2012 / October / 27 (4 releases)

27 October 2012

Download Website 27 Oct 12:05 KDevelop 4.4.0


KDevelop is an integrated development environment which makes the creation and development of applications an easy task even for beginners. Highlights of the current release are: an application wizard for easy creation of KDE 4, Qt4, GNOME, and terminal C/C++ projects, full project management, a syntax-highlighting editor, code completion, an integrated dialog editor for the Qt/KDE GUI libraries, an internal debugger, a full-featured class browser with class tools, CVS and SVN support, an integrated HTML-based help system offering manuals and class-references, and extensive search mechanisms to browse sources and documentation.

Release Notes: New in this release is a welcome screen for improved usability and an easier entry into the KDevelop world. Many bugs were fixed, and quite some time was spent on optimizing existing code paths.

No download No website 27 Oct 06:06 Vendetta Online 1.8.233


Vendetta Online is a multi-platform 3D space-combat MMO for Windows, Mac, Linux/32 and Linux/64. The game permits players to interact in a vast online galaxy; fighting, trading, and mining their way to success. A "twitch" type real-time combat model makes true player skill the deciding factor instead of character advancement. Massive capital-ship battles shake the foundations of the major nations at war, while others struggle to push back the encroachment of the AI "Hives". A no-strings free trial is available.

Release Notes: New visual effects for the Starflare rocket explosion, and support for the MOGA game controller in the Android version. Upon first launch, a MOGA menu will show what the controls are bound to. The menu is also available from the HUD by typing /help in chat.

Download Website 27 Oct 01:01 Pyrseas 0.6.0


Pyrseas provides a framework and utilities to upgrade and maintain a relational database. It currently includes the dbtoyaml utility to create a YAML description of a PostgreSQL database's tables, and the yamltodb utility to generate SQL statements to modify a database to match an input YAML specification. It also aims to develop data administration tools to supplement an agile database development process.

Release Notes: This release supports the following additional DDL features: EXTENSIONs, COLLATIONs, OWNER information, access privileges (GRANT and REVOKE), TABLESPACEs for tables, primary keys and indexes, MATCH attributes for foreign keys, ALTER composite TYPE ADD/DROP/RENAME ATTRIBUTE, ENUMs with no labels, UNLOGGED tables, and the CREATE FUNCTION SET configuration_parameter. It also support PostgreSQL 9.2.

Download Website 27 Oct 00:58 Orthanc 0.2.3


Orthanc is a lightweight, RESTful DICOM server for health care and medical research.

Release Notes: This release uses HTTP Content-Disposition to set a filename when downloading JSON/DCM, uses the URI "/system" for general information about Orthanc, provides versioning information and help on the commandline, improves logging, provides dynamic linking against jsoncpp, sqlite, boost, and dmctk for Debian packaging, fixes some bugs, and switches to the default 8042 port for HTTP.

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