2011 / September / 13 (44 releases)

13 September 2011

No download Website 13 Sep 21:40 Algorithmic Autoregulation 0.0.3


Algorithmic Autoregulation is a software system implementing a new self-regulating methodology for coordinating teamwork, based on collaboration and individual merit. It is well-suited for distributed teams, eliminating the need for central management.


Release Notes: This release adds a new option for logging development activities offline (aa alert) or online (aa shout). It also added a PyGTK GUI with GNOME integration. It uses espeak + libnotify for reminding the programmer to tweet/share his activity. The server now has an option to add screencasts per log section, which is essential for distributed development.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:39 LabKey Server 11.2


LabKey Server is open source software that helps scientists manage, analyze, and share complex datasets. It supports tandem mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, assays for neutralizing antibodies, Luminex, observational studies, and secure, Web-based collaboration. The software is modular, configurable, and customizable. It can be installed in your institution on any modern hardware and operating system. It is designed to integrate with your existing systems, instruments, and work flows, and to be readily adapted by skilled programmers to novel methods of inquiry. The project is under active development by a team of professional software engineers and a community of active contributors. New versions are released about four times per year.

Release Notes: This release has new timechart visualizations, improved folder and permissions management usability, improved performance when using external data sources, integration with Oracle databases, and the ability to import Excel 2007 xlsx files.

No download Website 13 Sep 21:38 Stunnix Advanced Web Server for CD-ROMs 5.6


Stunnix Advanced Web Server is a Web server for putting Web sites onto CD-ROMs, DVDs, FlashDisks, and other readonly media to be used on any typical system. Sites can be scripted with PHP, Python, Java, or Perl and can be driven by MySQL or SQLite databases. All required software programs are designed to reside on the CD-ROM to avoid the need to install software on the user's computer. The Web serving core is based on Apache 1.3.x, and has additional functionality to detect and use free ports and automatically start a browser on each platform. Desktop applications can also be created with it.

Release Notes: Shutdown immediately followed by a startup command now works reliably. Various minor improvements have been made.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:38 cyphertite 0.4.3


Cyphertite is a tar-like secure remote archiver. It deduplicates, compresses, and encrypts data prior to transmission, providing total privacy while reducing unnecessary wire traffic. It seamlessly supports IPv6 and IPv4 on a variety of platforms.


Release Notes: This release adds logic to better handle differential extracts over an existing file system. It has miscellaneous code cleanup and bugfixes.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:37 Moa 1.2.6


Moa is an image gallery for people who just want to put up images, not have an entire image social system (ratings, comments, etc). It supports sub-galleries and bulk uploads. It strives to be as easy to use as possible.

Release Notes: Any gallery containing images now has a 'View slideshow' option. The delay between images and whether to show comments are available as options. Rather than choosing a template from a drop-down list, now templates have their own admin page with a screenshot to see what you are choosing. Code refactoring. Now uses mostly JQuery. Some animation has been added to notifications. The packaging script now minifies JS and CSS files. Upgrading can now delete outdated directories as well as files.

No download Website 13 Sep 21:36 TunesRemote-SE r78


TunesRemote-SE is a Java-based remote control for DACP-compatible music players such as Apple iTunes, MonkeyTunes for MediaMonkey, and Telescope for Songbird.

Release Notes: This release allows TunesRemote-SE to find DACP media servers when run on a system with multiple network interfaces.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:34 cego 2.11.1


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: Small fixes for the new role concept.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:33 phpMyFAQ 2.7.0-RC


phpMyFAQ is a multilingual, completely database-driven FAQ system. It support various database systems and it also offers a content management system with a WYSIWYG editor, an image manager, flexible multi-group and multi-user support, a news system, user tracking, language modules, templates, PDF support, a backup system, Active Directory support, and an easy to use installation script.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to delete user generated search terms and updates the Japanese and Spanish translations.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:33 musl 0.8.0


musl is a new implementation of the standard library for Linux-based systems. It is lightweight, fast, simple, free, and strives to be correct in the sense of standards-conformance and safety. It includes a wrapper for building programs against musl in place of the system standard library (e.g. glibc), making it possible to immediately evaluate the library and build compact statically linked binaries with it.

Release Notes: First post-alpha release. Major improvements to dynamic linker/loader, iconv, stdio, integer formatting/parsing, threads/synchronization, and hardening for poorly-written suid programs. New implementations of previously-missing functionality including memory streams, time parsing, and POSIX AIO. Many unlock/destroy-type race condition bugs have been fixed in pthread locks; such races are nearly impossible to trigger but persist in other implementations such as glibc/NPTL. A number of other bugs have also been fixed, including bugs in stdio, clock, iconv, siglongjmp, and various header files.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:33 SpaceZero 0.80.06


SpaceZero is a RTS 2D space combat game for two players over a network. The objective is to conquer the space, defeating all enemies. At the starting point, you have only one ship and one planet, but you have money to buy more ships to conquer more planets. All the ships can be controlled by the computer (automatic mode) or by the player (manual mode). You can easily change among your ships, controlling all of them independently.

Release Notes: This release adds engine flares. It has minor bugfixes and an HTML manual.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:31 TCPDF 5.9.115


TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF supports all ISO page formats and custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure, UTF-8 Unicode, RTL languages, HTML, barcodes, TrueTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and CID-0 fonts, images, graphic functions, clipping, bookmarks, JavaScript, forms, page compression, digital signatures, and encryption.


Release Notes: This version includes support for Datamatrix 2D barcodes (ISO/IEC 16022:2006) and minor improvements.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:31 Bazaar VCS 2.4.1


Bazaar is a simple decentralized revision control system. Decentralized revision control systems give users the ability to branch remote repositories to a local context. Users can commit to local branches without requiring special permission from the branches that they branched from.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. Upgrading is recommended for all users of earlier 2.4 releases.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:30 Simple Groupware 0.724


Simple Groupware is a complete enterprise application offering email, calendaring, contacts, tasks, document management, synchronization with cell phones and Outlook, full-text search, and much more. Simple Groupware combines standards like RSS, iCalendar, vCard, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, CIFS, CSV, WebDAV, LDAP, and SyncML under one platform. Unlike other groupware software, Simple Groupware contains the programming language sgsML to enable the quick customization and creation of powerful Web applications.

Release Notes: A close button was added to the preview panes when there are no tabs. The caching for folder counts was fixed for system modules.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:30 libmemcached 0.52


libmemcached is a C client library for interfacing to a memcached server. It has been designed to be light on memory usage, thread safe and to provide full access to server side methods. It also implements several command line tools: memcat, memflush, memrm, memstat, and memslap (for load generation). The library has been designed to allow for different hashing methods on keys, partitioning by keys, and to use consistent hashing for distribution.

Release Notes: Build fixes for Ubuntu/Suse. Fixes for OS X Lion. A bugfix for looping back through DNS lookups under certain failures. Fixes related to dead server failures.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:29 PAC 3.2


PAC provides a GUI to configure SSH and Telnet connections, including usernames, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, and macros. It is similar in function to SecureCRT or Putty. It is intended for people who connect to many servers through SSH. It can automate logins and command executions.

Release Notes: This release adds an option per connection to make it auto execute when PAC starts. It adds an "Auto reconnect" option for every session: if checked, connections will be automatically respawned every time they appear disconnected. It adds an option to set the background color of TABs per individual connections. It adds some checking to prevent the config file from being polluted.

Download No website 13 Sep 21:28 WiKID Two-Factor Authentication System 3.1...


The WiKID Strong Authentication System is a highly scalable, secure, self-hosted two-factor authentication system. It is simple to implement and maintain, allows users to be validated automatically, requires no hardware tokens, has a simple API for application support (via Ruby, PHP, Java, COM, Python, etc.), supports multiple domains, and supports replication for fault tolerance and scalability. It also supports mutual /host and transaction authentication, wireless tokens only domains, locked tokens (to your PC), anti-keystroke logger keypad PIN entry, etc.


Release Notes: Fixes an issue with the Web start software token on the Mac If you use Properties.get(key) for key="os.name" you get null. If you use Properties.getProperty(key) you get 'Mac OS X'.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:13 CorneliOS 1.9r13


CorneliOS is an easy-to-use and cross-browser "Web Desktop Environment", "Web Operating System", or "Web Office" that comes with a set of cool applications. It includes a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can easily set up and manage your own website as well as a Database Management System that allows you to rapidly build any kind of database application.


Release Notes: This is a service release that offers CIOS community interface enhancements, CIOS Edu API interface enhancements, and various chat client bugfixes.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:12 TFTP server with gui interface 2.2


This program is a TFTP server. It is intended to run as a user-initiated program, rather than a service daemon, and displays a GUI interface allowing the user to stop and start the TFTP server. It provides a simple TFTP server for engineers to download and upload configuration files from equipment such as routers and switches.

Release Notes: This release saves the configuration as a hidden file in the user's home directory. It allows persistent setup configuration on a per-user basis.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:11 ADP 0.75


ADP (Another Data Processor) is a programing language that is designed for Web database programing. It is a scripting language and a lightweight programming language in which it is possible to mix SQL easily. It is easy to install.


Release Notes: Bugs were fixed. The predicate(_table_quote) was deleted. Predicates(_db_quote, _db_default_quote) were added.

Download Website 13 Sep 21:10 Seeks 0.3.5a


Seeks is a Web search proxy, meta-search engine, and real-time P2P pattern matching network for social Web search. Its specific purpose is to regroup users whose queries are similar so they can share both the query results and their experience with these results. On this basis, Seeks allows true real-time, decentralized Web search to emerge. In the long term, there is no need for Web crawlers and third-party Web indexes. Most importantly, Seeks is intended to become a flagship for a fair, transparent, user controlled machinery for searching the Web over the Internet.

Release Notes: This releases fixes a couple of memory leaks and improves some error logs. Overall, it is more stable and production ready.

No download Website 13 Sep 21:09 Continuation Passing C 0.1.1


CPC (Continuation Passing C) is a programming language designed for writing concurrent systems. The CPC programmer manipulates very lightweight threads, choosing whether they should be cooperatively or preemptively scheduled at any given point; the CPC program is then processed by the CPC translator, which produces highly efficient event-loop code. This approach gives the best both worlds: the relative convenience of programming with threads, and the low memory usage of event-loop code. The semantics of CPC is defined as a source-to-source translation from CPC into plain C using a technique known as conversion into Continuation Passing Style. The current implementation of CPC has been used to write Hekate, a BitTorrent seeder designed to handle millions of simultaneous torrents and tens of thousands of simultaneously connected peers.

Release Notes: This release fixes compilation issues with Ocaml 3.12. It fixes compilation issues with flexlink (Windows).

Download Website 13 Sep 13:11 Fork CMS 2.6.8


Fork CMS is dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor, and update your website. It is designed to be the CMS of choice for beginners and professionals.

Release Notes: This minor release includes some tiny improvements which should improve the user experience. The list of links in the TinyMCE link manager now has the same order as the site structure. Mail which is sent through the form builder module will now contain the site's title. The schema file is now updated to reflect all changes that were done in the past. When you delete a draft in the blog module, no errors are triggered now. Deleting categories now takes the blog status in account. Permission management is now working in Chrome.

Download Website 13 Sep 13:07 ZXTune b1316


ZXTune is a set of portable cross-platform applications (GUI/CLI) intended to play chiptunes. It features advanced ripping possibilities that let you search for music in big data sets. Supported ZX Spectrum chiptunes formats include AY, AS0/ASC, FTC, GTR, PSC, PSG, PSM, PT1, PT2, PT3, SQT, ST1, ST3, STC, STP, TXT, TurboSound, VTX, YM, CHI, DMM, DST, PDT, SQD, STR, TF0/TFE, TFC, TFD, and COP. The Commodore64 SID format is supported. Supported PC chiptunes formats include 669, AMF, DMF, FAR, FNK, GDM, IMF, IT, LIQ, PSM, MDL, MTM, PTM, RTM, S3M, STIM, STM, STX, ULT, XM. Supported Amiga chiptune formats include DBM, EMOD, MOD, MTN, IMS, MED, OKT, PT36, SFX. Supported Atari chiptune formats include DTM, GTK, TCB. The Acorn chiptune format DTT is supported. Supported compressed formats include CHARPRES, CC3, CC4, CC4PLUS, DSQ, ESV, GAM, GAMPLUS, HRUM, HRUST1, HRUST2, LZH1, LZH2, LZS, MSP, PACK2, PCD61, PCD62, TLZ, TLZP, TRUSH. Supported archived/container formats include FDI, HOBETA, HRIP, LHA, RAW, SCL, TD0, TRD, ZXZIP, ZIP, RAR, SNA128, and Z80.

Release Notes: This release adds support for RAR archives (ver2 and non-solid only), much smoother detection progress, and AY detection fixes.

Download Website 13 Sep 13:06 Aspose.Pdf for .NET 6.2.0


Aspose.Pdf is a .NET PDF component to write PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports form field creation, document, text and page properties, color space, text, heading, and attachment settings. It lets you create PDF documents by using its API with XML templates and XSL-FO files. It also converts HTML, XSL-FO, and MS Word to PDF. Other features include image formats and security features, hyperlinks, the ability to add footnotes, automatic fitting to content in a table, decimal Tab stops, HTML tags, and keeping paragraphs together when breaking pages.

Release Notes: PDF-to-image conversion performance has been improved in this version, along with enhanced shading while rendering images. Adding images in the PDF file is a common requirement which is supported by Aspose.Pdf for .NET. However, in this version, the image placement feature has been further enhanced. The features to extract, replace, or delete images are also improved. Setting brightness using the TiffSettings class while converting PDFs to TIFF images also gives better results now. Various form fields including the text box, the list box, the radio button, the check box, and the button have been improved.

Download Website 13 Sep 12:19 OpenCAN 0.7


OpenCAN is a software platform for interacting with various Controller Area Network (CAN or CANbus) devices. It provides an abstract C++ interface that can be used to control CAN devices. Support for specific devices can be written as plugins, and then loaded through a simple API call. Each component is cross-platform, enabling the efficient development of CAN software on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Release Notes: This release introduced run-time support for switching between CAN 2.0b extended and standard frames, as well as several bugfixes. A bug in the Windows PCAN plugin that would cause a device to continuously send a single message was fixed, and a confusing compiler warning when using the MingW compiler on Windows was removed.

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