2011 / May / 14 (26 releases)

14 May 2011

No download Website 14 May 22:30 sous-marin 14may11


Sous-marin Linux is a small, pure, individualized Slackware installation system using only scripts and a minimum of resources. Sous-marin's utilities allow you to create an installer CD and tagfiles, choose the minimum of pure Slackware packages you need, and then FTP/HTTP install the system over the Net. It also includes sous-marin tools, formerly SlackBash scripts. These tools allow you to analyze any Slackware installation for missing libraries, files not in packages, packages dependencies, and so forth.


Release Notes: sous-marin-x is now available for the first time. sous-marin-x is the core plus an X server and Firefox with its dependencies. The core has 99 packages. The X11 version has 166 packages with about a 750Mb footprint.

Download Website 14 May 22:29 Free-SA 2.0.0b4p8


Free-SA is tool for statistical analysis of daemons' log files, similar to SARG. Its main advantages over SARG are much better speed (7x-20x), more support for reports, and W3C compliance of generated HTML/CSS reports. It can be used to help control traffic usage, to control Internet access security policies, to investigate security incidents, to evaluate server efficiency, and to detect troubles with configuration.

Release Notes: The long awaited option implementing calendar navigation menu at the main index page has been added. The program will also clear the cache directory in the case where no records were found and exit with a good return code.

Download No website 14 May 22:27 gEcrit 2.7


gEcrit is a source code editor oriented toward Python. It tries to keep the interface as clean as possible and keep the menus simple. It features all the common features a Python programmer might need, including an interactive Python interpreter and operating system shell. It supports a plugin system for expandability.

Release Notes: Bugfixes and cleaning were done.

Download Website 14 May 22:26 pmsdr 2.5.1


pmsdr is software for a low-cost, DDS-less "Software Defined Radio" full coverage receiver for all HF bands.


Release Notes: With the latest firmware level (2.2.1), neither the down converter nor the smooth tuning feature were working anymore. This has been fixed.

Download Website 14 May 22:24 CSSC 1.3.0


CSSC is a GPLed clone for SCCS. It includes most of the normal SCCS utilities, plus Eric Allman's sccs(1) frontend. It is mostly complete and is reliable.

Release Notes: The manual is now licenced under the GFDL 1.3. The build system was modernized. Minor speed improvements were made.

Download Website 14 May 22:19 findutils 4.5.10


The findutils package consists of three programs. "find" is a program which searches a directory tree to find a file or group of files. It walks the directory tree and reports all occurrences of a file matching the user's specifications. "locate" scans one or more databases of filenames and displays any matches. "xargs" builds and executes command lines by gathering together arguments it reads on the standard input. Most often, these arguments are lists of file names generated by "find".

Release Notes: The manual now includes a small number of references to further reading on security. The automagic dependency on selinux was fixed. The configure script now provides a --without-selinux option. "find -execdir" now correctly changes working directory. The test-strstr unit test no longer fails on alpha. A problem in which "find -exec echo TURNIP{} \+" is accepted but TURNIP is eaten was fixed. The error message is now properly shown when an incorrect -size option is given. A test suite deadlock on FreeBSD was fixed. The translations for Finnish, Italian, Danish, Slovenian, German, Estonian, French, Japanese, and Danish were updated.

Download Website 14 May 21:34 Editra 0.6.48


Editra is a general, extensible, multi-platform text editor with an implementation that focuses on creating a clean and easy-to-use interface with features that aid in code development. Currently, it supports syntax highlighting and variety of other useful features for more than 60 programing languages.

Release Notes: This release includes some significant improvements to the Python autocompletion and calltip support. It also includes some important bug fixes to the editor and the bundled Launch plugin.

Download No website 14 May 19:11 KnProxy 4.07


KnProxy is a small PHP based Web proxy that makes use of the cURL module built into PHP. It uses limited server resources while still maintaining performance. KnProxy is aimed to be easy to use and does not inject information into Web pages. It returns the Web page as is, only changing the links to the resources to be proxied. The URL is obfuscated to prevent tracking or URL filtering. KnProxy has extended support for AJAX calls and JavaScript. This tool can be useful in places where the Internet is not as free as intended. It is also good for bypassing school or office firewalls. It is especially optimized to get past the GFW of China.


Release Notes: An update was made in the knHTTP module to make only one request for a resource to get both the resource and its HTTP headers. This eliminates errors that servers give for two subsequent requests.

No download Website 14 May 19:09 wiki2beamer 0.9.4


Wiki2Beamer is a small tool to create LaTeX Beamer presentations from text files with a wiki-like syntax. Thus, it enables the user to create beamer presentations in a less time-consuming way.

Release Notes: Python 3000 support was added. Compatibility with older Python versions (2.3 and before) was restored so that wiki2beamer now can run almost everywhere.

Download No website 14 May 18:52 Magic Boot USB 2011-05-14


The MagicBootUSB bootable image makes it possible to boot Linux systems from a USB storage device even on computers whose BIOS do not support USB booting. It will always load the correct kernel and initrd from the USB disk; it does not need to be changed for running different kernel versions or systems.

Release Notes: This version introduces boot menu support. This lets you select what to boot from entries found in the GRUB configuration file.

Download Website 14 May 18:51 GNU SIP Witch 1.0.0


GNU SIP Witch is a secure peer-to-peer VoIP server. Calls can be made even behind NAT firewalls, and without requiring service providers. SIP Witch can be used on the desktop to create bottom-up secure calling networks and as a free software alternative to Skype. It can also be used as a stand-alone SIP-based office telephone server, or to create secure VoIP networks for an existing IP-PBX such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, or Yate.

Release Notes: This release is intended to provide a stable release family to power existing secure calling services for public and private use while GNU Free Call services are developed for sipwitch 2.0.

Download No website 14 May 18:35 Pagekite.py 0.4.2


Pagekite is software to make servers on "localhost" visible to the wider Internet. It can be used by Web developers to show off their works in progress to clients or colleagues, embedded developers who need direct access to devices in the field, or as an alternative to dynamic DNS for individuals/hobbyists who would rather host their own content than rely on 3rd party hosting. It creates and maintains a tunnel between your server on localhost and a remote "front-end" (a reverse proxy). Only the front-end has to have a visible IP address; the server itself can reside on a heavily firewalled computer, a mobile device, or even an anonymous node on the Tor network.

Release Notes: This release features a much more powerful built-in HTTP daemon and changes the shortcut syntax for launching custom kites from the command-line: the new syntax follows the more natural "pagekite.py source1 source2 ... destination" pattern, where sources can be server:port pairs, files, or folders, and destinations are public server URLs.

Download Website 14 May 18:34 gjots 2.3.13


gjots lets you organize text notes in a convenient, hierarchical way. It can be used for notes, jottings, bits and pieces, recipes, and even PINs and passwords, using encryption. It can also be used to "mind-map" larger compositions like manuals, Web pages, articles, etc. It is a bit like the KDE program "kjots", but uses the GTK library and supports a hierarchy of folders. Files can be output to HTML with an automatic table of contents or to docbook XML. Encryption is supported with ccrypt(1), gpg(1), and openssl(1), so that musings can be kept private.

Release Notes: A Slovenian translation was added. A bug was fixed in plain text, match-case find.

Download Website 14 May 18:33 Bubbling Load Monitor Applet 2.0.16


The Bubbling Load Monitor (or "Bubblemon" for short) is a system load monitor for the GNOME panel. It looks like a vial containing water. The water level indicates how much (electronic) memory is in use. The color of the liquid indicates how much swap space is used. The amount of bubbles reflects the system CPU load. A message in a bottle indicates there is unread mail. A reed-like graph shows I/O load. On multi-core systems the CPU with the highest load will bubble in the middle, and the others on the sides, so it's possible to see how well load gets distributed between CPUs.

Release Notes: The Portuguese translation was updated. The applet's own CPU usage was lowered.

No download Website 14 May 18:22 filterunit 1.0.3


filterunit allows unit tests to be devised for command line programs that use files as input and output. Classic Unix filters are a typical example. filterunit runs the program under test with the specified input files and compares the actual results with the expected results.

Release Notes: The configuration option "inputTreeExtension" allows you to define input trees on which the filter may work.

Download Website 14 May 18:05 NanoNote Firmware 2011-02-23


NanoNote Firmware is the OpenWRT-based firmware that comes with newly manufactured Ben NanoNote computers. The Ben NanoNote is a small hand-held computer featuring GPL-licensed designs and schematics.

Release Notes: This release adds many new software packages including SuperTux, a few Qt games, miscellaneous math software like GNU Octave and Gnuplot and a port of MPlayer. The boot loader now supports multiboot of various configurations or operating systems via keys F1 through F4. Various bugs were fixed, especially problems with incomplete terminal support for applications launched from Gmenu2x.

Download Website 14 May 07:42 liblinebreak 2.1


Liblinebreak is an implementation of the line breaking algorithm as described in Unicode Standard Annex 14. It breaks lines that contain Unicode characters. It is designed to be used in a generic text renderer. FBReader is one real-world example.

Release Notes: The data was updated according to Unicode 6.0.0. A bug where assertions in the code can fail if U+FFFC is encountered at the beginning of a line was fixed.

Download Website 14 May 07:17 SAGATOR 1.2.3


SAGATOR is an email antivirus/antispam gateway. It is an interface to any smtpd that runs an antivirus and/or spam checker. Its modular architecture can use any combination of antivirus/spam checkers according to configuration. It currently supports ClamAV, nod32d, AVG, Sophos, TrendMicro AV, Symantec AV, Spamassassin, bogofilter, and quickspamfilter. It has some internal checkers (string_scanner and regexp_scanner). It can parse MIME mail and decompress archives.

Release Notes: This release updates the drop interscanner default pattern. Sanesecurity spam and junk emails will be dropped by default, because they are mostly viruses. This update can also be made manually in older configuration files.

Download Website 14 May 07:16 CCNx 0.4.0


CCNx is a networking system which replaces named hosts with named content as the primary abstraction. It is sponsored by the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and is based upon the PARC Content-Centric Networking (CCN) architecture.

Release Notes: The 'ping' responder in ccnd is deprecated. For compatibility, it is still present by default, but further use should be phased out. The libraries have been changed to use local service discovery instead. The Java option "org.ccnx.ping.timeout" is replaced by "org.ccnx.ccndid.timeout". Responsibility for key saving has been shifted from the client library to repo. The Java API did not change, but as the result of a protocol change, the new library is not compatible with the old repo. The Java library now uses TCP to communicate with ccnd.

Download Website 14 May 07:15 Tardy 1.22


The tardy program is a tar(1) post-processor. It may be used to manipulate the file headers in tar(5) archive files in various ways.


Release Notes: cpio(5) and ar(1) archives can now be read and written. libexplain is used for improved error messages.

No download No website 14 May 07:15 MongoVision 1.0 R138


MongoVision is a friendly, straightforward Web interface for sifting through and updating documents in your MongoDB databases.

Release Notes: It is now possible to connect to MongoDB instances on machines other than localhost and create new documents in collections. JSON syntax coloring and better error messages were added. This is a major rewrite for Ext JS 4.0.

Download Website 14 May 03:30 ImageVis3D 2.0.1


ImageVis3D is a volume rendering application specifically designed to render large data sets. This is achieved by splitting the data set into multiple levels of detail (LoD), with each level itself decomposed into multiple bricks (atomic rendering primitives). Interaction occurs at the coarsest LoD, which can be rendered instantaneously on almost all modern systems. After a configurable delay, ImageVis3D will successively render finer levels of detail, until the data are visible at their native resolution. Volume rendering, as the name implies, is a technique for rendering scalar volumes of data. The rendering method allows one to see "inside" a data set, allowing the user to understand the inner three-dimensional structure of the data.

Release Notes: The default lighting parameters were improved. The histogram that backs the 1D transfer function editor was anti-aliased, and it is now easier to see the boundary (min/max) values in the same histogram. More intelligent quantization is performed when there are 'flag' data sets which somehow ended up as floating point. Memory is reused if a single data set is opened multiple times. Normals can now be read from PLY files. Histogram scale parameters are saved per-dataset. The clip plane state is copied when cloning windows. A bug with loading transfer function libraries on Mac and Linux was fixed. Visual Studio 2010 support was added.

No download Website 14 May 03:29 Burp 1.1.55


Burp is a program that backs up and restores data. It uses librsync in order to save on the amount of space that is used by each backup. It also uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to make snapshots when backing up Windows computers.

Release Notes: The status monitor now uses ncurses. Two bugs that could drastically slow down the server if a file disappeared on a client after the initial scan was fixed (clients must also be upgraded). IPv6 patches were applied. The ability to specify the location of the client lockfiles on the server was added. The server now forks into the background by default, and '-F' can be used to make it stay in the foreground. An option was added for specifying a log file.

Download Website 14 May 03:29 Long Range ZIP 0.606


LRZIP is a compression program and library that can achieve very high compression ratios and speed when used with large files using unlimited sized compression windows. It uses the combined compression algorithms of zpaq and lzma for maximum compression, lzo for maximum speed, and the long range redundancy reduction of rzip. It is designed to scale with increases with RAM size, improving compression further. A choice of either size or speed optimizations allows for either better compression than even lzma can provide, or better speed than gzip, but with bzip2 sized compression levels. It also has high grade password protected encryption and full STDIN/STDOUT support.

Release Notes: lrzuntar was fixed.

Download Website 14 May 03:28 flophase 0.4


Flophase is a simple cash flow application. It can track multiple accounts and can track your upcoming and recent transactions to ensure you have enough money to meet your planned expenditures.

Release Notes: Accounts now have configurable thresholds for displaying red and green depending on the account balance. You can now edit accounts. Built-in system accounts were added to aggregate income and expenses. More consistent date formatting is used through the application.

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