Download Website 28 Dec 03:55 xombrero 1.159


xombrero is a minimalist's Web browser. It strives to be vi-like and is suited for heavy keyboard users.


Release Notes: This release disables debug output. It adds a JavaScript run toggle button to the toolbar.

Download Website 28 Dec 03:54 cego 2.7.7


Cego implements a relational and transactional database system with support for the SQL query language. The current release contains the most common database features for basic table manipulation and data retrieval. Indexes, foreign keys, views, and stored procedures are also implemented. Future releases (2.0 and above) will support a multi-node database concept with log file shipping for an automatic database application failover.

Release Notes: Small cosmetic changes regarding sortarea definitions.

Download Website 27 Dec 23:04 tmux 1.4


tmux is a "terminal multiplexer". It allows a number of terminals (or windows) to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal. It is intended to be a simple, modern, BSD-licensed alternative to programs such as GNU screen.

Release Notes: Window bell reporting has been fixed. This release prevents the server from dying when switching into copy mode when already in a different mode. It avoids crashing in copy mode if the screen size is too small for the indicator. A new server option: exit-unattached. A new session option: destroy-unattached. New command: last-pane. A new window option (monitor-silence) and session option (visual-silence). Prompt history is now global instead of per-client. Environment variables are retrieved from the global environment rather than getenv(3). New window options: other-pane-{height,width}. Additional minor bugs have been fixed.

Download Website 27 Dec 22:48 Apache Ant 1.8.2


Ant is a Java based build tool, similar to make, but with better support for the cross platform issues involved with developing Java applications. Ant is the build tool of choice for all Java projects at Apache and many other Open Source Java projects.

Release Notes: Performance improvements in directory scanning. The XSLT task honors the classpath again (bugrep 49271). The distinction between core tasks and optional tasks is abolished. Numerous bugfixes and improvements as documented in Bugzilla and in WHATSNEW.

Download No website 27 Dec 22:46 JessyInk 2.0.0 alpha 1


JessyInk is a script that turns every layer of an Inkscape SVG image into a slide of a presentation. Current features include different transitions, an index sheet view, and automatic slide numbering.

Release Notes: This is a development snapshot. The main purpose of this release is to give the community an opportunity to provide feedback on the new design. This version is a re-implementation of the code in a highly modular way. The user interface is now based on graphical objects that can be copied and grouped for installation of the scripts and assignment of effects and views. So far, only very basic functionality is provided. However, further features will be added in future versions leading up to version 2.0.0.

Download Website 27 Dec 22:28 NetworX 1.0.4


NetworX is a social media and networking technology platform for businesses and organizations. Using NetworX, companies can easily create online communities and corporate marketing initiatives to drive customer loyalty and increase customer experience. It provides profiles, groups, blogs, forums, events, file sharing, commenting, reporting, photo and video albums, user-created communities, calendars, instant notification, and mailboxes.


Release Notes: For Photo/Video albums, the flash swfupload library has been upgraded. This release can create calendar events for regular users. An issue with Photos, Videos, and Files uploading has been fixed. A group creation issue has been fixed. An issue with “Report a violation” feature has been fixed. The password recovery procedure has been changed. The version control has been fixed; the “Revert to Previous Version” link works now. A problem with group profile updating has been fixed.

Download Website 27 Dec 22:26 NolaPro 4.0.6566


NolaPro is a free Cloud Accounting suite that can be securely run from your PC. Refine and manage your business with its flexible and powerful Customer tracking, Billing, Payables, General Ledger, and Reporting features. Optional modules include Inventory Control, Service/Labor Order management, POS/Fulfillment Order support, a B2B Web portal, eCom Shopping Cart, vTiger add-on, Employee Timeclock, QuickBooks converter, development API, and many more. White Label partner revenue versions are available for CPAs, VARs, and consultants. For international users, it offers multi-currency, VAT/GST support, multi-language capability, and currency, decimal, and temperature flexibility. However NolaPro's customization is its best feature. It can be modified upon request to fit any industry spec or business requirement, as well as integrated with most 3rd party applications to provide backend accounting support. Secure Business Cloud hosting and a Linux version are also available.

Release Notes: Improved display of the Quick Inventory pop-up screen header. Increased width of the pricelist name from 30 to 50 characters. Proper drill down has been added to the summary of employee hours. Support for future rotation of text in the application. The Orders Completed report now properly handles voided shipments quantities. The Barcode labels plug-in can now select from Code 39 or EAN 13 label types.

No download Website 27 Dec 22:24 Vermis 1.0 r82 20101227


Vermis is an issue tracker and project management tool for software developers and project managers. It has been created for improving quality of code, efficiency, and speed of development. Designed as a standard Web application, it can be used on almost any platform and hosting service, including Windows, Linux, and more.

Release Notes: Support for non-Latin languages like Chinese, Arabic, etc. New translations (French, German, and Dutch).

Download Website 27 Dec 22:18 Razer device configuration tool 0.11


Razercfg is a Razer device configuration tool. It is based on "razerd", a background daemon doing all of the low-level privileged hardware accesses. The user interface tools are "razercfg", a command-line tool, and "qrazercfg", a Qt-based graphical device configuration tool. Supported devices are the Razer DeathAdder (Classic, 3500DPI, and Black Edition) mouse, the Razer Krait mouse, the Razer Lachesis mouse, the Razer Copperhead mouse, the Razer Naga mouse, the Razer Boomslang CE mouse and the Razer Taipan mouse.

Release Notes: The project was ported to libusb-1.0. Experimental support for the Razer Copperhead mouse was added. Fortify source and stack smashing protection was enabled by default. Many bugs were fixed.

Download Website 27 Dec 22:10 rxvt-unicode 9.10


rxvt-unicode is a clone of the well known terminal emulator rxvt, modified to store text in Unicode and to use locale-correct input and output. It also supports mixing multiple fonts at the same time, including Xft fonts, real transparency, and an optional embedded Perl interpreter that allows you to extend your terminal easily.

Release Notes: Better compatibility with gcc 4.5. A regression in urxvtd that prevented options from being correctly set was fixed. There were other fixes.

Download Website 27 Dec 22:10 AnyEvent 5.29


AnyEvent provides an identical interface to multiple event loops. This allows module authors to utilize an event loop without forcing module users to use the same event loop (as only a single event loop can coexist peacefully at any one time). The interface itself is vaguely similar but not identical to the Event module. On the first call of any method, the module tries to detect the currently loaded event loop by probing for an already-loaded event loop, such as Glib or Event. The first one found is used. If none is found, the module tries to load an event module, and failing that, it will fall back to an optimized pure Perl implementation.

Release Notes: The FAQ was improved. AnyEvent::Strict was made optional. Compatibility with Tk was improved.

Download Website 27 Dec 22:09 Tor-ramdisk 20101227


Tor-ramdisk is a uClibc-based micro Linux distribution whose only purpose is to host a Tor server in an environment that maximizes security and privacy. Tor is a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Security is enhanced in tor-ramdisk by employing a monolithically compiled GRSEC/PAX patched kernel and hardened system tools. Privacy is enhanced by turning off logging at all levels so that even the Tor operator only has access to minimal information. Finally, since everything runs in ephemeral memory, no information survives a reboot, except for the Tor configuration file and the private RSA key, which may be exported and imported by FTP or SSH.


Release Notes: This release incorporates an important security fix from upstream. Tor was bumped to version to address CVE-2010-1676. Busybox was bumped to 1.18.1 and the kernel to plus Gentoo's hardened-patches-2.6.32-34.extras.

Download Website 27 Dec 14:56 repos-tools r6


repos-tools is a set of command-line utilities to make work on your code repositories faster and easier. It lets you push, pull, build, and do other things on your repositories all at once. The supported (D)VCSes are Git, Subersion, Bazaar, and Mercurial. For GitHub users, forking, following, watching, and dealing with issues can be done from the shell.

Release Notes: A backup command was added to repost and repository list aliases. github clone, (un)follow, and (un)watch now accept multiple arguments. Several bugs were fixed.

Download Website 27 Dec 13:00 ep128emu 2.0.9


ep128emu is a portable emulator of the Enterprise 64/128, ZX Spectrum 48/128, and Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 computers supporting Windows and POSIX platforms (32-bit Windows and 32- and 64-bit Linux have been tested). It implements accurate, high quality hardware emulation, but the system requirements are higher than that of most other emulators.

Release Notes: CPC floppy drive controller (uPD765) emulation was implemented. Various minor fixes, optimizations, and improvements have been made to DAVE, NICK, 6845 CRTC, and CPC video emulation. The detection and verifying of disk geometry in the WD177x emulation was improved. It is possible to disable software control of the tape motor. Disk image and ROM packages were updated. Some changes have been made to the debugger window and monitor emulation. The x86_64 Linux binaries were built with LuaJIT 2.0.0 beta5.

Download Website 27 Dec 12:24 Aspose.Words for SharePoint 2.1.0


Aspose.Words for SharePoint allows you to convert documents within the Microsoft SharePoint applications. It supports multiple document formats like PDF, DOCX, DOC, RTF, MHT, TXT, XML, ODT, EPUB, and XPS. It is designed to be used with Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (standard and enterprise). You can also use different valuable options during conversion setup like converting files in subfolders or saving destination folder options.

Release Notes: This release includes the addition of a compile-time check for the workflow destination URL parameter. This release also updates the example of a report definition with SPQuery in the user documentation. The .apsx file header comments were updated with the user <%= %> directive. The logging test fails under SP 2010.

Download Website 27 Dec 12:21 Logapp 0.15


Logapp is a wrapper utility that helps supervise the execution of applications that produce heavy console output (e.g. make, CVS, and Subversion). It does this by logging, trimming, and coloring each line of the output before displaying it. It can be called instead of the executable that should be monitored; it then starts the application and logs all of its console output to a file. The output shown in the terminal is preprocessed, e.g. to limit the length of printed lines and to show the stderr output in a different color. It is also possible to automatically highlight lines that match a certain regular expression. The output is therefore reduced to the necessary amount, and all important lines are easy to identify.

Release Notes: This release includes Makefile updates, documentation updates, smaller bug fixes, and code cleanups.

Download Website 27 Dec 11:45 Serene 0.5


Serene is a validation engine that implements the JAXP 1.3 Validation Framework API for RELAX NG based on an algorithm centered on providing good messages and having a clear handling of ambiguity and conflicts. It has an implementation of the JAXP Validation Framework API for ISO Schematron and support for Schematron markup embedded in RELAX NG schemas.

Release Notes: This is the initial release.

Download Website 27 Dec 11:45 Yet Another MetaData Injector for FLV 1.7


yamdi stands for Yet Another MetaData Injector and is a metadata injector for FLV files. It adds the onMetaData event to your FLV files. It uses little memory, is fast, and can handle big files (over 1 GB).

Release Notes: An off-by-one bug while indexing an FLV file that lead to occasional crashes has been fixed.

No download Website 27 Dec 11:42 DBIx-Class 0.08125


DBIx-Class is an SQL to OO mapper with an object API inspired by Class::DBI (with a compatibility layer as a springboard for porting) and a resultset API that allows abstract encapsulation of database operations. It aims to make representing queries in your code as Perl-ish as possible while still providing access to as many of the capabilities of the database as possible, including retrieving related records from multiple tables in a single query.

Release Notes: The ResultSource columns_info method was added, which returns multiple pairs of column name/info at once. $rs->search now throws an exception when called in void context. There were other changes and bug fixes.

Download Website 27 Dec 11:37 Gammu 1.28.94


Gammu (formerly known as MyGnokii2) is a cellular manager for various mobile phones/modems. It supports a wide variety of Nokia, Symbian, and AT devices (Siemens, Alcatel, Falcom, WaveCom, IPAQ, Samsung, SE, and others) over cables, infrared, or BlueTooth. It contains libraries with functions for ringtones, phonebook, SMS, logos, WAP, date/time, alarm, calls, and more (used by external applications like Wammu). It also includes a command line utility that can make many things (including backups) and an SMS gateway with full MySQL and PostgreSQL support from the PHP interface.

Release Notes: Bugs were fixed in LDIF export and import. SMSD structure was changed for MySQL to behave the same as other database backends. A new command for converting backup formats was added. Some other minor fixes were made.

Download Website 27 Dec 08:40 libx1f4l2 0.20101223


libx1f4l2 is a data structures library. Featured are self balancing BSTs and self balancing BST backed lists. The BST (binary search tree) selection includes AVL, red/black, AA, and RBST trees in simple, parent pointer, and threaded flavors. The BST backed lists are all-purpose lists, allowing for sequential and random access. The complexity for most operations is log(N), including reading, inserting, and deleting, random or sequential. Other library features include pointer sets and tries. A collection of demo, test, and data structure comparison programs is included.

Release Notes: A new critical bit tree has been added. Like the previously introduced critical bit tree, the new one serves as a string key pointer value associative table. Unlike the previously introduced one, the new one does not store the string keys, storing instead pointers to the string keys. It has lower storage requirements, it is slightly slower when compared to the previously introduced critical bit tree.

Download Website 27 Dec 08:39 JPPF 2.4


JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid.

Release Notes: This version features new batch modes for the executor service facade, allowing a substantial throughput increase. The documentation was reorganized for an easier navigation experience. A new node extension point was added, enabling the subscription to every node's life cycle events. A new sample was added to illustrate its use in a transactions management context. Performance and memory footprint were enhanced, providing faster network I/O and smaller memory consumption. Numerous bugs fixes and additional features are also part of this release.

No download No website 27 Dec 08:38 puddletag 0.9.11


puddletag is a tag editor for Linux loosely based on mp3tag. It uses a table layout so that all the tags you want to edit by hand are visible and easily editable. puddletag excels at automating repetitive tasks like extracting tag information from filenames, tagging files from a text file or the clipboard, renaming or moving files and folders based on tags by using patterns, and manipulating tags using actions and regular expressions. Supported formats include id3v1, id3v2 (.mp3), AAC (.m4a), VorbisComments (.ogg, .flac), and APEv2 (.ape). Much of mp3tag's functionality has been replicated with added enhancements and tweaks.

Release Notes: The "Tag -> Dir" feature can move directories. Incorrectly encoded files are corrected. Selected files can be moved up or down in file-view. The MusicBrainz tag source now retrieves more fields. The Discogs.com tag source was added, including artwork. The "Select All in Dir" function supports "Select All" in the previous or next directory. Tentative support was added for Mp3tag's tag sources. Language translations were added. The "~" notation can now be used to exclude fields in function calls. Separate options were added to remove ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. Matches optionally can be automatically retrieved using Tag Sources. Shortcuts were assigned to Actions. The default file sort order is now remembered.

No download Website 27 Dec 08:35 MOSIX for Linux


MOSIX is a cluster operating system targeted for distributed computing on Linux clusters and multi-cluster private clouds.

Release Notes: This release is for Linux kernel The MOSIX Virtual OpenCL (VCL) cluster platform version 1.0 that can run unmodified OpenCL 1.1 applications transparently on a cluster was released.

Download Website 27 Dec 08:33 xombrero 1.158


xombrero is a minimalist's Web browser. It strives to be vi-like and is suited for heavy keyboard users.


Release Notes: New features include a Web page source view, cookie statistics, an "about" page, an online help page, and a home command. Tabbing through the GUI has been fixed. Search selection cleanup when backspacing and pressing Esc was fixed. Some missing commands in URI entry were added. Some other nits and bugs were fixed.

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