2011 / February / 12 (44 releases)

12 February 2011

Download No website 12 Feb 20:12 fcppt 0.6


fcppt (short for "Freundlich's C++ toolkit") is a C++ library with various classes and functions to make C++ development easier. It tries to fill in some gaps left by the Boost library and even implements some replacements for a few Boost components.

Release Notes: Some bugs were fixed. Some macros now require a trailing semicolon. Some new functions were added.

Download Website 12 Feb 20:11 TCPDF 5.9.051


TCPDF is a PHP class for generating PDF documents without requiring external extensions. TCPDF supports all ISO page formats and custom page formats, custom margins and units of measure, UTF-8 Unicode, RTL languages, HTML, barcodes, TrueTypeUnicode, TrueType, OpenType, Type1, and CID-0 fonts, images, graphic functions, clipping, bookmarks, JavaScript, forms, page compression, digital signatures, and encryption.


Release Notes: This version fixes a problem related to HTML line breaks.

No download Website 12 Feb 20:11 NomNom 0.1.2


NomNom is an application for downloading videos from Youtube and similar video sites that require Adobe Flash. Streaming or downloading can be started by dropping a URL onto the application window.

Release Notes: Custom program icon support was added. A feed item order issue was addressed.

Download Website 12 Feb 20:10 GeomSpace 0.7


GeomSpace is interactive geometry software for different geometric spaces. You can build your own universe of any dimension and with any geometry. You can choose Euclidean, elliptic, hyperbolic, or Minkowskii, among other spaces.


Release Notes: GeomSpace now has its own binary file format, allowing you to open, modify, save, and redistribute geometric models. Some example models are available in the "Models" folder of the project's Web site.

No download Website 12 Feb 20:10 cclive 0.7.2


cclive is a lightweight commandline video extraction tool for Youtube and similar video Web sites. It is a rewrite of the clive software in C++ with a smaller system footprint and fewer dependencies. It is primarily a "video download tool", but can be used with video player software like "mplayer" for viewing streamed videos in place of the Adobe flash player.

Release Notes: SIGUSR1 handling was added. A progress meter was added. A Window resizing issue with the progressbar was addressed.

Download Website 12 Feb 19:57 K-Framework 1.4.2


The KFramework is a Java/Swing framework for distributed/Web applications implementing the SOFEA/SOUI architecture and domain driven design. Under this approach the application leverages the power of personal computing for a true MVC platform, while reducing infrastructure costs and risks.

Release Notes: An example for bound combo boxes was added. A problem was fixed in which the custom renderer in a table would lose formatting when using a custom hook. In the manual and tutorial, an entry on naming conventions for fields and database columns was added, and bound combo boxes were explained.

Download Website 12 Feb 19:54 phpMyAdmin 3.4.0-beta3


phpMyAdmin is a tool intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. It can create, rename, and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields, create dumps of tables and databases, export/import CSV data, and administrate one single database and multiple MySQL servers.

Release Notes: This release contains new features, especially user preferences, the ability to export a relation schema to multiple formats, an ENUM/SET editor, a simplified interface for exporting and importing, AJAXification of some parts, charts, and a visual query builder.

Download Website 12 Feb 19:17 Config::Model 1.233


Config-Model provides a framework for editing and validating the content of any configuration file or data. With a configuration model (expressed in a data structure), Config-Model provides a user interface and a tool to validate configuration. An optional graphical (Perl/Tk) or curses interface can be used to edit configuration data that will be validated according to the user-provided model. Config-Model includes a model example for fstab and a small fstab demo.

Release Notes: All synopses were reworked to provide working starting points for users. In the Debian dpkg control source model, the DM-Upload-Allowed and all Vcs-* tags were added, as defined in the Debian reference guide, and the forgotten Enhances and Pre-Depends were added.

Download Website 12 Feb 19:13 LDAP Account Manager 3.3.0


LDAP Account Manager (LAM) is a web frontend for managing entries (e.g. users, groups, DHCP settings) stored in an LDAP directory. LAM was designed to make LDAP management as easy as possible for the user. It abstracts from the technical details of LDAP and allows persons without technical background to manage LDAP entries. If needed, power users may still directly edit LDAP entries via the integrated LDAP browser.

Release Notes: This release includes lots of improvements regarding usability. There is also a new module to manage mailboxes on an IMAP server.

Download Website 12 Feb 19:12 DHEX 0.64


dhex is a more than just another hex editor: It includes a diff mode, which can be used to easily and conveniently compare two binary files. Since it is based on ncurses and is themeable, it can run on any number of systems and scenarios. With its utilization of search logs, it is possible to track changes in different iterations of files easily.

Release Notes: Correlation between files in diff mode has been added, and a new default theme has been chosen. More bugs were fixed. Typographical errors in the man pages were fixed.

Download Website 12 Feb 19:11 H2 Database Engine 1.3.151 Beta


H2 is an SQL database engine written in Java that implements the JDBC API. Embedded, server, and clustering modes are available. A browser based console application is included. The database has strong security features. Disk based and in-memory databases and tables are supported.

Release Notes: The browser based console tool now supports a database URL as a command line option. User defined functions can now have parameters of any class. The compatibility with SQLite has been improved by supporting the pseudo-column _ROWID_. Concurrency problems with prepared statements and blob / clob objects have been fixed.

No download Website 12 Feb 19:10 kcov 5


Kcov is a code coverage tester based for compiled programs (C/C++, etc) and Python scripts. It uses DWARF debugging information to collect coverage information from binaries without special compiler options. It produces lcov-style output and only requires a single step, i.e. collection and reporting are done in one sweep.

Release Notes: Option parsing was improved. Output can be filtered by source code paths. Libdw is now used for dwarf support.

Download Website 12 Feb 19:09 RackTables 0.19.0


RackTables is a tool to manage tens of racks, hundreds of servers, and thousands of MAC and IP addresses. It will work with a single rack as well. It features a real-life rackspace model, typed rack objects with flexible attribute sets, a tagging system, IP address management ready for NAT, virtual routers and load balancers, accurate network connection handling, a universal search function, a multi-user access model, and an extensible dictionary.

Release Notes: This release begins a new feature branch with IPv6 support, a generic container framework, an ObjectLog feature, live switchport information, image caching, and many other features. Lots of bugs were fixed, and the internal code was improved and cleaned up.

No download Website 12 Feb 19:07 xhtmldbg 0.8.12


This software provides you with the facility to check and analyze web page content directly. All these are good starting points for targeted xhtml development debugging. It features the ability to watch HTTP headers, to watch _POST variables when submitting html forms, css stylesheet monitoring. dom inspector for better documents structure monitoring, to indicate css stylesheet attributes, to indicate current used cookies, to watch javascript errors, auto reload function up to 60 seconds, analyzing SEO keywords, and quick HTTP_USER_AGENT switching.


Release Notes: The code was ported to KDE 4. Many minor bugs were fixed.

Download Website 12 Feb 19:06 hugin 2010.4.0


Hugin is a toolkit for stitching photographs and assembling panoramas, together with an easy to use graphical front end.


Release Notes: The control points generator cpfind was added, making hugin feature-complete. Unattended (batch) operation was improved. Interactive usage was improved with background loading of photos, a clearer Stitcher tab, hints in the Preview window, and better UI guideline compliance. The creation of the stitching Makefile was improved and cleaned up through the use of a new library. Further improvements were made. Many bugs were fixed.

Download Website 12 Feb 19:05 psensor


Psensor is a graphical hardware temperature monitor for Linux. It can monitor temperatures of the different hardware sensors (motherboard and CPU using lm-sensors), hard disk drives (hddtemp/libatasmart), and ATI/Nvidia GPUs. The fan can also be monitored (lm-sensors). Psensor is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Release Notes: Temperature monitoring of remote computers was implemented. Multiple languages are supported. English and Simplified Chinese translations are provided. UI settings were added to change the graph and temperature refresh interval.

No download Website 12 Feb 19:00 Bisect 1.1


Bisect is a code coverage tool for the Objective Caml language.

Release Notes: The code was updated for Objective Caml 3.12.0. A new build system is used. "instrument.cmo" was renamed to "bisect_pp.cmo" (and now depends on "str.cma"). The "safe", "fast", and "faster" instrumentation modes were added. The "-exclude" command-line switch was added to exclude functions from instrumentation. The "(*BISECT-MARK*)" and "(*BISECT-VISIT*)" comments can be used to mark lines. The "(*BISECT-IGNORE-BEGIN*)", "(*BISECT-IGNORE-END*)", and "(*BISECT-IGNORE*)" comments can be used to ignore parts of a source file. Unportable use of "which" was fixed. A compilation error with the thread-compatibility module was fixed. Instrumented code is no longer 20 times slower.

Download Website 12 Feb 18:57 openscap 0.7


The openscap project is a set of open source libraries that support the SCAP (Security Content Automation Protocol) set of standards from NIST. It supports CPE, CCE, CVE, CVSS, OVAL, and XCCDF.

Release Notes: OVAL 5.6 support was finalized. The ability to terminate plugins if a scan terminates on a signal was improved. Some important bugs were fixed.

Download Website 12 Feb 18:15 Terrastore 0.8.1


Terrastore is a modern document store which provides advanced scalability and elasticity features without sacrificing consistency.


Release Notes: This version while numbered as a minor release, provides a few important new features, such as range deletes, full-fledged JavaScript-based map/reduce, and fast merge updates.

Download Website 12 Feb 10:06 musl 0.5.0


musl is a new implementation of the standard library for Linux-based systems. It is lightweight, fast, simple, free, and strives to be correct in the sense of standards-conformance and safety. It includes a wrapper for building programs against musl in place of the system standard library (e.g. glibc), making it possible to immediately evaluate the library and build compact statically linked binaries with it.

Release Notes: Initial public release.

No download Website 12 Feb 10:06 NiX Brute Forcer 1.1.1


NiX Brute Forcer is a tool that uses brute force in parallel to log into a system without having authentication credentials beforehand. This tool is intended to demonstrate the importance of choosing strong passwords. NiX supports a variety of services that allow remote authentication, such as HTTP(S) BASIC/FORM, MySQL, SSH, and FTP. It is based on NiX Proxy Checker.

Release Notes: Cookie handling in FORM mode when using a SOCKS proxy was fixed. The tool now proceeds accordingly if FORM does not redirect at all after a "HIT" or if in some cases redirect detection failed. Debug mode was improved.

Download Website 12 Feb 10:03 depfinder 1.3.7


depfinder finds the dependencies of Slackware packages. The dependency list can be output to stdout, to a .dep text file without version information, or to a slack-required file with version information. depfinder is very fast; its speed is mainly due to the C++ code that is used in depfinder to find in which package each individual library is included. It also has support for running multiple jobs, which makes it a lot faster when used with multiple CPUs/cores. depfinder supports detecting dependencies of binary files compiled with languages such as C or C++ and it can also detect Python dependencies.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with reinstating an error message when dependencies were not installed. Translations have also been updated, including new translations for Japanese, Ukranian, and Swedish.

Download No website 12 Feb 10:02 Mirror C++ reflection library 0.5.4


The Mirror C++ reflection library provides both compile-time and run-time meta-data describing common C++ program constructs like namespaces, types, enumerations, classes, their base classes and member variables, constructors, etc. and provides generic interfaces for their introspection. It also provides several high-level utilities based on the reflected meta-data like a factory generator, which generates, at compile-time, implementations of object factories which can create instances of arbitrary 'reflectable' type.

Release Notes: This is the initial freshmeat release.

No download Website 12 Feb 09:54 OpenCA OCSP Responder 2.1.0


The OpenCA OCSP Responder is an RFC 2560 compliant OCSPD responder. It can be used to verify the status of a certificate using OCSP clients (such as Mozilla/Netscape7). The Responder is actually included in the main OpenCA distribution package. It is also possible to install the daemon as a stand-alone application, in which case you will need a CRL (or access to an LDAP server where the CRL can be obtained).


Release Notes: This version updates default configuration files (default passin is set to none), adds enhanced support for ECDSA, and updates thread management with built-in support from LibPKI 0.6.3. The start/stop script, a memory error in config.c that caused a segfault on CRL reload, and an extra two bytes sent out after the DER encoding of the response is written, which was causing Firefox/Thunderbird not to validate the answer were fixed. An error in the return code check for PKI_NET_listen was also fixed, along with an error in config parsing when no bind address was provided.

Download Website 12 Feb 00:45 deltasql 1.3.2


deltasql is a tool to synchronize databases with source code, which helps to keep database evolution under control. While developing mid-sized or big applications, developers make changes to the data model that go along with changes to the source code. From time to time, branches of source code are done to stabilize the code that will go to production. A sort of data model branch is also needed. deltasql provides a simple way to collect all scripts that change the data model and means to handle data model branches. The deltasql server runs on Apache and is backed by MySQL.


Release Notes: This release reenables the upgrade from production to development schema, which was disabled in 1.3.1 because some basic issues were found with the new algorithm in 1.3.0. The release is thoroughly tested.

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