2011 / November / 21 (57 releases)

21 November 2011

Download Website 21 Nov 23:57 LedgerSMB 1.3.6-rc1


LedgerSMB is an accounting and ERP framework which aims to provide solid accounting, industry-leading security, and support for rapid development of business tools re-using accounting logic to support workflows of any specific business.

Release Notes: This release corrects a significant number of bugs, including a couple of permissions issues and an inability to select the language when emailing invoices as attachments. Also included are a couple of minor enhancements, including demo templates for xelatex (which can be used in place of pdflatex for some users) and some logging improvements.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:57 GADMIN-OpenVPN-Server 0.1.6


GADMIN-OpenVPN-Server is an easy to use GTK+ interface for the OpenVPN server in bridge mode. It allows generation of five signed certificates and keys, including HMAC-Firewall and user authentications. Bridge mode enables SAMBA browsing and printing across physically separated networks and or full-blown road warrior client capabilities.

Release Notes: This release fixes a first-time start crash, adds versioning and indentation fixes, adds "redirect-gateway def1" to exported configurations, does not export the dh key, and seems ok with imports to the various clients.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:55 DOLFIN 1.0-rc1


DOLFIN is the C++ interface of the FEniCS project for the Automation of Computational Mathematical Modeling (ACMM), providing a consistent PSE (Problem Solving Environment) for solving ordinary and partial differential equations. Key features include a simple, consistent and intuitive object-oriented API; automatic and efficient evaluation of variational forms through FFC; automatic and efficient assembly of linear systems; and support for general families of finite elements.

Release Notes: This release brings a large number of cleanups and bugfixes related to the newly-released DOLFIN 1.0-beta2. If this release holds for a week of testing, it will transform into DOLFIN 1.0.0.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:55 FreeIPMI 1.0.9


FreeIPMI provides in-band and out-of-band IPMI software based on the IPMI v1.5/2.0 specification. It has a number of useful features for large HPC or cluster environments.

Release Notes: This release of FreeIPMI supports new OEM sensors on Supermicro X9SCA-F-O and X9SCM-F motherboards.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:54 ldapuseradd 0.9.3


ldapuseradd is a set of utilities that aid in the management and deployment of user accounts with support for plugins to manage requirements. The LDAP user management toolset uses a highly configurable user group profile system to distinguish targeted services. It is like an LDAP-based useradd/mod/del drop-in replacement with modular features. It scales well from small businesses to ISPs, hosting providers, and universities.

Release Notes: This release adds an option to print randomly-generated passwords, fixes a malloc bug causing ldapusermod to change uidNumber/gidNumber erroneously, and adds -fPIC to "src/hooks/Makefile.in" to support building on 64-bit Linux.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:53 ECompte 1.1.1


ECompte is a French tool for managing your bank account over the Web. It is ready to be translated to other languages and easy to install, and the skin can be customized.

Release Notes: This release changes some scripts to work with MySQL 5.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:47 Parallel Three-Dimensional Fast Fourier Tr...


Parallel Three-Dimensional Fast Fourier Transforms, dubbed P3DFFT, is a library for computing 3D FFTs using 2D (pencil) decomposition. It is written using Fortran with MPI, and is tuned to work on multiple single-CPU systems (up to 32768 of them). It is built to leverage high-performance serial 1D FFT libraries, such as FFTW or ESSL.

Release Notes: This release adds assorted enhancements and bugfixes.

No download Website 21 Nov 23:47 DeVeDe 3.18.0


DeVeDe is a program to create video DVDs (compatible with home players) from nearly any video format. It only uses Python, MPlayer, Mencoder, DVDAuthor, VCDImager, and mkisofs, so it has very few dependencies.

Release Notes: This release adds FFMpeg support, fixes menu previsualization, can automatically shut down the computer when the job is done, always shows icons in buttons, and fixes a bug which prevented returning to the main window when aborting.

No download No website 21 Nov 23:42 Wolf Software Weather Class 1.2.0


Wolf Software Weather Class is a simple class for determining the weather for a given location. This requires the Wolf Software Latitude & Longitude class, it uses the long/lat to query the google apis for the weather.


Release Notes: This release has been updated to include sunrise, sunset, and length of the day.

Download Website 21 Nov 23:41 Tonido


Tonido is a software and service which, once installed on any computer (Windows, Linux, or Mac), can make files and media in that computer available anywhere through a Web browser or from mobile phones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 8).


Release Notes: This release adds faster UI Loading, "Prepare Media" support, fixes for PHP app issues in TonidoPlug2, "Image Rotate" support in the image gallery, and sharing of the current folder in Explorer. For syncing, it makes a backwards-incompatible change to the location of the Syncclientconfig.xml file, fixes a problem with detecting changes in subfolders in Linux and Plug, correctly identifies the name of the user who updates a file, and doesn't sync files in active use.

Download Website 21 Nov 22:44 PETSc 3.2-p5


PETSc is a suite of data structures and routines for the scalable (parallel) solution of scientific applications modeled by partial differential equations. It employs the MPI standard for all message-passing communication.

Release Notes: This release adds a 2D FFTW parallel interface and support for 3D FFTW. It adds additive Runge-Kutta implicit-explicit methods for multi-rate systems. It adds the functions DAVecGetArrayF90, DMSetUp, DMGetBlockSize, DMDASetGhostedCoordinates, PetscViewerASCIIOpenWithFILE, PetscViewerASCIISetFILE, PetscViewerASCIISynchronizedAllow, and PetscBagSetOptionsPrefix. There are numerous bugfixes.

Download Website 21 Nov 22:43 StoryText 3.6.1


StoryText (formerly PyUseCase) is an unconventional GUI testing tool written in Python. It currently has mature support for PyGTK, beta status support for Java Swing, SWT/Eclipse RCP, and Tkinter, and very basic support for wxPython. Instead of recording GUI mechanics directly, it asks the user for descriptive names and hence builds up a "domain language" along with a "UI map file" that translates it into the current GUI layout. Instead of an "assertion" mechanism, it auto-generates a log of the GUI appearance and changes to it, so as to use that as a baseline for text-based testing, using e.g. TextTest. Instead of requiring the tester to add "wait" statements by hand, it includes support for instrumenting code so that "waits" can be recorded.

Release Notes: Renamed to StoryText. Support has been added for Java Swing. Enhancements and bugfixes for SWT/Eclipse and PyGTK, as well as for the generic framework.

Download Website 21 Nov 22:41 TextTest 3.22


TextTest is a tool for automatic text-based functional testing. This means running a batch-mode executable in lots of different ways from the command line, and using the text output produced as a means of controlling the behavior of that application.

Release Notes: This release includes a Windows installer. Search facilities have bee added to the HTML report. There are additional possibilities in run_dependent_text and in copying data files. There are six months worth of generally minor enhancements and bugfixes.

Download No website 21 Nov 22:40 USL 3.8.4


USL is an object-oriented scripting language written with C++ and compiled on both Linux and Windows. Without a script provided, USL is an interactive interpreter and programmable command shell. There is no socket programming with USL. USL is intended for general purpose scripting in local systems.


Release Notes: This release adds curly-brace blocks for method, while, and switch. It also fixes the null value and the many issues with the previous Mac binary.

No download Website 21 Nov 22:39 Code Browser 3.23


Code Browser is a folding and outlining editor. It is a lightweight but powerful tool for structuring and browsing source code using folders and links. It is especially designed to keep a good overview of the code of a large project.

Release Notes: More bugfixes related to the Smalltalk-style view.

No download No website 21 Nov 22:39 OpenDedup Virtual NAS Storage Appliance 1.1.2


The OpenDedup Virtual NAS Appliance is designed for simple setup and management of deduplicated storage for virtual environments. The Appliance includes capabilities to create, mount, delete, and export deduplicated volumes (SDFS) via NFS and ISCSI from a Web-based interface. It also includes VMWare VCenter API integration that allows quick data store creation and rapid cloning of virtual machines located on the deduplicated volumes with no need for additional storage. The Virtual NAS Appliance also includes optimized folder replication using SDFS replication technology.

Release Notes: An issue where a volume could not be unmounted after a VMware snapshot was performed has been fixed. The integrated filesystem is now SDFS 1.1.2. Volumes populate in the management user interface that are created/deleted from the command line. Real time performance is now graphed.

Download No website 21 Nov 22:37 Opendedup 1.1.2


Opendedup is a deduplication-based filesystem and block device designed to provide inline deduplication and flexiblity for applications. It benefits services such as backup, archiving, NAS storage, and Virtual Machine primary and secondary storage, and can be deployed in both a stand alone and distributed, multi node configuration. Standalone, it provides inline deduplication, replication, and unlimited snapshot capabilities. In a multi-node configuration, it adds global intra-volume deduplication, block storage redundancy, and block storage expandability. and will store and share unique data blocks with other volumes within the cluster. These volumes can also specify a level of redundancy for data stored in the cluster.

Release Notes: A stability release based on over 1 month of internal testing. Includes several garbage collection fixes and some management enhancements.

Download Website 21 Nov 22:36 libGlass 2.0.0


libGlass is a scalable set of components that can be used by applications to perform distributed computing. Applications are built by reusing the available components as needed. One of the major goals of Glass is to be a user-friendly framework, not only suitable for new applications, but also for legacy code. This is an important feature, as most available solutions for distributed computing require a substantial amount of rewrite of legacy code.

Release Notes: Code cleanup. More robust. TCP/UDP support. Unix sockets support. Remote variables are working. nodeNickNames have been implemented. Partial shared memory support.

Download Website 21 Nov 22:35 Moqui Framework 1.0.0


Moqui Framework is a seamlessly integrated, enterprise-ready framework for building enterprise automation applications based on Java. It includes tools for database interaction (relational, graph, document), logic in local and Web services, Web and other UIs with screens and forms, security, file/resource access, scripts, templates, localization, caching, logging, searching, business rules, workflow, multi-tenancy, and integration.

Release Notes: This release includes various fixes and new features to facilitate easy use based on more extensive testing and real-world development using the framework. More examples of different recommended and useful patterns now exist in Moqui Framework itself, and in add-on projects including Mantle, POP Commerce, and others.

No download No website 21 Nov 22:34 CASampledSP 0.9.1


CASampledSP is a JNI-based service provider for the javax.sound.sampled.spi interfaces. As such it is capable of decoding many popular audio formats (like mp3 and aac) at native speed taking advantage of Apple's CoreAudio library. The focus is currently on decoding and converting to LPCM, not on writing or exporting.

Release Notes: The library can now still be present as a (no-op) service provider even when the native library is not available (e.g. on Windows systems). An incorrect endianness issue in CAAudioFileReader has been fixed. An issue with non-ASCII file names has been fixed. This release prevents conversion from non-CASampledSP AudioInputStreams (as it will fail).

No download No website 21 Nov 22:32 Jipes 0.9.5


Jipes is a Java library that allows you to efficiently compute audio features. Possible uses for these features are general music information retrieval (MIR) applications or, more specifically, personal music software. Unlike many other digital signal processing (DSP) libraries or frameworks, Jipes is not meant for real time processing of a single audio stream that is manipulated and eventually played back. Instead, it focuses on efficiently executing mutiple processing pipelines that transform a signal into a feature or feature set. Since Jipes focuses on features instead of the raw, untyped signal streams, it supports rich types to be used, where other frameworks only offer arrays of raw data. Also, by using Java generics, many core interfaces and classes can be typed to whatever class you see fit for the purpose. However, Jipes also comes with useful pre-defined types and support for raw arrays.

Release Notes: This release adds support for 24-bit audio in AudioSignalSource. It fixes an endianness issue in AudioSignalSource. Normalization of float buffers is now optional.

Download Website 21 Nov 22:31 PacketFence 3.0.3


PacketFence is a fully supported, trusted network access control (NAC) system. It includes a captive portal for registration and remediation, centralized wired and wireless management, 802.1X support, layer-2 isolation of problematic devices, and integration with the Snort IDS and the Nessus vulnerability scanner. It can be used to effectively secure networks, from small to very large heterogeneous networks.

Release Notes: A minor release focused on important fixes but with some enhancements. There are performance improvements, Cisco 6500 switch support, better support for the HP Procurve 5400, translation improvements, new add-on tools, and better documentation. There are cosmetic changes in the Web Admin, fixes for some network device problems, several inline enforcement improvements, and handling of some captive portal corner cases.

Download No website 21 Nov 22:30 rspamd 0.4.5


Rspamd is an anti-spam system designed to work faster than SpamAssassin by using the event model and various optimizations. Its most important features include regexp and Lua rules for filtering different parts of messages, a number of built-in functions for analyzing messages, fuzzy hash support, SURBL filters, email and character table support, a control interface for remote managing and stats gathering, a Lua plugin system, statistics support (OSB/Bayes), and an AJAX-based Web interface.

Release Notes: This release has new key-value storage that is designed for storing data for spam filtering (like scores, hashes, etc). Key-value storage has a memcached and redis compatible API (with a subset of commands) and supports bdb, SQLite, or file backends for persistent keys storage. Rspamd now uses a thread-safe libevent API and can now work with libevent 2. Network I/O operations were improved by vectorizing output. Several gmime related bugs are also fixed. Debian package information was added, including a multi-instances starting script.

No download No website 21 Nov 22:29 Wolf Software Latitude and Longitude Class...


Wolf Software Latitude and Longitude Class is a simple class for determining the latitude and longitude for a given address. This uses the the Google APIs to calculate the information.


Release Notes: This release adds an implementation of the haversine algorithm to calculate the distance between two points.

Download No website 21 Nov 22:28 Diladele Web Safety


Diladele Web Safety is an ICAP server that integrates with an existing Squid proxy server and provides rich content and Web filtering functionality to sanitize Internet traffic passing into an internal home/enterprise network. It blocks pornography and explicit (adult) content by deep inspecting HTML content and URLs, blocks file downloads, performs filtering based on groups, controls Web usage by categories, removes annoying Web ads, and protects online privacy by disallowing access to Web trackers. It runs on any FreeBSD derived platform, RedHat, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu Linux, Raspberry PI, and Apple OS X, providing a comprehensive Web filtering solution easily manageable via a Web UI.

Release Notes: This release adds support for Fedora 16, a new and much improved reports subsystem, and some minor bugfixes and enhancements. All users are advised to upgrade.

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