2011 / April / 5 (56 releases)

5 April 2011

Download Website 05 Apr 21:38 sigrok-cli 0.2


sigrok-cli is a portable, cross-platform, command-line frontend for sigrok. It supports logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, MSOs, multimeters, sound level meters, various dataloggers and more. It can also decode various protocols, such as SPI, I2C, USB, UART, and many others.

Release Notes: Session saving and input file loading support was fixed, and session loading support was added. Initial work on a Windows installer was started. The command-line syntax for -d and -f has been changed to <thing>:key=value:key2=value2. Various bugfixes, internal code improvements, and documentation updates were made. MinGW/Windows support was improved. OLS output format support was improved, and metadata support was added. FreeBSD support was added. Initial doxygen support (sigrok API documentation) was added. ASIX SIGMA: a firmware loading bug was fixed.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:37 OraRep 0.4.4


OraRep is a PL/SQL snippet (embedded in a shell script) which creates a well-formatted HTML report on a given database instance, providing you with an overview on your instance(s), some hints for performance tuning, and more. It has been tested with Oracle 8.1.7, 9.0.1, and 9.2. The script easily fits into a cron task to be run on a regular basis. Sample output (HTML) is included. OSPRep does the same job for Oracle StatsPack Reports based on SnapShot Levels up to 7, and provides additional "plugins" for more detailed reporting on special issues. It also optionally creates a separate page with charts to visualize the results and more.


Release Notes: This release adds support for 11gR2 (untested), new Top-N SQL Statements sections ("..by CPU usage", "..by time elapsed", and "..by Invalidations" (10g+)), columns for "Last Active" and "Module" in Top-N SQL plus keyword highlighting on 10g+ (and hopefully no more "random" spaces within), some more helpful background info (context help), and more minor adjustments and improvements (including some code formatting and a check for (missing) BINDs to be improved).

Download Website 05 Apr 21:28 Kamailio 3.1.3


Kamailio (formerly OpenSER) is a high-performance SIP (RFC3261) server with a flexible architecture and many extensions. The server implements proxy, registrar, redirect, and location SIP/VoIP services. It has support for UDP, TCP, TLS, and SCTP transport layers, DNSsec, ENUM, AAA via database, RADIUS, DIAMETER, gateways to SMS and XMPP, least cost routing, load balancing, NAT traversal, and call processing language. Kamailio implements SIMPLE presence and instant messaging extensions, and includes an embedded XCAP server and MSRP relay. It can be also used as a routing SIP sever for WebRTC via WebSocket.

Release Notes: This is a maintenance release of the latest stable branch, 3.1, and includes fixes since the release of v3.1.2. Those running a previously released version 3.x.x should upgrade to benefit from the reliability enhancements.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:27 CorneliOS 1.4r5


CorneliOS is an easy-to-use and cross-browser "Web Desktop Environment", "Web Operating System", or "Web Office" that comes with a set of cool applications. It includes a Content Management System (CMS) so that you can easily set up and manage your own website as well as a Database Management System that allows you to rapidly build any kind of database application.


Release Notes: This release offers a working CIOS Edu API work schedule manager prototype, a greatly improved CIOS Edu API class manager, a large number of CIOS Edu API enhancements, minor CorneliOS ExtHTML parser enhancements, CorneliOS SQL table definition updates, CorneliOS language kit updates, and updated CorneliOS stylesheets.

Download No website 05 Apr 21:26 gEcrit 1.9.0


gEcrit is a source code editor oriented toward Python. It tries to keep the interface as clean as possible and keep the menus simple. It features all the common features a Python programmer might need, including an interactive Python interpreter and operating system shell. It supports a plugin system for expandability.

Release Notes: Support for plugins is here. Some functionality was moved from the core to the plugin extension. A new feature was added: Task Keeper. A plugin interface is under development now. A few bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:25 cego 2.8.2


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: A checkpoint setting has been added to define periodic tableset checkpoints. Improvements for the real time monitor.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:24 Eagle DNS 1.1.0


Eagle DNS is a powerful, multithreaded, platform independent DNS server written in Java. It is based on the very reliable and proven dnsjava API and has pluggable resolvers, zone providers, and plugins, making it very flexible.


Release Notes: This release is more than a year in the making, with millions of DNS queries processed during several months of testing. It brings some significant improvements regarding scalability and flexibility. Resolvers are now pluggable just as ZoneProviders, adding another dimension compared to 1.0, which was a strictly authoritative server. Custom resolvers can now be added, and multiple resolvers can be used simultaneously configured as a chain.

Download No website 05 Apr 21:21 MakePAK 0.0.2


MakePAK is a command-line tool for creating Quake .PAK files. It is supposed to be paired with PhysicsFS, which can read Quake .PAK archives. It follows the GNU standards, providing a portable, consistent, and complete utility.

Release Notes: This release fixes a major bug where the last byte of the file was excluded (which was especially problematic in binary files). Windows binaries are not currently provided, but may be added soon. Note: currently, the Linux RPMs/DEBs are outdated. There are problems updating the openSUSE build service.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:18 Lzip 1.12-rc2


Lzip is a lossless data compressor with a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2. Lzip decompresses almost as fast as gzip and compresses more than bzip2, which makes it well suited for software distribution and data archiving. Lzip is a clean implementation of the LZMA algorithm. The Lzip file format is designed for long-term data archiving. It is clean, provides very safe four factor integrity checking, and is backed by the recovery capabilities of lziprecover.


Release Notes: For large values of "--match-length", (high compression levels), the compression ratio has been slightly increased, and compression time has been reduced by up to 6%.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:12 VMD 1.9


VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics) is designed for the visualization and analysis of biological systems such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipid bilayer assemblies, etc. It may be used to view more general molecules, as VMD can read standard Protein Data Bank (PDB) files and display the contained structure. VMD provides a wide variety of methods for rendering and coloring a molecule: simple points and lines, CPK spheres and cylinders, licorice bonds, backbone tubes and ribbons, cartoon drawings, and others. VMD can be used to animate and analyze the trajectory of a molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. In particular, VMD can act as a graphical front end for an external MD program by displaying and animating a molecule undergoing simulation on a remote computer. VMD uses OpenGL and OpenGL Programmable Shading Language for high performance rendering of large structures.

Release Notes: Support for several new stereoscopic display modes. Improved export of molecular scenes to Wavefront OBJ format, for animation and rendering tools such as Autodesk Maya. Export of molecular scenes to X3D and X3DOM for interactive display of molecules in WebGL capable browsers. Many improvements to ray tracing and movie making features. Multi-GPU CUDA acceleration of quantum chemistry molecular orbital display. Initial support for OpenCL GPU acceleration and MPI parallel analysis of molecular dynamics trajectories. Many new and improved structure building and analysis plugins.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:11 ulatencyd 0.5.0


ulatencyd is a scriptable daemon which constantly optimizes the Linux kernel for best user experience. The default configuration tries reduce the latency for a typical desktop system and protects the system from malicious processes and groups. With a different configuration, all other types of systems can be adjusted as well.

Release Notes: Small bugfixes.

Download No website 05 Apr 21:10 CacheGuard Web Security Gateway 5.6.4


CacheGuard Appliance is an all-in-one OS appliance providing firewall, antivirus, caching, compression, bandwidth allocation, load balancing, reverse and forward proxy, high availability, Web application firewall, URL guarding, and more. It can be purchased as an OS to install on your server, as an OS to run in a virtual machine, or as a hardware appliance.

Release Notes: The CacheGuard Logo has been changed. The licensing key system has been revised. The Web GUI look has been revised.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:10 RackTables 0.19.3


RackTables is a tool to manage tens of racks, hundreds of servers, and thousands of MAC and IP addresses. It will work with a single rack as well. It features a real-life rackspace model, typed rack objects with flexible attribute sets, a tagging system, IP address management ready for NAT, virtual routers and load balancers, accurate network connection handling, a universal search function, a multi-user access model, and an extensible dictionary.

Release Notes: This release is the first in the new stable branch of RackTables (0.19.x). It fixes most of the issues discovered during 0.19 beta testing and is recommended for all users.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:10 TCPDF 5.9.064


TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF supports all ISO page formats and custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure, UTF-8 Unicode, RTL languages, HTML, barcodes, TrueTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and CID-0 fonts, images, graphic functions, clipping, bookmarks, JavaScript, forms, page compression, digital signatures, and encryption.


Release Notes: This version contains one bugfix.

Download Website 05 Apr 21:09 giv 0.9.18


giv, the G(reat|tk|NU) Image Viewer, is an image and hierarchical vector viewer. It was designed especially for scientific vision and computational geometry.


Release Notes: A new calibration tool allows setting the pixel size, and subsequent distance measurements will use the calibrated pixelsize. The measurement tool has been made flicker-free and changed to more aesthetic caliper-like graphics. The contrast tool now works with 8-bit images and allows zooming of the histogram. The Windows installer has been updated to the latest GTK version. A new tiff plugin has been added that reads more TIFF formats than gdk-pixbuf. The fits plugin now supports multi-slice (volume) FITS files.

Download Website 05 Apr 13:28 BoneCP 0.7.1


BoneCP is a Java JDBC connection pool implementation that is tuned for high performance by minimizing lock contention to give greater throughput for your applications. It currently beats all known connection pools, including C3P0 and DBCP, as shown on the benchmark section on the site.

Release Notes: Plenty of new features and bug fixes were added

Download Website 05 Apr 13:27 Key Scripter 1.6


Key Scripter listens to key press/release events from a keyboard or a mouse and sends fake key events to an X display. It supports gaming keypads such as the Nostromo SpeedPad and allows the creation and usage of complicated key scripts for games and other applications.

Release Notes: An example set of working scripts for several games was added. The manual was updated to include a description of all supported features.

No download Website 05 Apr 13:23 PAMI 1.12


PHP Asterisk Manager Interface ( AMI ) supports synchronous command ( action )/ responses and asynchronous events using the pattern observer-listener. It supports commands with responses with multiple events. It is very suitable for the development of operator consoles and / or asterisk / channels / peers monitoring through SOA, etc.

Release Notes: Support was added for VGMS boards for sending and receiving SMS. VGSMSMSTxAction and the events vgsm_me_state, vgsm_net_state, and vgsm_sms_rx were added.

Download Website 05 Apr 13:23 GLPI 0.80 Release Candidate 2


GLPI (Gestion Libre de Parc Informatique) is an information resource manager with an administration interface. You can use it to build a database with an inventory for your company (computers, software, printers, etc.). It has functions to make the daily life of the administrators easier, including a job/request tracking system with mail notification and methods to build a database with basic information about your network topology. It provides a precise inventory of all the technical resources (all their characteristics are stored in a database) and management and history of the maintenance actions and the bound procedures. It is dynamic and is directly connected to the users, who can post requests to the technicians.

Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed.

No download Website 05 Apr 13:21 BitNami Tomcat Stack 6.0.32-0


BitNami Tomcat Stack Native Installer is an easy-to-install environment to develop and deploy Java applications. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, and Java. Users can get the environment up and running in minutes after answering a few questions.

Release Notes: Apache was updated to 2.2.17. MySQL was updated to 5.1.56. Apache Tomcat was updated to 6.0.32. Apache Ant 1.8.1 and Ant-Contrib 1.0b3 were added.

No download Website 05 Apr 13:21 BitNami Django Stack 1.3-0


The BitNami DjangoStack is an all-in-one installer that greatly simplifies the installation of Django and its runtime dependencies. It includes ready-to-run versions of Python, Django, MySQL, and Apache. It supports Linux, Windows, and OS X, so you can share the same Django environment on multiple platforms.

Release Notes: Django was updated to version 1.3. MySQL was updated to 5.1.56. PostgreSQL was updated to 9.0.3.

No download Website 05 Apr 13:20 BitNami Redmine Stack 1.1.2-1


BitNami Redmine Stack is an easy-to-install distribution of Redmine, a flexible project management Web application. It includes pre-configured, ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, Ruby On Rails, and Subversion, so users can get a Redmine installation up and running in minutes after answering a few questions. Currently, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X are supported.

Release Notes: UTF8 database support was fixed. MySQL was updated to 5.1.56.

Download No website 05 Apr 13:04 gPodder 2.14


gPodder is a Podcast receiver/catcher written in Python and pyGTK. It manages podcast feeds for you, and automatically downloads all podcasts from as many feeds as you like. If you are interested in Podcast feeds, simply put the feed URLs into gPodder and it will download all episodes for you automatically. If there is a new episode, it will get it for you. It supports download resume, if the server supports it.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release in the stable 2.x series. This release includes an updated French translation, fixes to the tray icon behavior, and various fixes to improve the parsing of podcast feeds. This update is recommended for all users.

No download No website 05 Apr 13:02 LDAPAuthManager 1.2.0


LDAPAuthManager is a Web-based application designed to make LDAP user and group management easy and quick.

Release Notes: Major feature improvements were made. Radius attribute support was added. OpenLDAP support was improved, including TLS validation. Password storage options were added. Various bugfixes and tweaks were done.

Download Website 05 Apr 13:01 catfriend 0.9


catfriend creates desktop notifications when new mail arrives. It supports window managers that implement the freedesktop notification specification which includes KDE and GNOME. It can be configured to check multiple email accounts using a simple configuration file.

Release Notes: Error recovery was improved.

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