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Download Website 01 Apr 20:56 Battstat applet 2.0.10


Battstat is a battery status applet that monitors the battery charge level on a laptop. It displays different icons depending on the state of the power subsystem, and will warn if the power drops below a user configurable level. It uses the standard GNOME event system to play user configurable samples at certain events. It's available in binary form for Red Hat (.rpm), Debian (.deb) and FreeBSD (.tgz). You can also compile it yourself by downloading the source tarball (.tar.gz).

Release Notes: This release includes fixes for sound events, and some other minor bugs.

Download Website 01 Apr 20:56 vgrabbj 0.6.3


vgrabbj grabs a frame from the videodevice and writes it as a JPG/PNG to stdout or a file, which makes it ideal for a Web cam. It supports timestamping, can run as daemon, and shows the current settings of a video device.

Release Notes: This release includes various segfault bugfixes, several new features, and support for more cams.

Download Website 01 Apr 20:54 Splay


Splay is a MPEG-1/2 layer 1,2,3 and wave file player.

Release Notes: This release includes a bugfix for a forgotten #include <stdlib.h>.

Download Website 01 Apr 20:53 pidentd 3.0.12


Pidentd v3 is a much improved version of the original Ident daemon both in terms of speed, code quality and features. Features include multithreading, a "configure" script, startup autodetection, much clearer/rewritten C code, doesn't run as root after startup, has a configuration file and can be started from /etc/inittab (on systems using a SysV init).

Release Notes: A KNOWNBUGS file was added with IPv6 and DES info. Various bugfixes were made in the tester so that it should compile and run again. It now sleeps one second every other attempt when doing kernel lookups in order to wait for kernel structures to stabilize. The build system now only sets CFLAGS to -O for non-gcc compilers, and it checks for rand.h and des.h in more places. A workaround for a potential future Linux security problem was added by moving the dropping of root priveledges to before we create the kernel lookup threads. The call to accept() was moved in order to better support "wait" mode inetd daemons. It now ignores SIGPIPE.

No download Website 01 Apr 20:53 gnuboy 0.9.11


gnuboy emulates the Color GameBoy handheld console in portable C, with interfaces for X11, Linux fbcon and svgalib, SDL, DOS, and Windows, with other ports planned in the future. Compatibility with ROMs tested is around 99 percent, and all major hardware features except SGB extensions are supported. With the optional optimized i386 assembly code, gnuboy can run at the full 60 FPS even on Pentium/75s and below. No special libraries are required to compile, and gnuboy is known to build on many *nix variants.

Release Notes: Many emulation bigfixes. Games that used to fail but are now playable include the GBC Konami Collection series, Worms Armageddon, and Turok 3. Timer-related sound bugs were fixed in Spiderman (GBC version) and Bionic Commando: Elite Forces. SDL_HWSURFACE mode no longer crashes on Windows, so it is now always enabled, which improves performance considerably in some situations. The new screen scaling code is slightly faster and supports more scale factors: 2x, 3x, and 4x.

Download Website 01 Apr 20:52 EPIC4 EPIC4-1.0


EPIC4 is a new direction in ircII development. It was originally built upon the ircII-2.6 client and has maintained faithfulness to remain current up to the 2.8.2 release. EPIC is somewhat larger than the stock client (24%), but that is mostly because of the multitude of new features, the dual ANSI/K&R compliant function headers, and the large amount of re-written code in an attempt to make ircii faster, more efficient, and more powerful.

Release Notes: The EPIC Team has finally approved epic4-1.0. This stable release contains many bugfixes, as well as many new features which are listed in the Changelog.

Download Website 01 Apr 20:52 ModLogAn 0.6.5pl1


ModLogAn is a modular logfile analyzer that combines speed with flexibility. It parses the logfiles generated by several server-types (HTTP, FTP, mail, streaming, etc.) and other logfile sources (flow-tools, ipchains, PABXs): currently 24 parsers. It features incremental logfile processing and internal resolving, and is able the split (mass-hosting) and combine logfiles (clusters) internally. The output can be based on the internal template engine to generate your own look & feel.

Release Notes: A processor for traffic based accountings was added. The ipchains plugin was finished, as well as a new parser for the output of the flow-tools. The hash functions were rewritten to use less memory and to prepare a dynamic hash function. The configfile parser was rewritten to use regular expressions, and to handle EOF at the end of a config option. The meaning of disable_resolver was reversed to enable_resolver, and the resolver is now disabled by default. Error handling for CSS writing was added, and dependencies on pictures.h were removed. Some minor bugfixes were also made.

Download Website 01 Apr 20:50 LogiTest 0.7


LogiTest is a Java application for functional and regression testing of Web sites. It currently supports GET and POST methods, HTTPS, cookies, browser history, XML formatted tests, simple Testlet API for writing new tests, user-defined HTTP headers and parameters, and regular expressions. Tests are recorded and played back through a easy-to-use GUI and can be stored and loaded from XML files.

Release Notes: Cut/copy/paste to and from the test tree was added, as well as unlimited undo/redo. A minor menu presentation bugfix was made.

Download Website 01 Apr 20:50 EnergyMech 2.8.1


The EnergyMech is an advanced IRC bot. It has many features including a DCC party line, powerful user list handling, a telnet console, bot linking, and more.

Release Notes: Lots of bugfixes and some new features.

Download Website 01 Apr 20:50 ARSC Really Simple Chat 0.2


ARSC Really Simple Chat is a Web chat system that uses PHP and MySQL. It works with every browser in existence, even text-based ones, and it uses the server push technique or, if possible, its own socket server. It is very simple to install and use ARSC. It includes some important features, such as operators, kick-ing, whispering, and more. Multiple rooms and different languages are available. To run ARSC on your site, you need a Web server that understands PHP, and can connect to a MySQL database.

Release Notes: A bugfix was made for the lack of page scrolling in the JavaScript version. A feature was added to show a list of users that are currently in the chat on login.

Download Website 01 Apr 19:29 GNU Solfege 1.0.0


Solfege is an ear training program that can be used to train your rhythm, interval, scale, and chord skills.

Release Notes: This is the first stable release of GNU Solfege. Only small user-invisible changes were made since the last devel release.

Download Website 01 Apr 19:26 Red Hat Update 1.5 beta (build 1.49)


Red Hat Update lists and downloads (but does not install or upgrade) RedHat RPMs that are available as updates to your installed system.

Release Notes: Locating "locale" via configure instead of assuming that it is in the path, and checking the "noarch" architecture if an update isn't located in the machine arch or the default.

Download Website 01 Apr 19:26 ipcalc 0.3


ipcalc takes an IP address and netmask and calculates the resulting broadcast, network, Cisco wildcard mask, and host range. By giving a second netmask, you can design sub- and supernetworks. It is also intended to be a teaching tool and presents the results as easy-to-understand binary values.

Release Notes: Netmasks can now be given as dotted decimals. Classbits are now colorized. New bits are marked in the network part. Tabular presentation of bits was improved. Addr/cidr is accepted as the first argument. A CGI wrapper was added. Cisco wildcard mask is printed.

Download Website 01 Apr 19:26 foXcontrol 0.2.1


foXcontrol is foXdesktop's control center (similar to kcontrol and gnome-control).

Release Notes: Rewrite of crucial code (the number of loadable components only depends on the available memory, and minor Makefile issues).

Download No website 01 Apr 19:21 mp3format.pl 0.1


imp3format.pl is a Perl script which attempts to rename MP3 files to a format defined by the user. It can create a directory structure and write id3v2 tags based on the information it obtains. It is simple to use and very flexible.

Release Notes:

Download Website 01 Apr 18:35 On-screen Display Daemon 0.0.1


Osdd (On-screen Display Daemon) polls a soundcard's mixer device and provides an on-screen display when the mixer's volume levels change.

Release Notes:

Download Website 01 Apr 18:33 MindsEye 0.5.37


MindsEye is a project to develop a freely (in terms of the GPL) available 3d modeling program for Linux. It features a modular design, Multi-scene/user concept, Kernel-system view instead of Modeler-system view, Object oriented modelling design, and network support in a MindsEye-kernel way.

Release Notes: This version uses Qt 2.2 or higher. It is significantly more stable than version 0.5.36. Better class documentation was added using doxygen. The 2D shaper widget is now cleaner.

Download Website 01 Apr 18:28 gnochive 0.5.6


gnochive is a GNOME frontend for all common archivers under Linux.

Release Notes: Configuration file updates to make it work (gnochive 0.5.5 was crashing at start), a new exploring directories function, and rar options are working again.

Download Website 01 Apr 18:21 Q3Master 0.3


Q3Master is a standalone master server for Quake3Arena (and derived games, like RTCW). It is intended for local networks without Internet connections (or firewalls which block Q3A). It can also be used for larger private networks on which more than one Q3A server exists. Q3Master can also be used to query servers in a local subnet, using broadcasts. The found servers can then be sent to another (or a central) master server to collect data from multiple subnets.

Release Notes: The configuration file is now actually read and used. Filtering can be configured. Protocol version 43 is now supported correctly. GameSpy now works.

Download Website 01 Apr 18:20 ZThread 1.3.2


ZThread is an advanced object-oriented threading and synchronization library, implemented in C++ for POSIX, MacOS, and Win32 systems. It provides an excellent and powerful abstraction from native threads. It includes interruptible thread objects and several other synchronization control objects.

Release Notes: Threads and semaphores were updated. Latch and barrier were templated.

Download Website 01 Apr 18:18 Websize 0.9


Websize (formerly Ionax) is a complete URL sizing solution. It reads in a page through HTTP, checks it for dependencies and other inlines, and generates size information and statistics by content-type and HTTP response code. It's written in Python. It offers progress printing, frames and redirect support, statistics, documentation, and easy install/uninstall. Its purpose is to give you an idea of what your users are enduring while visiting your site.

Release Notes: A complete rewrite into Python with frames and redirect handling.

Download Website 01 Apr 17:16 rsync-backup 0.1


rsync-backup automates the process of backing up multiple systems to one or more backup servers. It focuses on making the process secure. It encrypts the backup going across the wire, only ships changed data, runs the server as root to preserve permissions and ownership, keeps people from seeing each other's backups, and doesn't require the server to trust any files sent from the clients. It doesn't ship password files, key files, nor other sensitive files across the wire, but backs them up locally instead. Admins may use one key for everyone (backups named after the client IP) or allow named backups (when a machine may change IP or when multiple independant backups may need to be made from one machine).

Release Notes: This release is generally functional, but a bit raw on the documentation.

Download Website 01 Apr 17:11 Very Simple Interface Monitoring Daemon 0.0


Vsimd stands for Very Simple Interface Monitoring Daemon. Vsimd's goal is to provide a simple ICMP-ECHO-based infrastructure on top of which monitoring tools can be built. Vsimd periodicaly sends ICMP ECHO requests to a set of internet hosts, waits for the replies and then reports the result as text output. One may write fancy display interfaces on top of vsimd. There is a small sample utility written in Perl and called 'webgen' which can read vsimd output and issue a Web page. Simply instruct webgen to send such output to your Web server document tree, and you have a poor-man's ping monitor.

Release Notes:

Download Website 01 Apr 12:42 Kaptain 0.6


Kaptain is a universal graphical frontend for command line programs. It shows a friendly dialog by using a simple script which describes the program's possible arguments.

Release Notes: Regular expression support was rewritten with GNU regex-0.12. Powerful text manipulation capabilities were implemented. Multicolumn listview objects (@multicol) were added. @list was improved, and now it can display something while evaluating different text. :reverse works with :tabbed string initial value for list- and comboboxes. A bug in the Makefiles was corrected. The directroy structure was fixed so that /usr/bin is default and grammars go to /usr/share/grammars. Some new special symbols were added. A :tree modifier was added to create Control Center like front-ends.

Download Website 01 Apr 12:35 GKrellM 1.0.7


GKrellM is a GTK-based stacked monitor program that charts SMP CPUs, disks, load, active net interfaces, and internet connections. There are also builtin monitors for memory and swap, file systems with mount/umount feature, mailbox checking including POP3 and IMAP, clock/calendar, laptop battery, sensors (temperatures, voltages, and fans), and uptime. It has LEDs for the net monitors and an on/off button and online timer for PPP. There is a GUI popup for configuration, plugin extensions can be installed, and many themes are available. It also features a client/server monitoring capability.

Release Notes: The Japanese translation was updated, and a man page was added. POP3/IMAP connections can now be on non-standard port numbers if you enter server:port in the config. APM is now supported under OpenBSD and NetBSD. Fixes were made for meminfo labvel initialization and mua_is_launched. An IMAP fix was also made.

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