releases)

25 February 2012

No download Website 25 Feb 01:21 Giada 0.4.5


Giada is a minimal, hardcore audio tool for DJs and live performers. Just pick your sample, drop it in any channel, and start the show by using this tiny piece of software as a loop machine, drum machine, sequencer, live sampler, or effect (VST) host. Giada aims to be a compact and portable virtual device for production use and live sets.


Release Notes: This release brings a complete GUI redesign along with a refreshed website, multiple usability improvements, and tons of bugfixes.

No download Website 25 Feb 01:20 PAGI 1.9.2


PAGI is a PHP AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) facade with CDR (Call Detail Record), call spool and schedule auto dial, send and receive Fax, channel variables, and caller ID management.

Release Notes: This release adds a convenient PAGI client mock to unit test your IVR applications, which can be used with your testing framework of choice. An example is shipped in docs/examples/mock.

No download Website 25 Feb 01:19 Sux data structures 3.0.1


Sux is a set of high-performance implementations of basic and advanced succinct data structures in C++ and Java.

Release Notes: This release fixes minor inconsistencies in the values returned on empty functions. Sux4J can now be found on Maven Central.

No download Website 25 Feb 01:19 WebGraph 3.0.2


WebGraph is a framework for studying web graphs. It provides simple methods for managing very large graphs by exploiting modern compression techniques.

Release Notes: This release adds several improvements to HyperANF, and a few bugfixes. WebGraph can now be found on Maven Central.

No download Website 25 Feb 01:18 Basenji 0.9


Basenji is an indexing and search tool designed for easy and fast indexing of media collections. Once indexed, removable media such as CDs and USB sticks can be browsed and searched for specific files very quickly, without actually being connected to the computer. Besides file hierarchies and audio track listings, Basenji also presents extracted metadata (image dimensions, mp3 tags etc.) and content previews of indexed media in a clean and straightforward user interface.

Release Notes: This release has been migrated to taglib-sharp and dbus-sharp, adds GNOME 3 improvements, includes a single binary build for MS Windows, updates the translations, and makes bugfixes.

No download Website 25 Feb 01:16 Managing Gigabytes for Java 4.0.3


MG4J is a highly customizable, high-performance, full-text Java search engine for large document collections. It provides state-of-the-art features (such as BM25/BM25F scoring) and new research algorithms.

Release Notes: This release adds a few bugfixes. MG4J (big) can now be found on Maven Central.

No download Website 25 Feb 01:16 fastutil 6.4.3


fastutil extends the Java Collections Framework by providing type-specific maps, sets, lists, and queues for Java with a small memory footprint and fast access and insertion. It also provides big (64-bit) arrays, sets and lists, and fast, practical I/O classes for binary and text files.

Release Notes: Array-based priority queues now cache their first element, and fastutil can be found on Maven Central.

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