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Download Website 03 Jan 22:47 Engauge Digitizer 4.0


Engauge Digitizer is digitizing software that converts an image showing a graph or map into numbers. The image file can come from a scanner, digital camera, or screenshot. The numbers can be read on the screen, and written or copied to a spreadsheet. Highlights for beginners include an intuitive interface and extensive context-sensitive documentation. Highlights for experts include compensation for image distortion, cartesian and polar coordinates, linear and logarithmic coordinates, automatic scanning, graphical previews, and browser help.

Release Notes: A new Point Match algorithm offers speed and an easier interface, while fixing overflow error in Ubuntu. The executable is now named 'engauge'.

Download Website 03 Jan 22:46 Absolute OS 11.0.6


Absolute Linux is a lightweight Slackware derivative that uses an Icewm, pcmanfm, ROX-Filer, ivman, and others to create a lightweight yet easy to use distribution. Installation is text-based but simplified, and all packages are installed at once. It can run on a Pentium II and above, including SMP systems. A minimum 128MB RAM is recommended. It features ease of browsing any connected device in pcmanfm, and an auto-popup menu for inserted playable media. "Restricted" codecs are available to those eligible via a root-user installer. There is a large range of software included: Google Chromium (compiled on Absolute), OpenOffice, Mplayer, GIMP, K3B, FileZilla, and many more.

Release Notes: The Filefinder was fixed. XMMS was replaced with Audacious and CD audio playing now supports direct sound (no cable) by default. An MPlayer update includes support for ffmpeg conversions (memcoder) and it can now play .flv (Flash movie) files standalone. Firefox was included. An email notification setup fix was made.

Download Website 03 Jan 21:36 fIcy 1.0.16


fIcy is a command line icecast/shoutcast stream grabber. Its goal is to cleanly and automatically rip a stream into user-customizable files. It will work with any ICY-compatible stream, allowing you to either to save the stream to disk, pipe the output to a media player, or both.

Release Notes: Timeout support was refined. HTTP 301 redirects are now honored as well. fPls automatically forwards more flags to fIcy. The GNU sed requirement was removed in favor of a customizable coprocessor. A Mac OS X HFS+ encoding limitation work-around has been implemented.

Download Website 03 Jan 20:19 toMOTko 0.2.0


toMOTko is a small Zaurus application for learning vocabulary. It's a customizable flashcard program that asks words repetitively to acquire new vocabulary. It is good for learning and memorizing kanji readings/writings and other languages.

Release Notes: A Glossary Manager was added for managing more than one collection of words and to allow users to mark desired words for study instead of asking them all.

Download Website 03 Jan 20:16 Verbiste 0.1.18


Verbiste is a French conjugation system implemented as a C++ library, a GNOME applet, and two command-line tools. It can conjugate verbs and analyze conjugated verbs to determine their mode, tense, and person. The knowledge base contains over 6700 verbs.

Release Notes: Duplicate entries for the verbs recueillir, réverbérer, revercher, and reverdir have been removed. An error with the verb falloir was fixed.

Download Website 03 Jan 20:14 DieHard 1.0.2


DieHard automatically hardens software applications against a wide range of bugs. These bugs, known as memory errors, often end up as serious security vulnerabilities, cause crashes, or lead to unpredictable behavior. DieHard either eliminates these bugs altogether, or avoids them with high probability.

Release Notes: A race condition was fixed in the Windows version. Support for memalign was added, resolving incompatibilities with some GNOME applications.

No download Website 03 Jan 20:13 Julius Speech Recognition Engine 3.5.3


Julius is a high-performance large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) engine for speech-related research and development. You can construct your own speech recognition system, but you need a separate English acoustic model and language model or grammar file.

Release Notes: Acoustic computation is now 20-40% faster. New grammar tools were provided, including "slf2dfa", a toolkit for converting HTK slf to Julian dfa. An option to load an HTK Config file to set correct acoustic parameter configuration was provided. Acoustic parameter configuration can be embedded into the header of a binary HMM file. Preliminary support for live recognition using an acoustic model with energy normalization was implemented.

Download Website 03 Jan 20:11 WebGUI 7.3.3-beta


WebGUI is a content management framework built to allow average business users to build and maintain complex Web sites. It is modular, pluggable, and platform independent. It was designed to allow the people who create the content to manage it online, rather than content management taking up the time of busy IT staff. WebGUI comes with a full host of features including shopping cart, subscriptions, forums, photo galleries, FAQs, link lists, blogs, SQL reports, a Web services interface, and a very configurable user privilege and profiling system.

Release Notes: Several bugs were fixed. As a beta release, it is not recommended that this version be used in production.

Download Website 03 Jan 20:08 Multitalk 1.2


Multitalk is a presentation program designed for giving more interactive and engaging talks. Slides are laid out in a two- dimensional canvas that you navigate in any direction, in real time, using the mouse. All of your talks can be merged into the same space. You can zoom out and create hyperlinks between slides. Each slide may also contain nested expandable sections like a folding text editor. Every slide can have an arbitrary style to control layout and visual appearance.

Release Notes: This version adds LaTeX integration, which allows LaTeX syntax to be embedded within any slide's text.

Download Website 03 Jan 20:08 InspIRCd 1.1.0 Beta 8


InspIRCd is a fully modular IRC daemon with modular SSL (gnutls or OpenSSL), ziplinks (through zlib) support, advanced spam filters, flood controls, settable operator levels, and SQL login using PostgreSQL, MySQL, or SQLite.

Release Notes: This release primarily introduces a number of speed-related changes. The main advantages of this should be seen on larger networks, but even smaller ones should note that CPU time consumed by the inspircd process is now staying quite low. A number of fixes were made to SQL-related modules and to m_dnsbl.

Download Website 03 Jan 16:45 PySBIG 0.03


PySBIG is a Python module to read SBIG CCD files.

Release Notes: This release uses numpy instead of Numeric.

Download Website 03 Jan 16:44 OBM 1.2.7


OBM is a groupware, email, LDAP, Windows PDC, CRM, and project management application. It is mainly used as a mail server, as an LDAP directory, as a Windows PDC, as a contact and customer database, as a project management tool, or as any combination of these functions. It supports internationalization and themes.

Release Notes: The archive status on contact insertion was fixed. There are security fixes in admin scripts rights. Many fixes were made in the Calendar, Project, and Contract modules.

Download Website 03 Jan 14:03 Userful MultiSeat 2.2-7


Userful MultiSeat is a multiseat Linux desktop virtualization solution that enables a single computer to support up to 11 independent users at the same time, each with their own monitor, keyboard, and mouse by using USB multiseat devices, and virtualizing the X server. This approach offers the features of a full PC including high performance video and significantly reduces hardware costs, support and maintenance costs, electricity consumption, and e-waste as compared to stand alone PCs or thin clients. It installs on popular Linux distributions including Ubuntu and Edubuntu (operating system for schools). It supports 3D graphics, per-seat USB, 2-way audio, and all major USB multiseat devices, including the HP t100, t150 & t200, Acer Zero-Client Docking Station, Viewsonic VMA10, Atrust M200 & M202, GWC DU2600, and Displaylink devices, as well as video cards from Intel, ATI, and NVIDIA. Userful MultiSeat is available as both a standalone package for multi-seat enabling your Linux distribution of choice, and as a bundled install DVD for schools, which Includes Userful MultiSeat, Edubuntu operating system for education, and the ITALC classroom management tool. It was formerly called Userful Multiplier.

Release Notes: This release supports more Linux distributions: Fedora Core 6, Ubuntu 6.10, Edubuntu 6.10, and Dreamlinux 0.5-pre5. It has audio device support on FC6, and Ubuntu 6.06/610 with an extra package. USB-PS/2 adapter support has been improved. There is multi-lingual keyboard layout support on Debian-based distributions. There is a run authentication dialog for a user control panel. Better hotplug support has been added.

Download Website 03 Jan 13:58 BBclone 0.4.9


BBclone is a PHP Web counter on steroids which displays individual logs as well as aggregated data. It is a clone of Big Brother webstats, except that it is written in PHP and it relies only on flat files (no database needed). BBclone enables any Web site administrator to have a very precise view of who visit the website: OS, browser, date, referring page etc. Main features include reload resistance, hostname resolution, proxy workaround, and blacklist.

Release Notes: This release adds support for many robots, many browsers, and some operating systems, most mobile browsers, some rare user agents like the PSP, a favorite weekend mod from the forums (it colors the weekend days differently), a regression suite to evaluate the correctness of expressions (currently not linked; open show_regression.php to run it), and color in detailed stats for access of the local IP address to spot yourself in the log. The ip2ext database has been updated.

Download Website 03 Jan 13:52 libburnia 0.2.4


libburnia is a project comprised of libraries and binaries for reading, mastering, and writing optical discs. It provides libburn, a CD/DVD/BD burn library, libisofs, a manipulation library for ISO 9660 filesystems, and libisoburn, a ISO 9660 multi-session library. On top of them there is cdrskin, a cdrecord emulator, and xorriso, a all-in-one application for ISO 9660 multi-session operations which additionaly provides a limited emulation of mkisofs.

Release Notes: This release fixes many problems people have encountered, including, but not limited to, documentation generation and build system issues.

Download Website 03 Jan 13:51 WIKINDX 3.5


WIKINDX is a single or multi-user research environment for storing searchable bibliographies, notes, and citations. It is integrated with a WYSIWYG word processor for the authoring of publication-ready articles automatically formatted to chosen citation styles. The system includes support for migrating to and from BibTeX and Endnote.

Release Notes: Major feature enhancements (including centrally managed collections and user groups) and minor bugfixes.

Download Website 03 Jan 13:45 Squashfs 3.2


Squashfs is a highly compressed read-only filesystem for Linux. It uses zlib to compress files, inodes, and directories. All blocks are packed to minimize the data overhead, and block sizes of between 4K and 1M are supported. It is intended to be used for archival use, for live CDs, and for embedded systems where low overhead is needed.

Release Notes: This release is a major improvement, and Squashfs filesystems can now be exported via NFS. Squashfs-tools have also seen some improvements: Unsquashfs can now extract 2.x filesystems; and Mksquashfs now displays a progress bar. There are other smaller improvements and bugfixes.

Download Website 03 Jan 13:43 libiriverdb 1.5


libiriverdb is a library for iRiver jukeboxes, specifically the H300 and H100 series Hard Disk-based models, that require a database of the audio metadata to be created on the device before allowing it to be used for selecting tracks to play.

Release Notes: This release fixes a double-free memory error, tweaks the MP3 genre parsing, and stops using deprecated D-Bus API calls.

Download Website 03 Jan 13:41 SpadFS 0.9.3


SpadFS is an attempt to combine features of advanced filesystems (crash recovery, fast directories, etc.) and good performance without increasing code complexity too much. It uses crash counts instead of journaling (because journaling is too complex and bug-prone), and uses hash instead of btrees for directory organization.

Release Notes: The main fixes are some spadfsck crashes and creating bad directory entries when a user tried to create s filename longer than 255 characters.

No download Website 03 Jan 13:41 BytesFall Explorer 0.0.9


BytesFall Explorer (bfExplorer for short) is a Web-based file manager. It allows you to upload, download, view, edit, copy, move/rename, and change permissions of a single file/directory or a group of files/directories. It's also possible to create files and directories and execute shell commands. An SQL engine is used to store the users for the authentication (currently MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported). It has an interface similar to Windows Explorer.

Release Notes: In this release, jsTree was replaced by LiveTree (AJAX-based). This change greatly improves the performance when browsing a big filesystem. Some small bugfixes are included.

Download Website 03 Jan 10:52 East-West Audio 0.62


EWA (East-West Audio) is a server application that can dynamically add intros and outros to MP3s based on user-defined rules, so podcasters can rotate promotional material included in their MP3 downloads without remastering.

Release Notes:

No download Website 03 Jan 10:33 UDIG 1.1.0-RC8


UDIG (User-friendly Desktop Internet GIS) is a spatial data viewer and editor with emphasis on the OpenGIS standards for Internet GIS, the Web Map Server and Web Feature Server standards. It provides a common platform for building spatial applications with open source components.

Release Notes: The ArcSDE plugin now works. There are numerous fixes to the Hole tool, which is now only to be used for creating holes. Editing in the table view has been improved. Table view now works for WFS layers. The CRS of a layer can be declared when creating the layer. The "stutter" effect problem when panning has been fixed.

Download Website 03 Jan 10:33 Octopussy


Octopussy is a solution to manage your logs (also frequently called a SIM/SEM/SIEM Solution). Basically, it stores your logs, produces reports, and raises alerts.

Release Notes: A major bugfix in the installation script. Major bugfixes in memory usage, which improves global performance. In the wizard, you can delete one minute of unknown logs with one click.

Download Website 03 Jan 10:32 JGAP 3.1


JGAP (pronounced "jay-gap") is a genetic algorithms package written in Java. It is designed to require minimum effort to use "out of the box", but is highly modular and allows custom components to be easily plugged in by the more adventurous.

Release Notes: This is a quality improvement release. It considers multiple user feedback by consolidating the grid functionality, fixing several bugs, introducing a lot of new unit tests, and enhancing the logic of many classes.

Download Website 03 Jan 10:31 incron 0.3.4


incron is an "inotify cron" system. It works like the regular cron but is driven by filesystem events instead of time periods. It contains two programs, a daemon called "incrond" (analogous to crond) and a table manipulator "incrontab" (like "crontab").

Release Notes: This version is based on inotify-cxx 0.6.2. Various problems caused by incorrectly-ordered setting of UID/GID have been fixed. Permissions for user tables have been changed to 0600.

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