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29 April 2011

Download No website 29 Apr 12:47 grpn 1.3.1


GRPN is a RPN calculator for the X Window system built using the GIMP Toolkit (GTK). GRPN works with real numbers, complex numbers, matrices, and complex matrices. Numbers can be displayed in 4 different radix modes, and complex numbers can be displayed in either Cartesian or polar form, in decimal or engineering notation.

Release Notes: Basemode defaults now to "dec", like the original version 1.1.2. A new command line option, -bm, allows you to change the default value for basemode. A GNOME icon was added. A source package and Debian/Ubuntu binaries (.deb) for i386 and amd64 are available. This release is based on a merge of the sources and the Debian patches 1.1.2-3. The 1.2 branch has been abandoned.

Download Website 29 Apr 12:38 Aspose.Words for .NET 9.8.0


Aspose.Words is a word processing component that makes it possible for .NET applications to read, write, and modify Word documents without using Microsoft Word. Other useful features include document creation, content and formatting manipulation, mail merge abilities, reporting features, and support for DOCX, DOC, WordprocessingML, HTML, XHTML, TXT, and PDF formats (requires Aspose.Pdf). It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Release Notes: There are 170 improvements and fixes included in this release. Some important issues addressed in this release are rendering of DrawingML shapes, preservation of custom XML in DOC files, positioning of floating objects, export to HTML/XHTML, document conversion to PDF and XPS, support of styles for DML lines, and many more. Other bugs were also fixed.

Download Website 29 Apr 12:35 fio 1.52


fio is an I/O tool meant to be used both for benchmark and stress/hardware verification. It has support for 19 different types of I/O engines (sync, mmap, libaio, posixaio, SG v3, splice, null, network, syslet, guasi, solarisaio, and more), I/O priorities (for newer Linux kernels), rate I/O, forked or threaded jobs, and much more. It can work on block devices as well as files. fio accepts job descriptions in a simple-to-understand text format. Several example job files are included. fio displays all sorts of I/O performance information, including complete IO latencies and percentiles. Fio is in wide use in many places, for both benchmarking, QA, and verification purposes. It supports Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS X, OpenSolaris, AIX, HP-UX, Android, and Windows.

Release Notes: Some platform fixes were made for Solaris and Mac OS X. The unified Makefile was reinstated. An end-of-job slowdown for big random workloads was fixed. Support was added for running multiple sections at the time with the --section option. A parser bug with range options and size postfix was fixed. An internal random generator is now used for IO offsets.

No download Website 29 Apr 12:33 BitRock Cross Platform Installer 7.1.0


BitRock InstallBuilder allows you to create easy-to-use multiplatform installers for Linux (x86/PPC/s390/x86_64/Itanium), Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris (x86/Sparc), IRIX, AIX, and HP-UX applications. The generated application installers have a native look-and-feel and no external dependencies, and can be run in GUI, text, and unattended modes. In addition to self-contained installers, the installation tool is also able to generate standalone RPM packages.

Release Notes: Installer startup failing in some scenarios when being launched from a symbolic link was fixed. The <processTest> rule failing in some environments was fixed. Comboboxes not being properly displayed in Windows Vista and 7 in Win32 mode was fixed. Look and feel were improved. <getWindowsACL> was improved to properly handle invalid SID provided as username. The <languageSelectionStyle> project property was added to configure the style of the language selection dialog. Reported errors when loading invalid XML files were improved. The documentation was updated. The uninstaller not being removed on HP-UX was fixed. Other fixes and improvements were made.

Download Website 29 Apr 12:31 Linux Cluster Management Console 0.9.2


The Linux Cluster Management Console (LCMC) is an application that eases the burden of managing your Corosync/Heartbeat, Pacemaker, and DRBD-based cluster systems. It does not require any kind of agent or client code on the cluster nodes, instead using SSH.

Release Notes: The cluster virtual manager GUI was fixed and new LVM plugins were implemented.

No download Website 29 Apr 12:30 Tablatures 1.36


Tablatures is a guitar tablature editor. Tablatures is compatible with PowerTab, which is a well-known and widely adopted tablature editor for Windows systems. You can easily find thousands of song transcriptions in this format on the Internet.


Release Notes: Stability has been improved.

Download No website 29 Apr 12:29 WebDAV CGI 0.7.0


WebDAV CGI implements the WebDAV server protocol (compliance classes 1, 2, and 3). If you need a WebDAV enabled Apache Web server with UID/GID wrapping for special file/folder permissions, you can use WebDAV CGI in conjunction with a UID/GID wrapper.

Release Notes: A lot of major and minor DASL, CardDAV, and CalDAV bugs were fixed. The Web interface was improved with a new sidebar view and much more.

Download Website 29 Apr 12:29 beets 1.0b8


Beets is a media library management system designed for obsessive-compulsive music geeks. It catalogs your collection, automatically improving its metadata as it goes using the MusicBrainz database. It also downloads cover art for albums it imports. Then it provides a bouquet of tools for manipulating and accessing your music. Beets also includes a music player that speaks the MPD protocol, so you can play music in your beets library using any MPD client.

Release Notes: This release of beets brings two significant new features. First, beets now has first-class support for "singleton" tracks. Previously, it was only really meant to manage whole albums, but many of us have lots of non-album tracks to keep track of alongside our collections of albums. So now beets makes it easy to tag, catalog, and manipulate your individual tracks. Second, beets can now (optionally) embed album art directly into file metadata rather than only storing it in a "file on the side."

Download No website 29 Apr 12:28 cd-discid 1.2


cd-discid is a backend utility for getting CDDB discid information for a CD. It was originally designed for cdgrab (now abcde), but can be used for any purpose requiring CDDB data. It has been developed with attention to the CDDB specifications.

Release Notes: The --musicbrainz option was added, which outputs a TOC that is suitable for calculating the MusicBrainz disc ID. A memory leak was fixed.

Download Website 29 Apr 11:33 Slackware 13.37


Slackware is the longest-running distribution of the Linux operating system. Slackware offers a stable and secure version of Linux that is perfect for home, office, or educational use. Slackware is easy for beginners to install, but contains all the advanced features required by the experienced UNIX power-user.

Release Notes: This version includes version of the Linux kernel, Firefox 4.0, KDE 4.5.5, Xfce 4.6.2, and updated versions of the Slackware package management tools. The Slackware installer has been improved.

Download Website 29 Apr 10:33 gnome-manual-duplex 0.37


gnome-manual-duplex is a utility that adds manual duplex to the "Print" menu.


Release Notes: A dependancy was added for Ubuntu 11.04.

Download Website 29 Apr 10:28 Kubuntu 11.04


Kubuntu is a Linux distribution that is based on Ubuntu. The main difference from standard Ubuntu is that KDE Plasma is used instead of Unity. Its aim is to be a great integrated distribution that uses the full potential of the KDE desktop.

Release Notes: The Linux kernel was updated to KDE software compilation 4.6.2 is used. Other features include a new Samba filesharing system, a new language selection module, printer configuration improvements, remote file storage server ownCloud, the Phonon GStreamer multimedia backend, the GTK+ Oxygen theme, games on the CD, and enhanced DVD installation.

Download Website 29 Apr 10:27 Rapid Photo Downloader 0.4.0


Rapid Photo Downloader is an application for professional and amateur photographers, designed for use on the Linux desktop. It can download photos and videos from multiple cameras, memory cards, and portable storage devices simultaneously. It provides many flexible, user-defined options for subfolder creation, photo and video renaming, and backup.

Release Notes: This is the first stable release in the 0.4 series. Compared to version 0.3.6, it sports a clean new user interface and imports about 3 times faster. New features since 0.4.0 RC1 include the ability to select multiple files to check or uncheck for downloading and an automation feature to delete downloaded files from a device.

Download Website 29 Apr 10:25 TestMaker 6.0


PushToTest TestMaker is a distributed test automation platform for application performance management and monitoring. It repurposes tests written in Selenium, soapUI, TestGen4Web, and Mozmill, and unit tests in Java, .NET, Jython, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, and Perl into functional tests, load and performance tests, and business service monitors. TestMaker is ideal for Web applications, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications, Rich Internet Application (RIA using Ajax, Flex, Flash) and Business Process Management (BPM) applications.

Release Notes: This version includes the new TestMaker Object Designer tool for recording and playback of rich Internet applications (RIA, using AJAX, Flex, Flash), an advanced test runtime for fast test operation, new test types (Sahi, HTTP Archive HAR, Flex), and an advanced results analysis engine featuring an integrated Jasper Reports service. Designer records Selenium, Sahi, and Flex tests in IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

Download Website 29 Apr 10:23 Ampache 3.6-Alpha1


Ampache is a Web-based audio file manager. It allows you to view, edit, and play your audio files via the Web. It has support for playlists, artist and album views, album art, random play, playback via HTTP with on-the-fly transcoding and downsampling, vote based playback, playback via MPD and Icecast, an integrated Flash player, and per-user themes and song play tracking. You can also link multiple Ampache servers together using XML-RPC. Ampache supports gettext translations and has full translations into many languages.


Release Notes: New search and random methods were added. Various bugs were fixed.

Download Website 29 Apr 10:21 Xfce WMdock Plugin 0.3.4


The WMdock plugin is a compatibility layer for running WindowMaker dockapps on the XFCE desktop. It integrates the dockapps into a panel, closely resembling the look and feel of the WindowMaker dock or clip.

Release Notes: An editable dockapp filter was added. Build support for XFCE 4.8 was added.

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