2011 / June / 20 (45 releases)

20 June 2011

Download Website 20 Jun 21:58 Diagnil 2.4


Diagnil is a GUI application to help solvers of diagramless crossword puzzles. It accommodates puzzles distributed electronically using several file formats (puz, jpz, xpf, and ipuz) as well as those distributed in print form. Although software for conventional crosswords has existed for years, the diagramless variant has received little attention. Diagnil attempts to fill that void. It lets you solve puzzles by entering words, placing them on a grid, and moving them around the screen until the final shape is achieved.

Release Notes: Support was added for the new ipuz open-standard format for puzzle files. A layout option for wider windows was added to provide more room for clues. Clashing letters are now displayed side-by-side in their cells. During word movement operations, clashes of letters and end blocks are indicated as words are dragged around the grid.

Download Website 20 Jun 21:46 cryptmount 4.2


cryptmount is a utility for creating and managing secure filing systems on GNU/Linux systems. After initial setup, it allows any user to mount or unmount filesystems on demand, solely by providing the decryption password, with any system devices needed to access the filing system being configured automatically. A wide variety of encryption schemes (provided by the kernel dm-crypt system and the libgcrypt library) can be used to protect both the filesystem and the access key. The protected filing systems can reside in either ordinary files or disk partitions. The package also supports encrypted swap partitions, and automatic configuration on system boot-up.

Release Notes: This release adds protection against accidental formatting of encrypted swap partitions. Compatibility with cryptsetup-1.2 has been improved. Extended use of pkg-config within the build system.

No download Website 20 Jun 21:34 HeldenViewer 1.0


HeldenViewer makes it possible to search for, download, and view Youtube videos in a very easy to use fashion. An important feature is the concept of adding authors as favorites, in order to be notified at the next start of HeldenViewer if the author has uploaded a new video. You will no longer be interrupted by any commercials. Much like the Youtube platform, you can watch the videos while downloading and use your favorite videoplayer to do this. The only restriction is that the video player must be able to play .flv files, e.g. VideoLanClient.

Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

No download Website 20 Jun 20:50 OpenXava 4.2


OpenXava is a framework to develop AJAX JavaEE/J2EE applications rapidly and easily. It allows you to define applications only with POJOs, JPA, and Java 5 annotations. It is feature rich and flexible. It generates JSR-168 portlet applications (Liferay, WebSphere Portal, Jetspeed, etc.).

Release Notes: When an application is accessed from an iPad, a style adapted to the iPad is used. A new custom visual style can be defined writing only a CSS file. The top right red 'Loading...' AJAX indicator has been replaced by a stylized centered 'Loading...' box. The default mode controller is defined by the style, though defaultModeController of xava.properties still exists and has preference. A slide effect on list pagination (only for iPad). A flip effect on changing mode (only for iPad). Styles allow you to define more details about the UI behavior. More new feature and fixes.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:44 GrokEVT 0.5.0


GrokEVT is a collection of scripts built for reading Windows® NT/2K/XP/2K3 event log files. The scripts work together on one or more mounted Windows partitions to extract all information needed (registry entries, message templates, and log files) to convert the logs to a human-readable format.

Release Notes: This is a major code refresh release to catch up with the times. grokevt-builddb has been redesigned to use RegLookup's pyregfi library instead of executing the command line tools. A work-around has been added for the fact that many Linux distributions no longer make case-insensitive filesystem mounts easy. Support jas been added for Python 3. The license has been changed to the GPLv3. There are various Unicode fixes and other bugfixes.

No download Website 20 Jun 20:43 getID3() 1.9.0


getID3() is a PHP script that extracts useful information from MP3s and other multimedia file formats. It extracts information like the play time, bitrate, and resolution from the following file formats: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AVI, Matroska (MKV), MPEG-1 video, Windows Media (ASF, WMA, WMV), RealAudio & RealVideo, Monkey's Audio, FLAC & OggFLAC, VQF, Speex, Musepack (MPC), AAC, AU, VOC, AIFF, OptimFROG, WavPack, LiteWave, LPAC, RKAU, SZIP, Shorten, Quicktime, NSV, MIDI, ZIP, ISO9660, TTA, PhotoCD, BMP, PNG, GIF, and JPEG. It parses information from ID3v1, ID3v2, Ogg Vorbis, Lyrics3 v1 & v2, RIFF (AVI, WAV, CDA, CART, BWF), APE, ReplayGain, PNG, and GIF tags, and can write ID3v1, ID3v2, APE2, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis tags.

Release Notes: All module classes have been standardized to allow independent instantiation. Returned data with embedded images is now significantly smaller (less duplication). Many bugfixes, including truncated ASF metadata and unsupported Matroska tags.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:43 GNU xorriso 1.1.0.pl01


GNU xorriso creates, loads, manipulates, and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. Files can be copied in and out. The session results get written to optical media or to filesystem objects. Rather than needing external tools for ISO 9660 production and CD/DVD/BD burning, it is a static compilation of libburnia-project.org. Thus GNU xorriso depends only on fundamental operating system facilities.

Release Notes: It turns out that GNU xorriso-1.1.0 compiles only on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. Users of other X/Open compliant systems will have to get the corrected tarball.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:42 libburnia 1.1.0.pl01


libburnia is a project comprised of libraries and binaries for reading, mastering, and writing optical discs. It provides libburn, a CD/DVD/BD burn library, libisofs, a manipulation library for ISO 9660 filesystems, and libisoburn, a ISO 9660 multi-session library. On top of them there is cdrskin, a cdrecord emulator, and xorriso, a all-in-one application for ISO 9660 multi-session operations which additionaly provides a limited emulation of mkisofs.

Release Notes: It turns out that libburn-1.1.0 compiles only on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris. Users of other X/Open compliant systems who need libburn for libisoburn or xorriso will have to get the corrected tarball.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:40 Arista 0.9.7


Arista is an easy-to-use multimedia transcoder for the GNOME desktop. It focuses on the goal of transcoding media, namely the devices you wish to play the media on. It is designed for use by people who are not familiar with audio and video encoding and want an easy way to get multimedia to their devices. It supports input from DVD and V4L devices as well as regular files.

Release Notes: This release has a restructured user interface, the ability to edit and manage presets, drag and drop support, updated presets, and various bugfixes.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:38 SerbianC 2.3


SerbianC adds support for the Serbian language (with Cyrillic script) to LaTeX with the Babel multi-language support package.

Release Notes: Packaged for CTAN. Support has been dropped for non-UTF coding style. Uses T2A font encoding and UTF-8 text encoding.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:37 libmemcached 0.50


libmemcached is a C client library for interfacing to a memcached server. It has been designed to be light on memory usage, thread safe and to provide full access to server side methods. It also implements several command line tools: memcat, memflush, memrm, memstat, and memslap (for load generation). The library has been designed to allow for different hashing methods on keys, partitioning by keys, and to use consistent hashing for distribution.

Release Notes: Updates to the C++ interface. Custom free allocators need to now check for a value before calling free. memcached_fetch_result() now uses the internal result when available (about 25 to 50% faster). A fix for the stats structure. Updates to the documentation.

No download Website 20 Jun 20:37 TabView 1.39


TabView makes it possible to view and print PowerTab tablatures. With TabView, you can also export your tabs in MIDI format or follow the playback on screen to help your learning process. PowerTab is a well-known and widely adopted tablature editor for Windows systems. You can easily find thousands of song transcriptions in this format on the net. TabView is a Universal application, so it runs natively both on PPC and Intel based Macs.


Release Notes: A zoom control has been added at the bottom of the tablature window.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:36 GNOME DVB Daemon 0.2.2


GNOME DVB Daemon is a daemon written in Vala and based on GStreamer that sets up your DVB devices, records and watches TV shows, and browses EPG. It can be controlled via its D-Bus interface.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug where the EPG was not restored on startup.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:36 phpMyAdmin 3.4.3-rc1


phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

Release Notes: Various problems with inline edit were fixed; in particular, it was incorrectly updating multiple rows, and it did not escape backslashes or special characters.

No download Website 20 Jun 20:35 Cibyl 21


Cibyl is a programming environment that allows compiled C/C++ programs to execute on Blackberry and J2ME phones. Cibyl uses GCC to compile programs to MIPS binaries, and these are then translated into Java bytecode. The use of binary translation and the simplicity of translating MIPS instructions means that Cibyl programs can be quite well-performing. With Cibyl, programs written in C/C++ can be ported to Blackberry and J2ME without switching languages.

Release Notes: Binary releases for Linux and Windows, better optimization through use of DWARF debugging information, and a better peephole optimizer. A new build system that makes cibyl globally installable.

Download No website 20 Jun 20:35 TOMOYO Linux 1.8.2


TOMOYO Linux is a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) implementation for Linux that can be used to increase the security of a system, while also being useful purely as a system analysis tool. It was launched in March 2003 and is sponsored by NTT DATA Corporation, Japan.

Release Notes: Policy namespace was introduced in order to make it easier to use TOMOYO in LXC environments. The trigger for activation is configurable upon boot using the CCS_trigger= option in order to make it easier to use TOMOYO with systemd environments.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:33 Botan 1.10.0


Botan is a crypto library written in C++. It provides a variety of cryptographic algorithms, including common ones such as AES, MD5, SHA, HMAC, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, DSA, and ECDSA, as well as many others that are more obscure or specialized. It also offers SSL/TLS (client and server), X.509v3 certificates and CRLs, and PKCS #10 certificate requests. A message processing system that uses a filter/pipeline metaphor allows for many common cryptographic tasks to be completed with just a few lines of code. Assembly and SIMD optimizations for common CPUs offers speedups for critical algorithms like AES and SHA-1.

Release Notes: This release adds SSL/TLS (both client and server mode, up to TLS v1.1), the GOST 34.10-2001 signature scheme, the Keccak hash function, the XSalsa20 stream cipher, bcrypt password hashing, AES key wrapping, dynamically loaded engines, and a number of other features. New optimizations for AES, Serpent, ECDH, ECDSA, and SHA-2 are also included.

Download Website 20 Jun 20:32 Baruwa 1.1.0


Baruwa (Swahili for letter or mail) is a Web 2.0 MailScanner front-end. It provides an easy to use interface for managing a MailScanner installation. It is used to perform operations such as releasing quarantined messages, spam learning, whitelisting and blacklisting addresses, monitoring the health of the services, etc. Baruwa is implemented using Web 2.0 features (AJAX) where deemed fit. Graphing is also implemented on the client side using SVG, Silverlight, or VML. It includes reporting functionality with an easy to use query builder. Results can be displayed as message lists or graphed as colorful and pretty interactive graphs. Custom MailScanner modules are provided to allow for logging of messages to the MySQL database with SQLite as backup and for managing whitelists and blacklists.

Release Notes: Feature enhancements, bugfixes, and translation additions.

Download Website 20 Jun 14:31 Sunflower 0.1a-30


Sunflower is a small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager for Linux with support for plugins. It is intended to be an easy-to-use and powerful file manager that seamlessly integrates into the GNOME desktop environment.


Release Notes: Mostly bugs were fixed. A status bar was added. The tab title bar was tweaked a bit. Window state is now properly handled.

Download Website 20 Jun 14:26 gcp 0.1.3


gcp (Goffi's CoPier) is a command line file copying tool, loosely inspired by cp, but with high level functionality like a progress indicator, the ability to continue copying multiple files even when there is a problem with one of them, and the use of a journal to track successful copying. File names can be fixed to ensure compatibility with the target filesystem. If you launch a copy operation when another is already running, the files are added to the first queue to avoid hard drive thrashing. You can keep track of files you have copied, and re-copy them later. gcp is approximately option-compatible with cp.

Release Notes: Exit status was fixed. The manpage was updated. The gcp DIR1 DIR2 syntax was fixed. Tests were added.

Download No website 20 Jun 13:57 WiRouter KeyRec 1.0.7


WiRouter KeyRec is software to recover the default WPA passphrases of supported router models (Telecom Italia Alice AGPF, Fastweb Pirelli, Fastweb Tesley, Ericom Netopia and TeleTu/Tele2 Pirelli).

Release Notes: Support for Ericom Netopia router models was added.

Download Website 20 Jun 13:49 BSDBuild 2.9


BSDBuild is a portable, self-contained build system with support for concurrent building, configure script generation, and IDE "project file" generation. It is derived from the original 4.4BSD build system, but it offers a degree of portability comparable to autotools.

Release Notes: Various fixes were made for the NetBSD platform. Some tests were added (xinerama, clock_win32, sdl_ttf, agar_au). BSDBuild now honors ${DESTDIR} consistently. The default "make -j" behavior was fixed. The built-in tests were tweaked to work around default GCC 4.6 "-Wall". The ${LIB_MODULE} setting was added to build.lib.mk(5).

Download Website 20 Jun 13:44 SCCS 1.1beta4


SCCS is an implementation of the POSIX standard Source Code Control System. It is based on the original UNIX SCCS code provided by Sun as part of OpenSolaris and was made portable to other platforms.

Release Notes: The prs(1) keywords :G: and :D_: were added for BitKeeper compatibility. diff -u now includes nanoseconds in the timestamp. The bugs in the lock mechanism introduced by Sun have been fixed. A bug introduced by Sun related to automatic recognition of binary files has been fixed. SCCS no longer calls link(2) and thus now should work on BeOS and similar platforms. The SCCS performance was enhanced.

Download Website 20 Jun 13:42 LogicalDOC 6.2


LogicalDOC is a Web-based document management system that is easy to use and learn. Its architecture leverages best-of-breed Java technology to achieve a powerful and flexible solution. It supports its users with a powerful search engine (Lucene), Web service interface (JAX-WS via CXF) compatible with .NET and PHP, versioning, annotation on documents, a WebDAV interface, importing and exporting from .zip files. Documents can be organized into hierarchical folders, searched using the integrated search engine, or browsed by Tag. The system is extensible thanks to the technologies used (Spring-Hibernate) and its plugin architecture.

Release Notes: A new system is used for adding notes to a document. The parsers for file extensions can be configured dynamically. A full preview can be shown of email document types. A tagcloud can be displayed for languages like Chinese or Arabic. Progressive search can be performed. Preview of PDF files and multimedia files was improved. The tag insertion interface was improved.

Download Website 20 Jun 13:40 JBackpack 0.9.2


JBackpack is a personal backup program. It features incremental backups, network transparency, and encryption. JBackpack uses rdiff-backup for all backup and restore functions. SSHFS and SMB are used to access remote file systems. EncFS is used to encrypt backup destination directories.


Release Notes: Several bugs regarding database compression, remote database handling, mapping timestamps to filenames, sshfs connection timeouts, encfs setup, dialog layouts, and localization on Mac OS X were fixed.

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