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November 2012

No download No website 22 Nov 13:28 uma::bson 1.3


uma::bson is a DOM-style C++ API for reading/writing BSON data. Unlike the MongoDB C++ API, which exposes a read-only interface with a separate interface for creating a BSON representation, this API allows reading/writing on the existing data. The API is designed primarily for serialising/deserialising BSON data to/from streams (files, socket connections, etc.).

Release Notes: Clone methods were added to Document and Array to perform true deep cloning of documents/arrays. The next version 2.0 will include breaking API changes and will focus primarily on working with MSVS 2010 32-bit builds.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:20 Dada Mail 6.0.0 Beta 1


Dada Mail can help you manage a mailing list, offers complete support for safe, closed-loop opt-in subscriptions, sends out mass mailings, keeps an archive of your messages, and allows you to share your messages in many ways. It runs on your Web hosting account and you interact with it through your Web browser, making it available anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. You do not have to rely on a third-party list management system with costly monthly fees. It is rich with features, but tries to keep it simple. It is designed to favor flexibility, extensibility, and ease-of-use over core speed or extremely flashy but hard-to-use features. It is designed to be installed, set up, and understood by regular people who have Web sites, but has enough advanced features to entice more proficient users. If you've ever installed a bulletin board or blog software, you should be able to install Dada Mail without too many problems. Dada Mail can scale. You can install Dada Mail on most any basic hosting account and start sending out messages. If your mailing list grows large, you can switch to sending with a more powerful third-party system, like Amazon SES, where there's potentially no limit on the number of emails you may send, all without having to change mailing list management systems or your hosting.

Release Notes: This major release features a more intelligent installer, better message analytics (including breakdown of subscriber events (link clicks, opens, bounces, etc.) by country, State, City, and IP address), and an updated UI powered by jQuery.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:19 BuildBot 0.8.7p1


The BuildBot is a system to automate the compile/test cycle required by most software projects to validate code changes. It builds and tests the tree each time a change is committed, providing status updates through a Web page or other protocols.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:19 GNU Parallel 20121122 ('Barack')


GNU parallel is a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel locally or using remote computers. A job is typically a single command or a small script that has to be run for each of the lines in the input. The typical input is a list of files, a list of hosts, a list of users, a list of URLs, or a list of tables. If you use xargs today you will find GNU parallel very easy to use, as GNU parallel is written to have the same options as xargs. If you write loops in shell, you will find GNU parallel may be able to replace most of the loops and make them run faster by running several jobs in parallel. GNU parallel makes sure output from the commands is the same output as you would get had you run the commands sequentially. This makes it possible to use output from GNU parallel as input for other programs.

Release Notes: niceload --sensor makes it possible to use a program to control whether a program should be suspended.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:18 SeaMonkey 2.14


The SeaMonkey project is a community effort to develop an all-in-one Internet application suite. It contains an Internet browser, email and newsgroup client with an included Web feed reader, HTML editor, IRC chat, and Web development tools, and is sure to appeal to advanced users, Web developers, and corporate users. It uses much of the Mozilla source code powering such successful siblings as Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Sunbird, and Miro.

Release Notes: OS X 10.6 is now the minimum supported Mac version. JavaScript Maps and Sets are now iterable. SVG FillPaint and StrokePaint have been implemented. The sandbox attribute has been implemented for iframes, enabling increased security. Plugins can be set to click-to-play (instead of blocked completely) automatically through the blocklist now.

No download Website 22 Nov 03:18 entropybroker 2.0.1


Entropy Broker is an infrastructure for distributing cryptographically secure random numbers (entropy data) from one or more servers to one or more clients. This prevents /dev/random from ever becoming empty. This is useful, for example, for virtual machines which naturally have no source of randomness.


Release Notes: This release fixes crashes with the Linux kernel client.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:17 Monsti 0.2


Monsti is a simple and resource-efficient CMS for private and small business sites with mostly static pages and a simple structure.

Release Notes: This release adds new features and bugfixes.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:17 zLogFabric 2.3


zLogFabric is an all in one cross-platform logging solution that collects log lines/messages over a messaging system to a central server instance. The modular design enables the server to store, forward, alert, and generate live statistics out of the logged data. It can collect log information from files, syslog, log4j, log4net, and Windows event logs.

Release Notes: Users can now define named regular expressions. There's no more need to stick to a strict order of items in your logs.

Download No website 22 Nov 03:16 Feed4JUnit 1.1.9


Feed4JUnit makes it easy to write parameterized tests for the JUnit framework and feed them with predefined or randomly generated test data: test case data can be read from Excel or CSV files, databases, or custom data sources, and equivalence class tests can be defined easily. Setup is based on Java annotations and is easy to learn, apply, and maintain. Annotations defined in the "Bean Validation" JSR 303, Java 7, and Benerator are automatically recognized and generated smoke test data will match the constraints. By connecting to Benerator, you can configure generation of complex valid and invalid data sets.

Release Notes: This release adds and improves extension points for custom data generation and combination and report formatting. From Excel documents, a specific sheet can be imported now. This release fixes bugs in BigDecimal value generation.

Download No website 22 Nov 03:15 DB Sanity 0.9.6


DB Sanity performs checks on a database for verifying data consistency and correctness of aplication deployments. It is invoked by the command line and creates an HTML report with a summary and listings of faulty database entries.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. In CSV files, null values and empty strings are now recognized correctly. In HTML reports, relative paths are used.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:15 databene benerator 0.7.10


Benerator is a performance test data generation tool. It can be used to completely synthesize test data or import and anonymize production data. Its emphasis is on generating valid data even for complex constraints and on being platform-independent. You can define generators for your business domain, exchange them freely (under GPL) with colleagues, and reuse them for creating data for different target platforms. It is highly extendable, supporting a wide range of service provider interfaces, and can execute scripts in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Groovy, and other script languages.

Release Notes: This release fixes several major bugs and adds the feature of retrieving data from a specific tab in an Excel document.

No download Website 22 Nov 03:15 Managing Gigabytes for Java 5.1


MG4J is a highly customizable, high-performance, full-text Java search engine for large document collections. It provides state-of-the-art features (such as BM25/BM25F scoring) and new research algorithms.

Release Notes: New I/O factories make it possible to build indices on alternative filesystems like HDFS.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:14 newLISP 10.4.5


newLISP is a Lisp-like, general-purpose scripting language. It has all the magic of traditional Lisp, but is easier to learn and use. newLISP is friendly, fast, and small. Most of the functions you will ever need are already built in.

Release Notes: This release fixes bugs and has minor enhancements.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:14 Check_MK 1.2.1i3


Check_MK is a complex addon for Nagios/Icinga and consists of three subprojects. The check and inventory system Check_MK is a general purpose Nagios plugin for retrieving data. It adopts a new approach for collecting data and obsoletes NRPE, check_by_ssh, NSClient, and check_snmp. It features a significant reduction of CPU use on the Nagios host and automatic inventory of items to be checked, and is especially useful with larger Nagios installations. "MK Livestatus" gives immediate and fast access to live and historic Nagios status data. It's a supported backend for many addons including NagVis, NagiosBP, and Thruk. "Check_MK Multisite" is a feature complete replacement for the Nagios GUI, and uses MK Livestatus as a backend. It is very fast, and supports efficient distributed monitoring.

Release Notes: The release comes with a collection of minor bugfixes in nearly all components of Check_MK. It is just a small maintenance release.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:13 4DIAC 1.2.1


4DIAC is a framework for distributed industrial automation and control. It aims to provide an open, IEC-61499-compliant basis that lets the user establish a distributed industrial automation and control environment based on the targets' portability, configurability, and interoperability.

Release Notes: This first maintenance release for 4DIAC 1.2 provides a large set of bugfixes to 4DIAC-IDE (11) and FORTE (10).

Download Website 22 Nov 03:13 lighttpd 1.4.32


lighttpd is a secure, fast, compliant, and very flexible Web server which has been optimized for high-performance environments. It has a very low memory footprint compared to other Web servers, and it takes care of CPU load. It has an advanced feature set that includes FastCGI (load balanced), CGI, Auth, Output-Compression, URL-Rewriting, SSL, and much more.

Release Notes: This release fixes a DoS bug (CVE-2012-5533) and contains other small fixes.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:11 W-Packager 0.7.0


W-Packager is a packager similar to dpkg that can be used by anyone to create and maintain Debian packages under Linux or other Unix systems. The aim of the project is primarily to have a workable version of a packager that can be compiled on many systems, including those that do not support fork(). At this time, W-Packager is used within UniGW. It can also be used under Linux.


Release Notes: This could nearly be a 1.0 version since it is mostly complete (wpkg is very much equivalent to dpkg now, except for dselect capabilities which the authors do not intend to include in wpkg, anyway). This version does not depend on boost at all (all the dependencies (zlib and bz2) are included in the source package and linked as one tool without any DLL dependencies).

No download Website 22 Nov 03:09 TkinterTreectrl 2.0


The TkinterTreectrl module wraps the treectrl Tk extension for use with Python/Tkinter. The treectrl widget allows you to create fancy things like sortable multi-column list boxes and hierarchical tree views in Tkinter. The package also includes a ready to use multi-column listbox widget, scrolled Treectrl, and multi-column list box widgets plus a generic ScrolledWidget class that makes it quite easy to add one or two static or automatic scroll bars to any listbox-alike Tkinter widget.

Release Notes: This release brings major improvements: Python-3 compatibility (the same module code now works with Python2 and Python3), themed scrolled widgets, and an updated set of methods and options which now includes all changes up to treectrl version 2.3.2.

Download Website 22 Nov 03:09 ContiPerf 2.3.0


ContiPerf is a lightweight testing utility to easily leverage JUnit 4 test cases as performance tests, e.g. for continuous performance testing. It is inspired by JUnit 4's easy test configuration with annotations, and by JUnitPerf's idea of wrapping Unit tests for performance testing, but is more powerful and easier to use. It uses Java annotations for defining test execution characteristics and performance requirements. You can mark a test to run a certain number of times, or to be repeatedly executed for a certain amount of time. Performance requirements can be maximum, average, medium, or any percentile execution time. You can run tests in two different modes, using them as simple unit tests or performance tests. Easy integration with Eclipse and Maven. Export of an execution summary to a CSV file. A small library without external dependencies (only JUnit).

Release Notes: The invocation characteristics (thread count, warm up, ramp up) are now added to the generated HTML report.

No download Website 22 Nov 00:21 Qore MySQL Module 2.0.1


Qore MySQL Module is a DBI driver module for the Qore programming language to communicate with MySQL databases. The MySQL driver transparently handles client and server character encodings and supports multi-threading, transaction management, stored procedure execution, and more.

Release Notes: This release fixes a regression bug introduced in the last release which made numeric values with a fractional component be returned as integers.

Download Website 22 Nov 00:17 papercut 0.1.2


papercut is command line based rock, paper, scissors game for Unix based operating systems like GNU/Linux, BSD, etc. A user can play the game by entering their choice of rock (R or r), paper (P or p), or scissors (S or s). papercut also stores user statistics, i.e. number of wins, losses, and draws.

Release Notes: This release adds minor bugfixes and makes the program faster.

Download Website 22 Nov 00:17 Cobra - WinLDTP 2.5.0


Cobra - WinLDTP is a cross platform GUI automation tool.

Release Notes: This release adds a Perl interface and tests parallel execution (it leaks memory and is not set as a default; set the LDTP_PARALLEL_MEM_LEAK environment variable before starting tests), adds new APIs (rightclick), and fixes multiple bugs reported by users.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:48 crun 0.1.2


crun is a lightweight, easy to use, simpler cron-like tool. It executes a given program a specified number of times after a specified time interval.

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes. Performance enhancements. The program license has been changed from the GPLv2 to the GPLv3.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:48 ClubMaster 1.3


ClubMaster is membership management system for all minor organizations. It supports multiple locations, groups, roles, a shop for each location, accounting, tons of different subscriptions, and much more. This project is easy to extend with your own plugins.


Release Notes: This release redesigns the interface completely, adding many more dynamic booking plans, and adding news announcements. There are many bugfixes.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:47 Qore Programming Language


Qore is a scripting language supporting threading and embedded logic, and designed for applying a flexible scripting-based approach to enterprise interface development. It is also useful as a general purpose language.

Release Notes: This release focuses on iterator improvements; it features some minor changes due to bad design decisions regarding hash iterator support and several new iterator classes and pseudo-methods, designed to facilitate easier iteration of complex data structures from the map operator.

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