2011 / March (1258 releases)

March 2011

Download Website 30 Mar 14:13 Efax-gtk 3.2.8


Efax-gtk provides a GUI frontend for the efax fax program. It interfaces with efax directly, replacing the scripts supplied with efax, and can be used for receiving and sending faxes, and for viewing, printing, and managing faxes which have been received and sent. It also has a socket interface that provides a "virtual printer" for sending faxes from word processors and similar programs, and can automatically e-mail a received fax to a designated user and automatically print a received fax.

Release Notes: A bug preventing IPv6 addresses from being specified in domain name format has been corrected.

Download Website 30 Mar 12:52 DocumentBurster 4.2.2


DocumentBurster is a tool for report distribution: split, merge, email, and FTP your reports. It has report delivery for Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting Services, MS Access, Cognos, PeopleSoft, and SAP. It has report bursting for Pentaho, JasperReports, and BIRT. It can upload reports to MS SharePoint.

Release Notes: The build system was improved. Initial Maven support was added. Various bugs were fixed.

No download No website 30 Mar 12:52 QtitanMultimedia 2.0


QtitanMultimedia is a powerful library that will enrich your Qt applications with a wide range of multimedia features. The library completely integrates with Qt Designer and allows you to add Flash, Silverlight, and Adobe reader functionality to your apps the same way you add fields, tables, and other regular controls.

Release Notes: Critical bugs have been fixed. A demonstration of the integration of Flash-based Google Maps to the QGraphicsView was added.

Download No website 30 Mar 12:50 JFBChat 0.2.0


JFBChat is a simple application that lets you chat with your Facebook friends without using a Web browser.

Release Notes: This is a stable release. Groups and avatars are now supported. GUI improvements were made in the chat window and in the contact list. Audio notifications are now supported. Bugs were fixed. The core was improved. The user is now able to edit some options.

Download Website 30 Mar 09:52 mount_dd 1.9


Mount_dd is a GUI for mounting a raw image in Gnome. You can mount a dd-image in read-write or read-only mode. You can mount ISO, .img, raw, .00x formats, EWF, and AFF in read-only mode. You can also mount exfat partitions in read-only mode.

Release Notes: You may now choose to mount an image of a partition or mount a partition in an image of a device. The ability to uninstall was also added.

Download Website 30 Mar 08:47 xchainkeys 0.10


xchainkeys is a standalone X11 program to create chained key bindings similar to those found in the ratpoison window manager or the screen terminal multiplexer.


Release Notes: This release adds new options to control the position of the feedback window and the display duration of error messages.

Download Website 30 Mar 08:33 IRAF 2.15.1a


IRAF is the Image Reduction and Analysis Facility, a general purpose software system for the reduction and analysis of scientific data. IRAF includes a selection of programs for general image processing and graphics applications, plus a large number of programs for the reduction and analysis of optical astronomy data within the NOAO package. External or layered packages are also available for the analysis of HST, XRAY, and EUV data. IRAF provides a programming environment which includes the Command Language script facility, the IMFORT Fortran programming interface, and the SPP/VOS programming environment in which the portable IRAF system is written.

Release Notes: Major corruption of images on all platforms was fixed.

Download Website 30 Mar 08:09 uBee512 5.2.0


uBee512 emulates all of the Microbee Z80 series of microcomputers, including ROM, Floppy and Hard disk-based models. Up to 2MB of extended memory is supported. The optional on board sn76489 sound IC is also emulated. The display may use SDL or OpenGL video rendering. Z80 PIO emulation includes tape, speaker, RTC, serial to PC RS232, and mouse peripherals. Parallel port peripherals include BeeThoven (AY-3-8910), BeeTalker (SP0256-AL2), Compumuse (SN76489), DAC, printer, and joystick. Many disk image types and floppy disks are supported. A joystick may be optionally mapped to keys. A large number of options are available as well as a built in OSD console.

Release Notes: This release sees the addition of the sn76489an Programmable Sound Generator IC emulation. The EA Compumuse board emulation as a parallel port peripheral device has also been emulated. Improved disk creation adds DSK and other image types and fixes some dynamic ".temp" file problems. A new option of --disk-create has also been added. A number of bugs were fixed, including --db-dump* options to output all ASCII characters if in the range of 32-126.

Download Website 30 Mar 08:06 WebGUI 7.9.25


WebGUI is a content management framework built to allow average business users to build and maintain complex Web sites. It is modular, pluggable, and platform independent. It was designed to allow the people who create the content to manage it online, rather than content management taking up the time of busy IT staff. WebGUI comes with a full host of features including shopping cart, subscriptions, forums, photo galleries, FAQs, link lists, blogs, SQL reports, a Web services interface, and a very configurable user privilege and profiling system.

Release Notes: This stable release contains fixes for bugs in the style templates that come with WebGUI, as well as errors in handling UTF8 URLs in JavaScript. A "Data error" in AssetManager if the URL contains Cyrillic script was fixed. A problem with Underground Style where search does not search was fixed. A problem in which greenportal links are sometimes white on white was fixed.

No download Website 30 Mar 08:05 NCO 4.0.7


The netCDF Operators (NCO) facilitates manipulation and analysis of self-describing data stored in the (freely available) netCDF format.

Release Notes: Numerous bugs were fixed.

Download Website 30 Mar 08:03 GnomeICU 0.99.16


GnomeICU is a Gnome application which allows one to communicate with other GnomeICU users or others who use ICQ (Windows, Java, Mac, etc). With GnomeICU, one can send and receive messages, change online modes, send and receive URLs, and much more.

Release Notes: Small fixes and translation updates were made.

Download Website 30 Mar 08:01 NetCDF 4.1.2


NetCDF is a format developed at Unidata that was inspired by the CDF format from NASA. NetCDF stands for "Network Common Data Form" and is a self-describing data format, commonly used in scientific and engineering applications.

Release Notes: Extensive code refactoring was done for performance and ease of maintenance. Bugs were fixed.

No download Website 30 Mar 07:56 M4V Converter Plus 2.1.4


M4V Converter Plus converts purchased M4V videos to QuickTime MOV, MP4, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, or audio format at high speed. It supports the conversion of iTunes M4V rental files as long as your iTunes can play it. Batch conversion is supported.

Release Notes: Mac OS X 10.6 and iTunes 10.2 are fully supported. A bug that may fail to drag and drop some m4v movies to the application were fixed. The help content was updated.

Download Website 30 Mar 07:54 Movgrab 1.0.9


Movgrab is a command-line movie downloader for sites like YouTube. It has no dependencies; everything that's needed should be there in the tar.gz package. Movgrab can connect through an HTTP proxy, can output the download to stdout for piping into another program, and can fork into the background to free up the console. When forked into the background, its progress can still be seen in a ps list.

Release Notes: YouTube works again. Considerable effort has been made to improve streaming, adding the "-s" and "-sc" options to handle situations where the app receiving the data is "paused" and blocks. Movgrab now tries to keep downloading, even when the app receiving the stream is paused. This seems to work well for .flv format, but not so well for .mp4.

Download Website 30 Mar 07:54 Big Faceless Report Generator 1.1.48


The Big Faceless Report Generator is a Java application for converting source documents written in XML to PDF. Built on top of the Big Faceless PDF & Graph Libraries, the Report Generator combines these features and wraps an XML parser around them. Using JSP, ASP, XSL, or similar, creating dynamic PDF documents directly from a database is now as easy as HTML.

Release Notes: A long-standing issue where a blank page was sometimes added to the end of the document was fixed. Aztec-code was added to the barcode tag. This version is built with PDF library 2.11.15 and Graph Library 1.1.6.

Download Website 30 Mar 07:52 FreeIPMI 1.0.3


FreeIPMI provides in-band and out-of-band IPMI software based on the IPMI v1.5/2.0 specification. It has a number of useful features for large HPC or cluster environments.

Release Notes: The ability to specify "none" workaround flags on the command line is supported. Package and library versioning macros were added to all libraries. Several library semantics in libipmiconsole were fixed. Various bugs were fixed.

Download Website 30 Mar 07:51 audit daemon 2.1


The audit package contains the user-space utilities for creating audit rules, as well as for storing, searching, and generating reports from the audit records generated by the audit subsystem in the Linux 2.6 kernel and higher. It has a real-time plugin interface for event analysis and remote logging of events.

Release Notes: This release adds a store and forward remote logging model to prevent event losses. This release adds new translations for netfilter, virtualization, and capabilities. There is a big performance improvement in aureport. And there are many bug fixes.

No download Website 30 Mar 07:41 Ehcache 2.4.1


Ehcache is a standards-based cache used to boost performance, offload the database, and simplify scalability. It is robust, proven, and full-featured, and has hundreds of thousands of production deployments.

Release Notes: This update to Ehcache 2.4 (also referred to as Ehcache with Search) provides a few minor feature enhancements and bugfixes.

Download Website 30 Mar 07:40 Scribus 1.4.0.rc3


Scribus is a desktop page layout program with the aim of producing commercial grade output in PDF and Postscript.

Release Notes: Crash bugs were fixed. A lot of undo updates were made (including updates to text undo). Usability fixes were made. A move was made to 140 versioned preference files. A number of older bugs were triaged and fixed.

Download Website 30 Mar 07:34 dotCMS 1.9.2


dotCMS is a J2EE Web Content Management System (CMS) which includes a number of features which other Open Source CMS solutions do not. It is extremely easy for both users and developers to work with, and any number of new applications can be built within its framework. It features a multi-tenant/virtual hosting form builder, customizable/extensible workflow engine PHP, Groovy, Ruby, and Python scripting support, a full starter site using Responsive Design (Bootstrap framework), including a mobile version, custom content types, files as content, full-text document and metadata indexing, pessimistic content check-in/checkout, site-wide templating, object level permissions, clustering support, widgets and macros, a robust plugin architecture, an easy Windows installer, ElasticSearch for performance and horizontal scalability, an OSGI implementation, Spring 3 MVC Support, enterprise site searches, an accessibility checker in the WYSIWYG, RESTful APIs to access content and widgets, an integrated help system, and more.

Release Notes: An online image editor was added. New image renditions and clipboard were added. Inline editing allows easy editing. The host dashboard gives a snapshot of key site trends. The activity stream reporter reports on content contributors’ usage. Page caching caches pages statically for a set period of time for maximum scalability. SEO descriptions and keywords were extended. Cache tags give Web developers a way to statically cache arbitrary blocks of templates. An automatic updater was added to allow easier system upgrades. The Italian language translation is now included out of the box.

Download Website 30 Mar 07:30 linphone 3.4.3


Linphone is an audio and video Internet phone with GTK+ and console interfaces. It uses the SIP protocol, and is compatible with most SIP clients and gateways. It can use various audio and video codecs such as Speex, GSM, G711, G722, ilbc, amr, Theora, H263-1998, MPEG4, H264, VP8, and snow.

Release Notes: This version improves Mac OS X integration with desktop menus, better sound system handling, and binary bundle generation for ease of installation. It also improves memory usage and fixes a few SIP bugs.

Download Website 29 Mar 20:43 Monit 5.2.5


Monit is a utility for managing and monitoring processes, programs, files, directories, and devices on a Unix system. It conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations. It can be used to monitor files, directories, and devices for changes, such as timestamps changes, checksum changes, or size changes. It is controlled via an easy to configure control file based on a free-format, token-oriented syntax. It logs to syslog or to its own log file and notifies users about error conditions via customizable alert messages. It can perform various TCP/IP network checks, protocol checks, and can utilize SSL for such checks. It provides an HTTP(S) interface for access.


Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

Download Website 29 Mar 20:42 fIcy 1.0.18


fIcy is a command line icecast/shoutcast stream grabber. Its goal is to cleanly and automatically rip a stream into user-customizable files. It will work with any ICY-compatible stream, allowing you to either to save the stream to disk, pipe the output to a media player, or both.

Release Notes: Building on newer C++ compilers/libraries was fixed.

No download Website 29 Mar 20:42 PrRescue 0.14


PrRescue is a rescue CD based on Gentoo amd64/i686 supporting nilfs2 and btrfs. Its goal is to always include the newest kernel and Gentoo packages.

Release Notes: XZ compression is now used for smaller file sizes. The kernel has been updated to version Gentoo packages have been updated to the latest stable versions.

Download Website 29 Mar 20:40 youtube-dl 2011.03.29


youtube-dl is a small command-line program for downloading videos from YouTube.com.

Release Notes: This release fixes a program crash that was happening with certain YouTube videos, and fixes the date extraction regular expression in YouTube.

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