2011 / July (1032 releases)

July 2011

Download No website 26 Jul 13:05 BtBatStat 0.3


BtBatStat is a simple OS X app that shows the battery status of your Apple bluetooth mouse and keyboard in the menu bar. It supports the Apple BT keyboard, Apple Mighty Mouse, Apple Magic Mouse, and the Apple Magic Trackpad.


Release Notes: An issue where the context menu stopped working after a device reconnected was fixed. An icon was added to show when no device is found.

No download Website 26 Jul 13:01 Pomm Beta-2


Pomm is an object oriented database access framework. It is not an ORM, it is an Object Model Manager. It offers an alternative approach from an ORM to using databases in Web development. It allows developers to leverage PostgreSQL's features to shape data structures which fit business processes while keeping an eye on performance.

Release Notes: This release proposes new converters for PostgreSQL's geometric types, segment and circle. The HStore converter can now handle null inside the key => value store. The old Integer converter has been renamed to Number because it also manages float and decimal types. Tests now cover converters and types.

Download Website 26 Jul 13:00 BalanceNG 3.273


BalanceNG is a modern, IPv6 capable software IP load balancing solution. It is small, fast, and easy to use and set up. It offers session persistence, different distribution methods (Round Robin, Random, Weighted Random, Least Session, Least Bandwidth, Hash, Agent, and Randomized Agent) and a customizable UDP health check agent in source code. It supports VRRP to set up high availability configurations on multiple nodes. It supports SNMP, integrating the BALANCENG-MIB with Net-SNMPD. It implements a very fast in-memory IP-to-location database, allowing powerful location-based server load-balancing.


Release Notes: A message queue has been implemented for the "bngfilt" STREAMS module included with BalanceNG for Solaris. Upgrading is strongly recommended for SPARC systems with poor single thread performance (like UltraSPARC T1 and T2).

Download Website 26 Jul 07:53 Clonezilla live-stable 1.2.9-19


Clonezilla is a partition or disk cloning tool similar to Symantec Ghost. It saves and restores only blocks in use on the hard drive if the file system is supported. For unsupported file systems, dd is used instead. It has been used to clone a 5 GB system to 40 clients in about 10 minutes.

Release Notes: The underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded. This release is based on the Debian Sid repository (as of 2011/Jul/22). The Brazilian Portuguese language was added. The Linux kernel was updated to 2.6.39-3. Partclone was updated to 0.2.24. Pbzip2 was updated to 1.1.4. The Samba file system with hidden shares can now be assigned in the "ocs_prerun" boot parameter. Xz compression is now used instead of gzip when making the squashfs, reducing the Clonezilla live ISO and zip file by about 31 MB. A bug that caused disk-to-disk clone to fail was fixed.

Download Website 26 Jul 04:58 WebGUI 7.10.21


WebGUI is a content management framework built to allow average business users to build and maintain complex Web sites. It is modular, pluggable, and platform independent. It was designed to allow the people who create the content to manage it online, rather than content management taking up the time of busy IT staff. WebGUI comes with a full host of features including shopping cart, subscriptions, forums, photo galleries, FAQs, link lists, blogs, SQL reports, a Web services interface, and a very configurable user privilege and profiling system.

Release Notes: This beta release contains fixes for the forum email notification template and a bad link to a JavaScript file in the JsonTable form plugin. WebGUI now depends on a new Perl module, Kwargs.

No download Website 26 Jul 04:58 FmPro Migrator 6.01


FmPro Migrator migrates FileMaker databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL and FrontBase. Perl CGI scripts are generated for each FileMaker layout within the database, and include customized data entry and data validation for each layout field. FileMaker to FileMaker 7/8/9/10 table consolidations are also supported, thus enabling developers to take advantage of the new FileMaker 7+ security model. Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and Bento files can also be migrated to FileMaker 7/8/9/10/11. FileMaker Pro layouts are migrated to PHP, LiveCode, Servoy, and Access Forms/Reports.


Release Notes: The PHP Conversion feature now has improved escaping of characters for buttons and text labels, improved security of generated code with the Security component, improved generated objects within Tab Controls, a check for 56 CakePHP reserved words in the preflight test, a $primaryKey column in Model files, and the removal of the requirement to have each table PK column named as "ID". An issue which caused jqGrid objects to display an error message in found set mode was fixed.

Download Website 26 Jul 04:56 MDIFramework 0.4.10


MDIFramework provides a ready-to-use architecture to ease the creation MDI-style applications in Java. It takes care of the overall architecture of the main window of the application, with a tabbed architecture, the presence of an HTML printable message area, and so on. It provides a generic API to manage lengthy actions, keeping the interface responsive, and taking care that actions are performed one at a time, without having to bother about it. It can add metadata to already opened files. It manages loading and unloading of external plugins at runtime.

Release Notes: It is now ensured that the Preferences root is cleared before serializing preferences when quitting the application.

Download No website 26 Jul 04:56 MDIUtilities 0.4.10


MDIUtilities provides a set of utility classes that can be used for desktop application development. It contains a network preferences implementation, XML utility classes, geometry utility classes, additional Swing classes, and other miscellaneous classes.

Release Notes: It is now ensured that the Preferences root is cleared before serializing preferences when quitting the application.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:59 2DECOMP&FFT 1.3.319


The 2DECOMP&FFT library is a software framework in Fortran to build large-scale parallel applications. It is designed for applications using three-dimensional structured mesh and spatially implicit numerical algorithms. At the foundation, it implements a general-purpose 2D pencil decomposition for data distribution on distributed-memory platforms. On top, it provides a highly scalable and efficient interface to perform three-dimensional distributed FFTs.

Release Notes: An IBM ESSL implementation of the FFT library. A new FFTW implementation using FFTW 3.3 beta1.

Download No website 25 Jul 22:52 Simple Chrono 1_0_0_7


Simple Chrono aims at being easy to use, with its minimalist but user-friendly interface. You can measure time, get several times, save all this in a text file, or just copy it into the clipboard easily.

Release Notes: A big effort has been made to clean up the code. The about box has been edited and now points to the official Web site. But the main effort resides in the Linux version. The project now compiles and runs on a Linux system. The Linux version also benefits from a totally rebuilt interface. As the graphical result is not really what was expected, a GTK# version is being considered.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:51 The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale 0.0.1


The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale is a little strategy or city-building game. The player constructs and manages a dwarven settlement. The Golden Hasweg: A Dwarven Tale uses a roguelike theme.

Release Notes: This is the initial alpha release. The game has no real goal and no winning condition at the moment. You can let your dwarves dig mountains, cut trees, construct buildings, and produce furniture. Saving is not possible.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:31 anyRemote 5.4.1


anyRemote provides remote control service on Linux through Bluetooth, infrared, Wi-Fi, or any TCP/IP connection. It supports a wide range of modern cellphones. It provides a thin communication layer and could be configured to manage almost any software.

Release Notes: This release has a small bugfix. A configuration file for CMUS was added.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:30 cego 2.10.12


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: This release has a fix for aggregation queries and a change in the client profile format.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:30 ultimix 1.5.86


Ultimix is a framework for developing Web-based applications (CMS, portals, ERPs, etc.) It includes multi-language support, permits management, an MVC mini framework, package structure, a template engine, a Javascript library, a simple GUI library, a caching system, and CAPTCHA.


Release Notes: The macro 'user_list' was improved. Front page macro visualization was improved. A new data type was added to the 'security' package 'script'. An error in the template settings saving script was fixed. An error in jslib was fixed. An error in data_form.js was fixed. The documentation was updated.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:29 raps2 0.53


raps2 is a simple password safe. You give it a name, a password, and optional metadata, and it will encrypt and store them for you. It uses Eksblowfish for crypto, which offers a configurable key setup time, so you can make it as slow as you want. Each password is saved in a separate file, making it easy to track them in version control.

Release Notes: This release adds the --chrome and --xclip-cmd options to make "raps2 get" work with the Chrome browser.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:28 C++ Sockets


C++ Sockets is a cross-platform C++ wrapper for BSD-style sockets. It implements the TCP, UDP, ICMP, and SCTP transport layer protocols. Implemented application layer protocols are HTTP/HTTPS (using OpenSSL), SMTP (server), and Ajp/1.3 (server). Features include transparent SOCKS4 client support and asynchronous DNS. Included in the library are a number of HTTP client functions such as GET/PUT/POST, and also Web server framework components.

Release Notes: A timing problem has been solved in detached sockets. More configure options have been added. Lost state flags are now retrieved in sockethandler. The AJP client socket has been updated. The JSON parser has been updated.

Download No website 25 Jul 22:26 todoyu 2.1.1


todoyu is a powerful project and task management system. The core features are project handling, time tracking, time sheets, resource management, calendar, customizable reporting, keeping track of communication and decisions, invoicing directly from tracked time, and address management of customers and employees. It improves billing accuracy and timeliness, and removes risk from the billing process. A todoyu customer's clients get visibility into the project work done on their behalf. The system is extensible with additional modules. The system is completely Web based and translated in 12 languages.

Release Notes: Fixes and improvements in the basic extensions and the core. This is a maintenance release.

Download No website 25 Jul 22:25 PyCant


PyCant helps Python developers manipulate test records from IPL Cantata++, which provides unit and integration testing for software projects. Merging, splitting, and summarizing test records are the most common operations.

Release Notes: Some renaming has been done to enhance readability. The project class has been merged into the TestResult class.

No download Website 25 Jul 22:25 Genit 0.4


Genit is a framework that builds a static Web site, which does not require a server side programming language or database. Generated sites consist only of XHTML code (plus CSS and media). It runs from the command line, is based on XML, and is designed to be simple, readable, and minimalist.

Release Notes: This is mostly an internal maintenance release. It adds a better smoke test and some basic user documentation. It uses a simple project file and clamp as the command line framework. You can find the documentation on the project wiki.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:24 Clam AntiVirus 0.97.2


Clam AntiVirus is an anti-virus toolkit designed especially for email scanning on mail gateways. It provides a number of utilities, including a flexible and scalable multi-threaded daemon, a commandline scanner, and a tool for automatic database updates. The core of the package is an anti-virus engine available as a shared library.

Release Notes: This release fixes problems with the bytecode engine, Safebrowsing detection, hash matcher, and other minor issues.

Download Website 25 Jul 22:24 Elefant CMS 0.9.5-beta


Elefant is a full-featured, but refreshingly simple CMS and PHP Web framework. It features an intuitive, streamlined admin interface, a tightly integrated WYSIWYG editor, dynamically embeddable content objects for building dynamic Web sites without touching code, and an extremely fast, secure, and flexible framework for add-ons and themes. The core CMS includes page editing, a blogging engine, site navigation, file and user management, automatic version control, a tool for translators and multilingual site management, and an in-browser theme/layout editor. It is also extensively documented and has a small but friendly and active developer community.


Release Notes: This release adds visual notifications using jGrowl that help eliminate extra clicks in the editing flow, several improvements to the Web installer, a new photo gallery handler, input validation for dynamically embedded objects in the WYSIWYG editor, and other minor fixes.

No download No website 25 Jul 22:23 Murmur 2011-07-25


Murmur is a C++ fork/rewrite of the smhasher project to bring Murmurhash v.3 to the Linux shell and to the PHP scripting language.

Release Notes: Updated to revision 136 of MurmurHash3 (marked as final).

Download Website 25 Jul 22:22 phpMyAdmin 3.4.4-rc1


phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

Release Notes: A problem with an invalid escape sequence in the SQL parser was fixed.

Download Website 25 Jul 14:50 Suricata 1.0.5


Suricata is an Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) engine developed by the Open Information Security Foundation and its supporting vendors. The engine is multi-threaded and has native IPv6 support, file extraction capabilities, and many more features. It's capable of loading existing Snort rules and signatures, and supports many frontends through Barnyard2.

Release Notes: A stream engine bug was fixed. Various issues found by the Coverity source code analyzers were fixed.

Download Website 25 Jul 13:11 DocumentBurster 4.6.1


DocumentBurster is a tool for report distribution: split, merge, email, and FTP your reports. It has report delivery for Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting Services, MS Access, Cognos, PeopleSoft, and SAP. It has report bursting for Pentaho, JasperReports, and BIRT. It can upload reports to MS SharePoint.

Release Notes: This release adds support for uploading PeopleSoft reports by FTPS.

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