2011 / April (1075 releases)

April 2011

Download Website 30 Apr 19:15 pmsdr 2.5.0


pmsdr is software for a low-cost, DDS-less "Software Defined Radio" full coverage receiver for all HF bands.


Release Notes: Minor changes were made to comply with 2.2.x firmware.

Download No website 30 Apr 17:40 gEcrit 2.5


gEcrit is a source code editor oriented toward Python. It tries to keep the interface as clean as possible and keep the menus simple. It features all the common features a Python programmer might need, including an interactive Python interpreter and operating system shell. It supports a plugin system for expandability.

Release Notes: This version adds session support for the editor. It can save all the open tabs, window layout, and selected document and restore them at startup. A plugin was added that allows you to have an unlimited number of terminals for any shells. All it needs is a path to the shell interpreter. The spell checker was moved to a plugin and now it is possible to spell check a text selection. A document clone plugin was added. The default text function was moved to a plugin called StampIt.

Download Website 30 Apr 17:39 psensor


Psensor is a graphical hardware temperature monitor for Linux. It can monitor temperatures of the different hardware sensors (motherboard and CPU using lm-sensors), hard disk drives (hddtemp/libatasmart), and ATI/Nvidia GPUs. The fan can also be monitored (lm-sensors). Psensor is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Release Notes: This release fixes a UI freeze when selecting preferences by using the application indicator of Ubuntu Natty. It adds partial support of the Turkish language and a full support of the French language.

Download Website 30 Apr 17:37 Chips 0.1


Chips is a Python library for designing hardware devices that provides a high-level device modelling language. Native simulations integrate with Python so you can use Python extension modules such as Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib, and PIL to provide a rich verification environment. Device models can be automatically translated into synthesizable VHDL, and highly optimized soft-processors are generated for an efficient implementation. A plugin mechanism is provided so that additional code generators can be added. C++ and Graphviz plugins are provided. Existing VHDL IP can be imported, and seamless co-simulation of C++ and VHDL outputs is is supported.

Release Notes: This is the first release.

Download No website 30 Apr 17:37 SciPy Notebook 0.2.0


SciPy Notebook is a notebook-style editor to hack Python with the comfort of an editor and the interactivity of a console.

Release Notes: This is the first usable release.

No download Website 30 Apr 17:34 Timeline 0.13.0


Timeline is a cross-platform application for displaying and navigating events on a timeline.

Release Notes: This is a new feature release. Events can be moved up and down with alt+up/down. A hidden event count is shown in the status bar. The first version of exporting to SVG was implemented. More was done.

Download Website 30 Apr 17:32 Mathomatic 15.6.0


Mathomatic is a portable, general-purpose computer algebra system (CAS) that can solve, differentiate, simplify, combine, and compare algebraic equations, perform standard, complex number, modular, and polynomial arithmetic, etc. It does some calculus and is very easy to compile/install, learn, and use. The symbolic math application with a simple command-line interface is designed to be a colorful algebra calculator that is reliable, responsive, and convenient to use. The symbolic math library is lightweight and easy to include in other software, due to being written entirely in C with no additional dependencies.

Release Notes: The polynomial factoring and polynomial division C code was finished and cleaned up, so polynomial operations give better results and are 30 times faster in some cases. The "simplify quick" option gives much better results now, sometimes better than any other simplify option. The coloring scheme was improved: all prompt and normal text is now the terminal emulator's default color for text (usually uncolored); expressions remain colored if color mode is enabled. m4 Mathomatic can now easily be made to work under BSD Unix.

No download Website 30 Apr 17:31 Grub Next Generation 0.9.7


Grub Next Generation is a distributed client/server Web crawling system that helps to build and maintain indexes of the Web.

Release Notes: A new translation into the Telugu language was added. A few other translations were updated. A few minor bugs were fixed. The program now compiles without problems in Mono 2.8 and above.

Download Website 30 Apr 17:30 Seeks 0.3.3


Seeks is a Web search proxy, meta-search engine, and real-time P2P pattern matching network for social Web search. Its specific purpose is to regroup users whose queries are similar so they can share both the query results and their experience with these results. On this basis, Seeks allows true real-time, decentralized Web search to emerge. In the long term, there is no need for Web crawlers and third-party Web indexes. Most importantly, Seeks is intended to become a flagship for a fair, transparent, user controlled machinery for searching the Web over the Internet.

Release Notes: The parser and feeds/search engines connection were reworked. This allows using the same parser over several feeds. Each feed can be accessed independently from the API. Support was added for the following result formats: opensearch (ATOM and RSS), dokuwiki, and mediawiki. Support was added for remote user database, for personalization and other means. This allows you to export the user database away from the Seeks node itself. It is the first step towards enabling a mixture of remote user profiles in a forthcoming version.

No download Website 30 Apr 17:30 DNSSD for Firefox 0.9.1


DNSSD for Firefox (formerly BonjourFoxy) adds support for discovering Web sites via DNS Service Discovery (Bonjour) to Firefox.

Release Notes: Notifications of new services are now optional and can be configured via the Firefox Add-on manager.

Download Website 30 Apr 08:07 The IEC 61131-3 Structured Text to XML Com...


The IEC 61131-3 Structured Text to XML Compiler parses an IEC Structured Text source and generates an XML representation of the syntax tree of the source. Names defined in the IEC 61131-3 grammar are used as tag names, though underscore characters in the names of the non-terminal symbols are replaced with a minus sign. The result then can be further processed with the YML toolchain or with an XSLT stylesheet. The compiler is compatible with the 61131-3 ST standard as used in the Beremiz project, as well as with the dialect of EPAS 4.

Release Notes: This is the initial public release under the GPL 2.0. The compiler is also available under a commercial license on request.

Download Website 30 Apr 07:59 Unicorn 3.6.2


Unicorn is a Unix and LAN/localhost-optimized fork of the Mongrel HTTP server. It takes full advantage of functionality exclusive to Unix-like operating systems. It will reap and restart workers that die from broken apps, and there is no need to manage multiple processes yourself. Load balancing is done entirely by the operating system kernel. Requests never pile up behind a busy worker. The server does not care if your application is thread-safe or not, as workers all run within their own isolated address space and only serve one client at a time. All Rack applications are supported along with pre-Rack versions of Ruby on Rails via a Rack wrapper. It also supports atomic log cycling, nginx-style binary re-execution without losing connections, before_fork and after_fork hooks, and optional copy-on-write-friendly memory management.

Release Notes: The optional Unicorn::OobGC module was reimplemented to fix breakage. Minor documentation updates were made, though there were no code changes for non-OobGC users.

Download Website 30 Apr 07:58 fookebox 0.6.0


fookebox is a jukebox-style Web frontend to mpd. It can serve as a keyboard-less jukebox or as a generic mpd frontend, depending on your preferences.

Release Notes: This release fixes several issues with character encoding and error handling, improves usability on mobile devices, and includes a number of other minor bugfixes and improvements.

No download No website 30 Apr 07:56 The FACT Programming Language 1.0.64


FACT is a mixed functional and imperative programing language which uses first-class environments as its primary data type. It supports many high level concepts while still remaining a very simple language.

Release Notes: This release added single-quote strings and improved speeds.

Download Website 30 Apr 04:54 winetricks 20110429


Winetricks is a multi-purpose tool for Wine that helps when Windows applications forget to bundle needed runtime libraries, fonts, tools, or plugins. It knows the safest place to legally get the missing files (often at microsoft.com), and will painlessly install them for you. It also can tweak Wine settings, and can automatically install about 100 applications and games, including any needed workarounds. It is a simple shell script, and does not require installation. If invoked with no arguments, it displays a simple GUI to let you pick exactly what you would like to install.

Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed. The --noclean option was renamed to --no-clean for consistency. The script now knows how to launch a Web browser even on systems that lack xdg-open. New applications are supported: Borders Desktop, Amazon Kindle, Nook for PC, Opera 11, and Songbird. New games are supported: Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Demo, Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Crayon Physics Deluxe demo, Darkspore, Digitanks Demo, Myth II: Soulblighter demo, and Tropico 3 Demo.

    Download Website 30 Apr 04:53 Botan 1.9.17


    Botan is a crypto library written in C++. It provides a variety of cryptographic algorithms, including common ones such as AES, MD5, SHA, HMAC, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, DSA, and ECDSA, as well as many others that are more obscure or specialized. It also offers SSL/TLS (client and server), X.509v3 certificates and CRLs, and PKCS #10 certificate requests. A message processing system that uses a filter/pipeline metaphor allows for many common cryptographic tasks to be completed with just a few lines of code. Assembly and SIMD optimizations for common CPUs offers speedups for critical algorithms like AES and SHA-1.

    Release Notes: This release adds some new options for controlling use of Sphinx and Doxygen for generating documentation. A bug that broke runtime feature detection on x86 processors has been fixed. Support for the BeOS clone/continuation Haiku has been improved. This is the third and hopefully final release candidate for the next stable tree.

    No download Website 30 Apr 04:52 Tenable Nessus 4.4.1


    Tenable Nessus is a world-leader in active vulnerability scanners. It features high-speed discovery, configuration auditing, asset profiling, sensitive data discovery, and vulnerability analysis of your security posture. Nessus scanners may be distributed throughout an entire enterprise, inside DMZs, and across physically separate networks. It is free of charge for personal use in a non-enterprise environment.


    Release Notes: This series is a major upgrade with many new features and bugfixes.

    Download Website 30 Apr 04:52 PySynth 0.9


    PySynth takes a list of the notes in a song to create a WAV file with synthesized audio.

    Release Notes: A Nokia ringtone synthesizer has been added.

    Download Website 30 Apr 04:50 husk-scheme 2.4


    Husk is an implementation of the Scheme programming language for the Haskell Platform. Advanced R5RS features are provided, including continuations, hygienic macros, and a full numeric tower.

    Release Notes: The core evaluator was simplified by moving several functions out of eval and making them first-class objects. The (call-with-values), (values), and the (set!) family of functions were enhanced. Limited support for (dynamic-wind) was added. The parser now recognizes rational number components of a complex number.

    No download Website 30 Apr 04:49 PHP Mini SQL Admin 1.7.110429


    PHP Mini SQL Admin is a light, standalone script for accessing MySQL databases. It is intended for Web developers and requires knowledge of SQL commands.

    Release Notes: This release added support for gzip compressed files (.gz) when importing or exporting databases.

    Download Website 30 Apr 04:49 phlyMail 4.01.01


    phlyMail is a groupware, webmailer, and PIM. It offers unlimited nested groups, unlimited POP3/IMAP profiles, quotas, an integrated address book, a calendar with multiple reminders and event repetitions, a file manager with an integrated WebDAV server, the ability to send faxes, SMS support (which lets you send SMS, get reminded of events via SMS, and get email notification via SMS), a bookmark manager, themes, and multilingual support. It uses either sendmail or SMTP to send email, and can handle MIME and SSL connections. Support for IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) is included. Through its modular design, it's easy to add completely new features as modules, which can be plugged into the system.

    Release Notes: This build fixes some minor issues with logging in as admin / user and the handling of lost passwords. A few typos and unnecessary PHP warnings have been fixed.

    No download No website 30 Apr 04:48 jOOQ 1.5.8


    jOOQ effectively combines complex SQL, type safety, source code generation, active records, stored procedures, advanced data types, and Java in a fluent, intuitive DSL.

    Release Notes: Two important new RDBMS are supported: SQL Server and Sybase. There is now full support for the non-SQL standard LIMIT clause, even in dialects where the LIMIT clause is not supported natively (especially Oracle, but also DB2, SQL Server, and Sybase, which have limitations). jOOQ simulates LIMITs by rendering nested selects filtering on ROWNUM (Oracle) or on ROW_NUMBER() (DB2, SQL Server, and Sybase).

    Download Website 30 Apr 04:47 libjpeg 8c


    libjpeg is a library for handling the JPEG (JFIF) image format. Included are the programs cjpeg and djpeg for converting to and from this format, jpegtran to perform some lossless transformations on JPEG imagess, and rdjpgcom and wrjpgcom to manipulate JFIF comments.

    Release Notes: A -block N option was added to the compression library and cjpeg for using different DCT block sizes. Values of 1 to 16 are possible, and the default is 8 (baseline format). Larger values produce higher compression, while smaller values produce higher quality. A SmartScale capable decoder (introduced with IJG JPEG 8) is required.

    Download Website 30 Apr 04:47 ImageVis3D 2.0.0


    ImageVis3D is a volume rendering application specifically designed to render large data sets. This is achieved by splitting the data set into multiple levels of detail (LoD), with each level itself decomposed into multiple bricks (atomic rendering primitives). Interaction occurs at the coarsest LoD, which can be rendered instantaneously on almost all modern systems. After a configurable delay, ImageVis3D will successively render finer levels of detail, until the data are visible at their native resolution. Volume rendering, as the name implies, is a technique for rendering scalar volumes of data. The rendering method allows one to see "inside" a data set, allowing the user to understand the inner three-dimensional structure of the data.

    Release Notes: Rendering of geometry data mixed with standard volume renderings is now supported. A '2D slicing' render method was added for improved GPU compatibility. Support for various new file formats was added, including Analyze 7.5. Data sets can now be loaded via drag and drop. Support for ImageVis3D Mobile 2.0 was added. RGB[A] data can now be visualized with the 1D transfer function. A command line converter was added. A number of bugs were fixed, some for long-standing issues. Better support and examples were added for using Tuvok without ImageVis3D.

    Download Website 30 Apr 04:46 Atlassian GreenHopper 5.6


    Atlassian GreenHopper is a JIRA plugin that adds agile project management capabilities to JIRA. Perfect for Scrum and/or Kanban, GreenHopper lets you manage tasks as virtual index cards and provides a planning board, task board, and chart board.

    Release Notes: Inline editing of text fields for cards on the Task Board and Planning Board was improved. New language packs were provided for Czech, Finnish, Belgian Dutch (Flemish), Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Swedish.

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