2012 / January (997 releases)

January 2012

No download Website 07 Jan 13:21 BitNami Cloud Tools 1.3-0


BitNami Cloud Tools packages together Amazon Web Services tools with preconfigured Java and Ruby language runtimes to work out of the box. It is a self-contained, easy to use distribution with one goal in mind: to make it simple to get started using AWS services from the command line.

Release Notes: This release contains updates to aws-ec2-api, aws-ec2-ami, aws-ses 2011-11-30, aws-sdk-ruby 1.2.5, aws-sdk-java, and Ruby 1.9.3.

No download No website 07 Jan 13:21 Vendetta Online 1.8.206


Vendetta Online is a multi-platform 3D space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac, Linux/32 and Linux/64. The game permits players to interact in a vast online galaxy; fighting, trading, and mining their way to success. A "twitch" type real-time combat model makes true player skill the deciding factor instead of character advancement. Massive capital-ship battles shake the foundations of the major nations at war, while others struggle to push back the encroachment of the AI "Hives". A no-strings free trial is available.

Release Notes: New 3rd-person flight camera modes were added for all platforms. An Auto-Fire mode was added to the Android version when in touch screen mode, for a better new player experience. Flight Assist mode now has the ability to fly backwards. Android HUD touch regions no longer release when dragging out of them. Escort, Border Skirmish, and Hive Skirmish missions are now aware of partial damage and will credit players for "assists." Border Skirmish mission descriptions now include an indication that there are players in the opposing mission.

Download Website 07 Jan 08:02 LinkChecker 7.4


With LinkChecker, you can check HTML documents and Web sites for broken links. It features recursion, robots.txt exclusion protocol support, HTTP proxy support, i18n support, multithreading, regular expression filtering rules for links, and user/password checking for authorized pages. Output can be colored or normal text, HTML, SQL, CSV, or a sitemap graph in DOT, GML, or XML format. Supported link types are HTTP/1.1 and 1.0, HTTPS, FTP, mailto:, news:, nntp:, Telnet, and local files.


Release Notes: HTML5 link elements and attributes are now checked. Saving of result files in the GUI has been fixed.

Download Website 07 Jan 04:53 FileBot 2.4


FileBot is a tool for renaming movies, TV shows, or Anime, and for downloading subtitles. It's smart, streamlined for simplicity, and just works. It includes commandline interface for automation.


Release Notes: Movie auto-detection now actually works. More accurate and robust episode/file matching was implemented. Movie/series detection now works via imdbid/tvdbid from nfo files. Update notifications will now be displayed when future versions are released. Initial startup time of the Java WebStart app was greatly improved by using lazy loading. A new portable distribution is available for download. Java 6 (Mac) support allows files to be moved/renamed across different volumes/filesystems.

Download No website 07 Jan 04:34 kmod 3


kmod is a set of tools to handle common tasks with Linux kernel modules like insert, remove, list, check properties, resolve dependencies, and aliases. It replaces module-init-tools.


Release Notes: New APIs for symbol retrieval, ELF section parsing, and module insertion à la modprobe have been added in libkmod. Xz-compressed modules are now supported. A depmod tool has been added as well.

Download Website 07 Jan 04:32 CoFlo 0.0.3


CoFlo is a source code analysis tool that generates and analyzes control flow graphs from C and C++ sources. Control flow graphs can be output in graphical or textual format.

Release Notes: Major installation improvements were made. The Autotools infrastructure was reworked to build and statically link to DParser and Boost libraries from source tarballs if necessary. Libtool is now used in order to better support different shared object linking requirements on more systems. A "BOOST_RPATH" configure-time variable was manually added, which gets passed to libtool at link-time. The AX_BOOST_<...> macros don't add this automatically. Build and host triples were added to the output of "--build-info".

Download Website 07 Jan 04:31 cyphertite 0.6.1


Cyphertite is a tar-like secure remote archiver. It deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts data prior to transmission, providing total privacy while reducing unnecessary wire traffic. It seamlessly supports IPv6 and IPv4 on a variety of platforms.


Release Notes: The file browser utility, cyphertitefb, was improved. .ct is now recommended as the extension for metadata archive files. Debug trace filtering with '-D flagname' was implemented. The local database revision is now negotiated and synced with the server. Other miscellaneous code cleanups and improvements were made.

No download Website 07 Jan 04:30 BORG Calendar and Task Tracker 1.7.6


BORG is a calendar and task tracking system written entirely in Java. The calendar is an appointment organizer that provides a nice month view, month printing, email reminders, popup reminders, and a to do list. The task tracker tracks issues and tasks through various user-defined states.

Release Notes: Minor enhancements and bugfixes.

No download Website 06 Jan 23:09 Lazy Mofo PHP MySQL Datagrid 2012-01-05


Lazy Mofo Datagrid is a single class data grid for MySQL and PHP. It generates datagrids from SQL statements or table names, handles file uploads and image cropping, pagination, searching, CSV export, and inline editing, is lightweight, and works well for large datasets. It is meta driven, and detects dates, numbers, and text blobs automatically. It can edit an additional child table from within a record. Multiple uploads are also supported.


Release Notes: This is the first Freedcode announcement.

No download Website 06 Jan 23:05 Elastix 2.3.0 beta 1


Elastix is a software appliance that integrates the best tools available for Asterisk-based PBXs into a single, easy-to-use interface. It also adds its own set of utilities and allows for the creation of third party modules. The goals of Elastix are reliability, modularity, and ease-of-use. It also features strong reporting capabilities.

Release Notes: This release greatly increases the speed (64x) at which authorized modules are resolved, adds a new redesign of the Addons module, completely rewrites the Fax Viewer module, changes the Email Accounts module, adds a security bugfix, makes graphic bugfixes in the Festival and Advanced Security Settings modules, and changes the elastixNeo theme.

Download Website 06 Jan 23:03 Jolokia 1.0.2


Jolokia is a fresh way of accessing JMX MBeans remotely. It is different from JSR-160 connectors, as it is an agent based approach that uses JSON over HTTP for its communication. It provides new features for JMX remoting: bulk requests allow for multiple JMX operations with a single remote server roundtrip, there is a fine-grained security mechanism for restricting JMX access on specific JMX operations, JSR-160 proxy mode, and history tracking, to name a few. Jolokia's origins are in jmx4perl. Client bindings in addition to Perl have already been added, and more are planned.

Release Notes: This release adds a JSR-160 proxy configuration option to the Java client library and allows for setting the MIME type for the returned JSON responses. Support libraries have been updated, and minor bugs have been fixed.

No download No website 06 Jan 23:02 Remote Launcher App 0.2.15


Remote Launcher is an easy to use tool that enables you to launch applications remotely on your PC via your Android device with a single click. It can also be used to start your PC up, even if it is turned off, with the built in support for Wake On LAN. It consists of an Android app and a small server program for your PC. You can configure Remote Launcher to start any application on your PC. For example, it can start your mediacenter, shutdown or restart the computer, or run a custom script.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Android shortcuts. Besides being nice to add to the home screen for easy access to launchers, this makes it very easy to use Remote Launcher together with Llama to start programs on your PC upon certain events (e.g., shutdown the computer when leaving home).

Download Website 06 Jan 23:00 ImpressCMS Deutschland 1.3.1


ImpressCMS Deutschland is a German version of ImpressCMS, a powerful and secure content management system.


Release Notes: This is a bugfix and security release in the 1.3 series. It is intended for use on production sites.

No download Website 06 Jan 22:52 AbulEdu Monsieur Patate 1.0.0 released


AbulEdu Monsieur Patate is a Potato Guy application for children.

Release Notes: This is the first public release. A full French translation is available. An English version will be made if there's enough interest.

No download Website 06 Jan 22:48 SWM 2012-01-06


SWM (Simple Window Manager) is a keyboard-oriented window manager with animation and TeX-like decorating (window, decorations, buttons, etc. are treated as vboxes/hboxes).

Release Notes: This is the first release.

No download Website 06 Jan 22:37 Model Railroad System 2.1.29a


The Model Railroad System is a software package that can help you run your railroad. It allows you to operate your layout, from running trains to working your signals and switches. It has support for a network of Bruce Chubb CMR/I USIC, SUSIC, and/or SMINI nodes, and/or a network of Lenz's XPressNet DCC nodes. Azatrax USB-connected Model Railroad Detectors are supported. Software to create switch lists for freight car forwarding and create timetables for your railroad are included. There is software to help with photographing your trains, and to compute the correct value for those pesky dropping resistors for LEDs and/or incandescent lamps.


Release Notes: This release updates Vendor ID for the MRD library.

Download Website 06 Jan 22:31 ToPIA 2.6.5


ToPIA (short for Tools for Portable and Independent Architecture) is a technical platform abstraction framework. It consists of a persistence module and services for migration, replication, and security.

Release Notes: In this version, a new tagValue was added to generate index on foreign key for nm-multiplicity attributes. A bad property generation bug was also fixed.

Download Website 06 Jan 22:27 dupeGuru Picture Edition 2.4.0


dupeGuru Picture Edition is a tool to find duplicate pictures on your computer. dupeGuru PE is efficient, thanks to its quick fuzzy matching algorithm. Not only can dupeGuru PE find exact matches, but it can also find duplicates among pictures of different kind (PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc.) and quality. dupeGuru PE is customizable. You can tweak its matching engine to find exactly the kind of duplicates you want to find. The Preference page of the help file lists all the scanning engine settings you can change. dupeGuru PE is safe. Its engine has been especially designed with safety in mind. Its reference directory system as well as its grouping system prevent you from deleting pictures you didn't mean to delete. dupeGuru PE supports JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and PSD formats. All these formats can be compared together. Not only can you delete the duplicate pictures dupeGuru PE finds, but you can also move or copy them elsewhere. You can also easily weed the bad duplicates out, thanks to the Power Marker.

Release Notes: This release adds multiple-selection in the folder selection dialog for more efficient folder removal, adds Armenian, Czech, Italian, and Russian localizations, and fixes a bug which caused mass marking with a filter to mark more than filtered duplicates, a crash in the "prioritize" dialog, and random hard crashes.

Download Website 06 Jan 22:21 AIPS 31DEC2012


AIPS (Astronomical Information Processing System) handles the processing and display of data from radio interferometers. Data can be collected from any radio telescope array. Images can be exported in FITS format.

Release Notes: This release adds numerous functions, including REWGT to scale data weights by subarray and/or IF, ACLIP to do clip operations on auto­correlation data, RLCAL to solve for right-minus-left phase differences as a function of time when good source models are available, SY2TY to make TY tables from SysPower tables, RFLAG to flag data based on rmses measured over short time intervals and on deviations from the spectral average, and AFARS to extract useful parametric images from the Faraday Rotation synthesis (FARS) output image cubes.

Download Website 06 Jan 22:18 Hierarchical Data Format 1.9.104


HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) is a general purpose library and file format for storing scientific data. It arranges data into datasets (multidimensional arrays) and groups (a structure for organizing objects).

Release Notes: This release fixes a segfault which could occur when shrinking a dataset with chunks larger than 1 MB, and adds assorted minor bugfixes and cleanups.

Download Website 06 Jan 22:15 SMI 0.9.9x


SMI (Services Maintenance Interventions) is a complete free solution to manage services and technical support to customers with frontoffice and backoffice modules. It can manage contracts, asset tracking, repair orders, working time, rentals, tasks, subcontractors, and has many other functionalities.

Release Notes: A signature can now be entered when a work order is done. All user operations are now logged. Work orders can be automatically generated from existing orders or a blank form. More than one appointment can be taken for one work order (with automatic planning).

Download Website 06 Jan 22:14 EUGene 2.4.2


EUGene allows you to manipulate and generate models. It can read UML class models in XMI independent from modeling, generate templates, transform models, and integrate in project building. It features independence in developer code and generated code. EUGene is independent from development tools. EUGene is easy to use and to put into place.

Release Notes: In this release, xalan has been replaced by saxon. It has migrated to commons-lang3. The bug in the bad property generation was fixed.

Download Website 06 Jan 22:11 ePeriodique 0.2.1


ePeriodique is a graphical application which displays the periodic table of the elements. It shows basic data for each element, pictures, Bohr models, and lattice structures. It tries to use the EFL way and provide two themes, one for the desktop (default) and one for small displays (small).

Release Notes: Bugfixes.

Download No website 06 Jan 22:11 R128GAIN 0.9.3


R128GAIN is an FFmpeg and SoX-based EBU R128 compliant loudness scanner for audio and video files. It helps you normalize the loudness of your audio and video files to the same level.

Release Notes: This release provides four more environment variables for the command option: $TL - the track loudness relative to full scale; $TLDB - the track loudness relative to full scale in dB/LUFS; $AL - the album loudness relative to full scale; and $ALDB - the album loudness relative to full scale in dB/LUFS.

Download Website 06 Jan 22:09 BugHotel Reservation System 5.5.267


BugHotel Reservation System is a hotel booking and accounting software package which uses the Internet to "network" your corporate office to each of your hotels. All data processing occurs at the Application Service Provider (ASP) data center. Income statements, reports, etc. may be customized.

Release Notes: This version adds agent support/selection and filtering to search reservations. It also introduces automated reservation cancellation support for several vendors. Portuguese and Spanish localization have been updated. Minor fixes have been corrected in add new property.

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