2011 / April (1075 releases)

April 2011

Download No website 25 Apr 01:55 EMF Validation Builder 1.0.3


EMF Validation Builder is an Eclipse plugin that automates the validation process at the time of saving. This means that resource problem markers are up to date as soon as you save your model. A dependency table is maintained, which allows the validation process to be re-run when necessary. In particular, the tool can be directly used with ECore model files.

Release Notes: This version is a technical update (org.eclipse.ui dependency removal).

No download Website 25 Apr 01:54 Forban 0.0.29


Forban is a P2P file sharing application for link-local and local area networks. Forban works independently from the Internet and uses only the local area capabilities to announce, discover, search, or share files. Forban relies on HTTP and is opportunistic, meaning that it replicates any files of interest seen in its proximity. The Forban protocols are minimalistic to ease the production of other implementations.

Release Notes: Bugs have been fixed regarding the URL generation to be relative (useful if you access a Forban via Tor .onion services or via reverse proxy). The URL IPv4/IPv6 link is now fixed for IPv6-only hosts. A skeleton has been added for the future opportunistic filesystem copy aka Sneakernet to be included in the future version. A path disclosure has been fixed.

Download Website 25 Apr 01:48 Moscrack 2.06b


Moscrack is a WPA cracker for use on clusters. It supports MOSIX, SSH, and RSH connectivity and works by reading a word list from STDIN or a file, breaking it into chunks, and passing those chunks off to separate processes that run in parallel. The parallel processes are then executed on different nodes in your cluster. All results are checked and recorded on your master node. Logging and error handling are taken care of. It is capable of running reliably for long periods of time, without the risk of losing data or having to restart. Moscrack uses aircrack-ng by default. Pyrit for WPA cracking and Dehasher for Unix password hashes are supported via plugins.

Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release because 2.05b had an error in the sample config file that was causing Moscrack to fail to load. Other small things have been fixed at the same time. If you had trouble getting 2.05b to work, update to 2.06b.

Download Website 25 Apr 01:47 XML Parse Lib 0.63


XML Parse Lib is a lightweight set of re-usable functions for general purpose parsing, checking, and creation of XML files. It supports stream-oriented, SAX, or DOM parsing styles, and includes an optional xsd schema validator and a graphical schema generator. It supports all valid XML, and includes checking for validity. It has minimal dependencies, and is totally self-contained. It is both speed- and memory-efficient, and is simple to use.

Release Notes: The handling of whitespace between tags was unified. A reformat_xml.c utility was added to the tests_and_examples directory. It can be used to indent XML files so as to improve readability.

No download Website 25 Apr 01:46 Seed7 2011-04-24


Seed7 is a general purpose programming language. It is a higher level language compared to Ada, C++, and Java. In Seed7, new statements and operators can be declared easily. Functions with type results and type parameters are more elegant than a template or generics concept. Object orientation is used when it brings advantages and not in places when other solutions are more obvious. Although Seed7 contains several concepts of other programming languages, it is generally not considered as a direct descendant of any other programming language.

Release Notes: Information about the lines of code in Seed7 was added to the FAQ. The FAQ answers about supported operating systems and the analyze phase of the interpreter were improved. Several spelling errors in the FAQ and in the manual were fixed. The appearance of tables in the FAQ and in the manual was improved. Variants of the function 'timAwait', which work with poll() and ppoll(), were added to "tim_unx.c". The files "makefile", "mk_linux.mak", "mk_cygw.mak", and "mk_osx.mak" were improved to select one version of 'timAwait'. Descriptions of configuration macros were added to "src/read_me.txt".

No download Website 25 Apr 01:45 Js2Scheme 20101114


Js2Scheme compiles JavaScript to Scheme so that it can be processed by Bigloo. It also includes a pretty-printer and a (rudimentary) obfuscator.

Release Notes: Minor bugfixes and features have been ported from Hop to Scheme2Js.

No download No website 25 Apr 01:45 Objeck Programming Language 2.0


The Objeck computer language is an object-oriented computing language with functional features that has ties with Java, C#, and Pascal. In this language, all data types are treated as objects. The language consists of a compiler and VM with an accompanying memory management and JIT compiler.


Release Notes: The focus of this release is increased stability and improved performance. The language has grown up a lot over the past 9 months. Since version 1.0, the following features and enhancements have been made: thread support, XML support, introspection, richer class libraries, full 64-bit support (for OS X and Linux), native API support, and numerous bugfixes. This release includes aggressive code generation optimizations, bugfixes, and updated code examples.

Download Website 25 Apr 01:43 Editra 0.6.37


Editra is a general, extensible, multi-platform text editor with an implementation that focuses on creating a clean and easy-to-use interface with features that aid in code development. Currently, it supports syntax highlighting and variety of other useful features for more than 60 programing languages.

Release Notes: This version includes a new version of the Launch plugin that extends support to all filetypes recognized by Editra. Due to changes in the plugin's underlying data model, this upgrade will force settings from previous versions of the plugin to be reset. There are also a number of API extensions that plugins can use to better integrate with Editra in this release. A number of other important bugs relating to UTF-32 detection and Unicode handling have been integrated as part of this build.

No download Website 25 Apr 01:42 Ding Framework 0.90


Ding is a PHP framework that provides dependency injection (by Setter, Constructor, and Method), Aspect Oriented Programming, XML, YAML, Events support, and some JSR 250/330 annotations as bean definition providers, lightweight, can be deployed as a PHAR file, simple, and quick MVC, syslog, TCP client and server with non-blocking sockets, timers, and custom error, signal, and exception handling, PAGI integration (for the Asterisk gateway interface), and PAMI integration (for Asterisk management). It is similar to Java's Seasar and Spring.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release. There are minor bugfixes in the timer and syslog helper, as well as improved coverage.

Download Website 25 Apr 01:41 Scheme2Js 20101114


Scheme2Js is an efficient Scheme to Javascript compiler. Scheme2Js is not completely R5RS compliant, but features call/cc, partial tail-rec recursion, variable argument functions, symbols, lists, and macros. However, it lacks (among other things) hygienic macros and exact numbers.

Release Notes: Minor changes and bugfixes have been ported from Hop to Scheme2Js.

Download Website 25 Apr 01:40 Armitage 04.24.11


Armitage is a graphical cyber attack management tool for Metasploit that visualizes your targets, recommends exploits, and exposes the advanced capabilities of the framework. Armitage aims to make Metasploit usable for security practitioners who understand hacking but don't use Metasploit every day. If you want to learn Metasploit and grow into the advanced features, Armitage can help you.

Release Notes: This release adds session passing. Now you may send a meterpreter session to a waiting friend. This release also adds an option to display a message of the day to connecting team mates in collaboration mode. A deadlock condition with the screenshot viewer was fixed as well.

Download Website 25 Apr 01:34 VirtualBox 4.0.6


Oracle VM VirtualBox, formerly Sun xVM VirtualBox and innotek VirtualBox, is a family of x86 virtualization products for enterprise and home use.

Release Notes: Many minor bugfixes.

No download Website 25 Apr 01:33 Treebeard 24apr11


Treebeard is a system of CGI scripts that create an open topical forest. This is a community Web site approach that lets each user tend his or her own branch of the tree. It includes the treebeard, treedonly, treeadmin, and treeimage CGI scripts.


Release Notes: Minor changes were made to the example content pages.

Download Website 25 Apr 01:33 GNU Libidn 1.21


GNU Libidn is an implementation of the Stringprep, Punycode, and IDNA specifications defined by the IETF Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) working group. It is used to prepare internationalized strings (such as domain name labels, usernames, and passwords) in order to increase the likelihood that string input and string comparison work in ways that make sense for typical users throughout the world. The library contains a generic Stringprep implementation that does Unicode 3.2 NFKC normalization, mapping and prohibition of characters, and bidirectional character handling. Profiles for iSCSI, Kerberos 5, Nameprep, SASL, and XMPP are included. Punycode and ASCII Compatible Encoding (ACE) via IDNA are supported.

Release Notes: This release demands gettext >= 0.18.1 in order to get newer M4 files for Solaris. It has an improved MinGW cross-compile makefile. Visual Studio files have been fixed to define LIBIDN_BUILDING.

Download Website 25 Apr 01:32 MySAC 1.1


MySAC (MySQL Simple Asynchronous Driver) is a library that provides mechanisms for making asynchronous request to MySQL databases. It uses uses the official MySQL client library for authentication and network functions. Memory allocation must be done in user code, so any memory manager can be used.

Release Notes: A memory audit function has been added. Many bugs have been fixed.

No download Website 24 Apr 13:37 Contentteller 2.1.9


Contentteller is a content management system designed for sites of all sizes and types. It is powerful but simple to use, and search engine friendly out of the box. It has support for multiple Web sites, caching for high traffic Web sites, the ability to import and update everything from RSS feeds, POP3 email accounts, news servers, PAD, CompatDB XML files, a powerful template and style system, integration with 3rd party applications such as vBulletin, UBB.threads, phpBB 3.0, WBB, SMF, and Invision Power Board.

Release Notes: A comma was fixed in SEO urls. News import was optimized. Multiple new formatting options were added. A German translation was added to the CompatDB lists/categories. A translator link was added to CompatDB. A problem with block code was fixed. A problem with optional queues was fixed in news module. Live preview was added to the news queue. Multiple upload was fixed in the article append page. The admin menu tabs were optimized. An option to highlight the checked line was added. An option to show more than 50 entries per page was added. Text fields were changed to mediumtext.

Download Website 24 Apr 12:19 dvbcut 0.6.1


dvbcut is a Qt 3.x application that allows you to select certain parts of an MPEG transport stream (as received via Digital Video Broadcasting) and save these parts into a single MPEG output file. It follows a "keyhole surgery" approach where the input video and audio data are mostly kept unchanged, and only very few frames at the beginning and/or end of the selected range are re-encoded in order to obtain a valid MPEG file.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. Most importantly, you'll now be able to compile dvbcut with gcc 4.6.0, provided that you have a fixed version of Qt3 as well. Otherwise, please use gcc 4.5.x.

No download No website 24 Apr 10:31 Moneychanger 0.01


Moneychanger is a GUI built on top of Open Transactions, a financial crypto library. Moneychanger can be used to create pseudonyms, issue currencies, open accounts, withdraw and deposit cash (untraceable digital cash), write and deposit cheques, trade on markets, and much, much more.

Release Notes: This is the initial release. It covers the functionality for issuing new currency types, opening accounts, writing cheques, withdrawing cash, depositing cash or cheques, importing a cash purse, and exporting a cash purse. Screens are also provided for managing accounts, cash purses, nyms, asset contracts, and server contracts.

Download Website 24 Apr 09:26 Spack 3.0


Spack is a standalone package manager with its own CPIO-based package format but aiming to keep total compatibility with Slackware Linux. Written in POSIX shell as much as it makes sense, it attempts to provide a fairly complete toolkit to build, install, remove, list, retrieve, and arrange your packages. It can be used as an alternative to Slackware's pkgtools, just to independently and properly manage your local software on any distribution, or as the main package manager of the distribution you build yourself.


Release Notes: In this release, the CPIO-based package format is definitively adopted as the native Spack's package format. This allows the project to be a complete and standalone package manager instead of being just a package generator. Nevertheless, it is still possible to use it in this way and to generate traditional Slackware packages.

Download Website 24 Apr 09:21 EZblue Business Server 3.11.3


EZblue Business Server is a complete software package consisting of the EZblue Linux OS, a Debian-based Linux. The Business Server applications and the EZblue Magellan desktop client software are all loaded on one CD. It is fast and simple to install. It provides a fully integrated file server, print server, Web server, and mail server. You can use it for your home or business.

Release Notes: The core OS was updated. A sync module, a Quickbooks Enterprise 11 module, and a VPN module were added.

No download Website 24 Apr 08:12 MyNotex 1.1.4


MyNotex is software to take and to manage textual notes, even large numbers of them. Notes are gathered under different subjects and consist of a title, a date, a list of tags (keywords), and a free-length text which can be formatted (change font color, name, size, italic, bold, paragraph alignment, etc.); the software can manage bullets and numbered lists with automatic indentation. A single file produced by MyNotex contains multiple subjects and notes. Multiple attachments (files of any kind) can be associted with each note. You can search for notes by subject, by content, by tag (keyword), or by date. OpenOffice Writer files can be imported directly. Data can be exported as HTML that can be edited with a word processor like OpenOffice Writer. Finally, it is possible to synchronize two different MyNotex files.

Release Notes: Tomboy and Gnote notes can now be converted. If a Tomboy or Gnote note has been already imported, only its modified elements (date, text, etc.) will be changed in the file of MyNotex in use. Bookmarks were added for speedily selecting a specific note with a shortcut. Headings were added to format a paragraph quickly. A tag can be renamed or removed in all the notes of the file in use. The current date and time can be inserted in a new line with a shortcut. A link to a file, to a Web address, or to an e-mail address is now automatically recognized in the text of the notes. Bugs were fixed.

No download Website 24 Apr 08:08 Eagle Mode 0.81.0


Eagle Mode is an advanced solution for a zoomable user interface. It has a professional file manager, file viewers and players for most of the common file types, a chess game, a 3D mines game, a multi-function clock and some fractal fun, all integrated in a virtual cosmos.

Release Notes: The text file viewer got support for showing UTF-16 files. The core graphics functions do not reduce the color space any longer. The colors of control panels and dialogs were revised. The file manager got a theme interface and some themes for directory entry panels, and it also got an autosave function for the view settings. The window now shows a wait cursor when the main thread is blocked. Minor fixes and improvements were applied.

Download No website 24 Apr 07:47 kpcli 1.0


kpcli (KeePass CLI) is a command line interface (interactive shell) to work with KeePass database files. It was inspired by the author's use of the Ked Password Manager's "kedpm -c" option combined with a need to migrate to KeePass.


Release Notes: A Perl backwards-incompatibility was resolved. Now, *.kdb files that are changed "underneath" a running kpcli are detected and warned about. kpli was ported to Term::ShellUI 0.9. The "icons" commands were added.

Download Website 24 Apr 07:42 Visualization Library 2011.05.1140 RC1


Visualization Library is C++ middleware for high-performance 2D and 3D graphics applications based on the industry standard OpenGL 1.x-4.x, designed to develop portable applications for the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems. It supports advanced features like OpenGL Shading Language, Volume Rendering, Isosurface extraction, Frame Buffer Objects, Multiple Render Targets, Vertex and Pixel Buffer Objects, KdTree/AABB frustum culling, a multilingual Unicode-based text engine, advanced texturing, DDS cubemaps, mipmaps, compressed textures, and much more. Visualization Library can be especially useful in 3D/2D scientific visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, visual simulation, data visualization, presentations, multimedia applications, special effects, and 3D/2D games.

Release Notes: Several fixes and enhancements were made.

Download Website 24 Apr 07:41 cmus — C* Music Player 2.4.0


cmus is a small, fast, and powerful console music player for Linux and *BSD. It supports almost all common file formats, SHOUTcast/Icecast streaming, and multiple output plugins. cmus features multiple media library views, a playqueue, a directory browser, powerful filters, and vi-style search and keybindings. It also features gapless playback, ReplayGain, Unicode support, and customizable color schemes.

Release Notes: Compared to 2.3.x, cmus 2.4.0 features live filtering, mutt-like short filters, resume support, smarter string handling, long format options (including ones for bitrate/codec), HTTP proxy support, less CPU wakeups during playback, new RoarAudio output plugin, support for big-endian systems, and lots of different new audio sample formats.

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