2011 / September / 16 (35 releases)

16 September 2011

Download Website 16 Sep 23:30 Phaos 0.9.82-UPDATED-4


Phaos is a browser-based MMORPG. It features character creation, the ability to purchase/sell/drop potions, weapons and armor, traveling, inter-player chat, the ability to fight in the arena, explorable dungeons, an admin system, the ability to trade with other players, and the ability to fight other players. A download is available for people running Windows who do not have access to or do not want to set up a Web server.

Release Notes: This release adds a new Stables building type for traveling between towns.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:51 Atlassian Bonfire 1.3


Atlassian Bonfire is an add-on for JIRA designed to help testers report bugs from within the Web application they are testing. Using a browser extension, testers can submit bugs with annotated screenshots. Both static and dynamic meta-data can be pre-populated using templates. Test sessions record all test activity and allow testers to link newly found issues to original bug or story. It supports Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to add notes from test session pages. Test session pages have been relocated.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:51 4MLinux 3.0-rescue-edition


4MLinux is a miniature Linux distribution focusing on four capabilities: maintenance (by using it as a system rescue live CD), multimedia (for example, for playing video DVDs), miniserver (using the inetd daemon), and mystery (meaning console games).

Release Notes: This is an updated version of 4MLinux-2.3-rescue-edition, using 4MLinux-3.0 as a core system. The main applications are: TestDisk 6.12, GNU Parted 3.0, Partimage 0.6.9, Partclone 0.2.29, and UNetbootin 555.

No download Website 16 Sep 21:50 OS-SIM 3.0


OSSIM aims to unify network monitoring, security, correlation, and qualification in one single tool. It combines Snort, BASE, NTOP, Nagios, nmap, nessus, and rrdtool to provide the user with full control over every aspect of networking or security.

Release Notes: This release features a completely rewritten logger with a huge performance increase, an HIDS frontend, SIEM analysis improvements like forensics timeline, custom reports derived from custom views, and geopositioning of attackers. Additional new features include Distributed Full packet capture with a centralized Web frontend, user management adjusted to PCI requirements, completely rewritten dashboards, Emerging Threats Pro feed integration, custom and tickets. Enhancements to usability, asset discovery, and the update procedure make this a major release.

No download Website 16 Sep 21:49 BitHorde 0.2-beta1


BitHorde is a fast and lightwheight content distribution system, aimed for high-performance decentralized content distribution. Its key features are high performance, a light footprint, and live streaming. Potential applications range from content delivery networks, including HD streaming setups, to offline-caching filesystems, to file sharing, to distribution of in-game maps or textures.

Release Notes: Several stability fixes. A new Python client. Linking assets from the normal filesystem is now possible. BHFuse can now mount from a remote BitHorde daemon. The BitHorde daemon can be used cache-less for disk-constrained systems.

No download Website 16 Sep 21:46 Oboinus 2.2


Oboinus is X11 background previewer and setter. In normal working mode, Oboinus provides an interface that helps you to choose a picture to be set as the background. When the --restore option is passed, it sets the background that it has a configuration for and exits immediately (for use in .xinitrc/.xsession or your WM startup files).

Release Notes: This release fixes issue 10 (copyright and license additions), issue 11 (uses only lowercase characters for package names), and a security flaw (insecure system command call).

Download Website 16 Sep 21:46 GeomSpace 0.9b


GeomSpace is interactive geometry software for different geometric spaces. You can build your own universe of any dimension and with any geometry. You can choose Euclidean, elliptic, hyperbolic, or Minkowskii, among other spaces.


Release Notes: The model save feature has been fixed, as well as an application crash on mouse wheel rotation when space is one-dimensional.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:44 Concurrency Kit 0.1.0


Concurrency Kit provides a plethora of concurrency primitives and lock-less and lock-free data structures designed to aid in the design and implementation of high performance scalable concurrent systems. It was designed to minimize dependencies on operating system-specific interfaces, and most of the interface relies only on a strict subset of the standard library and more popular compiler extensions.


Release Notes: This release includes build system support for DESTDIR and the inclusion of a branch-free comparison for hazard pointers.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:38 tsdecrypt 2.0


tsdecrypt reads an incoming MPEG transport stream over UDP/RTP and then decrypts it using keys obtained from OSCAM or a similar CAM server. Currently supported crypto systems are Conax, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Viaccess, Mediaguard (Seca), Videoguard (NDS), Nagra, DRE-Crypt, and Bulcrypt. BISS and constant code words are also supported. tsdecrypt communicates with a CAM server using the cs378x (camd35 over TCP) protocol or the newcamd protocol.

Release Notes: Initial public release.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:26 DocumentBurster 5.1.9


DocumentBurster is a tool for report distribution: split, merge, email, and FTP your reports. It has report delivery for Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting Services, MS Access, Cognos, PeopleSoft, and SAP. It has report bursting for Pentaho, JasperReports, and BIRT. It can upload reports to MS SharePoint.

Release Notes: This release adds support to burst and distribute Microsoft Dynamics reports through email, FTP, and file share.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:26 Config::Model::TkUI 1.327


Config::Model::TkUI provides a graphical interface to Config::Model. With this project, Config::Model, and a configuration model (like Config::Model::Xorg), a user gets a tool to edit configuration files. This configuration editing tool provides on-line help and validation of configuration data.

Release Notes: This release adds a button to check for warnings in the list viewer and editor. There are other bugfixes.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:25 Config::Model 1.256


Config-Model provides a framework for editing and validating the content of any configuration file or data. With a configuration model (expressed in a data structure), Config-Model provides a user interface and a tool to validate configuration. An optional graphical (Perl/Tk) or curses interface can be used to edit configuration data that will be validated according to the user-provided model. Config-Model includes a model example for fstab and a small fstab demo.

Release Notes: A new model for lcdproc (generated from lcdproc example configuration). Debian package model: warn (and offer to fix) duplicated dependencies; now supports docs, compat, and dirs files. Many other bugfixes and model enhancements.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:23 Youbeda 0.3.1


Youbeda is an OpenVZ monitoring tool. It looks after a container's resource limits and takes action when the value of 'failcnt' increases: outputting notifications, sending them via email or Jabber, writing information into databases, or adjusting limits.

Release Notes: This release improves the algorithm of comparison between old and new fail counters.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:23 Long Range ZIP 0.607


LRZIP is a compression program and library that can achieve very high compression ratios and speed when used with large files using unlimited sized compression windows. It uses the combined compression algorithms of zpaq and lzma for maximum compression, lzo for maximum speed, and the long range redundancy reduction of rzip. It is designed to scale with increases with RAM size, improving compression further. A choice of either size or speed optimizations allows for either better compression than even lzma can provide, or better speed than gzip, but with bzip2 sized compression levels. It also has high grade password protected encryption and full STDIN/STDOUT support.

Release Notes: A rare case of not being able to decompress archives was fixed. The lzma library was updated to version 920. A bash completion script for lrzip was added. More debugging info was added in maximum verbose mode. Fewer messages occur without verbose mode. FreeBSD and POSIX compilation fixes were committed.

No download Website 16 Sep 21:22 BitNami Joomla! Stack 1.7.0-1


BitNami Joomla! stack is an easy-to-install distribution of the Joomla! CMS software. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP so users can get a Joomla! installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Currently, Linux and Windows are supported.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Spanish, updates PHP to 5.3.8, updates Apache to 2.2.19, updates phpMyAdmin to 3.4.4, updates AWS SDK for PHP to 1.4.1, and disables MySQL binary logging.

No download Website 16 Sep 21:21 BitNami RubyStack 2.3-0


BitNami RubyStack provides a fast, easy way to develop and deploy Ruby on Rails applications. It includes Ruby, Subversion, MySQL, SQLite, ImageMagick, and several Ruby Gems, and will optionally install Apache 2.2 with rewrite and proxy support. It supports Windows, Linux, and OS X, so you can share the same Rails environment on multiple platforms.

Release Notes: This release updates Rails to 3.1, Ruby to 1.9.2-p290, Apache to 2.2.19, PHP to 5.3.8, phpMyAdmin to 3.4.4, AWS SDK for Ruby to 1.1.3, and AWS SDK for PHP to 1.4.1. It updates many gems.

No download Website 16 Sep 21:17 BitNami WordPress Stack 3.2.1-1


BitNami WordPress Stack is an easy-to-install distribution of the WordPress blogging software. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin (optional), so users can get a WordPress installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Linux, Windows, Solaris, and Mac OS X are supported.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Spanish language, updates PHP to 5.3.8, updates Apache to 2.2.19, updates phpMyAdmin to 3.4.4, updates AWS SDK for PHP to 1.4.1, and disables MySQL binary logging.

No download No website 16 Sep 21:16 JunkieTheSniffer 1.3.0


Junkie is a real-time packet sniffer and analyzer. It is modular enough to accomplish many different tasks. It can be a helpful companion to the modern network administrator and analyst. Compared to previously available tools, junkie lies in between tcpdump and wireshark. Unlike tcpdump, its purpose is to parse protocols of any depth; unlike wireshark, though, it is designed to analyze traffic in real-time and so cannot parse traffic as exhaustively as wireshark does. In addition, its design encompasses extendability and speed. It has a plug-in system and high-level extension language that eases the development and combination of new functionalities; threaded packet capture and analysis for handling of high bandwidth networks; and a modular architecture to ease the addition of any protocol layer. It is based on libpcap for portability, and well-tested on professional settings.

Release Notes: The main change is to use Guile 2 instead of the venerable Guile 1.8. This should solve many issues related to multi-threading. Opened network interfaces are now automatically reopened if they go down temporarily.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:16 ncdc 1.0


ncdc is a modern and lightweight Direct Connect client with a friendly text-mode interface.

Release Notes: This release adds a manual page and expands the in-program documentation available through the /help command. Additionally, the line wrapping algorithm for the log windows has been improved, and support was added for TLS-enabled client-to-client connections on NMDC.

Download Website 16 Sep 21:13 Zebra_Form 2.7.3


Zebra_Form is a PHP class that simplifies the process of creating and validating HTML forms. Its object-oriented structure promotes rapid HTML forms development and encourages developers to write clean and easily maintainable code. It frees the developers from the repetitive task of writing the code for validating forms by offering powerful built-in client-side and server-side validation. Zebra_Form has an integrated cross-site scripting prevention mechanism that automatically strips out potentially malicious code from the submitted data. It also prevents automated SPAM posts, out of the box and without relying on CAPTCHA by using honey pots. Output can be generated either automatically or manually through templates (basic PHP files). When generated automatically, the generated output has the same look and feel across all major browsers. It provides all the controls you’d expect in an HTML form and, additionally, date/time pickers, captcha, and AJAX-like file upload controls.


Release Notes: A bug was fixed where dates having the day < 10 would not pass validation. An issue was fixed that allowed malicious users to submit arbitrary values instead of the ones defined at the form’s creation for select controls, checkboxes, and radio buttons. The severity of the issue was low, as the submitted values were still filtered for cross-site scripting (XSS) attempts, so no real harm could be done.

Download Website 16 Sep 14:41 Arno's IPTABLES Firewall Script 2.0.0c


Arno's IPTABLES Firewall Script is a secure stateful firewall for both single and multi-homed machines. It supports NAT and SNAT, port forwarding, ADSL ethernet modems with both static and dynamically assigned IPs, MAC address filtering, stealth port scan detection, DMZ support, protection against SYN/ICMP flooding, experimental IPv6 support, multi-interface/aliased-IP support, and extensive user definable logging with rate limiting to prevent log flooding. It has plugin support to add extra features (like SSH Brute Force protection and (Racoon) IPSEC support). It is easy to configure and highly customizable. A filter script that makes your firewall log more readable is also included.

Release Notes: This release calls insserv during configure, when available. This is required, for example, on Debian/Ubuntu systems which use dependency-based booting. It fixes MULTICAST jumping, which should be done at the end of EXT_INPUT_CHAIN, not at the beginning, or users won't be able create "normal" rules for it. It updates several plugins.

Download Website 16 Sep 14:38 Sunflower 0.1a-34


Sunflower is a small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager for Linux with support for plugins. It is intended to be an easy-to-use and powerful file manager that seamlessly integrates into the GNOME desktop environment.


Release Notes: This release adds two new find file extensions, a revert button in the preferences window, range selection, and a new Russian translation.

Download Website 16 Sep 14:38 ultimix 1.5.102


Ultimix is a framework for developing Web-based applications (CMS, portals, ERPs, etc.) It includes multi-language support, permits management, an MVC mini framework, package structure, a template engine, a Javascript library, a simple GUI library, a caching system, and CAPTCHA.


Release Notes: This release fixes errors in the "core" package, "page::page_composer", "database::change_history::change_history_access", and "page::static_content::static_content_access". New icons have been added to the "page::page_composer" package. The package "gui" has been refactored and improved. The installation script has been improved. Numerous bugfixes and improvements have been added. The page "page_manager.html" has been added. The documentation has been updated.

Download Website 16 Sep 14:34 JStock - Free Stock Market Software 1.0.6e


JStock is stock market software for 26 countries. It provides a stock watchlist, an intraday stock price snapshot, a stock indicator editor, a stock indicator scanner, and portfolio management. Free SMS/email alerts are supported. It integrates seamlessly with Android.

Release Notes: This release supports the German and Traditional Chinese languages, filters corrupted data returned from Yahoo! servers, fixes BuyPortfolioTreeTableModel's updateStockLastPrice (which could cause redundant information to be inserted), introduces get-time.py from Google App Engine (which may yield more accurate server timing compared to the unstable public Network Time Server), and prevents NPE in ToolTipHighlighter.

Download No website 16 Sep 14:28 Feed4JUnit 1.0.1


Feed4JUnit makes it easy to write parameterized tests for the JUnit framework and feed them with predefined or randomly generated test data: test case data can be read from Excel or CSV files, databases, or custom data sources, and equivalence class tests can be defined easily. Setup is based on Java annotations and is easy to learn, apply, and maintain. Annotations defined in the "Bean Validation" JSR 303, Java 7, and Benerator are automatically recognized and generated smoke test data will match the constraints. By connecting to Benerator, you can configure generation of complex valid and invalid data sets.

Release Notes: This release fixes dependency issues which prevented execution in Maven, and fixes value set calculation for tests with multiple nullable arguments.

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September 16, 2011


Project Spotlight


A graphical network browser supporting FTP, SMB, SFTP, NFS, HTTP, and local I/O.


Project Spotlight


A tool that generates interactive HTML5 presentations containing editable code snippets.