2011 / May / 15 (32 releases)

15 May 2011

Download Website 15 May 23:08 LEAF 4.0


LEAF is a secure, feature-rich, customizable embedded Linux network appliance for use in a variety of network topologies. Although it can be used in other ways, it's primarily used as a Internet gateway, router, firewall, and wireless access point.

Release Notes: Since rc1, only a few bugfixes have been made: correct RCDLINKS for /etc/init.d/IPsec; added lp and ppdev modules to restore 3.x functionality for p9100 print server; and booting the i486 kernel on the Advantech ARK-1310 has been fixed (and is possible other EVA-X4150 based boards).

Download Website 15 May 23:06 coopy 0.5.3


COOPY is a set of tools for distributed data projects. It supports diffing, patching, merging, and revision control of tables in a variety of formats (CSV, Excel, MySQL, Sqlite, etc).

Release Notes: ssdiff can now produce color-coded, highlighter-style, tabular diffs (e.g. as .xls files), and sspatch can apply them. Such diffs can be converted to/from text diffs. Diffs can be made between csv, xls, mdb, sqlite, and mysql sources. All but mdb can be patched.

No download Website 15 May 23:04 Eterm 0.9.6


Eterm is a vt102 terminal emulator intended as a replacement for xterm. It is designed with a Freedom of Choice philosophy, leaving as much power, flexibility, and freedom as possible in the hands of the user. It is designed to look good and work well, but takes a feature-rich approach rather than one of minimalism. Current features include color support, background images (all Imlib-supported formats), theme support, and pseudo-transparency.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix and security release. It includes speedups, fixes for SIGPIPE disabling, FreeBSD UNIX98 pty support, enhanced font effects, and a crash using visual bell. It also contains security fixes for CVE-2011-0409 and CVE-2011-0768. All users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

Download Website 15 May 23:01 msnlib 3.8


msnlib is an MSN Messenger protocol library and text mode client written in Python.

Release Notes: This release implements a client-side ping, improves compatibility with newer Python versions, and has miscellaneous bugfixes.

Download Website 15 May 23:01 htmlcxx 0.85


htmlcxx is a simple non-validating CSS1 and HTML parser for C++. The parsing politics attempt to mimic the behavior of Mozilla Firefox, so you should expect parse trees similar to those created by Firefox. However, it does not insert nonexistent stuff in your HTML. Therefore, serializing the DOM tree gives exactly the same output as the original HTML document. Another key feature is an STL-like tree navigation API provided by the tree.hh template library.

Release Notes: This release fixes gcc 4.3 compiler errors and several minor bugs. It has improved distribution of the CSS library.

No download No website 15 May 23:00 jOOQ 1.5.9


jOOQ effectively combines complex SQL, type safety, source code generation, active records, stored procedures, advanced data types, and Java in a fluent, intuitive DSL.

Release Notes: This version ships with a lot of new functionality. The DSL-style API has finally been extended to CRUD operations (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE). Support for the TRUNCATE TABLE statement has been added. The most important new features include the support for SQL:2003 standard window functions, which are available in most major RDBMSs. Additionally, basic function support has been widely extended.

Download Website 15 May 22:58 Tomb 1.0


Tomb is a system to make strong encryption easy for everyday use. A tomb is like a locked folder that can be safely transported and hidden in a filesystem. Its keys can be kept separate; for example, you can keep the tomb on your computer and its key on a USB stick. Tomb is written in code that is easy to review and links shared components: it consists of a ZShell script and desktop integration apps; it uses standard GNU tools and the cryptographic API of the Linux kernel (dm-crypt) via cryptsetup.

Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs and usability issues. Tomb now works both in graphical and non-graphical environments, implements 'bind-hooks' that mount automatically internal directories under a user's home, adopts pinentry for secure authentication, and offers the ability to 'slam' a tomb, killing all processes that keep it busy. This release comes with detailed manual documentation. Packages are provided for Debian, Ubuntu, and Arch distributions.

Download Website 15 May 17:49 EGSL Interpreter 1.4.0


EGSL is a small interpreter which can execute Lua scripts. It includes some functions for fast and easy game development. These are image manipulation functions, functions for 2D drawing, sound and music, input via mouse, keyboard, and joypad, and some helper functions. The engine is based on SDL, SDL_gfx, and SDL_mixer, and additionally on SDL_image on Haiku-OS.

Release Notes: New features: create empty images and draw on these surfaces; pixel perfect collision; SDL_image has been completely replaced with the Vampyre Imaging Library, leaving fewer dependencies; and many new helper functions (most are mathematical like cos, sin, etc. so one need not type "math.cos" anymore). TrueType font support has been removed, so if you need that feature you should download the older version.

Download Website 15 May 17:46 Bluelog 0.9.9


Bluelog is a Bluetooth site survey tool, designed to tell you how many discoverable devices there are in an area as quickly as possible. Bluelog differs from most Bluetooth scanners in that it prioritizes speed of reporting over anything else (i.e. it doesn't spend time trying to pull detailed data from a device) and doesn't require any user intervention to function. As the name implies, its primary function is to log discovered devices to file rather than to be used interactively. Bluelog could run on a system unattended for long periods of time to collect data. In addition to basic scanning, Bluelog also has a unique feature called "Bluelog Live", which puts results in a constantly updating Web page which you can serve with your HTTP daemon of choice.


Release Notes: This is a major rewrite. Completely revamped device cache code is faster and more accurate while preventing redundant scans. New features such as Amnesia mode and preliminary OpenWRT support. Numerous bugfixes and optimizations. A recommended update for all users.

Download Website 15 May 17:45 C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library 1.1


C Minimal Perfect Hashing Library is a portable LGPL library to create and to work with minimal perfect hashing functions. The library encapsulates the newest and more efficient algorithms available in the literature in an easy-to-use, production-quality, fast API. The library is designed to work with big entries that cannot fit in the main memory. It has been used successfully for constructing minimal perfect hashing functions for sets with billions of keys.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug in the chd_pc algorithm and reorganizes tests.

Download Website 15 May 17:44 PyX 0.11


PyX is a Python package for the creation of PostScript and PDF files. It combines an abstraction of the PostScript drawing model with a TeX/LaTeX interface. Complex tasks like 2D and 3D plots in publication-ready quality are built out of these primitives.

Release Notes: This release contains a major reorganization of the text output code. Transparency in bitmaps is now supported, and limited functionality of the bar style is available in 3d graphs. Various bugs have been fixed and there are small improvements all over the place.

Download Website 15 May 17:43 Filemonitor 1.5


FileMonitor monitors the activity of open and closed files/processes in ‘real time’ using lsof, returning them in a list.

Release Notes: The main changes involve faster display of network data and a new and more complete “preferences” dialog that enables the choice of processes, directories, and network connections to be monitored.

Download Website 15 May 17:41 Proelia 2 1.0.2


Proelia is a multi-game system encounter tracker for pen-and-paper RPGs. It allows you to create "prepared" encounters for later use, and then run them any number of times with the click of a button. A group can be created from an encounter's participants, and then re-used in other encounters. Each encounter can display a map that allows you to track positioning of participants, especially in relation to regions, so you can tell if someone is standing too close to a fire, or is subject to an aura or other environmental effect. A color and marker text can be set for each participant in the encounter, so you can quickly find them on the map. A variety of RPGs are supported through a plugin system that allows new systems to be added.

Release Notes: This release has an import map image button. You can select stacked regions. The correct condition icons weren't appearing in the encounter list. The 4e D&D system was removing participants from play. Fixes for condition removal. Localization of some strings that weren't. The tally counts at the bottom of the list weren't counting up "object" participants correctly. The round count and total number of rounds in the statistics section weren't being incremented.

Download Website 15 May 17:40 msn-pecan 0.1.2


msn-pecan is an alternative WLM plug-in for libpurple. Support includes Pidgin, Adium, Empathy (telpathy-haze), and Nokia N900 (telpathy-haze).

Release Notes: A critical bugfix required to work with the server changes. Authorization has been fixed: Passport 3.0 instead of nexus. Offline message reception has been fixed. Improved reconnection/disconnection detection. Reverse-list is ignored; the server returns incorrect information. The correct alias is shown in the chat window.

Download Website 15 May 17:38 ora2pg 8.3


Ora2Pg is a Perl module to export an Oracle database schema to a PostgreSQL compatible schema. It connects your Oracle database, extracts its structure, and generates an SQL script that you can load into your PostgreSQL database. It dumps the database schema (tables, views, sequences, indexes, grants) with primary, unique, and foreign keys into PostgreSQL syntax without editing the SQL code generated. It also dump Oracle data into PostgreSQL DB as online process or into a file. You can choose what columns can be exported for each table.

Release Notes: There's no new functionality; this is a bugfix-only release. Everyone should upgrade, as it fixes some important issues introduced in the last release.

Download Website 15 May 15:47 openDIAS 0.6.4


openDIAS (Document Imaging Archive System) provides document imaging with OCR. You can scan documents (with SANE) or import ODF documents and then assign tags. It can store all your letters, bills, statements, etc. in a convenient, safe, and easily retrievable way.


Release Notes: The software was totally rewritten from the bottom up. It is now a Web based client, interfacing into a server backend that controls the SANE devices and the database.

Download Website 15 May 15:45 Q Light Controller 3.2.0-1


QLC, the Q Light Controller, is used to control DMX and analog lighting equipment like scanners, dimmers, and other effects. The goal is to produce free software that replaces hardware lighting desks.


Release Notes: A fatal crash bug was fixed. The bug prevented loading a workspace file containing non-scenes inside cue lists or chasers.

Download No website 15 May 15:24 Magmi 0.7.10a


Magmi is a mass importer for the Magento e-commerce system. It is most useful when you need to import a big product catalog into Magento, even one with several millions of articles. Moreover, it has many capabilities concerning input data manipulation and an open and flexible plugin model for adding new capabilities.


Release Notes: This version adds a package post install stage that enables cleanup operations on new plugin package uploads. The magmi magento indexer no longer tries to detect the PHP command line (which was causing annoying side effects on some setups). The long awaited "on the fly" indexer is now available in the extra plugin package. This should drastically reduce post import time due to magento indexing. Many other improvements have been done to the codebase. A new custom SQL plugin is now available for the utilities plugins.

Download Website 15 May 15:23 dxirc 0.70.0


dxirc is a easy-to-use yet capable cross-platform IRC client. Among its notable features are flexible configuration, a fully customizable look independent of system-wide settings, multiple server support with optional automated joining of selected channels, and the ability to connect via SSL.

Release Notes: This release adds support for IPv6 and desktop notifications (via the libnotify library), introduces the possibility to enforce running only one instance of the application, and provides numerous look and feel improvements.

Download Website 15 May 15:19 Reverse Snowflake Joins 0.45


Reverse Snowflake Joins is a tool that parses SQL Select statements and generates a diagram. In addition to joins, the diagram shows parts of the underlying SQL directly in the diagram. For example x=30, GROUP BY (year), SUM(profit), HAVING MIN(age) > 18.

Release Notes: Support for UNION was added. An exception during processing of "select o.x from out o where o.y in ( select * from t1 at1 )" was fixed.

Download Website 15 May 15:18 Mollify 1.8


Mollify is Web file manager for publishing and managing files hosted on a PHP-enabled Web server, with a clean and fully customizable user interface. It is easy to install and configure, including fully configurable published directories, optionally with user accounts and access permissions.

Release Notes: This release has a redesigned client UI, and adds support for SQLite database and single sign on. A few issues have been fixed.

Download Website 15 May 15:15 Cainteoir Engine 0.1


The Cainteoir Engine is a library for reading and recording different document formats (ePub, HTML, MHT, RTF, email, and others) to various audio output formats (such as PulseAudio, WAV, and Ogg/Vorbis). It also provides the following command-line tools: cainteoir, a front-end to the Cainteoir text-to-speech library; metadata, which extracts metadata from documents to RDF tuples; and tagcloud, which generates tag clouds and tag cloud data.

Release Notes: This version can read and record ePub, HTML, and text documents. Gzip compressed documents are supported. Output can be recorded to wave and Ogg/Vorbis formats. Any espeak voice can be selected. A voice can be automatically selected based on the document's language. Metadata is supported for ePub and Ogg/Vorbis. The elapsed and total reading/recording times are displayed. A standard GNU/Linux and Debian build system is used.

Download Website 15 May 11:22 OfficeFloor 1.2.0


OfficeFloor provides true inversion of control for building simple static to complex real-time Web applications that are "build once, run anywhere" - even with cloud computing. It allows you to wire together a working prototype in minutes, extend the prototype to a working Web site in hours, and deploy and run anywhere. The code is self documenting to make support easier. It aims to be "The Java Web Answer" for rapid application development for Web applications.

Release Notes: This release provides integration of WoOF (Web on OfficeFloor) with Java Server Pages (JSP) via the following annotations: @HttpRequestStateful, @HttpSessionStateful, and @HttpApplicationStateful. Furthermore, the WoofServletFilter has been enhanced to load Web content from a WAR layout, therefore enabling WoOF to be used without any changes to existing Java Web applications (except, of course, the addition of the WoofServletFilter filter entry within the WEB-INF/web.xml).

No download Website 15 May 11:16 Plow 0.2


Plow is a workflow execution engine inspired by Makeflow. It features deps-aware execution, multi-process execution, incremental transition from imperative workflow execution with memo.py, and remote execution (with execnet gateway specification syntax).

Release Notes: The MKTARGET option was added to support child makefiles. The --echo-targets option and sort task were added. Compressed (gzip) plow support was added.

Download Website 15 May 08:39 WeeChat 0.3.5


WeeChat (Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat) is a fast and light IRC client for many operating systems. Everything can be done with a keyboard, and it is customizable and extensible with C plugins and scripts. It is compliant with RFCs 1459, 2810, 2811, 2812, and 2813.

Release Notes: This release brings major new features like dynamic color allocation, attributes for colors (bold/reverse/underline), improved scrolling in input, a list of buffers in filters, and a count of messages in hotlist. Many bugs were fixed.

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