2011 / November / 26 (47 releases)

26 November 2011

Download Website 26 Nov 23:40 Bluetile 0.6


Bluetile is a tiling window manager designed to integrate with the GNOME desktop environment. It provides both a traditional, stacking layout mode as well as tiling layouts where windows are arranged to use the entire screen without overlapping. Bluetile tries to make the tiling paradigm easily accessible to users coming from traditional window managers by drawing on known conventions and providing both mouse and keyboard access for all features.

Release Notes: This maintenance release was prompted by the release of xmonad 0.10.

Download Website 26 Nov 22:46 LEAF 4.1.1-rc1


LEAF is a secure, feature-rich, customizable embedded Linux network appliance for use in a variety of network topologies. Although it can be used in other ways, it's primarily used as a Internet gateway, router, firewall, and wireless access point.

Release Notes: This release reinstates asterisk, adds SSH blacklisting, speeds up boot time, and has package updates to upstream and minor improvements.

Download Website 26 Nov 22:40 mintty 1.0.2


Mintty is a terminal emulator for Cygwin and MSYS with a native Windows user interface and minimalist design. It is based on parts of PuTTY by Simon Tatham and provides xterm-compatible terminal emulation, but does not require an X server. Its features include a simple options dialog, Unicode support, fullscreen mode, drag & drop, and window transparency.

Release Notes: Mintty has become Cygwin's default terminal, with the Cygwin installer creating desktop and start menu shortcuts pointing to mintty. Some bugs were fixed, e.g. regarding copying of rich text on East Asian systems and log file creation.

Download Website 26 Nov 22:40 stunnel 4.48


The stunnel program is designed to work as an SSL encryption wrapper between remote client and local (inetd-startable) or remote server. It can be used to add SSL functionality to commonly used inetd daemons like POP2, POP3, and IMAP servers without any changes in the programs' code. It will negotiate an SSL connection using the OpenSSL or SSLeay libraries. It calls the underlying crypto libraries, so stunnel supports whatever cryptographic algorithms you compiled into your crypto package.


Release Notes: FIPS-compliant OpenSSL DLLs are supplied with the Windows installer. FIPS mode can be disabled with the "fips = no" configuration file option. The stability of the Windows GUI was also improved.

Download Website 26 Nov 22:35 Zoph v0.9pre1


There are many photo-gallery programs available. Zoph is different, as it concentrates on the management of large collection of photos instead of just showing them on the Web. It can store a lot of information about your photos, including the regular EXIF info, photographer, location, title, description, rating, and the people in the photo. Photos can appear in multiple albums and categories. Additional features include search, slideshows, lightboxes, email, access privileges, and multiple languages.

Release Notes: Since the v0.8.4 release, work has been done on killing some bugs and dealing with PHP warning messages. The work seems to be done now.

No download Website 26 Nov 22:34 JOpt Simple 4.3


JOpt Simple is a simple, test-driven command line parser for Java programs. It supports POSIX getopt() and GNU getopt_long().

Release Notes: This release introduces OptionSet.specs(), which gives a list of the specs corresponding to the options detected on a parse, in the order in which the options occurred on the command line.

Download Website 26 Nov 22:23 Ortro 1.3.5


Ortro is a framework for enterprise scheduling and monitoring. It allows you to easily assemble jobs to perform workflows and run existing scripts on remote hosts in a secure way using ssh. It also tests your Web applications, creates simple reports using queries from databases (in HTML, text, CSV, or XLS), emails them, and sends notifications of job results using email, SMS, Tibco Rvd, Tivoli postemsg, or Jabber.

Release Notes: This version includes fixes in the installer.

Download Website 26 Nov 22:22 Gaupol 0.19.2


Gaupol is an editor for text-based subtitle files. It supports multiple subtitle file formats and provides means of creating subtitles, editing text, and timing subtitles to match video. The user interface is designed with attention to batch processing of multiple documents and convenience of translating.

Release Notes: Various miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

No download Website 26 Nov 22:21 DeVeDe 3.19.0


DeVeDe is a program to create video DVDs (compatible with home players) from nearly any video format. It only uses Python, MPlayer, Mencoder, DVDAuthor, VCDImager, and mkisofs, so it has very few dependencies.

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug with FFMPEG support that froze Devede when using the last official version. Drag and drop support in KDE. The ability to burn the ISO image directly after creating it. Checks that MP3LAME support is available when creating DivX with FFMPEG. Correctly sets the audio bit rate when creating DivX with FFMPEG. Updated Italian translation. Minor bugfixes.

No download Website 26 Nov 22:20 Geiser 0.1.4


Geiser is a generic Emacs/Scheme interaction mode, featuring an enhanced REPL and a set of minor modes that improve Emacs' basic major mode for Scheme. The main features provided are evaluation of forms in the namespace of the current module, macro expansion, loading of files and modules, namespace-aware identifier completion, automatic documentation, jumping to the definition of an identifier, access to documentation, listings of identifiers exported by a given module, and rudimentary support for debugging. Geiser supports Guile and Racket.

Release Notes: Better indentation. New customizations and bugfixes, including correct display of the Scheme process standard error output.

Download Website 26 Nov 22:16 LiVES 1.4.8


LiVES is a simple to use yet powerful video effects, editing, conversion, and playback system aimed at the digital video artist and VJ. It runs under Linux, BSD, Mac OS X/Darwin, IRIX, and openMosix. It is frame and sample accurate, can handle almost all types of video, and is fully extendable through plugins and the included plugin builder tool. It can also be controlled remotely using OSC.

Release Notes: Optimizations were made for resizing for virtual clips, threading in colour conversions, image rescaling, and PNG loading. Letterbox mode has been implemented for fullscreen playback and encoding. Playback start may now be triggered by joystick or MIDI. Bugs were fixed in append_audio, undo/redo effect in multitrack, and other places. New mencoder formats flv and wmv2/wma were added. There is initial language support for Uyghur and updated translations for Chinese (Simplified), Finnish, Japanese, Slovak, Spanish, Telugu, Ukranian, and Uzbek.

Download Website 26 Nov 22:15 H2 Database Engine 1.3.162


H2 is an SQL database engine written in Java that implements the JDBC API. Embedded, server, and clustering modes are available. A browser based console application is included. The database has strong security features. Disk based and in-memory databases and tables are supported.

Release Notes: Compatibility with other databases has been improved. Creating a Lucene fulltext index is now faster.

Download Website 26 Nov 22:12 GNU Gatekeeper 3.0 Beta


The GNU Gatekeeper is a free H.323 gatekeeper based on the OpenH323 project. You can use it to manage a Voice-over-IP network and let endpoints (e.g., Netmeeting) communicate through symbolic names. It also has an external interface for billing and other applications. It runs on a number of Unix versions (including Linux and Solaris) and Windows.

Release Notes: Full support for IPv6 and gatekeeper-to-gatekeeper traversal zones are the most important features. In addition, there are a number of smaller new features and bugfixes.

No download No website 26 Nov 12:24 libQtCassandra 0.3.1


The libQtCassandra library is an advanced C++ library used to access Cassandra servers. Unlike the basic Cassadra server interface, this C++ library provides separate objects that handle each level of the server data, i.e. the cluster, contexts, table, rows, and cells. It uses Qt and the Qt style for all the classes, which makes it very easy to use if you already know Qt.


Release Notes: This release added support for proper installation in the CMakeLists.txt files.

Download No website 26 Nov 12:24 IPCop Firewall v2.0.2


IPCop Linux is a complete Linux distribution whose sole purpose is to protect the networks on which it is installed.

Release Notes: In addition to a few updates to the software used in IPCop, this release fixes creation of CA certificates.

No download Website 26 Nov 03:32 JFreeChart 1.0.14


JFreeChart is a chart library for the Java platform that supports a wide range of charts including pie charts (2D and 3D), bar charts (horizontal and vertical, regular or stacked, with optional 3D-effects), line charts, XY plots, scatter plots, time series charts, high/low/open/close charts, candlestick plots, Gantt charts, Pareto charts, combination charts, and more. It is suitable for use in applications, applets, servlets, and JSP.

Release Notes: This release contains support for multiple and logarithmic axes with PolarPlot, optional drop-shadows in plot rendering, fitting polynomial functions to a data series, some performance improvements in the TimeSeriesCollection class, mouse wheel rotation of pie charts, improved Maven support, and numerous bugfixes.

Download No website 26 Nov 03:31 ABPlayer 1.0.11


ABPlayer is a video player developed with the Flex 3/4 SDK. It allows users to post comments onto the playing timeline while playing online video. Comments are scrolled across the screen when the video reaches the timeline position of the comment, allowing interactive and realtime commenting on the video. It also features bottom, top, positioned, and reverse scroll options which allow users to create closed captioning and subtitles for videos. Comments support color, font, size, transitions, movements, 3D transforms, and opacity.


Release Notes: ABPlayer has moved to Flex SDK 4 and now utilizes Spark components for better rendering speed. Advanced comments that have 3d transformations are now supported. The garbage collection for comment instances has been improved, and the interface has been changed slightly. The filter menu now allows deletion of filters more accurately (with no situations of filters unlisted but not removed).

No download Website 26 Nov 03:20 gedit-pair-char-autocomplete 1.0.5-gedit3


gedit-pair-char-autocomplete is a gedit plugin that automatically inserts a closing parenthesis ) whenever an opening parenthesis ( is typed. The default paired characters are (), [], {}, "", '', and ``. The plugin is smart enough to automatically overwrite existing closing brackets when appropriate. Selecting a block of text and typing an opening parenthesis or quote character will enclose the selection in quotes or parentheses.

Release Notes: This is a Gedit 3 compatible version of the plugin.

Download Website 26 Nov 03:19 Bluefish 2.2.0


Bluefish is a programmer's Web development editor written using GTK, designed to save the experienced webmaster some keystrokes. It features a multiple file editor, multiple toolbars, custom menus, image and thumbnail dialogs, open from the Web, CSS dialogs, PHP, HTML, Java, C, and XML support, external program integration (tidy, weblint, make, javac), and lots of wizards.

Release Notes: This release works with GTK 3 (GTK 2 is still supported), and the syntax scanner had a major overhaul to make it faster. There is a new search and replace function, which also supports search and replace in files on disk. Other new features include a context-aware toggle comment function and a select block feature, the auto-completion of user-defined functions, and a jump function that will bring you immediately the the definition of a function. Many existing features have been improved and polished and support for new languages has been added, such as Google Go, Vala, and Ada.

Download Website 26 Nov 02:50 Clement 2.5-143.2


Clement is an email server application. Its main function is to block unwanted mail (spam) as soon as possible in the email exchange process. It accepts or rejects email while the SMTP session, initiated by the email sender, is still pending, accepting legitimate email messages without the need to return an error status to non-existent or "borrowed" return address later. Clement can operate in two modes, either as a standard MTA (as sendmail, Postfix, Exim, Exchange, etc.) to store email in the recipient's own area, or to transmit the mail to an another SMTP server acting as smart spam filtering device. Each email domain name Clement knows about can be treated in one of these two modes depending on the group to which the domain name has been set. Each message is verified by a virus scanner (ClamAV) while the SMTP connection is still open, but the refusal of mail and the reason for refusal is notified to the actual sender. Mail management is done via a Web interface and can be delegated to three administrative levels (Root-Admin, Group-Admin, Domain-Admin). Standard users can access their own logs (sent email status, email rejected, quarantined email, etc.). With this interface, the user can handle the rejection and acceptance of mail. Users who are level "Admin" can access the session logs (via the Web interface). Clement uses a SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL) to store and manage logs, user profiles, and dynamic management of directives concerning the sender-receiver relationship.

Release Notes: This release include one bugfix at the first install procedure. The install procedure now detects the server as improperly configured if the server name can't be resolved to (at least) one IPV4 IP number.

No download No website 26 Nov 02:49 jOOQ 1.7.0


jOOQ effectively combines complex SQL, type safety, source code generation, active records, stored procedures, advanced data types, and Java in a fluent, intuitive DSL.

Release Notes: For those of you who might not want to move to the new release 2.0 yet, there are still some bugfixes available in the 1.x branch.

Download No website 26 Nov 02:44 Infinity Plugin 0.7.1


Infinity is a visualization plugin with light effects originally written for XMMS and now ported to Audacious. It supports full-screen mode, mouse resizing, and saved preferences. It is designed to be as end-user oriented as possible, so installation and manipulation are kept simple. It requires SDL and GTK+ 2.0 to run, and doesn't require 3D acceleration support.


Release Notes: This release re-enables navigation keys, full-screen mode, and configuration through the Preferences dialog. Settings are saved to disk to keep preferences between different runs, and many other internal updates were made to catch up with the software ecosystem of 2011.

Download Website 26 Nov 01:51 Parted Magic 2011_11_24


The Parted Magic OS employs core programs from GParted and Parted to handle partitioning tasks with ease, while featuring other useful programs including Partition Image, TestDisk, fdisk, sfdisk, dd, and ddrescue and an excellent set of documentation to benefit the user. An extensive collection of fileystem tools are also included, and the following filesystems are supported: ext2, ext3, ext4, FAT16, FAT32, HFS, HFS+, JFS, Linux-swap, NTFS, ReiserRS, reiser4, and XFS. It loads completely to system memory and requires at least 256MB of RAM to operate.

Release Notes: There are some major changes that might cause some issues with the Multi-Boot-CD crowd. For a long time, the pmagic-<version>.sqfs and Initramfs would not be found on completely supported computers. Updated programs: lilosetup, testdisk 6.13, and Linux 3.1.2.

Download No website 26 Nov 01:50 libtld 1.1.0


libtld is a library used to extract the TLD from a URI and to check email validity. This allows you to extract the exact domain name, sub-domains, and all the TLD (top level, second level, third level, etc.). The problem with TLDs is that you cannot know where the domain starts. Some domains can use one top-level domain, others use two, etc. However, it may be useful to know where the domain is to have the exact list of sub-domains. For example, if you want to force www. at the start of the domain name if no other sub-domains are specified, then you need to know exactly how many TLD are defined in a URI. The libtld offers one main function: tld(), which gives you a way to extract the TLD from any URI. The result is the offset where the TLD starts. This gives you enough information to extract everything else you need. For emails, the library is capable of parsing a string that represents a list of email addresses to be verified. The verification includes a check of the domain name and its TLD.


Release Notes: Initial freecode announcement.

Download Website 26 Nov 01:43 ToPIA 2.6.4


ToPIA (short for Tools for Portable and Independent Architecture) is a technical platform abstraction framework. It consists of a persistence module and services for migration, replication, and security.

Release Notes: This version updates dependencies version, removes old hibernate namespaces in mapping, opens the TopiaSQLQuery API, and adds methods to avoid exposing the hibernate API.

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