2011 / August / 29 (28 releases)

29 August 2011

Download Website 29 Aug 20:15 NanoNote Firmware 2011-08-27


NanoNote Firmware is the OpenWRT-based firmware that comes with newly manufactured Ben NanoNote computers. The Ben NanoNote is a small hand-held computer featuring GPL-licensed designs and schematics.

Release Notes: This release is the first one based on OpenWRT trunk, updating most of the software and toolchain to the bleeding edge. Other additions include a subversion client, the powerful ASE drawing program, guitar tuning software, and the Allegro Game Library (and with it the Alex-4 jump'n'run game). Emacs is finally in a usable state, starting up within only a few seconds.

No download Website 29 Aug 20:10 Curses Command Front-end 1.51


CCFE is a simple tool to quickly supply an interactive screen-oriented interface to command line scripts and commands. It prompts users for the information needed to run the commands, and can be programmed with your preferred shell to provide predefined selections and run-time defaults. It also provides a menu system to hierarchically organize them and a viewer to browse the standard output and standard error of invoked scripts or commands.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug: log file mode forced to 0600. It adds a "persist" field attribute to save the field value between CCFE executions. It adds "PERS_WRITE_ERROR_TITLE" and "PERS_WRITE_ERROR_MSG" in the messages definition file. Some changes were made to ccfe(1), ccfe_form(5), and ccfe_menu(5) manual pages.

Download Website 29 Aug 20:08 slkbuild 0.8.6


slkbuild is a script inspired by makepkg from Arch that greatly simplifies the package building process in Slackware and derivatives. It parses an easy-to-create SLKBUILD meta-file and from that creates a conventional build script that follows all of the Slackware packaging standards and that can be run on its own. The advantage of using slkbuild is that it ensures package uniformity and allows for an easy-to-edit meta-file in the event that one might require customization or might need to update the script for new releases. It also makes the build process much quicker, since it takes care of downloading the source, untarring, gzipping man and info pages, stripping binaries, making sure that the menu entry for a graphical application is compliant, as well as a host of other things.

Release Notes: This release add support for extracting rar source archives.

No download Website 29 Aug 20:08 GoAnywhere Services 2.5.0


GoAnywhere Services allows trading partners and employees to securely connect to your organization and easily download or upload files. Popular file transfer and encryption standards are supported without the need for proprietary client software. It supports FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, and HTTPS, provides a pure Web client for simple file transfers, includes event triggers based on user-defined conditions, generates detailed audit logs and alert messages, provides trading partners with account wizards and permission controls, features an intuitive browser-based interface for remote administration and monitoring, and requires no programming or special skills.


Release Notes: This release adds a new AS2 service module for receiving EDI documents and other files from trading partners. The AS2 module is fully RFC-compliant with support for MDN receipts, encryption, data compression, certificate authentication, and detailed audit logs. Administrators can now monitor users' activity in real time using any device with browser access including mobile phones and tablets, and have greater control over features like password permissions and the termination of any users' session with one mouse click. The Web Client also features improved usability features.

No download Website 29 Aug 20:07 itch41 0.1


itch41 parses a file of level 3 NASDAQ stock exchange data, such as ftp://emi.nasdaq.com/ITCH/S030711-v41.txt.gz. This is mainly for demonstration purposes, lacking column domains, column constraints, data validation, timestamp calculations, stock symbol lookup for execution/cancel/delete messages, derived columns (e.g. for partitioning), and the general kinds of pre-processing one would expect from a production tick data loader.

Release Notes: Initial release.

No download Website 29 Aug 20:07 bfsync 0.1.1


bfsync is a file-synchronization tool that allows you to keep a collection of big files synchronized on many machines. It is built around a FuSE filesystem, so repositories can be mounted and the contents can be viewed and modified via the mount point. A collection of commands like commit/push/pull/put/get can be used to control bfsyncs behaviour, and trigger data / history transfers between machines. In addition to synchronizing files between many machines, bfsync can also be used to store backups.

Release Notes: This release has an improved hash cache to make re-hashing a file that has already been hashed before a lot less likely (which means better performance). It fixes minor problems in the check, get, and repo-files commands.

Download Website 29 Aug 15:23 Cheix USB Beta 08


The goal of Cheix USB is a Linux image executing from a USB storage device into a running OS, either Linux or Windows, so that the host machine does not have to support booting from the USB device. The root filesystem and boot partitions are read-only to preserve the USB device. All writes are done in a tmpfs. The only writes to the USB storage device are those explicitly made by the user. Cheix's ISO can currently be used to create either a bootable USB or a hard-drive installation.


Release Notes: Refinements were made to cheix_home and cheix_storage.

Download No website 29 Aug 15:23 schily 2011-08-29


The "Schily" Tool Box is a set of tools written or managed by Jörg Schilling. It includes programs like: cdrecord, cdda2wav, readcd, mkisofs, smake, bsh, btcflash, calc, calltree, change, compare, count, cpp (K&R original), devdump, hdump, isodebug, isodump, isoinfo, isovfy, label, mt, p, patch, sccs, scgcheck, scpio, sdd, sfind, sformat, smake, sh (Bourne Shell), star, star_sym, suntar, gnutar, tartest, termcap, and ved.

Release Notes: Some additional portability enhancements were made for compiling with MSC on Win-DOS. SCCS was enhanced to SCCS-v5.03 plus some new states, such as a new program sccscvt to convert SCCS v4 history files to SCCS v6 history files.

No download Website 29 Aug 15:22 Lua OS 0.7


Lua OS combines a full-featured desktop Linux system with a next-generation scripting environment based on a variant of Lua. The next-generation architecture enables features such as full-system hibernation, logging, replayability, mobility, and flexible security management.


Release Notes: This version introduces system-wide orthogonal persistence. All regular Safe Lua apps are persisted continuously, including code, data, and GUI (the latter is still being worked on). No user-supplied persistence handling code is required. Also, this release features a full-screen mode and faster inter-sandbox communication.

Download Website 29 Aug 15:21 moneyGuru 2.3.11


moneyGuru is a personal finance management application. It allows you to evaluate your financial situation so that you can make informed (and thus better) decisions. Most finance applications have the same goal, but moneyGuru's difference is in the way it achieves it. Rather than having reports which you have to configure (or find out which pre-configured report is the right one), your important financial data (net worth, profit) is constantly up-to-date and "in your face". This allows you to constantly make informed decision rather than doing so periodically.

Release Notes: Mac OS X Lion compatibility was improved. A crash on tab switching was fixed.

Download Website 29 Aug 15:20 Fimex 0.31


Fimex is a the File Interpolation, Manipulation, and EXtraction library for gridded geospatial data. It converts between different, extensible data formats (currently netcdf, NcML, grib1/2, metgm, wdb, and felt). It enables you to change the projection and interpolation of scalar and vector grids. It makes it possible to subset the gridded data and to extract only parts of the files. For simple usage, Fimex also comes with the command line program fimex.


Release Notes: During interpolations, fimex generates new axes. The data-types of the new axes are now configurable and use the formerly fixed double-type as default. The ncml-output with the --reader.printNcML output is now nicely indented and has the official NcML root element. In addition, the printNcML option now allows an output file as an argument. A typographic error disabling all global attributes from wdb-data has been fixed. Error-messages of the MetGM/STANAG reader and writer have been improved, and the format is now ready for production use.

Download No website 29 Aug 15:20 WebFloor 1.4.0


WebFloor is a Web application framework built on top of OfficeFloor. It enables Java Web development integration with WYSIWYG Web design tools, such as DreamWeaver. WebFloor keeps the two loosely coupled by using only the following within HTML pages: ${property}, #{link}, and <!-- {section} --> (i.e. no special tags are required). This means that graphic designers can work with tools such as DreamWeaver, and Java developers can work with Eclipse, allowing both to integrate their work to create well presented and functional Web applications.

Release Notes: Comet (AJAX push / reverse AJAX) functionality was added for the GWT client - OfficeFloorComet API. The client functionality is supported on the server side by a simple publish API that encapsulates a highly scalable threading implementation. Applications built will not need to deal with the complexities of Comet, as on the server side is a simple publish API, while on the client side only a consumer POJO implementation is required.

Download No website 29 Aug 14:51 Modoboa 0.8.6


Modoboa is a Web based application to create, administrate, and use virtual domain hosting platforms. Modoboa stores its data in a SQL backend (like MySQL or PostgreSQL). Using this database, you can integrate Modoboa with other mail components, such as Postfix or Dovecot.

Release Notes: External LDAP authentication is supported. The quarantine plugin was enhanced and refactored. Bugs were fixed.

Download Website 29 Aug 12:20 DocumentBurster 5.1.2


DocumentBurster is a tool for report distribution: split, merge, email, and FTP your reports. It has report delivery for Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting Services, MS Access, Cognos, PeopleSoft, and SAP. It has report bursting for Pentaho, JasperReports, and BIRT. It can upload reports to MS SharePoint.

Release Notes: This release upgrades the Maven build to work with Maven 3.

No download Website 29 Aug 12:19 YAGF 0.8.7


YAGF is a graphical frontend for the cuneiform and tesseract OCR tools. It lets you open already scanned image files or obtain new images via XSane (scanning results are automatically passed to YAGF). Once you have a scanned image you can prepare it for recognition, select particular image areas for recognition, set the recognition language and so on. Recognized text is displayed in an editor window where it can be spell-checked, corrected, saved to disk, or copied to clipboard. YAGF also provides some facilities for a multi-page recognition.

Release Notes: The Tesseract OCR tool is supported. Importing pages from PDF documents is supported.

Download Website 29 Aug 12:18 LiVES 1.4.6


LiVES is a simple to use yet powerful video effects, editing, conversion, and playback system aimed at the digital video artist and VJ. It runs under Linux, BSD, Mac OS X/Darwin, IRIX, and openMosix. It is frame and sample accurate, can handle almost all types of video, and is fully extendable through plugins and the included plugin builder tool. It can also be controlled remotely using OSC.

Release Notes: A hang when applying effects to a single frame in a virtual clip was fixed. Decoding changes were made for some Ogg/Theora files with broken keyframes. Several new OMC commands were added for remote interrogation of effect parameters. Support was added for frei0r 1.2 plugins and various other minor fixes were made.

Download Website 29 Aug 12:17 NumLockX 1.2


NumLockX turns on NumLock after starting X.

Release Notes: The build system was updated for recent distributions.

No download Website 29 Aug 09:12 BabelWeb 0.2.2


Babelweb is a Web-based monitoring tool for the Babel routing daemon. It reads informations from babeld through a local-interface socket and displays graphs and tables on a dynamic Web page.

Release Notes: A security vulnerability was fixed by refusing to run the program as root.

Download Website 29 Aug 09:10 Malheur 0.5.2


Malheur is a tool for the automatic analysis of malware behavior (program behavior recorded from malicious software in a sandbox environment). It is designed to support the regular analysis of malicious software and the development of detection and defense measures. It allows for identifying novel classes of malware with similar behavior and assigning unknown malware to discovered classes. It can be applied to recorded program behavior of various formats as long as monitored events are separated by delimiter symbols, e.g. as in reports generated by the popular malware sandboxes CWSandbox, Anubis, Norman Sandbox, and Joebox.

Release Notes: Another major bug due to libconfig changes has been fixed.

Download No website 29 Aug 09:10 Aspose.OCR for .NET 1.1.0


Aspose.OCR for .NET is a character recognition component built to allow developers to add OCR functionality in their ASP .NET Web applications, Web services, and applications. It provides a simple set of classes for controlling character recognition tasks and supports BMP and TIFF.

Release Notes: This release supports French and Spanish text and allows you to extract French or Spanish text from BMP and TIFF images. This release also supports Calibri, Tahoma, Verdana, and Courier New fonts. You can extract text that uses these font families from BMP and TIFF images when the font size is 32pt or within 20% larger or smaller. The accuracy of the extracted text is above 90% and is 100% in some cases. This release also includes a new API to set image rotation configuration, which helps in extracting rotated text from the images. Other recent bugs were fixed.

Download Website 29 Aug 09:01 coccigrep 0.9


Coccigrep is a semantic grep for the C language. It can be used to find where in code files a given structure is used or where one of its attributes is used, set, or used in a test.

Release Notes: This release introduces a concurrency level to speed up the looking process on multi-core systems. An emacs mode has been added to provide a coccigrep command in the editor. Integration into vim is now done via a plugin. This version also adds a configuration file system to store user settings, among them the path to a directory containing custom match files.

Download Website 29 Aug 09:00 Snort 2.9.1


Snort is a network intrusion detection and prevention system. It is the most widely deployed technology of its kind in the world. It performs detection using a variety of methods including rules-based detection, anomaly detection, and heuristic analysis of network traffic. Its rules language is open source and available to the public as well.


Release Notes: This release introduces a number of new capabilities, updates, and improvements over the previous version, including major preprocessor and rule option features and fixes.

Download Website 29 Aug 09:00 tig 0.18


Tig is an ncurses-based text-mode interface for git. It functions mainly as a git repository browser, but can also assist in staging changes for commit at chunk level and act as a pager for output from various git commands.

Release Notes: This release brings several diff and blame view improvements, as well as a handful of bug fixes. It also marks that the tig repository now sports 1001 commits.

Download No website 29 Aug 08:59 USL 3.6.5


USL is an object-oriented scripting language written with C++ and compiled on both Linux and Windows. Without a script provided, USL is an interactive interpreter and programmable command shell. There is no socket programming with USL. USL is intended for general purpose scripting in local systems.


Release Notes: This release fixes the way if-blocks are executed. The following keywords were added: "thread" (only for Win32 currently), "method", "object", "list", and ";;" (to end the definition of a method, object, thread, or template).

Download No website 29 Aug 08:56 MySmartBB 2.0.0 ALPHA 4


MySmartBB is a bulletin board system that aims to be powerful, secure, and use as few server resources as possible.

Release Notes: Important improvements were made in the code. Bugs were fixed. The plugin system was introduced.

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