2002 / October (2050 releases)

October 2002

Download Website 31 Oct 17:22 harvest 1.8.1


Harvest is a system to collect information and make it searchable using a Web interface. It can collect information using HTTP, FTP, NNTP, and local files. Supported formats include HTML, DVI, PS, fulltext, mail, man pages, news, troff, WordPerfect, C sources, and many more. Adding support for new formats is easy due to Harvest's modular design.

Release Notes: This release adds a Spanish user interface.

No download Website 31 Oct 17:21 MegamekNET 0.2949


MegaMekNET is based on FASA's Classic Battletech boardgame. It lets you join the war for the Inner Sphere. The game allows you to join a house and lead units of towering Meks against other players online from around the globe. Crush the other houses beneath your armoured feet in this turn-based strategy game. You and your team fight to resurrect the Star League.

Release Notes: The ability to use your own squad logo has been added. The additional BV for elite pilots has been removed. Megamek has been updated to 0.27.4+ (AMS works, a deployment phase, and various fixes). A login screen has been added to ease the installation for beginners.

Download Website 31 Oct 17:14 Moto 0.15.0


Moto is a server-side scripting language much like PHP or ColdFusion. The difference between Moto and other server-side scripting languages is that Moto pages can run interpreted (like PHP) or be natively compiled into dynamically loadable Apache modules (an entire Web site could be compiled into one .so file). It comes with a full suite of objects and functions for state and session management, MySQL and PostgreSQL database connectivity, and a slew of utility classes like stacks, hashtables, string buffers, etc. There is also an included interface definition language for exposing C functions to Moto. All object allocation occurs in a shared memory segment, so maintaining state in objects between page views is a snap.

Release Notes: This release adds support for querying a PostgreSQL database. It paves the way for future database support by relocating all current database drivers into codex.db.XXX extensions. New extension creation has been simplified. All extension dependencies are now listed in .i files. The ability to set the lock directory at runtime has been added. Various other bugs have been fixed in the state management subsystem and with Regex and String APIs.

Download No website 31 Oct 17:08 udhcp Server/Client 0.9.8


udhcp Server/Client is an embedded DHCP client and server that can be compiled seperately (19k and 17k respectively), or as one combined binary (29k). The server stores its lease file periodically, or by a signal (for systems with flash memory) in terms of absolute time of lease expiration, or time remaining in a lease (for systems with no clocks). The client calls helper scripts to do the work of configuring the interfaces for more flexibility. udhcp has been included in BusyBox and is no longer maintained as a separate project.

Release Notes: There is a laundry list of minor bugfixes, including improved lease logic, a fix for occasional incorrect checksum computation on big endian hosts, improved renew behavior, improved signal handling, and a fix to config file parsing. The source now also integrates nicely with busybox; simply drop it into busybox/networking/udhcp whenever you want to sync.

Download Website 31 Oct 16:48 STPHPLibrary 0.6.0 (Phoenix)


STPHPLib is a suite of software components for developing object oriented Web-based applications. It uses PHP objects to encapsulate common GUI controls such as the check box, radio button, and tool bars, which are not necessarily present in HTML language, and allows them to be used to create sophisticated Web applications.

Release Notes: This release adds four new components (STPHPEdit, STPHPEditWithCaption, STPHPTextArea, and STPHPTextAreaWithCaption), bugfixes and code cleanups, and support for themes.

No download Website 31 Oct 16:46 FireHOL R5 v1.16


FireHOL a simple yet powerful way to configure stateful iptables firewalls. It can be used for almost any purpose, including control of any number of internal/external/virtual interfaces, control of any combination of routed traffic, setting up DMZ routers and servers, and all kinds of NAT. It provides strong protection (flooding, spoofing, etc.), transparent caches, source MAC verification, blacklists, whitelists, and more. Its goal is to be completely abstracted and powerful but also easy to use, audit, and understand.

Release Notes: This release adds better iptables code generation and a new command line argument (try) to leave the new firewall active only if the administrator types the word "commit" within 30 seconds. Otherwise, it restores the previous firewall and exits.

Download Website 31 Oct 16:45 Workrave 1.0.0


Workrave is a program that assists in the recovery and prevention of repetitive strain injury (RSI). The program frequently alerts you to take micro-pauses and rest breaks, and restricts you to your daily limit. It currently runs on GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows (using GTK/Win32).

Release Notes: This first production release is ready for daily use at the office. New in this release is a Dutch translation, and the daily limit window is fully operational now.

No download Website 31 Oct 16:44 TechTables 2002-10-31


Tech tables is an asset and trouble ticket management system using PHP and PostgreSQL or MySQL. It lets you track computing assets, contacts, and trouble tickets.

Release Notes: This release adds referential integ and basic search functions.

Download Website 31 Oct 16:44 auditunlink 0.1.0


auditunlink is a Linux shared library that intercepts the unlink system call, and logs which process, program, and user initiated it, and to which file the call was applied. It is designed to be loaded with LD_PRELOAD or /etc/ld.so.preload, and allows system administrators to log file deletions even if a user has the proper file system permissions to perform the deletion.

Release Notes: This release includes a configure script and a configure option to only log unlink() calls from the rm command. Also included is an AUTHORS file which credits various people that have helped create/improve the module.

Download Website 31 Oct 16:40 g4u 1.8


g4u ("ghost for unix") is a boot-floppy/CD that allows one to easily clone PC hard disks by using FTP. This is often done to deploy a common setup on a number of PCs. The floppy/CD offers two functions: it uploads the compressed image of a local hard disk to an FTP server, and then it can retrieve that image via FTP, uncompress it, and write it back to disk. Network configuration is fetched via DHCP. As the hard disk is processed as an image, any filesystem and operating system can be deployed using g4u. Easy cloning of local disks as well as partitions is also supported.

Release Notes: This, the "Pumpkin" release, can sync with NetBSD 1.6, and includes drivers for USB, RAID cards, Gigabit Ethernet, and Token Ring, As a Halloween special, it comes with an ISO image file in addition to a floppy image, so it can be booted from a CD instead of a floppy.

No download Website 31 Oct 14:03 Eterm 0.9.2


Eterm is a vt102 terminal emulator intended as a replacement for xterm. It is designed with a Freedom of Choice philosophy, leaving as much power, flexibility, and freedom as possible in the hands of the user. It is designed to look good and work well, but takes a feature-rich approach rather than one of minimalism. Current features include color support, background images (all Imlib-supported formats), theme support, and pseudo-transparency.

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix release. However, one new feature in particular was added. Escreen provides a unique interface between Eterm and GNU screen, facilitating multiple sessions in a single Eterm window.

Download Website 31 Oct 14:03 Kernel Mode Linux 2.5.45_001


Kernel Mode Linux is a technology which enables the execution of user programs in a kernel mode. In Kernel Mode Linux, user programs can access kernel address space directly. Unlike kernel modules, user programs are executed as ordinary processes (except for their privilege level), so scheduling and paging are performed as usual. Although it seems dangerous, the safety of the kernel can be ensured through such methods as static type checking, software fault isolation, and so forth.

Release Notes: This version has been merged with the 2.5.45 Linux kernel.

Download No website 31 Oct 14:03 Nuxeo Platform 2.1


Nuxeo Platform provides a framework and set of components to address document management and collaboration needs, including metadata/taxonomies, versioning, lifecyle management, workflow, relations, searching, reporting, transformation, auditing, and retention. Its flexible extension system, based on OSGi, allows developers to quickly configure and extend the platform by creating new components. Its default Web user interface, based on the JSF standard, uses AJAX to create a pleasant user experience. It can also be accessed by a rich client interface through the use of Web services, for instance using the Eclipse-based Nuxeo RCP rich client platform.


Release Notes: This release should work (with some restrictions) on Windows. It adds support for user and administrator configured boxes (aka "portlets"), and several other enhancements.

Download Website 31 Oct 13:59 single-honeypot 0.2-6


single-honeypot simulates many services like SMTP, HTTP, POP-3, shell, and FTP. It can show many different faces, including those of Windows FTP systems, Windows SMTP systems, different Linux distributions, and some Posix distributions.

Release Notes: There is a new file log analyzer to view logs via the Web. The capture log is now ordered by IP. The install script has been fixed.

No download Website 31 Oct 13:58 beltane 0.4


Beltane is a Web-based central management console for the samhain file integrity system. If samhain is used in a client/server setup, beltane enables the administrator to browse client reports, acknowledge them, and update file signature databases stored centrally on the log server.

Release Notes: This release fixes some minor bugs, and allows you to limit the number of messages displayed.

Download Website 31 Oct 13:58 samhain 1.6.3


samhain is a daemon that can check file integrity, search the file tree for SUID files, and detect kernel module rootkits (Linux only). It can be used either standalone or as a client/server system for centralized monitoring, with strong (192-bit AES) encryption for client/server connections and the option to store databases and configuration files on the server. For tamper resistance, it supports signed database/configuration files and signed reports/audit logs. It has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Unixware.

Release Notes: This release supports the detection of kernel rootkits on FreeBSD. On Linux, detection of kernel rootkits has been improved by also checking the interrupt descriptor table. Some bugs have been fixed, including the incorrect initialisation of the suid file search.

Download Website 31 Oct 13:55 PHPRecipeBook 1.10


PHPRecipeBook is a Web-based cookbook with the ability to create shopping lists from recipes selected. The lists can be saved and later reloaded and edited. The shopping list also attempts to combine similar items so that duplication does not occur.

Release Notes: The interface for the RecipeBook has been redesigned and spiced up. The database tables have also been changed to be easier to read and expand for future features.

Download Website 31 Oct 11:46 Pound 1.0


Pound is a reverse HTTP proxy, load balancer, and SSL wrapper. It proxies client HTTPS requests to HTTP backend servers, distributes the requests among several servers while keeping sessions, supports HTTP/1.1 requests even if the backend server(s) are HTTP/1.0, and sanitizes requests.

Release Notes: Pound is now production-quality code. A few bugs were fixed. Support for full Microsoft-style WebDAV was added. Support for high-availability was enhanced.

Download Website 31 Oct 11:44 shntool 1.2.0-rc2


shntool is a multi-purpose WAVE data processing and reporting utility that supports various lossless audio formats. These include SHN (shorten), FLAC, AIFF (sox), APE (mac), OFR (OptimFROG), LPAC, WV (WavPack), ALAC, LA, TTA, TAK, MKW, MPEG-4 ALS, Bonk, and KXS (Kexis).

Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that caused fix mode to hang in certain instances, and adds support for ofr (OptimFROG) and lpac file formats.

No download Website 31 Oct 11:41 Java XML View 0.2


JXV (Java XML View) is a library which allows for Java objects to be given "XML Views", and for those views to be read back into objects. It supports both SAX and DOM output, and can read XML input from any SAX-compliant parser. Resulting DOM trees are dynamic, and reflect changes made to the object model even after they were created. It fully supports namespaces in its XML views, and can correctly parse and read XML content with namespaces. It also uses a pluggable architecture which allows XML view factories to be configured and loaded at runtime.

Release Notes: This release adds JDK 1.3 support. The exception handling mechanism's dependency on JDK1.4-style wrapped exceptions was eliminated, and now JDK1.3 can run JXV (although the performance under 1.3 is noticeably worse).

Download Website 31 Oct 11:39 xmms-shn 2.2.7


xmms-shn is an input plugin to play shorten (.shn) files in XMMS. It supports real-time seeking via the seek extensions built into shorten 3.x. Shorten is an audio compression format developed by SoftSound, and is used extensively in the distribution of losslessly-compressed live music.

Release Notes: This release fixes compile problems on certain platforms.

Download Website 31 Oct 11:38 SISC 1.6.3-rc


SISC is an extensible Java-based interpreter of the algorithmic language Scheme. It uses modern interpretation techniques and handily outperforms all existing Java interpreters (often by more than an order of magnitude). In addition, SISC is a complete implementation of the language. The entire R5RS Scheme standard is supported. This includes a full number tower including complex number support and arbitrary precision integers and floating point numbers, proper tail recursion, hygienic macros, and full support for first-class continuations (not just the escaping continuations found in many other systems).

Release Notes: Several critical bugs in the optimizer were fixed, as well as S2J handling of Java primitive types.

Download Website 31 Oct 11:36 phpWirelessMap 0.1b2


phpWirelessMap is a map system for a wireless community Web site.

Release Notes:

Download Website 31 Oct 10:17 AstroCam System 2.1.3


AstroCam is an C-based stepper motor control system including both a PHP and a Perl based Web interface. You can use it for controlling webcams over the Internet or an intranet, or for everything else you could want to do with a stepper motor.

Release Notes: Important security improvements were made in astrocam.cgi.

Download Website 31 Oct 10:15 jKiska 0.20 Beta 1


jKiska provides some utility classes to solve common problems which every Java programmer will face sooner or later. At the moment, jKiska contains many specialized iterator implementations, new collections, and other helpful classes.

Release Notes:

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