2012 / December (719 releases)

December 2012

Download Website 25 Dec 04:50 Submin 2.1.0


Submin provides a Web-based admin interface to your Subversion and Git repositories. Its features include user/group management, path permission management, the ability to create svn repositories and managing commit email messages. For Subversion, authentication is done with htpasswd/svn authz, so it can use the same login information as apache2/svn (and trac). For Git, ssh is used, and the login information is synched whenever a change is made. The Web interface can also work with NGINX/uWSGI, but the Subversion part only works with Apache.

Release Notes: This release improves stability and performance, and has some minor feature additions. The most important new features are the new Diagnostics page, separate Apache config file generation, Git support features, and a 'quickstart' binary for easy setup.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:34 feh 2.8


feh is a fast, lightweight image viewer that uses imlib2. It is command line-driven and supports multiple images through slideshows, thumbnail browsing or multiple windows, and montages or index prints using TrueType fonts to display file information. Advanced features include fast dynamic zooming, progressive loading, loading via HTTP (with reload support for watching webcams), recursive file opening (slideshow of a directory hierarchy), and mouse wheel and keyboard control.

Release Notes: Adds %V format specifier (feh process ID). The --scale-down option will no longer be applied to the thumbnail window. --image-bg is now also respected when setting a wallpaper using --bg-max / --bg-center. An image deletion bug related to --cycle-once was fixed. Quick, low-offset drags are now detected as clicks to aid graphics tablet users, whose clicks were misdetected as drags. --start-at and 'z' (jump_random) now work in thumbnail mode as well.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:32 CVSps 3.2


CVSps collect changesets from CVS repositories. It can be used either by humans to inspect changesets or as an exporter from CVS to other version control systems - it can be told to emit a fast-export stream to standard output. The code has been end-of-lifed and using cvs-fast-export instead is recommended.

Release Notes: Deprecation warning: non-fast-export reporting may be removed in the future. The tool now always runs in cvs_direct client mode for better performance. Multiple tags per revision will be reported (previously only the latest was). Local CVS commands are no longer used. Caching and -x are gone. The ever-malfunctioning -A option has been removed.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:31 ntdisp 0.4.0


ntdisp, short for NtD In System Programming, is a system for programming LPC and STM32 (and possibly other) embedded devices. It provides three different frontends, a GObject-based library (for developers), a commandline utility (for computer geeks), and a GTK+3 frontend (for less geeky users).

Release Notes: A new GUI front-end based on GTK+3 has been added. It exposes a subset of the operations available from the CLI command and the library. The UU encoding and decoding have been implemented inside the library, allowing it to drop the dependency on GMime. The custom log functions have been dropped in favor of a new approach based on the GLib logging system, which allows more flexibility with less code. A basic framework based on what is provided by autotools has been added.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:30 Zoom Profiler 3.0.1


Zoom is a low-overhead graphical and command line profiler for Linux. Profiles are system-wide, precise down to the instruction level, and capture complete backtraces of C/C++/ObjC/Fortran/Assembly code. This lets you see exactly where time was spent, what code was running (user or kernel), and how that code was called. Drill down into a specific symbol, and Zoom shows source and assembly annotated with general and processor-specific tuning advice. It saves profiles as a single, self-contained session file that can be emailed or attached to bug reports. This lets you share what you find with colleagues or archive it for later review. Zoom also supports remote network profiling and scripting, making it ideal for embedded or server systems and automated workflows.


Release Notes: This releases fixes the option to disable gathering kernel symbols on small systems. It also includes several user interface and performance enhancements.

No download Website 25 Dec 03:29 Syndicate Press 1.0.19


Syndicate Press is a Wordpress plugin that lets you include RSS feeds directly in your Wordpress posts or pages. This plugin provides a very easy-to-use administration page and includes great features such as feed caching, filters, and multiple display options. The plugin is highly configurable and works with your site's theme and it does not force arbitrary formatting of the RSS feed contents.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. It fixes an article and article headline text truncation issue. Text is now truncated on word boundaries rather than in the middle of the word.

No download No website 25 Dec 03:29 CPANPLUS::Dist::Slackware 1.010


CPANPLUS::Dist::Slackware creates Slackware-compatible packages from Perl modules available at the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN).

Release Notes: Minor changes. For example, the Padre plugin now makes sure that update-desktop-database and gtk-update-icon-cache are run.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:28 GeoServer 2.2.3


GeoServer is a software server that allows users to share and edit geospatial data. Designed for interoperability, it publishes data from any major spatial data source using open standards. GeoServer is the reference implementation of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Coverage Service (WCS) standards, as well as a high performance certified compliant Web Map Service (WMS). GeoServer forms a core component of the Geospatial Web.

Release Notes: This release contains some minor new features and interesting fixes.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:28 klish 1.6.3


The klish is a framework for implementing Cisco-like command-line interfaces on Unix systems. It is configurable through XML files. "Klish" stands for "Kommand Line Interface SHell". The klish is a fork of clish-0.7.3. The original clish was developed by Graeme McKerrell. The klish adds some new features, but is compatible (as much as possible) with clish's XML configuration files.


Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. The engine broke when the length of a completion string was greater than the width of the terminal. All klish versions have this bug, including the original clish. Debianization.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:26 Liferea 1.8.11


Liferea (Linux Feed Reader) is a fast, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install GTK/GNOME desktop news aggregator for online news feeds and Web logs. It supports the important syndication formats (Atom, RSS, and OPML). Liferea supports offline reading.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. It fixes a problem with the browser preferences and a Google Reader notification issue. It removes feedvalidator.org support because of a malware alert. It provides Hebrew and German translation updates.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:24 AKFAvatar 0.23.0


AKFAvatar is a fancy graphical user interface for text oriented applications where an avatar appears on the screen and provides information in a balloon. It also supports recorded audio files. Applications for AKFAvatar can be written in Lua, and there are interfaces for C and Free Pascal. A number of ready-to-use applications and modules are provided, including a text viewer and a module that makes question-answer exercises. For POSIX-compatible operating systems there is a man page viewer and a terminal emulator, which makes it possible to run many existing terminal-based programs in this fancy environment.


Release Notes: The code was made less dependend on SDL, and there is a new experimantal backend for a Linux framebuffer device (ie. no SDL and no X11 needed). Furthermore, it supports combining Unicode characters. Support for XPM files with more than 256 colors has been fixed.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:21 toycars 1.0.8


toycars is a fighting race car game. Players select human or computer toys, select the track and toy to race, push toys off the screen or smash them to win a point, and try to earn enough points to win the race. toycars supports up to four human players and eight total players.

Release Notes: This version improves general art such as menu and in-game font size, adds an improved default toy, and makes the overall experience more funny. It technically improves the spec file and cleans up some code.

No download No website 25 Dec 03:21 OGRI 0.9.0


OGRI (Original Generic Reporting Intranet) provides a simple Web-based interface with "portals" for viewing any number of reports in a secure manner. It is designed to be as lightweight as possible in terms of server load, and its simple interface means it works well with most browsers.

Release Notes: This release implements optional (but recommended) RSA encryption support for communication between the Web server providing the oGRI interface and the authentication server, and also all backend servers (where the reports made available are stored). More improvements have been made to the portal access request handling, and yet more bugs have been removed.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:20 JASocket 2.0.0


JASocket is a lock-free, scalable, and robust server framework with no single point of failure. Servers are run on a cluster of nodes. Servers interact with other servers using mobile agents, which reduces the number of messages and thus reduces the overall system latency. Administration is handled via ssh.


Release Notes: Defines a Server API and includes commands for starting and stopping a server.

Download Website 25 Dec 03:19 cppcheck 1.57


cppcheck is a static C/C++ code analyzer that checks for memory leaks, mismatching allocation-deallocation, buffer overrun, and many more problems. Its goal is to produce no false positives.


Release Notes: Support for Java and C# code has been removed. A new option --language= for treating code as a specific language. Support for GCC binary number syntax (0b...). Simplification of well-known math.h functions. The check for a variable being assigned a value and never used also handles reassignments. Fixes for several false negatives in the buffer overrun check. Detection of more inadequate comparisons of Boolean variables. Better detection of mismatching and assignments and comparisons with bitwise operations. A check for variables being reassigned a value before the old one has been used. Detection of freeing invalid addresses.

No download Website 24 Dec 03:02 ext-Dns 0.2.1


ext-Dns is a core library, an extensible forward DNS server, and some additional tools designed to create DNS server solutions which are able to do any additional operation at the resolution level (running commands, rewritting replies, gathering stats, and so on), without any limit. It provides a ready-to-use solution in case you want to build a DNS server which takes additional actions at the resolution level in an easy way. That is, its design is focused on allowing people to implement whatever they like when a request is received, freeing them from most of the details which involves handling DNS protocol.

Release Notes: This is the first public production-ready stable release. It includes a base core library with all DNS functions and a ready-to-use caching-forward DNS server which delegates policy resolution to a child resolver which can be written in any language (like Squid's squidGuard or Postfix's policyd).

No download Website 24 Dec 03:01 oobash 0.39.10


oobash is an oo-style framework for bash 4 written in bash. It provides tools for rapid script development and huge libraries.


Release Notes: This release adds to String String.fromCharCode, adds to Private __getAttributeFromObjectByName, __charCode, __getObjectPointer, __isObjectnameValid, and __rstripDoubleZeros, adds to File setuid, setgid, setStickyBit, hasUidBit, and hasGidBit, renames __posixFilePermissionsConverter to __posixFilePermissionToOctal, __terminalSupportscolors to __terminalSupportsColors, __stackOrHelp to __handleErrorMessage, __visible to __visibilityCheck, __checkForKeywords to __keywordCheck, and __destructor to __destruct, removes the __stack function, supports Cyrillic characters, and adds fixes and small improvements.

Download Website 24 Dec 02:53 TOMUSS 5.0.15


TOMUSS allows multiple users to edit the same spreadsheet table with their Web browsers. It stores the complete history of the table modification. TOMUSS is intended to be used by teachers to enter ranking and to allow students to see their ranks.

Release Notes: With this release, the servers send fewer error reports by email; instead, there is a Web page to navigate into the error reports. This release is the last of the 5.0 series.

No download No website 24 Dec 02:52 Objeck Programming Language 3.1.6_2


The Objeck computer language is an object-oriented computing language with functional features that has ties with Java, C#, and Pascal. In this language, all data types are treated as objects. The language consists of a compiler and VM with an accompanying memory management and JIT compiler.


Release Notes: Release of the FCGI Web server add-on for Linux. A major bug related to the static initialization of 2D arrays has been fixed. A mjaor bug related to passing functions to JIT compiled code has been fixed. A rarely encountered moderate integer division bug in the VM JIT compiler has been fixed.

Download Website 24 Dec 02:51 Sunflower 0.1a-51


Sunflower is a small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager for Linux with support for plugins. It is intended to be an easy-to-use and powerful file manager that seamlessly integrates into the GNOME desktop environment.


Release Notes: This version brings a log of changes under the hood and a lot of bugfixes. Performance of the copy operation has been greatly improved. The software properly handles exceptions occurring in the middle of a copy operation, and will check for available space before starting operations. An irritating visual bug that caused entries in the mount manager to be duplicated is also gone.

Download Website 24 Dec 02:51 JasperStarter 0.10.0


JasperStarter is a commandline launcher and batch compiler for JasperReports. It can run any JasperReport that needs a JDBC, CSV, or empty data source, use any database for which a JDBC driver is available, execute reports that need runtime parameters, print directly to the system default or a given printer, optionally show a printer dialog to choose a printer, optionally show a print preview, export to file in the PDF, RTF, .docx, .odt, and HTML formats, export multiple formats in one commanding call, print and export in one commanding call, and integrate in non-Java applications (for example PHP, Python) A binary executable is available for Windows. JapserStarter is able to prompt for report parameters. Any parameter whose class has a string constructor is accepted. Additionally, the following types are supported or have special handlers: date, image (see usage), and locale.

Release Notes: New report parameter types: double, image (see usage). New supported export formats: xls, xlsx, CSV, ods, pptx, XHTML, and XML. Windows setup is available. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 24 Dec 02:50 LedgerSMB 1.3.26


LedgerSMB is an accounting and ERP framework which aims to provide solid accounting, industry-leading security, and support for rapid development of business tools re-using accounting logic to support workflows of any specific business.

Release Notes: This release includes a number of minor bugfixes and a couple of usability enhancements to the upgrade utilities. These are mostly minor bugfixes, as well as a few very minor usability enhancements.

Download Website 24 Dec 02:50 husk-scheme 3.6.2


Husk is an implementation of the Scheme programming language for the Haskell Platform. Advanced R5RS features are provided, including continuations, hygienic macros, and a full numeric tower.

Release Notes: This release adds many new features including nested quasi-quotation forms, and-let*, and support for environment specifiers as well as many bugfixes.

No download Website 24 Dec 02:49 TEA 33.5.0


TEA is a powerful and easy-to-use Qt4-based editor with many useful features for HTML, Docbook, and LaTeX editing. It features a small footprint, a tabbed layout engine, support for multiple encodings, code snippets, templates, customizable hotkeys, an "open at cursor" function for HTML files and images, miscellaneous HTML tools, preview in external browser, string manipulation functions, Morse-code tools, bookmarks, syntax highlighting, and more.

Release Notes: Qt5 source compatibility works correctly now. Qt 4.x still works as usual; the Qt version is detected automatically during the qmake step.

Download Website 24 Dec 02:48 sysstat 10.1.3


The sysstat package contains the sar, sadf, iostat, nfsiostat, cifsiostat, mpstat, and pidstat commands for Linux. The sar command collects and reports system activity information. The statistics reported by sar concern I/O transfer rates, paging activity, process-related activites, interrupts, network activity, memory and swap space utilization, CPU utilization, kernel activities, and TTY statistics, among others. The sadf command may be used to display data collected by sar in various formats. The iostat command reports CPU statistics and I/O statistics for tty devices and disks. The pidstat command reports statistics for Linux processes. The mpstat command reports global and per-processor statistics. The nfsiostat command reports I/O statistics for network filesystems. The cifsiostat command reports I/O statistics for CIFS filesystems.

Release Notes: Network and IPv4/IPv6 counters have changed to 64-bit format to keep in sync with recent kernels. A new option has been added to iostat to prevent it from displaying its first report with statistics since system boot. Several bugs have been fixed.

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