2011 / July / 9 (20 releases)

9 July 2011

Download Website 09 Jul 21:30 VBoxAdm 0.1.4


VBoxAdm is a Web-based management tool for Postfix. It handles virtual domains and aliases, and provides a vacation auto-responder and a spam scanning SMTP proxy for use as a Postfix pre-queue filter.

Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed. A new Logger class was introduced.

Download Website 09 Jul 21:29 FileMyFiles 2.4.1


With one click, FileMyFiles will organize all of the files on your desktop. There are powerful options to change file and folder names. It will uninstall applications and all of their related files and folders. It can selectively delete just some of the files and folders from the trash. It can also be scheduled to keep all of your important folders organized. Files are sorted and put into folders according to eight categories of file types: Words, Images, Audio, Compressed, Data, Layout, Video, and Web. FileMyFiles will keep all of your files organized, leaving your desktop and other important folders uncluttered and your files easy to find.

Release Notes: FileMyFiles is now compatible with Lion (OS X 10.7). The .epub eBook format has been added to the default file types list.

Download Website 09 Jul 21:29 flpsed 0.5.3


flpsed is a WYSIWYG PostScript annotator. You can't actually edit existing documents, but you can add arbitrary text lines to existing documents. Added lines can later be re-edited with flpsed. Using pdftops, flpsed can import PDF documents and also add text to them. It is useful for filling in forms, adding notes, etc. In batch mode, it can be used to automate form filling.

Release Notes: Some minor bugs and glitches have been fixed.

Download Website 09 Jul 21:27 Sally 0.6.2


Sally is a tool for mapping a set of strings to a set of vectors. This mapping is referred to as embedding and allows techniques of machine learning and data mining to be applied for the analysis of string data. It can be used with data such as text documents, DNA sequences, or log files. The vector space model or bag-of-words model is used. Strings are characterized by a set of features, where each feature is associated with one dimension of the vector space. Occurrences of the features in each string are counted. Alternatively, binary or TF-IDF values can be computed. Vectors can be output in plain text, LibSVM, or Matlab format.

Release Notes: Support for the clustering software CLUTO has been added as a new output module. The documentation has been extended.

Download No website 09 Jul 21:26 KnProxy 4.24


KnProxy is a small PHP based Web proxy that makes use of the cURL module built into PHP. It uses limited server resources while still maintaining performance. KnProxy is aimed to be easy to use and does not inject information into Web pages. It returns the Web page as is, only changing the links to the resources to be proxied. The URL is obfuscated to prevent tracking or URL filtering. KnProxy has extended support for AJAX calls and JavaScript. This tool can be useful in places where the Internet is not as free as intended. It is also good for bypassing school or office firewalls. It is especially optimized to get past the GFW of China.


Release Notes: Support for GET method forms is allowed. Address encryption salt was changed. Support for proxying of YouTube videos was also implemented.

Download Website 09 Jul 21:24 tmux 1.5


tmux is a "terminal multiplexer". It allows a number of terminals (or windows) to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal. It is intended to be a simple, modern, BSD-licensed alternative to programs such as GNU screen.

Release Notes: One global stack is now used instead of a per-session stack of buffers. Thus, copy-buffer was removed and buffer-limit is now a server option. The most-recently-used choice was fixed. capture-pane is allowed to capture the history. The window can be changed by using the mouse wheel over the status line. When mode-mouse is on, copy mode is automatically entered. The options mouse-resize-pane and bell-on-alert were added. A crash was fixed by resetting the last pane on {break,swap}-pane across windows. A respawn-pane command was added. Support was added for setting the xterm clipboard. The initial context on prompts is allowed to be set. Sending data to suspended or locked clients is avoided.

Download Website 09 Jul 21:21 Thumbnailator 0.3.6


Thumbnailator is a thumbnail generation library with a fluent interface for Java. It simplifies the process of producing thumbnails from existing image files and image objects by providing an API which allows for fine tuning of thumbnail generation, while keeping the amount of code that needs to be written to a minimum.

Release Notes: An issue where a thumbnail was being incorrectly written if the destination file already exists was resolved.

Download Website 09 Jul 21:21 python-stdnum 0.5


python-stdnum is a Python module to parse, validate, and reformat standard numbers and codes in different formats. It supports a large number of number formats, including: ISBN (International Standard Book Number), ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), BSN (Burgerservicenummer, the Dutch national identification number), EAN (International Article Number), SSN (U.S. Social Security Number), IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), IBAN (International Bank Account Number), and more.


Release Notes: This release adds support for the EAN (International Article Number), includes some refactoring of the ISBN and ISMN checks to use the EAN check digit code, and adds a conversion from ISSN to EAN (ISBN-13 and ISMN-13 should already be an EAN). This release should also work on Python3 with the same code base and includes compatibility improvements for Python 2.5.

Download Website 09 Jul 21:04 curl and libcurl 7.21.7


curl and libcurl is a tool for transferring files using URL syntax. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, TFTP, DICT, TELNET, LDAP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, RTSP, RTMP, and FILE, as well as HTTP-post, HTTP-put, cookies, FTP upload, resumed transfers, passwords, port numbers, SSL certificates, Kerberos, and proxies. It is powered by libcurl, the client-side URL transfer library. There are bindings to libcurl for about 40 languages and environments.

Release Notes: A security bug regarding inappropriate GSSAPI delegation was fixed. Other minor fixes were also done.

Download Website 09 Jul 21:03 Blender 2.58a


Blender is a free 3D animation studio. It includes tools for modeling, sculpting, texturing (painting, node-based shader materials, or UV mapped), UV mapping, rigging and constraints, weight painting, particle systems, simulation (fluids, physics, and soft body dynamics and an external crowd simulator), rendering, node-based compositing, and non linear video editing, as well as an integrated game engine for real-time interactive 3D, and game creation and playback with cross-platform compatibility.

Release Notes: Over 25 bugs and a few regressions were fixed.

Download Website 09 Jul 21:01 Media Server Control Panel 0.6


MSCP (Media Server Control Panel) is a management interface for Icecast2 with comprehensive functionality. An administrator can create users and then edit access rights, set the number of listener slots, enable or disable AutoDJ, etc. Users may change several parameters of the Icecast2 server and the AutoDJ via a Web-based interface. Audio compression formats supported by the AutoDJ are MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC. MSCP does not require an SQL server and runs on an independent Web server. It also sets Icecast2 to Shoutcast-compatible mode.

Release Notes: This release adds an Upgrade/Repair option to the installer. Relay settings were added to the "Icecast2 Server Settings" page. Some minor bugs were fixed in the Admin page.

Download Website 09 Jul 20:59 boinc 2.15


boinc can be used as a console tool to display information about BOINC projects and working units. It can also be used to start or stop BOINC.


Release Notes: This version deals with the new fraction_done parameter in the 6.12 client.

Download Website 09 Jul 18:28 configure 0.0.7


The configure project is a Makefile generator which uses project description files to create simple Makefiles. It strives to keep the generated code as simple as possible.

Release Notes: Between versions 0.0.2 and 0.0.7 the project gained many features and bugfixes, including support for C/C++, support for phony rules, and platform detection and differentiation.

Download Website 09 Jul 18:26 The Machine Emulator 0.8


The Machine Emulator, or tme, provides a general-purpose framework for computer emulation. The goal is to create a large library of modules, each emulating a specific computer chip, bus, board, etc. These modules offer standard interfaces that allow you to connect them together to create a whole machine emulation with a minimum of effort. It is possible to emulate a Sun 2/120 and a 3/150, both with NetBSD, and a SparcStation 2 with NetBSD or SunOS 4.1.4 (aka Solaris 1.1.2).

Release Notes: Compatibility to the physical machine was enhanced.

Download Website 09 Jul 18:26 OCILIB 3.9.1


OCILIB is a cross-platform Oracle Driver that delivers very fast and reliable access to Oracle databases. It offers a rich, full featured, and easy-to-use API. Written in ISO C on top of OCI, OCILIB runs on all Oracle platforms.

Release Notes: Miscellaneous fixes were made regarding string binds, objects null attribute, and the "returning into" SQL clause.

Download Website 09 Jul 18:16 MIT Kerberos 1.9.1


MIT Kerberos is an implementation of the Kerberos network authentication protocol. It is designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using secret-key cryptography. Kerberos is available in many commercial products as well.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. The following vulnerabilities have been fixed: kpropd denial of service [MITKRB5-SA-2011-001 CVE-2010-4022], KDC denial of service attacks [MITKRB5-SA-2011-002, CVE-2011-0281 CVE-2011-0282 CVE-2011-0283], KDC double-free when PKINIT enabled [MITKRB5-SA-2011-003 CVE-2011-0284], kadmind frees invalid pointer [MITKRB5-SA-2011-004 CVE-2011-0285].

Download Website 09 Jul 11:45 out2html 11.7


out2html converts program output such as that produced by "git log --color" to colorized HTML. It is useful if you want to publish the output of an automated test script to an internal network.

Release Notes: This is the initial release.

Download Website 09 Jul 11:44 pfcalc 0.5


pfcalc is a portable command line tool used to calculate pipe friction and pressure drop through pipes using the Darcy-Weisbach equation.

Release Notes: An ODF file was added to the doc folder describing the formulae employed by pfcalc. The file is also distributed in PDF format. The friction factor calculation method was changed for Reynolds numbers in the transient range. The friction factor is now found by linear interpolation between the values corresponding to Reynolds numbers 2300 and 4000. A -e option was added for specifying tolerance of iterative solving of the Colebrook-White equation.

Download Website 09 Jul 11:26 ultimix 1.5.74


Ultimix is a framework for developing Web-based applications (CMS, portals, ERPs, etc.) It includes multi-language support, permits management, an MVC mini framework, package structure, a template engine, a Javascript library, a simple GUI library, a caching system, and CAPTCHA.


Release Notes: Errors in the 'user::user_controller' were fixed. A new 'checkbox' setting type was added to the 'settings::settings_view' package. Language files in the 'user::user_view' package were improved. The installation script was improved. The 'settings::settings_controller' package was refactored. Error in the 'data_form' package, the 'forms.js' script, and the 'cached_multy_fs' package were fixed. A new settings form was added. There were also small bugfixes and improvements.

No download Website 09 Jul 11:25 gWaei 3.0.0


gWaei is an easy to use and powerful dictionary program for Japanese to English translation. It organizes results by relevance and supports regex searches, tabs, spell checking, kanji handwriting recognition, and a console interface.

Release Notes: For simplicity, version numbers now reflect the GNOME version that the program is meant to accompany. GTK+ 3.0 is now required. A number of interface elements have been improved. A much more powerful dictionary installation and removal mechanism was implemented, allowing easier installation of custom dictionaries.

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