2011 / February / 26 (29 releases)

26 February 2011

Download Website 26 Feb 21:03 WOSH Framework 0.8.888


WOSH (Wide Open Smart Home) is a message-oriented middleware for controlling and automating a smart home. It comes with working services and devices. WOSH is an open multi-platform C++ framework. Its architecture is service (bundles) oriented and designed for distributed (cloud) computing. WOSH ships with library source, many services, and some applications (a server, a trayicon remote controller, and a GUI full-controller). Some features provided by its micro-kernel are a multi-user system with access policies, a centralized database manager and system monitor, and automatic network management and masquerading (on TCP). Some of the implemented services are: multimedia audio playback, monitor and control of X10 devices, remote control using instant messaging, and a remote control using SMS and call notification.


Release Notes: Full refactoring is in progress. This release is a preview for developers and expert users. It introduces shared library support and many bugfixes. WOSH WorkShop binaries for Windows are included.

Download Website 26 Feb 20:54 Yet Another MetaData Injector for FLV 1.8


yamdi stands for Yet Another MetaData Injector and is a metadata injector for FLV files. It adds the onMetaData event to your FLV files. It uses little memory, is fast, and can handle big files (over 1 GB).

Release Notes: The input file can now be replaced with the resulting output file with the -w option. This mimics the inplace modification of the input file. If the input file contains only audio data, then the option -a [interval] adds fake keyframes to the metadata.

No download Website 26 Feb 20:40 j661 0.49.1


The j661 project provides a generic CDS (or ARINC 661 Server) in order to facilitate the understanding of the ARINC 661 standard, prototype ARINC 661 concepts and architectures, and facilitate the reuse of ARINC 661 specifications and artefacts between projects. The CDS architecture is designed to allow defining the Server behavior to be easily modified or extended. This is achieved by a modular plug-in architecture, allowing customization at runtime without changing anything in the Server core itself.

Release Notes: This version has no changes since the previous version, apart from the important fact that the XML configuration files and their associated DTDs, all the example files (including example source code files), and the demos, are now distributed under a modified BSD license (which is compatible with the GPL v2). The project is still distributed under a GPL v2 license, but putting those configuration files under the less restrictive modified BSD license allows users to use these files more freely.

Download Website 26 Feb 20:38 Miscellaneous Container Templates 1.2.0


Miscellaneous Container Templates is a C++ library that provides a collection of various STL-like containers with specific properties. It currently contains six closely related containers: closed_hash_set, closed_hash_map, linked_hash_*, and forward_hash_*. The first two are very similar to TR1 unordered_set and unordered_map; the linked ones provide additional functionality, while forward hash tables are more performant than linked, but have a restricted interface.

Release Notes: This is the second stable release. Compared to 1.0, two more hash table containers and optional intrusiveness support were added. This release works on Clang 2.7 or later in addition to G++ 4.x. The number of tests has more than doubled.

Download Website 26 Feb 20:37 VBoxAdm 0.0.35


VBoxAdm is a Web-based management tool for Postfix. It handles virtual domains and aliases, and provides a vacation auto-responder and a spam scanning SMTP proxy for use as a Postfix pre-queue filter.

Release Notes: FastCGI support was added. A preliminary Exim4 configuration was added. Several bugs were fixed.

Download Website 26 Feb 20:34 cego 2.7.12


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: Small fixes were made.

Download Website 26 Feb 20:34 Scalate 1.4.1


Scalate is a Scala 2.8 based template engine for generating text and markup. It can be used stand-alone in any JVM or as a servlet filter in any Java Web application. It supports the following template formats: Mustache, Scaml, Jade, and SSP.

Release Notes: This is a bug fix release.

Download No website 26 Feb 20:31 Yawf 0.1.3


Yawf is simple tool for creating WBFS files from Wii ISO images. It is just a front-end for the Wiimms ISO Tools (Wit) and features Gnome desktop integration and a focus on usability.

Release Notes: A parsing problem with the output of wbfs_file was fixed. The locations are remembered in choosers dialogs. A check for enough free disk space was added. The information shown about disc sizes was simplified. For example, trim size wasn't useful because an ISO to WBFS conversion always implies scrubbing the disc image. Translations were updated.

Download Website 26 Feb 20:25 IMDB movie fetcher 3-beta


IMDB movie fetcher is a script to search and get details about movies from IMDB.

Release Notes: Code was added to fetch the director, cast, and genre information of the movie. An installer script was added to make installation and upgrading easy.

No download Website 26 Feb 20:05 stresslinux 0.6.108


stresslinux is a minimal Linux distribution that runs from a bootable CDROM or via PXE. It makes use of some utitlities such as stress, cpuburn, hddtemp, lm_sensors, etc. It is dedicated to users who want to test their system(s) entirely on high load and monitor the health of these systems.

Release Notes: Packages were updated to the most recent versions. MCELOG is now included in x86_64 builds.

No download Website 26 Feb 08:25 FireBreath 1.4.0rc2


FireBreath is a cross-platform plugin architecture, targeting NPAPI browsers on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Gecko/Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera) and ActiveX Control hosts, including all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is designed to make it easier to get started than even doing an NPAPI plugin by hand. A Python-based "fbgen" tool generates a template skeleton and makes it possible to have a functioning browser plugin up and running in 20 minutes.


Release Notes: Several minor bugs and issues were fixed along with a few edge-case crashes.

Download Website 26 Feb 06:26 POKIRSCAN poker tax calculator 2.0.1


POKIRSCAN poker tax calculator computes gross winnings/losses from Full Tilt and PokerStars, which the IRS requires you to report rather than net profit. It combines games of the same stakes played within a set amount of idle time, netting them out.

Release Notes: Improved results output and user interface tweaks.

Download No website 26 Feb 06:14 db4o 8.1


db4o is an object database for Java and all .NET environments. Its features include ACID transactions, automatic class schema recognition, query-by-example, a S.O.D.A. object querying API, native queries, LINQ support on .NET, callback methods, memory files, cascade-on-delete, multi-threaded access, and Java Webstart and servlet support.


Release Notes: Improvements were made to the db4o Replication System (dRS) to also allow replication between db4o and Versant Object Database (VOD) in addition to db4o to db4o replication and to relational databases.

No download Website 26 Feb 06:08 Blink 25feb11


Blink is a small public-access blog engine. It supports running multiple blogs, displays a main page and links for accessing older posts, and supports searching. Each blog can be oldest post first or newest post first. Any blog can be set to take public posts or allow comments. Admin functions include archiving all blogs, and viewing and deleting posts and comments. Posts can also utilize a semiotic bolding of definitions and automatic linking to all definitions. Anti-spam functionality is included, with an IP-based block list. All functionality is in one CGI file smaller than 15 KB.


Release Notes: This release added an archive call to blink_access.cgi, which creates a tarball of the blogs for backup purposes.

Download Website 26 Feb 03:40 389 Directory Server 1.2.8.a3


389 Directory Server (formerly Fedora Directory Server) is a full-featured LDAPv3 compliant server. In addition to the standard LDAPv3 operations, it supports multi-master replication, fully online configuration and administration, chaining, virtual attributes, access control directives in the data, Virtual List View, server-side sorting, SASL, TLS/SSL, and many other features. The transactional Berkeley DB 4.2 is used as its data store and a full plug-in API allows developers to extend the the functionality of the server in many ways, and many of the core features of the server are already implemented using this API. The server is very mature, having started out as Netscape Directory Server.

Release Notes: Many bugfixes, and many fixes in the admin server and console.

Download Website 26 Feb 03:33 ferm 2.0.9


ferm is a tool to maintain and setup complicated firewall rules. It allows one to reduce the tedious task of carefully inserting rules and chains, thus enabling the firewall administrator to spend more time on developing good rules, and less time on the proper implementation of those rules. These rules will be executed by the preferred kernel interface, such as ipchains and iptables, and in one pass. Firewall rules can also be split into different files and loaded at will.

Release Notes: New @cat, @substr, and @length functions, and updates for the "state" and "icmp" netfilter modules.

Download Website 26 Feb 03:31 WendzelNNTPd 2.0.0-beta


The WendzelNNTPd is an IPv6-ready Usenet server that aims to be as easy to use as possible. It is portable, supports AUTHINFO authentication, contains ACLs as well as role based ACLs (RBAC), supports invisible newsgroups, and features automatic prevention of double postings. WendzelNNTPd supports MySQL as well as SQlite3 backends.

Release Notes: This release implements a database abstraction layer and adds support for SQLite3 and MySQL. It also implements ACLs as well as role based access control (RBAC) and "invisible" newsgroups. The LISTGROUP, LIST NEWSGROUPS, LIST OVERVIEW.FMT, and XGTITLE commands are now supported. New documentation was written and many bugs were fixed.

Download Website 26 Feb 03:28 XWiki 2.7.1


XWiki is a WikiWiki clone written in Java that supports many popular features of other Wikis like the Wiki syntax, version control, attachments, security, and searching, but also many advanced features like templates, database and dynamic development using scripting languages (Velocity, Groovy, Ruby, Python, PHP, and more), an extension system and skinability, J2EE scalability, an XML/RPC remote API, statistics, RSS feeds, PDF exporting, WYSIWYG editing, an Office viewer and importer, and a lot more.


Release Notes: A problem where users could not log in with Safari 5 without selecting "remember me" was fixed. Support for custom display of object properties was improved. Several PDF export and WYSIWYG issues were fixed. Support for Forgot Username & Password was provided in private wikis. Some bugs with XAR Import were fixed. A new {{cache}} macro was implemented.

Download No website 26 Feb 03:27 Theano 0.3.1


Theano is a Python library that allows you to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently. Theano features tight integration with numpy, transparent use of a GPU, efficient symbolic differentiation, speed and stability optimizations, dynamic C code generation, and extensive unit-testing and self-verification. Theano has been powering large-scale computationally intensive scientific investigations since 2007. But it is also approachable enough to be used in the classroom (IFT6266 at the University of Montreal).

Release Notes: A GPU bug with empty ndarrays, a bug in scan when taking the gradient and changing the number of steps, and many crashes were fixed. gemv is now faster. GpuElemwise is now fused more often. cuda_shared.value = X now works in place. Sparse dots now work when both matrices are sparse. The shape of a Sparse matrix can now be taken. New 3D convolution operations were implemented. Optimizations were made.

Download Website 26 Feb 00:35 Beyond LinuxFromScratch Revision 6.3


The Beyond Linux From Scratch project is intended mainly for those who have installed an LFS system. It covers configuration and installing software beyond the base system which LFS provides.

Release Notes: Many packages have been updated.

Download No website 26 Feb 00:34 MinopsOS 1.4.0


MinopsOS is small operating system for PC computers. It is small enough to fit inside the boot sector of a floppy disk.

Release Notes: Initial release.

Download Website 26 Feb 00:33 MUNGE Uid 'N' Gid Emporium 0.5.10


MUNGE (MUNGE Uid 'N' Gid Emporium) is an authentication service for creating and validating credentials. It is designed to be highly scalable for use in an HPC cluster environment. It allows a process to authenticate the UID and GID of another local or remote process within a group of hosts having common users and groups. These hosts form a security realm that is defined by a shared cryptographic key. Clients within this security realm can create and validate credentials without the use of root privileges, reserved ports, or platform-specific methods.

Release Notes: The homepage was changed. A bug was fixed where munged could deadlock if clients blocked. A bug was fixed where munged could crash while processing supplementary groups. A bug was fixed with CFLAGS specified at configure-time nullifying the --enable-debug option. A bug was fixed with VPATH builds failing to install the init script. The RPM spec file was fixed for openSUSE and SLES.

Download Website 26 Feb 00:33 Mylene200 1.20110217


Mylene200 is a server running on top of the Mylene music server, mimicking a Mylene music server and allowing concurrent client connections. Client communication is redirected to the real Mylene music server.

Release Notes: This release adds support for the newly introduced Mylene MAIL command.

Download Website 26 Feb 00:32 youtube-dl 2011.02.25


youtube-dl is a small command-line program for downloading videos from YouTube.com.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Facebook videos, improves support for YouTube playlists, and adds support for YouTube artist playlists. A new option, --extract-audio, has been added to convert video files to audio-only files using ffmpeg. A few minor bugs have been fixed.

Download No website 26 Feb 00:31 OpenNMS 1.8.10


OpenNMS is the first enterprise-grade network management platform developed using the open source model. The three main functional areas of OpenNMS are service polling, which monitors services on the network and reports on their "service level"; data collection from the remote systems via SNMP in order to measure the performance of the network; and a system for event management and notifications.


Release Notes: This release includes a number of important bugfixes.

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