2011 / January / 15 (36 releases)

15 January 2011

Download Website 15 Jan 22:02 libHX 3.9


libHX is a C library (with some C++ bindings available) that provides data structures and functions that are commonly needed, such as maps, deques, linked lists, string formatting and autoresizing, option and config file parsing, type checking casts, and more.


Release Notes: Header files were audited to be more friendly to projects using stricter modes of compilation. A new tool was added to help with dirstamping for use with Makefile targets.

Download Website 15 Jan 21:59 Editra 0.6.0


Editra is a general, extensible, multi-platform text editor with an implementation that focuses on creating a clean and easy-to-use interface with features that aid in code development. Currently, it supports syntax highlighting and variety of other useful features for more than 60 programing languages.

Release Notes: This release fixes a number of bugs and officially adds support for running on top of Python 2.7. There have also been a number of small improvements to the auto-completion and indentation features for some languages.

Download Website 15 Jan 21:59 GNOME Commander


GNOME Commander is a fast and powerful graphical file manager. It has a "two-pane" interface in the tradition of Norton and Midnight Commander. It features drag'n'drop, GNOME MIME types, FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV using the GnomeVFS FTP module, SAMBA access, the ability to extend the context menu with entries to call external applications or scripts on the selected items, quick device access buttons with automatic mounting and unmounting, a fast file viewer for text and images, a history of recently accessed folders, and folder bookmarks.

Release Notes: This release fixes a problem with numeric keypad arrows, a problem with metatag popup menu, a problem with toggling path/basename/filename selections in copy/move dialogs, and a problem with searching path for devices. A menu item was added for copying full path and file name to the clipboard. It also updates the German translation.

Download Website 15 Jan 21:57 ovpn-py 6:c47595bedfd3


ovpn-py is a plugin embedding Python into OpenVPN using the V1 API. It is a bridge allowing developers to write OpenVPN plugins in Python.

Release Notes: A dynamic linking problem was fixed. libpython2.6.so is now re-dlopen() with RTLD_GLOBAL in plugin code to force resolving all symbols. A problem with the second plugin parameter was fixed. Now it correctly appends to sys.path, rather than overwriting it.

Download Website 15 Jan 21:55 dns.c 20110114


dns.c is a recursive, re-entrant, non-blocking DNS resolver in a single .c file. It features a record-agnostic API, restartable record iterators, and smart queries which recursively follow out-of-bailiwick NS, MX, and SRV host references. It works just as well as a stub resolver, too. It also includes spf.c, a non-blocking SPF resolver with no threading, no forking, and no run-time dependencies.

Release Notes: A bug where dns_srv_print() failed to NUL terminate was fixed.

No download Website 15 Jan 21:55 JShot 1.4


JShot is a screen capture and uploader utility which allows you to capture and annotate a part of your screen and share it via the Internet in one step. It lets you upload a screenshot to the Web or send to an instant messaging partner.


Release Notes: An uploading bug was fixed in the Twitpic plugin. The Dropbox plugin is able to determine the dropbox ID automatically. Drag and Drop support was added to the capture frame. Some improvements were made in the bug report tool.

Download No website 15 Jan 21:49 gpdftext 0.1.2


gPDFText is a text editor that opens PDF documents for ebook readers, converts the text contents into plain ASCII text, restores the original paragraphs, and removes unwanted line breaks to allow easier zooming on the reader. The text is loaded into a text editor with spell-checking support and can then be saved as a reformatted PDF in A5, B5, or original A4 size.


Release Notes: The code was relicenced under the GPLv2 for compatibility with the poppler and gtkspell dependencies.

Download Website 15 Jan 21:37 scit 0.09


Simple Continuous Integration Tools (scit) is an automated build and or test system consisting of a set of Perl and expect scripts utilizing common tools that are available for most Unix-like operating systems. The intention is to keep it lightweight while still providing a full set of features. The current version has a command-line and an HTML user interface. It should be possible to make it run on very modest hardware; part of the development and testing has been done on a Nokia N900 phone with both master and slave roles running on the same unit.

Release Notes: More details were added to the project view. Slave instances can now be enabled and disabled also through the Web interface.

Download Website 15 Jan 17:59 QAddress 0.3


QAddress is a small and lightweight address book. It aims to be simple and easy to use, with only the features really needed (and really used). This minimalistic approach is meant to make QAddress fast and reliable.

Release Notes: This version is a complete rewrite using more of Qt's powerful features. New features include a more flexible data model, allowing for multiple addresses, phone numbers, etc. to be stored for one person. Also on board is a brand new UI.

Download Website 15 Jan 17:54 GNOME DVB Daemon 0.1.23


GNOME DVB Daemon is a daemon written in Vala and based on GStreamer that sets up your DVB devices, records and watches TV shows, and browses EPG. It can be controlled via its D-Bus interface.

Release Notes: Heuristics were added to detect outdated and obsolete EPG events. In addition, it is possible to specify the network interface the streaming server is listening on in the settings file; by default it is set to the loopback interface. This release requires Vala 0.11.2 or later.

Download Website 15 Jan 17:53 Fische 3.2.1


Fische provides stand-alone sound visualization for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Release Notes: Version 3.2.0 failed to build from source. This has been fixed.

Download No website 15 Jan 16:41 Pagekite.py 0.3.10


Pagekite is software to make servers on "localhost" visible to the wider Internet. It can be used by Web developers to show off their works in progress to clients or colleagues, embedded developers who need direct access to devices in the field, or as an alternative to dynamic DNS for individuals/hobbyists who would rather host their own content than rely on 3rd party hosting. It creates and maintains a tunnel between your server on localhost and a remote "front-end" (a reverse proxy). Only the front-end has to have a visible IP address; the server itself can reside on a heavily firewalled computer, a mobile device, or even an anonymous node on the Tor network.

Release Notes: This is a minor bugfix release, correcting some edge cases in transient I/O error handling.

No download Website 15 Jan 16:37 Voodoo Compiler 0.7.0


The Voodoo compiler is an implementation of the Voodoo programming language. The Voodoo programming language is a low-level programming language, abstracting over the platform's instruction set and calling conventions, but otherwise leaving the programmer free to do anything at all. The Voodoo compiler supports multiple target platforms and provides a stand-alone compiler, as well as a Ruby module for programmatic code generation.


Release Notes: Newly added features include blocks, chained conditionals (else if), and shift and rotate operations. The return action may now occur without an expression to evaluate.

Download Website 15 Jan 16:35 LON-CAPA 2.10.0.RC2


LON-CAPA (The LearningOnline Network with CAPA) is a learning content and course management system. It offers an underlying shared content pool from which instructors across departmental and institutional boundaries can assemble granular learning content for their courses. It has strong assessment capabilities, both formative (homework and in-class using wireless PDAs) and summative (online and bubblesheet exams), with a one-source multiple-target strategy for the content. It offers students portfolio space in which they can stage materials for submission to projects, and provides a number of tools for synchronous and asynchronous student-student and student-faculty communication. LON-CAPA scales well with number of students, as load-balancing is possible across the whole network of servers at participating institutions.


Release Notes: This version uses the new redesigned interface with more consistent menu layouts and increased accessibility (the separate "accessibility" mode has been discontinued). The student portfolio function and its coupling to assignment submissions has been improved. The system now allows for completely anonymous surveys, and there are new problem modes where the randomization of the problems can be varied between submissions.

Download Website 15 Jan 16:29 GAdmin-ProFTPD 0.4.1


GAdmin-ProFTPD is a GTK+ frontend for the ProFTPD standalone server. It gives admins access to virtual hosting and eight layers of security, including chrooted users and encrypted transfers on both the data and/or control channels.

Release Notes: Module detection was improved.

Download No website 15 Jan 16:27 MyJIT


MyJIT is a small modular library for dynamic code generation based on a simple register-based VM. The design of the VM is very similar to RISC processors and GNU lightning. The library is an ideal tool for creating more sophisticated JIT compilers.

Release Notes: This release contains a completely new and more efficient register allocator.

Download Website 15 Jan 16:26 RBridge 3.162


RBridge is a secure remote Ethernet bridge solution for Linux. It connects two trusted Ethernet segments remotely over UDP using either IPv4 or IPv6 transport. RBridge uses SHA-2 (precisely SHA-256) for authentication, AES for encryption and timestamps for protection against replay attacks. Using a registry mechanism and UDP protocol, RBridge is able to connect directly to the peer from within NAT or firewall protected areas by using a special hole punching technique (thus requiring no configuration at the connecting routers). For this functionality, RBridge itself is able to act as a registry service for any associated pair of RBridges.


Release Notes: The processing of registry entries and states has been improved. The registry logging has been extended. The manual has been updated accordingly.

Download Website 15 Jan 16:21 PCRE 8.12


The PCRE library is a set of functions that implement regular expression pattern matching using the same syntax and semantics as Perl 5, with just a few differences. PCRE is used by many programs, including Exim, Postfix, and PHP.

Release Notes: This release contains several bug fixes for the pcregrep program. There are no changes to the code of the PCRE library.

No download Website 15 Jan 16:19 DiffKit 0.8.10


DiffKit is an application and a framework, for comparing two tables of data, field-by-field. The tables can come from any of a number of sources, such as an RDBMS or CSV file, and DiffKit is able to mix different kinds of sources in the same diff operation. It is like the Unix diff utility, but for tables instead of lines of text. Diffs can be reported at both the row and field level, and the user can configure what to compare, how to compare it, what to ignore). DiffKit is highly customizable with respect to the sources of tabular data, the details of the comparison, and the characteristics of the output (diff report).

Release Notes: You can add your own jars to the DiffKit application (with no source needed) by copying them into the "dropin" directory. Minor data type bugs with HyperSQL were fixed.

Download Website 15 Jan 11:31 TCExam 11.1.014


TCExam is Web-based assessment software for generating and managing online tests and exams. It simplifies the exam cycle, including generation, execution, evaluation, presentation, and archiving.


Release Notes: The TCPDF library and the Arabic language were updated.

Download Website 15 Jan 07:15 ashd 0.5


Ashd is an HTTP server that follows standard Unix philosophy for modularity. Instead of being a monolithic program with loadable modules, as most other HTTP servers seem to be, Ashd is simply a collection of much simpler programs, passing HTTP requests to each other using a simple protocol. The model also allows such handler programs to persist properly, so that, for example, session data can be kept in memory, connections to back-end services can be kept open, and so on.

Release Notes: A number of bugfixes and the addition of directory-local matching to the dirplex handler.

No download Website 15 Jan 07:14 Pinot 0.97


Pinot is a D-Bus service that crawls, indexes your documents, and monitors them for changes. It is also a GTK-based user interface that enables you to query the index built by the service or your favorite Web engine, and display and analyze the results. It makes full use of advanced indexing and search facilities offered by Xapian, features language detection, dynamic document summaries, easy labelling of documents, and internal support for common file types. The D-Bus interface allows easy integration with other applications.

Release Notes: Acronyms and terms that include dots are indexed better. Crawling and memory management were improved. The default number of results shown by the UI for all queries can be changed. The plugin for DeskBar 2.30 is installed at the right location. The checking of symlinks against black-list and the display of spelling suggestions were fixed. Translations have been massively updated.

Download Website 15 Jan 03:14 Dove Dove 0.0.7


Dove is an application that facilitates the distribution of documents to a variety of destination types such as email, local files, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, TFTP, Samba servers, Windows network shared drives, and WebDAV servers. Being an abstraction layer over previously enumerated protocols, it allows sending of documents to email or to a WebDAV server with equal ease.

Release Notes: It is now possible to schedule document distribution jobs. Bugs were fixed.

Download Website 15 Jan 03:13 Xye 0.9.3


Xye is a puzzle game in which the objective is to get all the gems in each level. The mission is not as easy as it sounds: there are traps, monsters, and very hard puzzles everywhere. The player can interact with objects in the game in a lot of ways, and some of the objects can also interact with other objects.

Release Notes: New levels and graphical updates, tooltips for a more friendly GUI, and bugfixes.

No download Website 15 Jan 03:13 PAGI 0.7


PAGI is a PHP AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) facade with CDR (Call Detail Record), call spool and schedule auto dial, send and receive Fax, channel variables, and caller ID management.

Release Notes: Initial release.

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