2012 / February / 25 (32 releases)

25 February 2012

Download No website 25 Feb 22:08 Loadbars 0.5.1


Loadbars is a small script that can be used to observe CPU loads of several remote servers at once in real time. It connects with SSH (using SSH public/private key auth) to several servers at once and vizualizes all server CPUs and memory statistics right next each other (either summarized or each core separately). Loadbars is not a tool for collecting CPU loads and drawing graphs for later analysis. However, since such tools require a significant amount of time before producing results, Loadbars lets you observe the current state immediately. Loadbars does not remember or record any load information. It just shows the current CPU usages like top or vmstat does.

Release Notes: This release adds configuration file support (~/.loadbarsrc). It's possible to configure any option you find in --help without the leading "--". For comments, just use the "#" sign. This release also adds the hotkey "w" (which writes current settings to the configuration file), removes the unneeded --title option, cleans the code, and fixes bugs.

Download Website 25 Feb 22:05 Skulker 1.1.0


Skulker is a rules-based tool for log and temporary file management. It offers a wide range of facilities to help manage disk space, including compression, deletion, rotation, archiving, and directory reorganization. It provides dry-run facilities to test new rules, as well as detailed space reclaimed reporting.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the "setperms" function to allow rules for setting and changing permissions, adds a "match" function to the match_by clause functionality to allow more flexible filtering, fixes the handling of rule history statistics, improves handling of the "older than boot" generators, adds further self-tests, and improves the "date from file" functionality.

No download Website 25 Feb 22:04 Poor Mans Storage Appliance 0.1


Poor Mans Storage Appliance creates a Virtual Appliance which can join an HA cluster to create shared storage for a virtualized environment.

Release Notes: The first vApp OVA of pmsApp has been released. It consists of an updated CentOS 6.2 with software and scripts pre-loaded. A page describing how to use it has also been created.

No download Website 25 Feb 22:04 Jikes RVM 3.1.2


Jikes RVM (Research Virtual Machine) provides a flexible open testbed to prototype virtual machine technologies and experiment with a large variety of design alternatives. Jikes RVM runs on many platforms and advances the state-of-the-art of virtual machine technologies for dynamic compilation, adaptive optimization, garbage collection, thread scheduling, and synchronization. It is self-hosted, i.e. its Java code runs on itself without requiring a second virtual machine. Most other virtual machines for the Java platform are written in native code (typically C or C++). A Java implementation provides ease of portability and a seamless integration of virtual machine and application resources such as objects, threads, and operating-system interfaces.

Release Notes: This release adds a number of enhancements and bugfixes contributed by the Jikes RVM community.

Download Website 25 Feb 22:03 doxygen 1.8.0


Doxygen is a cross-platform, JavaDoc-like documentation system for C++, C, Objective-C, C#, Java, IDL, Python, PHP, VHDL, and Fortran. Doxygen can be used to generate an on-line class browser (in HTML) and/or an off-line reference manual (in LaTeX or RTF) from a set of source files. Doxygen can also be configured to extract the code-structure from undocumented source files. This includes dependency graphs, class diagrams and hyperlinked source code. This type of information can be very useful to quickly find your way in large source distributions.

Release Notes: This release supports Markdown-style markup in comments, allows the navigation tabs and tree to be extended with user-defined tabs, adds a new command to create a local table of contents for pages with sections, gives interactive SVG images a print option, and fixes bugs.

Download Website 25 Feb 21:59 cpuid 2 20120225


cpuid dumps detailed information about the CPU(s) gathered from the CPUID instruction, and also determines the exact model of CPU (s).

Release Notes: This release supports hypervisor functions, and supports decoding Intel Westmere-EX, AMD Bulldozer, and Lincroft chips, and some additional steppings of older chips.

Download Website 25 Feb 21:58 Miscellaneous Container Templates 1.5.1


Miscellaneous Container Templates is a C++ library that provides a collection of various STL-like containers with specific properties. It currently contains six closely related containers: closed_hash_set, closed_hash_map, linked_hash_*, and forward_hash_*. The first two are very similar to TR1 unordered_set and unordered_map; the linked ones provide additional functionality, while forward hash tables are more performant than linked, but have a restricted interface.

Release Notes: Containers now support allocators which use custom pointers, most importantly Boost.Interprocess allocators. This allows sharing MCT hash tables between processes directly.

Download Website 25 Feb 21:58 gxmessage 2.20.0


Gxmessage opens a popup window to display a message obtained from the command line, from a file, or from stdin. The window includes a row of buttons, each of which causes the program to exit with a different return code. Because gxmessage is a drop-in alternative to xmessage, gxmessage accepts any option xmessage would, and returns the same exit codes.

Release Notes: The build files have been updated, and three new commandline options were added.

No download Website 25 Feb 21:57 Task Coach 1.3.8


Task Coach is a simple todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists. It grew out of a frustration that well-known task managers, such as those provided with Outlook or Lotus Notes, do not provide facilities for composite tasks. Often, tasks and other things to do consist of several activities. Task Coach is designed to deal with composite tasks.

Release Notes: This is a mixed feature and bugfix release.

Download Website 25 Feb 21:57 psx 0.4.3


PSX is a PHP framework for creating RESTful APIs. It helps you to build clean URLs serving Web standard formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. It includes a handler system that abstracts away SQL queries from domain logic, a routing system that executes correct controller method for the location of the controller and the method annotation, and a flexible data system that converts database records into formats like JSON, XML, Atom, and RSS. A lightweight DI container handles dependencies. The controller supports request and response filters that can modify the HTTP request or response, and filters are provided for Basic and Oauth authentication.

Release Notes: This release fixes the OpenID provider association implementation (now using OpenSSL functions), adds an OpenSSL wrapper class and a util markdown parser class, improves error and exception handling, adds a webfinger util library, adds a SQL table abstraction class (and therefore removes the servlet interface), adds an HTTP uploading libary, and improves several tests.

Download Website 25 Feb 21:50 Shutter 0.882


Shutter is a feature-rich screenshot program. You can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even a Web site, apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then upload to an image hosting site, all within one window.

Release Notes: This release adds minor features, fixes some annoying bugs, and updates translations.

Download Website 25 Feb 21:50 Netscape Security Wrapper 0.99.9


Netscape Security Wrapper manages the loading of NPAPI (Netscape Plugin API) plugins and applies simple policy decisions. The intention is to allow administrators to deploy deprecated, unreliable, or unsafe third party plugins while minimizing the security exposure. Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, and other NPAPI-compatible browsers are supported on OS X and Linux. Use cases include: restricting plugins to certain domains, restricting the use of deprecated plugins to known outliers, allowing internal corporate workflows which use insecure or deprecated plugins without exposing the plugin to the hostile Internet, and allowing multiple outdated plugin versions (e.g., Java) to co-exist for use in whitelisted, trusted enterprise tools.

Release Notes: This is the initial release with support for OS X Lion and Linux.

Download Website 25 Feb 21:26 TXR 58


TXR is a new data munging language. TXR's special pattern language provides template-based matching of entire documents or large sections of documents. It also contains a language for functional and imperative programming. It is written in C and takes the form of a utility that is portable to Unix-like platforms and Windows.

Release Notes: TXR programs can now be split into modules. Embedded TXR Lisp can now call back into the pattern language. Exception handling is now exposed in TXR Lisp. Optional arguments are supported in TXR Lisp functions. The braced variable substitution syntax in output has been extended to do arbitrary expressions, and its indexing notation is now generic over vectors and strings. More generic sequence functions have been added to the library, including a generic sort. There's a new del operator for deleting sequence elements/ranges and hash elements denoted by the bracket syntax.

Download Website 25 Feb 13:50 SyncWall 1.3.0


SyncWall is a basic wallpaper changer with a special feature, the ability to synchronize wallpaper changes between several workstations with a basic (and unsecured) client/server protocol. Each workstation must share the same pool of files, there is no FTP or Internet download. Other interesting features are simple multi-monitor support and the ability to add special effects to wallpaper.


Release Notes: This release added a random effect flag, an option to skip low resolution files, a "show interface" action in the system tray, the ability to downsize the panels on small screens, periodic saving of settings, and the correction of a thread affinity problem.

No download Website 25 Feb 04:52 Anonplus build-6


Anonplus is a highly flexible framework for creating decentralzied applications which are targeted at users. Anonplus also offers a social network free from interference.


Release Notes: The API should be able to make requests for blocks using various types of information at this point.

Download Website 25 Feb 04:49 ePeriodique 0.2.2


ePeriodique is a graphical application which displays the periodic table of the elements. It shows basic data for each element, pictures, Bohr models, and lattice structures. It tries to use the EFL way and provide two themes, one for the desktop (default) and one for small displays (small).

Release Notes: This release added animation, and a navigation bar in the data window. Symbol colour now depends on phase in the table. Code was refactored. Color classes are now defined and used instead of data in the edje theme. Bugs were fixed.

Download Website 25 Feb 04:47 twin 0.6.2


Twin is a text-mode window environment. It turns a text terminal into a X11-style display with window manager, terminal windows, and can also serve as display for remote applications. Each terminal window provides the functions of a text-mode Linux console. Twin runs on X11, libggi, itself, the Linux console, and any termcap/ncurses-compatible tty. It supports multiple simultaneous displays, and can attach/detach each display on the fly.

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs specific to 64-bit platforms, a bug in Linux console RAW keyboard support, and a numerical overflow in 'twsysmon'. It also adds an explicit copyright to all source files.

Download Website 25 Feb 04:46 XODA 0.4.3


XODA is a DMS (Document Management System) written in PHP and using AJAX. Without a database backend it allows the addition and editing of descriptions and filters for files and directories, as well as performing regular actions like copying, moving, renaming, and deleting. The project targets end users who want to organize all kinds of documents on a remote machine running a Unix-like operating system with Web server and PHP support. It is just a few files including compressed JavaScript, and stores the "meta-information" in PHP files allowing working on the command line and avoiding collisions.

Release Notes: Advanced search was improved, including descriptions.

No download Website 25 Feb 03:10 S3QL 1.10


S3QL is a file system that stores all its data online. It supports Amazon S3, Google Storage, and OpenStack and effectively provides you with a hard disk of dynamic, infinite capacity that can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. S3QL provides a standard, full featured Unix file system that is conceptually indistinguishable from any local file system. Additional features include compression, encryption, data de-duplication, immutable trees, and snapshotting, which make it especially suitable for online backup and archiving. The design favors simplicity and elegance over performance and feature-creep. Care has been taken to make the source code as readable and serviceable as possible. Solid error detection, error handling, and extensive automated test cases are provided.

Release Notes: The s3s, s3cs, and gss backends have been removed. Use the new --ssl option together with the s3, s3c, and gs backends instead. S3QL no longer keeps track of consistency guarantees for the different backends. The increasing number of different storage providers offering different regions, redundancy, and availability levels makes this no longer feasible. The User's Guide contains a new section, "Important Rules to Avoid Losing Data". Reading it is strongly recommended.

Download Website 25 Feb 01:49 Exponent CMS 2.0.5


Exponent CMS is a content management system for Web sites. It allows site owners to easily create and manage dynamic Web sites without necessarily directly coding Web pages or managing site navigation. Exponent uses an intuitive and flexible content editing system that allows Web pages to be edited on the page as it is displayed. This avoids the need for more back-end administration or for navigating many administration pages to add a simple line of text. You can simply visit the page you need to edit as if you were a site visitor, and make the change.

Release Notes: Categories have been added to allow item grouping, along with new recent, tabbed, and accordion views to enhance handling and managing of larger item collections. Optional thumbnails are available in the file manager, and Migration features have been enhanced, along with a more consistent "tag" implementation.

Download Website 25 Feb 01:46 Open Tax Solver 9.01


OTS is an easy program for calculating personal income tax form entries and taxes-owed or refund due. It handles forms such as US-Fed-1040, with Schedules A, B, C, and D, forms 8829 and 8849, AMT worksheets, and state income taxes for several large states.

Release Notes: This release includes a fix in line 42 of the US Federal 1040 program, as well as additional worksheet printouts. Some further improvements have been made to the GUI appearance, and additional comments have been added on the 1040 template form. The comments indicate which boxes on W-2 form the line values should come from.

Download Website 25 Feb 01:45 Viewnior 1.2


Viewnior is an image viewer with a minimalistic interface that is fast, simple, and light. It supports GIF, fullscreen mode, setting an image as wallpaper, rotation, flipping, and cropping. It is designed with usability in mind.

Release Notes: This release adds an improved interface, wallpaper support for FXCE, GNOME2, GNOME3, and FluxBox, and updated translations.

Download Website 25 Feb 01:44 Palabos 1.1


The Palabos library offers a framework in C++ for fluid flow simulations with the lattice Boltzmann (LB) method. Originally conceived as a research tool for lattice Boltzmann models, the code has evolved into a general-purpose program for computational fluid dynamics. The programming interface is straightforward and offers an access to the rich world of lattice Boltzmann, even to an audience with restricted theoretical knowledge of this method. A special emphasis is put on high performance and parallel computing.

Release Notes: This release adds a free-surface fluid model, a marching-cube implementation for data post-processing, and a Java programmer interface.

No download Website 25 Feb 01:40 SOFA Statistics 1.1.4


SOFA is a statistics, analysis, and reporting program with an emphasis on ease of use, learning as you go, and beautiful output. SOFA can connect directly to your database and lets you display results in an attractive format ready to share or put in a spread­sheet. SOFA will help you learn as you go, whether you are a student, business analyst, or researcher.


Release Notes: This release adds lower and upper quartiles to Row Stats report tables, makes Box plots start the y-axis from just below the minimum y value of the data unless the content is close enough to the bottom of the graph to make it worth using 0 anyway, makes showing the percent sign in percent columns for report tables optional, makes SOFA display value labels sorted by the numerical version of numbers even if stored as text, adds more valid US date formats, adds new help buttons for importing data and to advise the user on how to make flexible data filters, and handles the English translations better.

No download Website 25 Feb 01:23 MSS Code Factory 1.9.3294 New types clean ...


MSS Code Factory is a rule-based expert system for translating application models to source code.

Release Notes: This release produces clean-compiling code for the new Blob, Number, and UUID types, and corrects some errors related to the UInt64 type. The Blobs will not persist properly at this point, and none of the new type persistence has been tested yet.

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