2011 / September / 19 (30 releases)

19 September 2011

Download Website 19 Sep 21:35 TCPDF 5.9.119


TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF supports all ISO page formats and custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure, UTF-8 Unicode, RTL languages, HTML, barcodes, TrueTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and CID-0 fonts, images, graphic functions, clipping, bookmarks, JavaScript, forms, page compression, digital signatures, and encryption.


Release Notes: This version includes a minor bugfix related to TOC page numbering in special cases.

No download Website 19 Sep 21:34 PlanetScape 1.0Beta_5_2


PlanetScape simulates navigation on planets or a moon surface. It takes color-coded elevation data from an image and renders the planet's surface in 3D or Stereo.

Release Notes: New data for the Moon using LOLA measurement. Hungarian Russian and English property files.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:33 MeteoIO 2.1.1


MeteoIO is a C++ library whose main design goals are: providing meteorological data format/protocol independent data access; providing safe and robust I/O; making I/O code as unobtrusive and simple as possible for the user; providing ready to use data to the user (transparent caching, filtering, resampling, and spatial interpolation); enabling unattended use from an I/O point of view; offering high modularity so that individual elements of the library can easily be replaced/expanded/added; and by its modularity, help interdisciplinary development, each module being targeted at a specific developer profile.


Release Notes: This release brings much improved packaging to Windows and Mac. A lot of cleanup has been done in the code as well as the build system. Many legacy hacks have been fixed, leading to bugfixes and some speed improvements. Significant efforts have been put into the statistical methods, implementing a least square fitting class, statistical analysis methods, and a more consistent interface to such methods.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:33 Gnome Partition Editor 0.9.1


Gnome Partition Editor is a graphical frontend to libparted. It supports creating, resizing, moving, and copying of partitions.

Release Notes: This release fixes some compiler warnings and an NTFS partition resize fail problem.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:32 qrq 0.2.1


qrq is a Morse telegraphy trainer for Linux, Unix (including OS X), and Windows, similar to the classic DOS program "Rufz".

Release Notes: This release mostly consists of bugfixes (sound issues with the OSS driver and build problems with gcc 4.6) and adds support for Core Audio under OS X.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:30 NolaPro 5.0.7733


NolaPro is a free Cloud Accounting suite that can be securely run from your PC. Refine and manage your business with its flexible and powerful Customer tracking, Billing, Payables, General Ledger, and Reporting features. Optional modules include Inventory Control, Service/Labor Order management, POS/Fulfillment Order support, a B2B Web portal, eCom Shopping Cart, vTiger add-on, Employee Timeclock, QuickBooks converter, development API, and many more. White Label partner revenue versions are available for CPAs, VARs, and consultants. For international users, it offers multi-currency, VAT/GST support, multi-language capability, and currency, decimal, and temperature flexibility. However NolaPro's customization is its best feature. It can be modified upon request to fit any industry spec or business requirement, as well as integrated with most 3rd party applications to provide backend accounting support. Secure Business Cloud hosting and a Linux version are also available.

Release Notes: All users now receive Point-of-Sale (POS) at no cost. This release adds upcharge % to shipping carrier lookups (UPS, etc.). Client-added custom links are now handled better. Safeguards have been added so that users cannot try to multiply by zero. Optional items displaying in italics on the menu no longer show. Auto-swaps to another account if the inventory variance account isn't set. Order weight calculations now disregard size if piece(s) are set to 0x0. There is a hotfix for properly returning a product via the RMA method. In rare cases, some prices were not being displayed; this is now corrected.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:28 Zim 0.53


Zim is a graphical text editor used to maintain a collection of wiki pages. Each page can contain links to other pages, simple formatting, and images. Pages are stored in a folder structure, like in an outliner, and can have attachments. Creating a new page is as easy as linking to a nonexistent page. All data is stored in plain text files with wiki formatting. Various plugins provide additional functionality, like a task list manager, an equation editor, a tray icon, and support for version control. Zim can be used to keep an archive of notes, take notes during meetings or lectures, organize task lists, draft blog entries and email, or do brainstorming.

Release Notes: This release adds several new features: support for using images as links, a print button in the tasklist dialog, the option for the calendar to have a page per week, month, or year instead of per day, implicit deadline for tasks defined in calendar pages, a new plugin for evaluating inline arithmetic expressions, and a template function for page indexes. It also contains a large number of bugfixes; the most notable are restoring the use of relative paths on copy-paste and fixes for various exceptions when moving pages.

No download No website 19 Sep 21:28 Atlassian Confluence 4.0


Give your team one place to collaborate on content and projects without the bottlenecks that hold you back. Put email and shared network drives to rest. Meeting minutes, requirements, project plans, and documentation; create and share it all in Confluence.

Release Notes: This is one of the most significant updates to Confluence since its initial release in 2004. With a brand new WYSIWYG editor and wide-ranging user interface improvements, this is the most productive and user-friendly version to date.

No download Website 19 Sep 21:26 PMD 4.2.6


PMD is a Java source code analyzer. It finds unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation, and more. It includes CPD, a tool to detect chunks of identical code.

Release Notes: This release includes bugfixes to existing rules. It has modified (and hopefully fixed) the CPD algorithm. The JSP/JSF parser can now parse Unicode input. The JSP/JSP parser can now handle <script>...</script> tags. The AST HtmlScript node contains the content. Ecmascript has been added as a supported language for CPD.

No download Website 19 Sep 21:21 pgtcl-ng 2.0.0


PostgreSQL Tcl Interface Next-Generation (pgtclng) is an implementation of the PostgreSQL Tcl interface. It started as a fork of the pgtcl project in 2004. Its goal is to offer a stable, well-tested, and well-documented Tcl extension for using PostgreSQL databases.

Release Notes: This version adds 2 new commands and a new -pid option to pg_listen, and fixes building with Tcl-8.6(beta). It was tested with PostgreSQL 9.1.0 as well as older versions. An updated reference manual has also been released.

No download Website 19 Sep 21:18 Lua OS 0.11


Lua OS combines a full-featured desktop Linux system with a next-generation scripting environment based on a variant of Lua. The next-generation architecture enables features such as full-system hibernation, logging, replayability, mobility, and flexible security management.


Release Notes: There is now a virtual file system for Lua OS apps (providing access to all system sources as well as user files). User files can now be organized in subdirectories. All bugs seen in the 0.10 demo video were fixed. The sessions list in the start dialog now shows additional information.

No download Website 19 Sep 21:18 pgintcl 3.4.0


pgintcl is a pure Tcl interface to the PostgreSQL database system. It provides an alternative to pgtcl and pgtcl-ng but does not require a compiled Tcl extension (libpgtcl) or PostgreSQL client library (libpq). This allows developers to create Tcl utilities and applications that are platform neutral. Trade-offs are slower performance and PostgreSQL protocol version dependency.

Release Notes: This version adds 2 new commands and a new -pid option to pg_listen, and fixes a bug with case-correction of notification names. It was tested with PostgreSQL 9.1.0 as well as older versions.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:16 Apache OpenMeetings 1.8.1


Apache OpenMeetings is a multi-language customizable video-conferencing and collaboration system. It supports audio/video and allows you to see the desktop of any participant. It includes a whiteboard, the ability to import a variety of image formats, invitations, a moderation system, backup and language modules, private and public conference rooms, and the ability to record meetings. The project also provides integrations for Asterisk, Jira, Confluence, Moodle, Sakai, and SugarCRM, and connectors for LDAP and ADS.


Release Notes: This release fixes an error in the LDAP/ADS integration module of OpenMeetings. A fix for the import of language files at runtime was applied.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:15 OpenECoSys-NetworkViewer 1.1.15alpha


OpenEcoSys-NetworkViewer is a cross-platform Qt4 GUI used to interact with distributed embedded nodes on the network. The modular interface supports multiple transmission media and protocols. Real-time graphical visualization of remote variables hosted on embedded devices is made possible by a software stack called NETVProtocolStack and Arduino compatible boards and Microchip PIC (8,16, 32 bits) micro-controllers are supported. Logging facilities and JavaScript scripting are also available through a plug-in mechanism to interact with the remote variables. A plug-in mechanism is also available to implement new protocols and support new communication hardware.


Release Notes: This release adds a new dsPIC bootloader plugin. It fixes the Linux baud rate for serial interfaces. It supports simultaneous interfaces and configuration GUI. Better separation of the GUI components and the core functionality, enabling console mode NetworkViewer in a future version.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:15 Inguma 0.4


Inguma is a penetration testing and vulnerability research toolkit. The framework includes modules that discover hosts, gather information, fuzz targets, brute force user names and passwords and attempt exploits. While the current exploitation capabilities are limited, the program provides numerous tools for information gathering and target auditing.

Release Notes: This release adds a fuzzer UI. It rewrites the toolbars code and cleans them up. Updated to Bokken 1.0. Added systray functionality. A Logs tab warning has been added. The existing debugger has been removed; it was based on an external library that was quite old. Tab completion on OS X has been fixed. There are many cleanups in the CLI code. A new subdomain discover module has been added.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:14 Falling Block Game 0.4


Falling Block Game is a block-stacking game similar to Tetris. The timing and scoring are similar to the original Gameboy game, but the visuals and piece control are much improved.

Release Notes: This is a feature-complete release candidate that adds the following features: Linux desktop entries and binary packages, smoother special effects, graphical cleanup, and improved sound effects.

Download Website 19 Sep 21:13 Wandora 2011-09-19


Wandora is a general purpose data extraction, management, and publishing application based on Topic Maps and Java. Wandora has a graphical user interface, layered presentation of knowledge, several data storage options, rich data extraction, import and export capabilities, and an embedded HTTP server that enables dynamic publication of Topic Maps. Wandora is well suited for rapid ontology construction and knowledge mashups.

Release Notes: This release fixes GeoNames extractors. It has a rewritten R console. The topic table allows any topic selections. Occurrences can be duplicated. Wandora has been tested on Java 7. New feature: export similarity matrix. The Firefox and Thunderbird plugin now works on FF and TB version 6.0.

Download Website 19 Sep 14:17 rsyslog 6.3.6


Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslogd. Among others, it offers support for on-demand disk buffering, reliable syslog over TCP, SSL, TLS, and RELP, writing to databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many more), email alerting, fully configurable output formats (including high-precision timestamps), the ability to filter on any part of the syslog message, on-the-wire message compression, and the ability to convert text files to syslog. It is a drop-in replacement for stock syslogd and able to work with the same configuration file syntax.

Release Notes: This release adds an $InputRELPServerBindRuleset directive to specify rulesets for RELP. It fixes a bug which caused the configuration parser not to support properties with dashes in them inside property-based filters.

Download Website 19 Sep 14:15 check_openmanage 3.7.2


check_openmanage is a plugin for Nagios that checks the hardware health of Dell servers running OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA). The plugin can be used remotely with SNMP or locally with NRPE, check_by_ssh, or similar. It checks the health of the storage subsystem, power supplies, memory modules, temperature probes, etc., and gives an alert if any of the components are faulty or operate outside normal parameters.

Release Notes: A "--hide-servicetag" option was introduced, which will hide the serial number in the output. A performance data bug was fixed for the amperage check.

No download Website 19 Sep 14:14 TEA 31.0.0


TEA is a powerful and easy-to-use Qt4-based editor with many useful features for HTML, Docbook, and LaTeX editing. It features a small footprint, a tabbed layout engine, support for multiple encodings, code snippets, templates, customizable hotkeys, an "open at cursor" function for HTML files and images, miscellaneous HTML tools, preview in external browser, string manipulation functions, Morse-code tools, bookmarks, syntax highlighting, and more.

Release Notes: This release adds an improved profiles engine, syntax highlighting, and many inner changes to allow porting TEA to Qt5 in the future.

Download Website 19 Sep 14:14 skalibs 1.2.2


skalibs is a set of general-purpose, low-level C libraries, all in the public domain. It can replace or hide the standard C library to some extent. It is designed to allow building of small static binaries. It is used in building all skarnet.org software, including execline and s6.


Release Notes: This release fixes a small bug in sarealpath() and adds the genwrite abstraction to write either to a file descriptor or to memory.

Download Website 19 Sep 14:14 Decibel Audio Player 1.08


Decibel is a GTK+ audio player designed for GNU/Linux. It aims at being very straightforward to use by means of a very clean and user-friendly interface. It aims also at being a real audio player and, as such, it does not include features that are not meant to be part of an audio player.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

Download Website 19 Sep 14:13 DocumentBurster 5.2


DocumentBurster is a tool for report distribution: split, merge, email, and FTP your reports. It has report delivery for Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting Services, MS Access, Cognos, PeopleSoft, and SAP. It has report bursting for Pentaho, JasperReports, and BIRT. It can upload reports to MS SharePoint.

Release Notes: This release adds support to burst and distribute JD Edwards reports through email, FTP, and file sharing.

Download Website 19 Sep 14:13 Aspose.Cells for .NET 7.0.1


Aspose.Cells is a .NET component for spreadsheet reporting without using Microsoft Excel. It supports a robust formula calculation engine, pivot tables, VBA, workbook encryption, named ranges, spreadsheet formatting, drawing objects like images, OLE objects, and importing or creating charts. You can also create Excel files using a designer spreadsheet, smart marker, or API and apply formulae and functions. It supports CSV, SpreadsheetML, PDF, and all file formats from Excel 97 to Excel 2007.

Release Notes: This release adds enhancements regarding formatting cells. Users can now add and delete rows in MS Excel Tables/List Objects. The desktop grid control provided by Aspose.Cells for .NET now provides a formula bar control the same as in MS Excel. A stack overflow Exception is fixed while generating a PDF file from an ODS file, Excel chart legend shrinking is fixed when saving Excel workbooks, and other bugfixes have been made.

No download No website 19 Sep 14:11 Freeverb3 2.5.20


Freeverb3 is a signal processing library. It includes many types of audio processing effects and signal generators including a linear feedback shift register (LFSR) maximum length sequence (MLS) generator, multiple types of high quality mono+stereo reverb effects, a multi slot impulse response processor, multiband hardknee+softknee compressor and limiter, a stereo enhancer, a limiter, and many types of infinite impulse respose (IIR) and finite impulse response (FIR) filters. Also available is Freeverb3VST, a VST effects plugins package based on the Freeverb3 library.

Release Notes: AMD FMA4 optimization codes were added. Some small structures were fixed for optimization.

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Project Spotlight


A graphical network browser supporting FTP, SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP, and local I/O.


Project Spotlight


A tool that generates interactive HTML5 presentations containing editable code snippets.