2012 / November / 27 (53 releases)

27 November 2012

Download Website 27 Nov 00:07 Jolokia 1.0.6


Jolokia is a fresh way of accessing JMX MBeans remotely. It is different from JSR-160 connectors, as it is an agent based approach that uses JSON over HTTP for its communication. It provides new features for JMX remoting: bulk requests allow for multiple JMX operations with a single remote server roundtrip, there is a fine-grained security mechanism for restricting JMX access on specific JMX operations, JSR-160 proxy mode, and history tracking, to name a few. Jolokia's origins are in jmx4perl. Client bindings in addition to Perl have already been added, and more are planned.

Release Notes: Beside bugfixes this release adds the ability to configure the MBean name ordering for JMX queries, and adds the ability to obtain the handles of all jobs registered in the JavaScript scheduler.

Download Website 27 Nov 00:06 Sudokuki 1.1.6


Sudokuki is a graphical SUDOKU game. It solves even the most difficult sudoku grids for you. It can generate a sudoku, play sudoku, and print a sudoku.


Release Notes: This release adds Arabic translations. It also includes a fix for an issue where the language menu would lose sync with the current locale. Translations files have been updated, including for 'nl' and 'pt_BR' locales.

Download Website 27 Nov 00:05 irker 1.14


irked is an IRC client that runs as a daemon accepting notification requests as JSON objects presented to a listening socket. It is meant to be used by hook scripts in version-control repositories, allowing them to send commit notifications to project IRC channels. A hook script that works with git, hg, and svn is included in the distribution.

Release Notes: irclib 5.0 and urlparse compatibility fixes.

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November 27, 2012


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Project Spotlight


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