2010 / January (1281 releases)

January 2010

No download Website 31 Jan 21:59 Ejecter 0.3.1


Ejecter is a little tool that makes it possible to unmount external devices and eject CD-ROMs without having to right-click on the device icon (either on the desktop or in Nautilus). It sits in the background and shows an icon in the system tray when one or more peripherals are connected to your PC: once clicked, a window appears with the list of the devices (volume name and device type, and much clearer than the similar thing available on Windows) and the related eject button. Being written in Vala, it is translated into C code and then compiled. This means that it's lightweight and consumes little memory, does not require a full VM like Python, and has no strange requirements to run (just GLib/GTK).

Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

Download Website 31 Jan 21:51 WWWOFFLE 2.9f


The WWWOFFLE programs simplify World Wide Web browsing from computers that use intermittent (dialup) connections to the Internet. It is a simple proxy server with special features for use with dial-up Internet links. It makes it possible to browse Web pages and read them without having to remain connected. There are too many features to mention, but they include privacy control, cookie/advert blocking, efficient bandwidth usage by specifying intervals between refreshes, options to monitor pages regularly, recursive fetching, HTML cleaning, highlighting of cached links, indexes of cached pages, searching of cached pages, and many more.

Release Notes: This release contains some new SSL features (faster but less secure key generation and longer certificate expiration times) and a number of minor bugfixes.

Download No website 31 Jan 21:51 mk-configure 0.14.0


mk-configure is a lightweight replacement for GNU autotools written in and for bmake (a portable version of NetBSD make). The main goal is to have only one top-level tool instead of aclocal+automake+autoconf+autoheader. Other goals are clean design, simplicity, and "no code generation".

Release Notes: Support for HP-UX, OSF1, DragonFlyBSD, and MirOS BSD has been added. The SHLIBMODE variable has been introduced, which specifies a shared libraries mode. The mkc.subdir.mk include file as well as the targets "uninstall" and "installdirs" take into account the MKINSTALL variable. Support for the DEC C compiler has been added. There are minor fixes and new regression tests.

Download Website 31 Jan 21:35 zzuf 0.13


zzuf is a transparent application input fuzzer. Its purpose is to find bugs in applications by corrupting their user-contributed data, which frequently comes from untrusted sources on the Internet. It works by intercepting file and network operations and changing random bits in the program's input. zzuf's behavior is deterministic, making it easier to reproduce bugs.

Release Notes: Zzuf now supports OpenSolaris, and support for OS X and BSD was greatly improved. This release also adds network host filtering and a fully programmable debugging tool.

Download Website 31 Jan 18:02 DocumentManager 4.0


Document Manager is a Web document organizer with fine rights management and mail alerts. Version 2.0 doesn't need SQL, but version 3.0 needs an SQL database and has a small search engine. It is easy to install, and is available in French, English, and Spanish.


Release Notes: Mostly bugfixes from 3.0. A column has been added to the file list showing the uploader name. A security issue regarding file rights has been fixed. The default stylesheets have been enhanced.

Download Website 31 Jan 18:01 SVN Access Manager


SVN Access Manager is a powerful tool for managing access to subversion repositories. The tool provides user and group management and access rights (read/write) to dedicated paths in a repository as well.

Release Notes: This release fixes an issue with access file creation on Windows systems.

No download Website 31 Jan 18:01 SVEditor 0.1.0


SVEditor is an Eclipse-based editor for SystemVerilog files. It provides cross-linking, content assist, source indent, and class hierarchy browsing.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. Several issues with content assist have been addressed, including adding support for enum types and improving content-assist string matching. An Eclipse Update Site has been added to make installing and updating SVEditor much easier.

Download Website 31 Jan 18:01 Linux


Linux is a clone of the Unix kernel, written from scratch by Linus Torvalds with assistance from a loosely-knit team of hackers across the Net. It aims towards POSIX and Single UNIX Specification compliance. It has all the features you would expect in a modern fully-fledged Unix kernel, including true multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries, demand loading, shared copy-on-write executables, proper memory management, and TCP/IP networking.


Release Notes: This release has 67 files changes, 3096 insertions, and 156 deletions from the previous release.

No download Website 31 Jan 17:57 TabView 1.32


TabView makes it possible to view and print PowerTab tablatures. With TabView, you can also export your tabs in MIDI format or follow the playback on screen to help your learning process. PowerTab is a well-known and widely adopted tablature editor for Windows systems. You can easily find thousands of song transcriptions in this format on the net. TabView is a Universal application, so it runs natively both on PPC and Intel based Macs.


Release Notes: The stability during MIDI playback has been improved.

Download Website 31 Jan 16:25 XBPS 0.4


The X Binary Package System (in short XBPS) is a binary package system designed and implemented from scratch. Its goal is to be fast, easy to use, bug-free, featureful, and portable as much as possible. There is a well documented API provided by the XBPS Library that is the basis for its frontends, to handle binary packages and repositories.

Release Notes: Major stability and performance changes were made.

Download Website 31 Jan 16:13 WOSH Framework 2010-01-30


WOSH (Wide Open Smart Home) is a message-oriented middleware for controlling and automating a smart home. It comes with working services and devices. WOSH is an open multi-platform C++ framework. Its architecture is service (bundles) oriented and designed for distributed (cloud) computing. WOSH ships with library source, many services, and some applications (a server, a trayicon remote controller, and a GUI full-controller). Some features provided by its micro-kernel are a multi-user system with access policies, a centralized database manager and system monitor, and automatic network management and masquerading (on TCP). Some of the implemented services are: multimedia audio playback, monitor and control of X10 devices, remote control using instant messaging, and a remote control using SMS and call notification.


Release Notes: On Windows, binaries are now compiled with Qt 4.6.1. The building script was updated for Windows (make_msvc.bat). In DesktopNotifier, a compilation bug on POSIX was fixed, the GUI source tree is now revisioned (adding subfolders), and yet another documentation update was made.

Download Website 31 Jan 16:03 Quassel IRC 0.5.2


Quassel IRC is a modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client, meaning that one or more clients can attach to and detach from a central core, much like the popular combination of screen and a text-based IRC client, but graphical. In addition to this unique feature, it aims to be a comfortable chatting program.

Release Notes: This version mostly contains build system fixes for recent versions of KDE and Qt. Some issues with netsplit handling have also been fixed. Accidentally hidden menu bars can now be re-enabled using the context menu on the chatview. To workarounding the recent flooding issues with Freenode, a quick way to ignore CTCP requests was added. (Though since Freenode has already fixed the problem, using this should no longer be necessary for now.)

Download Website 31 Jan 16:00 Kuklomenos 0.4.4


Kuklomenos is an unusual abstract shoot-em-up game.

Release Notes: Sound frequency was made adjustable. "Stop-motion" mode was added, -M on the command line. Some nasty sound bugs were fixed, and the node-music was made more musical. A buggy installation path was fixed.

Download No website 31 Jan 15:59 OO Pinyin Guide 0.0.6


OO Pinyin Guide is a Java extension for OpenOffice 3 or higher. It enables the user to add pinyin transliteration over Chinese characters inside a text document. This tool can be useful for people learning or teaching Chinese, and supports both simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

Release Notes: A German translation was added. Dialog keyboard shortcuts and tab order were fixed. Keyboard navigation using page-up, page-down, and arrow keys was added. The "Styles" button was added, which pops up the "Styles" list to let the user modify the ruby styles manually.

Download Website 31 Jan 15:57 WeeChat


WeeChat (Wee Enhanced Environment for Chat) is a fast and light IRC client for many operating systems. Everything can be done with a keyboard, and it is customizable and extensible with C plugins and scripts. It is compliant with RFCs 1459, 2810, 2811, 2812, and 2813.

Release Notes: This version fixes crashes with SSL connection and purge of old DCC chats.

Download Website 31 Jan 15:57 VLC media player 1.0.5


VLC media player is a multimedia player, framework, streamer, and encoder. It can play inputs like files, network streams, DVDs, audio CDs, Blu-Rays, capture devices, and screens. It can play most audio and video codecs and formats (MPEG 1/2/4, H264, VC-1, DivX, WMV, Vorbis, AC3, AAC, MKV, etc.), but can also be used to convert to different formats and/or send streams through the network.

Release Notes: This release brings subtitle improvements, Apple Remote support, an updated compiler for Windows, and updated codecs for all platforms. It also improves many translations.

Download Website 31 Jan 15:55 TinyaML 0.4


TinyaML is a virtual machine, a compiler, and a compiler- compiler, powered by the abstract parser tinyap. It is endian-safe and allows easy bindings of new C APIs into the virtual machine. The VM executes wordcode with a virtual threading model and features a garbage collector. TinyaML allows the user to compile and run assembly code, or plug new grammars for higher-level languages into the parser and implement the methods to compile their ASTs.

Release Notes: Language layers have been redesigned. From bottom to top, the current layers are the symbolic assembly, meta-assembly, functional assembly, and script language. Lots of bugs were fixed. All current features are working properly. A new extension was added for I/O for files, pipes, and network. (TCP/UDP connections and a TCP server framework are included.) Tinyaml now comes with a full-fledged tutorial, explaining the core assembly language, the 4 bundled language layers, how to write a compiler, and how to write an extension in C. Also, all core and extensions asm mnemonics are documented.

No download Website 31 Jan 15:54 Task Coach 0.78.3


Task Coach is a simple todo manager to manage personal tasks and todo lists. It grew out of a frustration that well-known task managers, such as those provided with Outlook or Lotus Notes, do not provide facilities for composite tasks. Often, tasks and other things to do consist of several activities. Task Coach is designed to deal with composite tasks.

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release.

No download Website 31 Jan 15:34 FeResPost 3.5.5


FeResPost is a library that allows the rapid development of small programs for the post-processing of Nastran or Samcef finite element results. The library allows easy manipulation of finite element models, groups, and results. Efficient post-processing is possible because the time-consuming operations are written in C/C++. The library is distributed as a COM component, a .NET assembly, as well as a Ruby compiled extension.

Release Notes: A bug in the reading of ESAComp edf files version 4 was corrected. The results extraction algorithm was improved for random access to Nastran XDB files.

Download No website 31 Jan 15:30 Geolocator-PHP 2.0-alpha-1.9


Geolocator is a PHP class which provides an easy-to-use interface to the IP address location XML API described at ipinfodb.com. This API allows you to find the city, state/region, country, and approximate latitude/longitude associated with an IP address or domain. The class aims to be easy-to-use, versatile, and well-documented. The class requires PHP 5.30 or greater, compiled with cURL support.

Release Notes: One Geolocator can be used to find multiple locations in one lookup. It supports country precision and domain lookups. Internal operation was made more efficient. API usage is now more intuitive and object-oriented. A PHP notice about $this->timeout being undefined was fixed. Many other changes have been made. This is a rethinking of how the class should work.

Download Website 31 Jan 12:27 Cmdfs 0.2


Cmdfs is a FUSE virtual filesystem that applies an arbitrary filter command to selected files in a source directory tree to create the destination files. It includes configurable caching and monitoring of the source tree to limit CPU use and prefetch data.

Release Notes: The base-dir option was removed and is instead specified with the first argument for fstab. The code was tidied up. A bug in which the inotify event name was not null terminated was fixed. The help and README content were updated.

Download Website 31 Jan 09:31 email-reminder 0.7.6


Email-reminder allows users to define events that they want to be reminded of by email. Possible events include birthdays, anniversaries, weekly, monthly, and yearly events. Reminders can be sent on the day of the event and a few days beforehand. It uses a cron job to checks for events and send reminders once a day, and a simple GUI that allows users to edit the reminders they want to receive.

Release Notes: This release includes a bug fix for yearly events where the year is unknown. If you have any such events (for example, birthdays for people too shy to tell you how old they are) you should definitely upgrade or else you will not receive any of these reminders.

Download No website 31 Jan 09:31 Dominion 7.00.02


Dominion v8 is a PHP universal database abstraction layer to develop rapid portable and compatible applications connecting to any freeware or commercial databases. You no longer need to write proprietary SQL sentences, but can use portable objects that give you the power to change the database engine without rewriting a single line of code.


Release Notes: The full structure has been remastered and ordered and fixed. The version number constant has been added to WADebug.lib. The example debug.php has been added. Throwable.lib has been renamed as WAThrowable.lib and dependencies were fixed.

Download Website 31 Jan 09:30 dosfstools 3.0.9


dosfstools includes the mkfs.fat (aka mkfs.vfat and mkfs.msdos) and fsck.fat (aka fsck.vfat and fsck.msdos) utilities, which respectively make and check MS-DOS FAT filesystems.

Release Notes: A bug in aligning was fixed.

Download Website 31 Jan 09:28 jsoup 0.1.1


jsoup is a Java library for working with real-world HTML. It can parse HTML from a URL, file, or string. It can find and extract data, using DOM traversal or CSS selectors. The HTML elements, attributes, and text can be manipulated. It can clean user-submitted content against a safe white-list. jsoup is designed to deal with all varieties of HTML found in the wild, from pristine and validating to invalid tag-soup; jsoup will create a sensible parse tree.

Release Notes: This is the initial release.

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