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Download Website 15 Jun 23:52 KmusicdB 0.30


KmusicdB is a music information manager for KDE, using PostgreSQL as a backend. You can add your music collection to the database, and view it in a convenient browser. It currently supports the ability to add and edit artists, add and edit titles (with album pictures), and a track editor. The ability to generate reports and statistics, and also to search the database is implemented, as well as creating and opening, backing up and restoring databases. It is highly customizable, and fast. CDDB functionality has also been implemented.

Release Notes: Support for editing tracks, cleanups to the header files (reducing the i386 package by 80k), many bugfixes, and minor GUI updates.

Download Website 15 Jun 23:50 libfoXdesktop 0.2.8


libfoXdesktop is foXdesktop's core library. It extends FOX with code, icons, and registry settings.

Release Notes: A fix for a nasty bug, and new audio icons and MIME types.

Download Website 15 Jun 17:50 libferris 0.2.0


libferris is a virtual filesystem that exposes hierarchical data of all kinds through a common C++ interface. Access to data is performed using C++ IOStreams and metadata is available as key-value pairs through the Extended Attributes (EA) interface. Rich support for filesystem indexing is included to provide timely search results for well into millions of files. Ferris uses a plugin API to handle a large range of data sources, metadata, and index and search strategies. Filesystems include file:// with monitoring, XML (mount an XML file as a filesystem), relational databases, ISAM databases (Berkeley db, tdb, gdbm, eet et al), xmldb, LDAP, Applications (Evolution, Firefox, Emacs), HTTP, FTP, sockets, and RDF (from XML, binary, soprano). EA generators include image, audio, and animation decoders.

Release Notes: CacheManager speed improvements by orders of magnitude, fixes for the context free list (tested with ferriscp client), a new method to cleanup free context list, on-demand EA creation, and an EA that lists all the available EA names CSV format (ea-names).

No download Website 15 Jun 17:47 LANforge FIRE & ICE 2.1.4


LANforge is a unified multi-protocol network traffic generation and WAN emulation application. It allows users to generate real world customer traffic in a controllable manner. The WAN emulator allows the injection of latency and other network oddities like dropped, duplicated, and re-ordered packets. LANforge includes a drag-and-drop virtual network builder that supports virtual routers, WAN links, traffic-generating nodes, and more. It provides a scriptable command line interface with Perl libraries as well as a graphical user interface.

Release Notes: Support for setting ethernet port speeds, MTU, and other options, enhanced Perl modules to be able to parse CLI output, a Perl script to demonstrate the new features, a fix for a network-mask bug, and decreasing the time it takes to set port values.

Download Website 15 Jun 17:45 Perl Site Tools 0.69


The site tools package has classes to support a standard look and feel through templates that support somewhat advanced functionality like object method binding, custom escape/formatting functions, and basic looping and conditionals. It also supports SQL forms with foreign key handling with drop boxes or lists, and multiple field types like checkboxes, text boxes, and text areas. Add/delete/edit functionality is handled by the Form class. Tables can be created in the same way, and support auto-sorting by using hyperlinked headers, and next/prev handling. Both forms and tables can be bound to templates to adjust the look and feel or layout, without losing any functionality.

Release Notes: Fixes for some more instability bugs introduced from the updated PObject API, fixes for small misc. bugs in the Template class and SQLForm class, and some new small example programs.

No download Website 15 Jun 17:43 Bastille Linux / Unix 1.2.0


Bastille Unix (formerly Bastille Linux) aims to be the most comprehensive, flexible, and educational Security Hardening Program for Red Hat (Fedora Core, Enterprise Linux, and original Red Hat), SuSE, Gentoo, Mandrake, and Debian Linux, as well as HP-UX and Mac OS X. Virtually every task it performs is optional, providing immense flexibility. It educates the installing admin regarding the topic at hand before asking any question. The interactive nature allows the program to be more thorough when securing, while the educational component produces an admin who is less likely to compromise the increased security.

Release Notes: Much-enhanced intelligence, a cool X interface, and support for Red Hat 7.1 and Mandrake 8.0.

Download Website 15 Jun 17:42 NDir 0.8.5


NDir is a terminal tool to display the contents of directories. It can both provide a brief overview on the present files and display all interesting information associated with the files. NDir is designed to display its output in a more legible and informative way than ls. This includes various degrees of verbosity, a statistics line for each directory, coloured output and intelligent handling of long file names.

Release Notes: A fix for a problem when symbolic links to parent directories lead to infinite recursion with -R, links that point to directories not in the directory tree the link is contained in are ignored, and updated documentation.

Download Website 15 Jun 17:41 Narval 1.0.1


Narval is a framework dedicated to the setting up of intelligent personal assistants (IPAs). It includes a language, an interpreter, and a GUI/IDE. It is based on artificial intelligence and agent technologies. It executes recipes (sequences of actions) to perform tasks. It is easy to specify new actions using XML and to implement them using Python. Recipes can be constructed graphically (without programming) by linking blocks representing the actions.

Release Notes: Bugfixes in the interpreter and the documentation, and some improvements in the graphical interface.

No download Website 15 Jun 17:39 mkrdns 2.1dev1


mkrdns is a small Perl script that helps automate changes to your DNS zone files. It does this by reading your named.boot/named.conf file to find all the domains/networks for which you are authoritative. It then reads all of the forward zone files and generates PTR records which it inserts in the reverse zone maps.

Release Notes: A big push to improve performance and lower overall memory usage, and a few minor bugfixes.

Download Website 15 Jun 17:23 Saxogram Vocabulary List Builder 0.3


Saxogram is a script which generates vocabulary lists from texts written in foreign languages. So far it has dictionaries for Latin, German, and Italian. Saxogram was written with extensibility in mind. Thus, other languages can be "plugged in" as modules. All that is needed is a dictionary and a small amount of code. The purpose of the program is to speed up language learning. Too much time is spent looking up every third word. This isn't practical when learning a new language. Generating a vocabulary list that can be used in parallel to ones reading is helpful.

Release Notes: Updated documentation, a new command line feature, and code to produce cleaner output.

Download Website 15 Jun 17:15 Web Mailform 1.08


The Web MailForm allows the administrator of a Web site to provide "Contact Us" forms with edit fields, combo boxes, radio buttons, select boxes, and file upload fields. The Administrator can specify which fields are mandatory, what constitutes valid input (using regular expressions), and can specify default data. The layout of the form is highly customizable. Confirmation E-mails are possible.

Release Notes: The Select box aligns properly in relation to other items on the form, and no extra <br>'s are added to the contents of the textarea fields when the page is resubmitted due to an error condition.

Download Website 15 Jun 17:13 Scalable Unix Tools 1.0.0beta7


The Scalable Unix Tools (SUT) package is a collection of parallelized Unix commands which aim to make parallel environments more familiar and usable to current users of uniprocessor Unix commands.

Release Notes: A major rehaul of ptdisp for speed and configuration improvements, various bugfixes, and documentation updates.

Download Website 15 Jun 17:09 wctpxml-python 1


wctpxml-python is a Python module to send a paging message, encapsulated in XML, transmitted over HTTP to a WCTP server for delivery to the paging device.

Release Notes:

Download Website 15 Jun 12:19 y-notes 0.7.1


y-notes is a set of lightweight applets and CGI scripts which enables a webmaster to specify points where the website's visitors may leave 'sticky notes'. The notes are kept on the server so that users can retrieve them at a later time and use them as a navigation aid. y-notes are particularly useful in large sites such as tutorials and reference manuals. They can also be used in web pages as a fairly uncomplicated way of gathering user feedback which requires no registration, logins, or passwords.

Release Notes: The Makefile was changed to include site-specific config files.

Download Website 15 Jun 12:04 GNU Maverik 6.1


MAVERIK is a system for managing graphics and interaction in Virtual Reality applications. It is designed to address the challenges of highly interactive virtual environments containing many objects with complex geometry. MAVERIK uses either Mesa or OpenGL to perform rendering and runs on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Irix, Windows 98/NT and MacOS.

Release Notes:

No download Website 15 Jun 12:00 pthrlib 2.1.6


pthrlib is a comprehensive library and toolkit allowing programmers to easily and quickly write small, fast, HTTP/1.1-compliant Web servers in C. It includes examples, full manual pages documenting every function, and a production quality micro-webserver called rws.

Release Notes: Many features were added, including better handling of stacks. Lots of bug fixes and minor enhancements were also made.

No download Website 15 Jun 11:57 c2lib 1.2.11


c2lib is a library of basic structures and memory allocators for C. It is designed to look similar to the C++ STL with many powerful string features borrowed from Perl.

Release Notes: Features were added, and bug fixes were made.

Download Website 15 Jun 11:54 X-Chat 1.7.7


X-Chat is a fully-featured graphical IRC client using the GTK toolkit. Optionally it can be compiled to use GNOME and Perl scripting.

Release Notes: Support for '+' channels when there is no 005 numeric was re-added. The new $3 is null terminated. The SSL build was fixed, as well as doubleclick-user when disabling userlist icons. Titlebar text now shows unknown channel modes. Persist chans work with /reconnect. Pastes of common Unix directories are no longer treated as IRC commands. The Delete word forward/backward functions were removed from Keybindings. %h now works for the popup menu in dialog windows. A problem where treeview was not setting channels red and blue was fixed. The info above the userlist now gets a tooltip that includes extra info. The timestamp format is now configurable in Setup->IRC Input/Output. Many code cleanups were made, and a Win32 port was started. Everyone is encouraged to try this release, which is basically a 1.8.0pre1.

Download Website 15 Jun 11:49 mksysdisp 0.1.3


mksysdisp is a simple program which converts text to SYSLinux messages. It allows you to create a boot-message for a SYSLinux bootdisk. It understands keyboard and file input.

Release Notes: Color resetting was buggy, and has now been fixed.

Download No website 15 Jun 11:47 db4o 1.11


db4o is an object database for Java and all .NET environments. Its features include ACID transactions, automatic class schema recognition, query-by-example, a S.O.D.A. object querying API, native queries, LINQ support on .NET, callback methods, memory files, cascade-on-delete, multi-threaded access, and Java Webstart and servlet support.

Release Notes: The QBE query optimizer previously could omit certain results in certain n-to-n relationship- and data-combinations. This has been fixed.

Download Website 15 Jun 11:39 Functionally Overloaded Linux Kernel 2.4.5...


The FOLK project aims to provide a single patch which incorporates as many Linux kernel projects as can be crammed in. Its goal is to allow people who are interested in experimenting with the different projects to get on with the experimenting, rather than spend time fixing clashing diffs. It also has the goal of giving some of the more obscure projects a better chance of being seen and used. It is not intended for "general use". If a given release is stable, that will be by sheer luck. These are experimental projects, of unknown quality and completeness, being thrown together in ways that the developers are unlikely to have even remotely considered.

Release Notes: This patch bundles the following: Socket Interface Registration (sockreg), Multi-Protocol Label Switching (mpls-linux-0.993), The Posix 1003.1b Timer Patch (2.4.5.timer.patch), IBM's Next Generation POSIX Threading (0.9.4), Real-Time Scheduler (2.4.4-1.1.patch), Alan Cox' Patch Series (2.4.5-ac13), and IBM's Journaled File System (JFS CVS snapshot, 6/13/2001.

Download Website 15 Jun 11:35 libESMTP 0.8.1


LibESMTP is a library to manage posting (or submission of) electronic mail using SMTP to a preconfigured Mail Transport Agent (MTA) such as Exim. It may be used as part of a Mail User Agent (MUA) or another program that must be able to post electronic mail but where mail functionality is not the program's primary purpose. LibESMTP is not intended to be used as part of a program that implements a Mail Transport Agent.

Release Notes: Two uninitialised variable bugs that might cause the protocol to quit without sending anything to the server were fixed. Many more compiler warnings were enabled when compiling with gcc. Compiles should generally be much cleaner.

Download Website 15 Jun 11:23 Kodo JDO Beta 1.1


Kodo JDO allows you to write database calls using Java statements instead of SQL statements, by supporting the Java Data Objects standard for transparent persistence. It is the most complete implementation of the JDO specification for relational data stores, and comes with tools for producing a schema from an object model, producing class files from an existing schema, and a performance pack (distributed caching and statement batching) that improves performance by 15 - 30 times. It supports most relational databases, application servers, and IDEs, and reduces the total coding effort by 20-40%.

Release Notes: On some JVMs under Windows, query variables that were similar to class names would cause an error, and sequentially modifying the same instance of a persistent object in multiple transactions would cause a crash. Both of these bugs have been fixed in this version.

Download Website 15 Jun 11:05 JGloss 0.9


JGloss is an application for adding reading and translation annotations to words in a Japanese text document. This can be done automatically and manually. When a text document is first opened, kanji words will be looked up in a dictionary and the first reading and translation (if any) used to annotate the word. The user can then edit the annotations: choose among the readings and translations found in the dictionaries, enter your own readings and translations, remove annotations, and add new annotations. The document can be exported as plain text with annotations, HTML, or LaTeX.

Release Notes:

Download Website 15 Jun 11:05 Pandora Engine 2001/6.14


The Pandora Engine SDK is an object-oriented development toolkit that is specially designed for multi-platform use. It allows you to create truly object-oriented programs without being restricted to object-oriented languages like C++. The environment is fully self-contained, which allows for easier porting, and the inclusion of a commercially developed VESA graphics drivers means that you can create full-screen applications that don't require X11. It is intended for creating both applications and games, and is also required to write programs for Athene, a multi-platform operating system that is based on the engine.

Release Notes:

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June 15, 2001


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Project Spotlight

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An archiver program with compression and encryption support.