2011 / June / 7 (50 releases)

7 June 2011

Download Website 07 Jun 23:59 CorneliOS 1.6r7


CorneliOS is an easy-to-use and cross-browser "Web Desktop Environment", "Web Operating System", or "Web Office" that comes with a set of cool applications. It includes a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can easily set up and manage your own website as well as a Database Management System that allows you to rapidly build any kind of database application.


Release Notes: This release offers improved CorneliOS forum and blog apps, new CIOS community layer bookmarking and user photo collage features, various CIOS community layer enhancements, various CIOS app engine enhancements, improved CIOS app ranking code reusability, and updated system images, language kits, and style sheets.

Download Website 07 Jun 23:42 Wireshark 1.6.0


Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer, or "packet sniffer", that lets you capture and interactively browse the contents of network frames. It provides a commercial-quality packet analyzer for Unix, and the most useful packet analyzer on any platform.

Release Notes: Many new features have been added and several bugs have been fixed.

Download No website 07 Jun 23:42 TbsZip 2.7


TbsZip is a PHP class that enables you to read and write Zip archives. The class doesn't require PHP extensions or temporary files. TbsZip can read, add, delete, and modify files stored in an archive. It can even start with an empty archive. The original archive is not modified. The new archive can be saved in the server as a new file, or provided directly as an HTTP download, or even as a binary string. If the Zlib extension is activated in PHP, then TbsZip can automatically compress and uncompress files in the archive.


Release Notes: A PHP error "supplied argument is not a valid stream resource" or "Undefined property: clsOpenTBS::$OutputHandle" may have happened when using Flush(). This has been fixed.

Download Website 07 Jun 23:40 ora2pg 8.4


Ora2Pg is a Perl module to export an Oracle database schema to a PostgreSQL compatible schema. It connects your Oracle database, extracts its structure, and generates an SQL script that you can load into your PostgreSQL database. It dumps the database schema (tables, views, sequences, indexes, grants) with primary, unique, and foreign keys into PostgreSQL syntax without editing the SQL code generated. It also dump Oracle data into PostgreSQL DB as online process or into a file. You can choose what columns can be exported for each table.

Release Notes: This release fixes two minor issues on sequence owner and case sensitivity during check constraints export. Ora2Pg sources have also move from PgFoundry.org to SourceForge.net.

No download Website 07 Jun 23:40 PAGI 1.6


PAGI is a PHP AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) facade with CDR (Call Detail Record), call spool and schedule auto dial, send and receive Fax, channel variables, and caller ID management.

Release Notes: 100% coverage. log() has been removed from PAGIApplication (see the quickstart example).

Download Website 07 Jun 23:36 encapsulate 1


encapsulate provides its client process the same environment it's started in, except for some limitations: encapsulate remounts the whole filesystem read-only, except for user-selectable regions which are mounted read-write. It also isolates the process from the system's process table, network interface, IPC, and shared memory tables.

Release Notes: Compared to the pre-releases it doesn't take a directory where it mounts the new hierarchy anymore, but picks a directory on its own.

No download Website 07 Jun 23:35 sous-marin 07jun11


Sous-marin Linux is a small, pure, individualized Slackware installation system using only scripts and a minimum of resources. Sous-marin's utilities allow you to create an installer CD and tagfiles, choose the minimum of pure Slackware packages you need, and then FTP/HTTP install the system over the Net. It also includes sous-marin tools, formerly SlackBash scripts. These tools allow you to analyze any Slackware installation for missing libraries, files not in packages, packages dependencies, and so forth.


Release Notes: Releases of sm-13.37-10 and smx-13.37-03. Fixes in the slackpkg optional stack. Both package lists have been tested in their new, much smaller installation.

Download No website 07 Jun 23:35 Drizzle 2011.06.19


The Drizzle project is building a database optimized for Cloud and Net applications. It is being designed for massive concurrency on modern multi-CPU/core architectures. The code is originally derived from MySQL.

Release Notes: This release has various bugfixes, continued code refactoring, and the addition of an initial sysbench mode to dbqp.

Download Website 07 Jun 23:34 GTK+ 3.0.11


GTK, which stands for the Gimp ToolKit, is a library for creating graphical user interfaces. It is designed to be small and efficient, but still flexible enough to allow the programmer freedom in the interfaces created. GTK provides some unique features over standard widget libraries.


Release Notes: The look of the custom paper size dialog was modernized. An app chooser was added to the gtk-demo 'Pickers' example. File search was made non-case-sensitive. Further minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 07 Jun 15:04 Atlassian Crucible 2.6


Crucible provides asynchronous, iterative code review in a Web browser, Eclipse, or IntelliJ. You can quickly create reviews by adding changesets, whole files, diffs, or search results from your source code repository for post commit reviews. Alternatively, you can upload patches or whole files to the Web UI or directly from your IDE to start a pre-commit review. Other features include revision updates, inline source commenting, threaded comments with metrics, enhanced views of diffs (partial line changes) with context, keyword expansion and white space control, syntax-highlighted full source, and workflow and notification. Crucible supports Subversion, Perforce, ClearCase, and Git source code repositories, as well as Confluence and traditional file systems. Tight FishEye integration enables even deeper support for Subversion, Perforce, CVS, Git, and Mercurial.

Release Notes: This release provides searching options for reviews and review comments. Also, enterprise database support was added for Oracle and Microsoft SQL server. User management can be delegated via JIRA with improved JIRA integration. HTML emails and improved pre-commit reviews were added.

Download Website 07 Jun 15:01 Atlassian FishEye 2.6


FishEye opens your source code repository to help you understand your code and keep tabs on the people who write it. It lets you view user activity, track code changes, and search and navigate through your repository from any Web browser. Nearly everything in your repository has its own URL, down to every single line of code for every revision. Files, branches, repositories, projects, and even people have their own activity stream. FishEye provides easy navigation, powerful search, historical reporting, configurable file annotation and diff views, changeset analysis, RSS feeds, and integration with JIRA, Crucible, Bamboo, Eclipse, and IntelliJ IDEA. FishEye works with Subversion, CVS, Perforce, Git or Mercurial.

Release Notes: This release provide a Commit Graph, which lets you visualize your repositories and commits with a graphical representation of the source with annotated views of lineage, JIRA issues, and code reviews. Also, there is improved integration with JIRA and FishEye, so you can delegate all user management through JIRA. Search improvements were made. HTML email options were added. Git support (branching) and Mercurial indexing were improved.

Download Website 07 Jun 15:00 Gammu 1.29.93


Gammu (formerly known as MyGnokii2) is a cellular manager for various mobile phones/modems. It supports a wide variety of Nokia, Symbian, and AT devices (Siemens, Alcatel, Falcom, WaveCom, IPAQ, Samsung, SE, and others) over cables, infrared, or BlueTooth. It contains libraries with functions for ringtones, phonebook, SMS, logos, WAP, date/time, alarm, calls, and more (used by external applications like Wammu). It also includes a command line utility that can make many things (including backups) and an SMS gateway with full MySQL and PostgreSQL support from the PHP interface.

Release Notes: Numerous bugs were fixed. The SQL schema was changed again. Hopefully this does not break anything.

Download Website 07 Jun 14:59 QueueMetrics Espresso 0.2


QueueMetrics Espresso is an automated tool to get a working installation of QueueMetrics on the most common Asterisk-based PBXs. It currently supports FreePBX, AsteriskNOW (with FreePBX interface), TrixBox CE, PBX-in-a-Flash, and Elastix 2.

Release Notes: This is the first publicly released version. It installs QueueMetrics 1.7.1.

Download Website 07 Jun 14:46 phpMyAdmin 3.4.2


phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

Release Notes: Unneeded caching of index.php was removed. A problem where a table was dropped regardless of confirmation was fixed. Version number disclosure on the title of the login panel was removed.

No download Website 07 Jun 14:45 Azzyzt JEE Tools 1.2.1


Azzyzt JEE Tools is a set of Eclipse plugins for creating a so-called "azzyzted" project, and for creating code from a model. Azzyzt uses Java JPA entities as a model, and from that model it creates an enterprise application, ready to be deployed in a Java EE 6 application server like GlassFish 3.1, ready to be accessed via CORBA, SOAP, and REST. Thus the generated application is a set of Web services, providing all that you need in a typical CRUD application. Generated enterprise applications have separate source folders for generated and developer-supplied content. You can add your own functionality to a well-engineered base project. Azzyzt JEE Tools is not about user interfaces. It is expected that the generated application is accessed by a RIA frontend or by a fat client.


Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. Upgrading the Eclipse plugin required the user to update the runtime libraries stored in the EAR project's lib directory, but the plugin did not offer any way to do that. The easiest way was just by saving your own sources (entities, persistence.xml, and whatever else you had), creating a new azzyzted project, copying the saved sources into it, and working with the new project. This release gracefully upgrades projects created with all older versions published so far.

Download Website 07 Jun 14:43 LibrePlan 1.1.1


LibrePlan is a Web application for project planning, monitoring, and control. It is a collaborative tool to plan, monitor, and control projects and has a rich Web interface that provides a desktop-like user experience. All the team members can take part in the planning, which makes it possible to have real-time planning. It was designed for a scenario where multiple projects and resources interact to carry out the work inside a company. It makes it possible to communicate with other company tools, providing a wide set of Web services to import and export data.

Release Notes: This is the first minor version for the 1.1.x cycle with lots of bugfixes. Several memory leaks were fixed, which will make the application use less memory now. The log system configuration was improved. A translation issue with some strings in the Gantt view was solved. Some bugs moving tasks due to new dependencies were resolved.

Download Website 07 Jun 14:38 KnowledgeRoot 1.0.0


KnowledgeRoot is a knowledge base system that lets you structure your content in a tree. It integrates FCKeditor to make adding content easy.

Release Notes: This release adds Zend framework and Dojo toolkit, a tree with symlinks, the ability to hide menus. The Dojo RTE is default. A system extension to recover the admin password was added. Icons were enabled in the tree. PHP 5.3 is supported. Different tree order was enabled. Content can be linked to in an email notification. Content can now be moved to different positions on the same page. A print dialog was added. The date of creation for content and default position for contents are now saved.

Download Website 07 Jun 12:28 darkstat 3.0.714


darkstat is an ntop-workalike network statistics gatherer. It runs as a background process on a cable or DSL router, uses libpcap to capture network traffic, and has a Web interface that serves up reports of statistics such as data transferred by host, port, and protocol. It also has a neat bandwidth usage graph.


Release Notes: This release added support for IPv6, binding to multiple addresses, sorting by last seen time, saving of state without resetting it, and use of relative URLs for easier mod_proxying.

Download Website 07 Jun 12:27 Aspose.Pdf for .NET 5.3.0


Aspose.Pdf is a .NET PDF component to write PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports form field creation, document, text and page properties, color space, text, heading, and attachment settings. It lets you create PDF documents by using its API with XML templates and XSL-FO files. It also converts HTML, XSL-FO, and MS Word to PDF. Other features include image formats and security features, hyperlinks, the ability to add footnotes, automatic fitting to content in a table, decimal Tab stops, HTML tags, and keeping paragraphs together when breaking pages.

Release Notes: This release includes some hot fixes of the critical/demanding issues reported earlier, a remarkable improvement while converting TIFF images into PDF files, and enhanced HTML page conversion into PDF format. The product is now more compatible with non-English characters, especially Arabic characters. Some other issues related to Table of Contents are also fixed in this release. Other recent bugs were fixed.

Download Website 07 Jun 12:26 Sympa 6.1.5


Sympa is a scalable and highly customizable mailing list software. It can cope with big lists (780,000 subscribers), and it comes with a complete Web interface for both the user and the administrator. It is internationalized. Sites can customize Web and mail templates, authentication backends, and authorization scenarios. Dynamic mailing lists can use multiple backends (LDAP, SQL, files, lists, or others). Sympa is the only S/MIME and DKIM enabled mailing list software, and it provides both authentication and encryption.

Release Notes: This version includes several bugfixes and a slight change to the SSO connector. It also includes updated translations.

Download Website 07 Jun 12:24 check_openmanage 3.6.8


check_openmanage is a plugin for Nagios that checks the hardware health of Dell servers running OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA). The plugin can be used remotely with SNMP or locally with NRPE, check_by_ssh, or similar. It checks the health of the storage subsystem, power supplies, memory modules, temperature probes, etc., and gives an alert if any of the components are faulty or operate outside normal parameters.

Release Notes: A workaround was added for a rare condition that would lead to failure in blade detection via SNMP.

Download Website 07 Jun 12:23 rsyslog 6.3.1


Rsyslog is an enhanced multi-threaded syslogd. Among others, it offers support for on-demand disk buffering, reliable syslog over TCP, SSL, TLS, and RELP, writing to databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and many more), email alerting, fully configurable output formats (including high-precision timestamps), the ability to filter on any part of the syslog message, on-the-wire message compression, and the ability to convert text files to syslog. It is a drop-in replacement for stock syslogd and able to work with the same configuration file syntax.

Release Notes: A first implementation of a DNS name cache was added. This still has a couple of weaknesses, like no expiration of entries and suboptimal algorithms, but it should perform much better than what there was previously.

Download Website 07 Jun 12:22 Airtime 1.8.2 RC3


Airtime lets you take total control of your radio station via the Web with intelligent archive management, powerful search, an easy playlist builder, a simple scheduling calendar, and rock-solid automated playout. Features include fades, cues, playlists, a programme calendar, Icecast, Shoutcast, and Soundcloud integration, DJ and station manager roles, JQuery widgets, Liquidsoap playout, and a record and rebroadcast functionality. Powerful media archive features 'watch' folders to allow stations to magically synchronize files, auto-import files, and has multiple directory support. Users can interact with it through any Web browser. It comes with an 'easy install' package.


Release Notes: Several stability and bug fixes were made. Incorrect information being occasionally shown in the top panel was fixed. A problem with Record Check box occasionally being greyed-out when creating a new show was fixed. The default genre is now applied to recorded shows correctly. Finally, a problem where shows repeating bi-weekly or monthly did not update properly when edited was fixed. This release candidate is not recommended for production use.

No download Website 07 Jun 12:19 DynamicReports 2.1.0


DynamicReports is a Java reporting library based on JasperReports. It allows you to create dynamic report designs and it doesn't need a visual report designer. You can very quickly create reports and produce documents that can be displayed, printed, or exported into many popular formats such as PDF, Excel, Word, and others.

Release Notes: Support for generating a table of contents was added. The ability to write jasper expressions was added. Minor bug fixes and improvements were made.

Download Website 07 Jun 12:17 Siam Quantum 1.2.4


Siam Quantum (SQ) is a quantum chemistry program that calculates wave function and total energy of molecules. It currently supports Hartree-Fock and MP2 methods using Gaussian-type basis functions. Geometry optimization is also possible. The source code is well documented because it was initially designed for academic purposes so that students can easily understand. However, Siam Quantum can also produce high quality results for research purposes because the energies calculated are comparable to the ones produced by other software packages such as Gaussian or GAMESS, with the errors in the order of 10^-6 Hartrees, which can be further reduced with more strict cut-off.

Release Notes: This minor performance improvement release stores integration results in memory in order to be reused in the next iterative cycle instead of re-calculating them. DIIS method has been implemented, allowing the iterations to converge to a solution faster.

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Project Spotlight


A ncurses-based Jabber client.